This Week in PlayStation: Sonic Boom

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This Week in PlayStation: Sonic Boom

Busy week! New Arkham Knight trailer, Spring Fever 2015 lineup (maybe our best yet!), PS Vita birthday sale, Nash is back in Street Fighter V, Axiom Verge launches March 31st, the Gold Saucer is open for business in FFXIV, Far Cry 4 is getting some cool new DLC, Heists are happening soon in GTA Online, and more.

What are you playing?

  • I’m playing: FFXIV (Gold Saucer!), Paparazzi
  • I’m watching: That crazy new Batman trailer
  • I’m listening to: Asian Kung Fu Generation
This Week’s Top 10 Posts
February’s Free PS Plus Lineup
PS4 PS3 PS Vita
PS4 - Transistor PS3 - Yakuza 4 PS Vita - Rogue Legacy
PS4 - Apotheon PS3 - Thief PS Vita - Kick and Fennick
This Week’s PlayStation Store Update

Dragonball Xenoverse XV

Most-Watched Video of the Week

This Week in PlayStation: Sonic Boom

PlayStation Blogcast 154

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  • I’m playing the PS+ announcement waiting game.

  • I watched that crazy new Batman trailer ~ 15 times now…

  • PS+ March? Any news?

  • Kind of odd issuing a post that tells us February’s Plus line up on the last day of February when normally we should have already heard what March’s line up is.

  • I’m playing: Okami HD,Mortal Kombat Unchained

    I’m watching: Better Call saul,Gotham and The walking dead

    I’m listening to: EDM mixes on youtube

    Any news on the PS+ lineup?

  • Next week in PlayStation, PS4 gets Avatars. That is what I want to read. Thanks.

  • Based on the games coming out during the eight week sale, and the discounts on various franchises, it’ll definitely be interesting to see what the March + lineup will be.

    Thanks to Cellar Door games for Rogue Legacy in February, it was great!

  • Playing: Resident Evil Revelations 2
    Watching: Nothing
    Listening to: MAA – Hangover Payback
    Waiting for: The PSN+ lineup for March – Hurry up!!

  • You forgot From Software is bringing back one of its classics, I hope Tenchu gets resurrected next

  • Sonic Boom is coming to playstation?

    Good to have more sonic games I guess.

    Where is the details/information regarding that announcement?

  • Im playing secret ponchos and waiting for that bloodborne

  • I’m playing:The Order:1886, Dying Light

    I’m watching: The 100, Walking Dead, Dumb and Dumber to.

    I’m listening to: Nightwish, Soilwork, Lacuna Coil

    waiting for March Line Up, Please Hurry!

  • Playing: UNCHARTED 3 MP, Soul Sacrifice Delta.
    Watching: Aldnoah Zero Season 2, Durarara 2, Magic Kaito, The Lego Movie
    Reading: History of Technology & Medicine, Dai Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu

  • Conquered the Apotheon and NFS Rivals Platinum trophies and start to play Transistor, along side with the MP of PES 2015 and TLoU: Remastered =D

    But I’m waiting the Free Games Announcement, I hope that is coming something nice to Ps4… I’ll stop playing those indies games for a while after Transistor.

    Can’t wait for Bloodborne! o/

  • This week sony updated the store with games not working. Again. Promised games on sale, that werent. Again. Released an app (hereos) that gave many people problems. Told to restore licenses. Again. And they couldnt even get the list of plus games out on time. Again.

  • Where’s the march line-up?

  • For a second there, I thought Sonic Boom for Wii U was coming to Playstation, but I noticed a mention of Street Fighter, so *whew*, PS doesn’t need that train wreck. Anyway, fell in love with Transistor, so glad it hit PS+ ’cause I honestly would have missed it with the other games I’ve been playing.

  • March PlayStation plus? Driveclub?

  • We REALLY REALLY REALLY NEEEEEEED Resonance of Fate 3d Dot Game Heroes on PSNow.

    We need many more games on PSNow.

  • Last week in PlayStation, the news about Danganronpa Another Episode – Ultra Despair girls was announced.

    Back to this week, and there was a trio of new Vita titles revealed (to various degrees of teaserey-ness) over in Japan:

    Tokyo Xanadu, an ARPG from Falcom:

    Ray Gigant, a DRPG from Experience and Bandai Namco:

    MeiQ no Chika ni Shisu (Death Under the Labyrinth), an RPG… of soem kind by Compile Heart, to be published under their “Makai Ichiban Kan” label:

    No word yet on whether any of these will show up in the West, though Id be particularly keen to see more of TX.

  • I’ve had Toukiden for a while but just really got into it last night. Such an underrated game it’s a shame. I’m going to be playing this for a while and I will absolutely pick up Toukiden: Kiwami when it comes out. Now if we could just get God Eater localized for the Vita.

  • @14
    And again I see you commenting about the same things. Why doesn’t Sony listen to you!?

  • DriveClub PS+ March Edition.

  • I’m playing ‘Guess what will F sony’s plans for the Vita – if there are any plans at all’.
    nVidia and Steam must be laughing out of this company and they know the mobile gaming market is a promising one.
    I can’t wait for March 3rd!
    Well… now that I stop and think about it… there’s no need for other companies to F sony’s plan for the Vita.
    sony’s already F’ed up with us themselves.

