Co-Op Brawler Super Dungeon Bros Coming to PS4

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Co-Op Brawler Super Dungeon Bros Coming to PS4

Hi everyone! Following on Tiny Troopers Joint Ops that launched last year on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita with cross buy and cross save, we’re now bringing our second game to PS4.

We’re partnering with award-winning developer React! Games based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, to bring you Super Dungeon Bros! Winner of the Best Social Game Award at Game Connection Europe in 2014, Super Dungeon Bros is a rock-themed, co-op dungeon brawler for teams of up to four players.

You’ll take control of a group of hard-rocking warrior bros in the ever-changing dungeons of Rökheim, facing dangerous foes, deadly obstacles, and hazardous puzzles.

Combining rock and fantasy, Super Dungeon Bros takes advantage of cross-platform multiplayer, allowing PlayStation bros to descend the darkest dungeons of Rökheim with their PC counterparts!

Super Dungeon BrosSuper Dungeon Bros

There will also be a totally awesome single-player campaign so bros can rock it out on their own, although we’d much rather you rock it out with other bros! We’re also creating specific daily and weekly challenges as well as dedicated leaderboards.

Just remember! No challenge is too big for the Bros as you hearken to the mantra “Bros B4 Foes!”

We’ll be announcing more details on Super Dungeon Bros in the near future but if you have any questions, feel free to ask below or on our social media channels and we’ll do our very best to answer them all.

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  • Can’t say I’ve been too impressed by all the indies games being PS4-exclusives within the PlayStation ecosystem. Yoshida claims Vita owners should only expect third party games and indies, but neither of those seem to exist. The limited first party content he greenlights tends to be poorly performing ports.

  • Looks fun! Any chance this will come to Vita?

  • #1: there are lots of Indie games on Vita, though I agree in wanting this game to come to Vita too.

  • Oh Cool. Is this really going to be cross play with the PC, and not a typo? Will sony execs heads explode if the “other” game console gets it too, essentially making it cross-console play? How many dirty favors did you had to perform to get this leeway?

    • Hey The_Bunn. it’s most certainly not a typo :)

      Super Dungeon Bros will feature cross platform co-op gameplay with PlayStation 4 to PC (however we can’t go cross console), but there will also be a cross-device feature on other platforms.

      The co-op is both on and offline so you can mix it up with friends at home and friends online. Super Dungeon Bros also recognises how many bros are rocking out a dungeon at any time and will tweak dungeons accordingly, so for example if you start as a 3 but mid game drop down to a 2, the dungeons difficulty and puzzles will adjust to allow for just 2 players.

  • The video said crossplay so it must be on something other than ps4

  • Yeah, I got cross-play with PS3, PS4 and Vita, but I was intrigued by this bit : “Super Dungeon Bros takes advantage of cross-platform multiplayer, allowing PlayStation bros to descend the darkest dungeons of Rökheim with their PC counterparts!”

    If that’s true, kudos to the team, and I really do hope other devs follow.

    Wink, wink, Warframe guys, just let me load my profile on the pc as well, and I will be the happiest gamer ever. I will always prefer playing on the PS4, but sadly we live in a society where not everyone has one.
    Heck, lock my in-game purchases to the PSN and nowhere else, I don’t mind!

    • Thanks The_Bunn, we’re all really excited by the possibilties, although cross-console would be EPIC!

  • For some reason the video reminds me of crusade mode in Lost Saga. Good times!

  • Absolutely love the aesthetic! I’ll definitely pick this up if it’s competitively priced.

  • bros b4 foes, haha. sold.

  • Bad name = bad game. Don’t support devs who show no creativity and passion. It means they’re only in it for the cash and that is not good for us.

  • looks like a 3D castle crashers

  • @10 Broforce has an arguably ‘bad’ name, but is one heck of an enjoyable game. I’m more disappointed its online co-op only, especially with many other indies coming out with both online and local co-op. I didn’t see anything in the trailer that suggests it couldn’t be played on one system.

    I’d argue that is more of a cash grab than some pop-culture naming convention.

  • @gerneric123 Its not an Indie game. Its from React Studios and it has a mid-sized team on it! It looks dope

  • @Jagerlbomb The game does have 4 Local co-op ;)

  • 4 player local co-op**

  • Looks interesting. But gonna need a demo.

  • @Acideos25 If that is the case, I’m far more interested in it. I’m really loving all the local co-op games PS4 is getting, and although I’m getting older, I try to schedule in games nights with my friends every so often, so make a conscious effort to increase my library of 4 player co-op.

    I also hit the post button before pointing out that I’d still be keeping an eye on it (a little online co-op is still fun!). I was going to double post, but sounding like an ungrateful twat seemed like the better way to go at the time. :P

    Anyhow, back to Helldivers for me. Look forward to more information on this one. :)

  • For me, I almost can say, it is inspired by the Boardgame Super Dungeon Explore, It is an auto-buy :D

  • Looks like a blast and a half.

  • PLEASE tell me you can mix local and online co-op for this! And PLEASE actually be good, unlike Dungeon Defenders.

  • Thanks for all the local multiplayer games lately! It’s great fun to have people come over and play!

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