  • I normally don’t write comments here or anywhere, but this time I found myself in need to do so, as a long time PSPLUS member and owner of a PS4, a PS3 and a PSVITA: SONY, you all are a bunch of unprofessional people. Simply as it. You had A WHOLE MONTH TO PICK 2 GAMES PER PLATFORM, AND YOU GUYS DIDNT MAKE IT HAPPEN IN TIME!! Put the excuses in here, please SONY:______________________________.
    Screwed online gameplay with all that server security problems almost every month, and for people who PAY to play. Put the excuses in here, please SONY:______________________________.
    Lies, A LOT, about dates, about releases, everyday “SOMETHING WEIRD HAPPENED AND OUR ENGINEERS ARE TAKING A CLOSER LOOK TO IT”. Put the excuses in here, please SONY:______________________________.

  • …Continuing:

    You know, we can’t have a month of fulll peace and tranquility, ALWAYS something WEIRD happens in our PLAYSTATION world. Always. And the funny thing is that we can’t do NOTHING about it, nothing… Just pay for subscription, pay to play online, pay for a WEAK and POOR service, just to have some fun with our friends sometimes in the day or the week. Please, I know that you people say that “WE ARE WORKING TO GET BETTER AND BETTER AND BETTER TO DELIVER THE BEST OF PLAYSTATION FOR YOU, THAT PAY OUR SALARY EVERY MONTH”, but everything is getting worse each day. And a lot of excuses… I mean, A LOT.

    I’m starting to miss those times without online gaming, without patches and nonsense system updates.. The fun was the most important thing that time. But today is hard to find some in the PLAYSTATION world.

  • Still can’t find any information on Sonic Boom coming to any playstation platform.

    When/where was this game announced for playstation and WHY did you put it in your title and then give no information?

  • @25 Dude, the title is a reference to Guile’s and Nash’s attack from Street Fighter. The videogame Sonic Boom is part of the 3 Sonic games exclusivity deal that Nintendo made with Sega. So unless they reveal that the deal was just timed exclusivity we are not seeing that game in any other platform, and based on how buggy it is I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

  • I’m playing: Destiny, Rogue Legacy, Uncharted Golden Abyss.
    I’m watching: Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Arrow, the Spongebob movie (unfortunately)
    I’m listening to: Shellac, the Smash Bros soundtrack.

  • Seriously?

    The blog staff was braindead to the point that they used the Title of a video game after “This week In playstation” and we’re suppose to assume it’s got nothing to do with that video game?

    Might as well post “This week in playstaion: Forza (or Halo, etc…)”

    The average gamer is supposed to know that Street Fighter uses the name of a current video game as one of it’s attacks?

    I’ve been playing fighting games off and on my whole gaming life (street fighter and mortal kombat mostly) and I don’t know the name of a single move from any of those games.

    Sloppy, sloppy work from the Blog staff as usual.

  • @28
    I assume you’re trolling but I’ll bite.
    Are you seriously suggesting that a videogames blog should stop using gaming references on its titles because you and some other guy might not get them?
    “Street Fighter uses the name of a current video game as one of it’s attacks?”
    Yeah, because Capcom obviously used a time machine to steal the name from Sega and then went back to 1991 and used it as Guile’s special. Because sonic boom isn’t a real term that’s associated with sound’s shock waves.


  • Sooo … whatever happened to DriveClub PS+ Edition?

  • I’m playing: The Evil Within, Apotheon.

    I’m watching: The 100, House of Cards

    I’m listening to: Jose Gonzalez, Yes

    Still haven’t gotten around to Transistor. So by the time March PS+ comes up I will be behind lol. Not a bad thing, though! Keep the great games coming!

  • So where is the march ps plus line up?Sony im sorry but you have been a little disappointi
    sales that never happened games not living up to your hype and an online service thats sub par.
    Now we pay for the online and nothing has changed i love my ps4 but the order was a let down knack
    was a joke Revalations 2 performs terrible and its hard to believe that our only hope is bloodbourne and
    uncharted 4.You guys need to step up your game and don’t become complacent because you are ahead in sales
    because hat could change real fast go back to the greatness of the ps1 and ps2.

  • Well i ave my two cents even though i doubt you care abot customer feed back,Sorry for the spelling

  • Talk about incompetent not only do they use the name of the new sonic game to confuse people.

    This Week’s PlayStation Store Update in this post.

    It still has Muramasa Rebirth on sale for $7.50 $12.50

    As this sale is going on Sony should honor this price since it is now posted on there official forum today
    I have screen captured the page and if Sony doesn’t honor this price or give an explanation why not. That’s false advertising and i well turn the screen shot with a compliant to the ftc and the bbb.

    They need to honor there sales prices to consumers and give an explanation if they are pulled.

    I well get to see if someone reads these post if the store update they used in the post above gets edited.

  • I really hope this PS+ lineup is worth the wait! (I.e. not all Indies on Vita/PS4)

  • I’m playing:
    •The Order: 1886 over again, fantastic game, cannot wait for a sequel.
    •Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3DS on my new Majora’s Mask 3DS!

    I’m watching:
    •Marvel: Agents of Sheild

    Listening to:
    •Issues Self-Tied Album
    •Memphis May Fire – Challenger(still)
    •A Current Affair’s EPs

    And waiting for DMC Definitive Edition…so stocked!

  • @35 They dont care about the post in this blog sony is doing some shady stuff like how the deleted the winners
    of the 20th anniversary ps4’s by “MISTAKE”.I am seriously thinking about selling my ps4 ad going with the xbox one.

  • @38

    U mad brah?

  • I was worried we were going to Actually get the massive turd known as Sonic Boom, jus such a terrible game.

  • Where’s March line up. Its the last day of the month… Maybe we could even play Driveclub ps+ edition? Sometime this century?

  • Well, what can I say.. Greatness awaits.. as well as PS+ March free lineup announcement and long before promised Driveclub PS+ Edition, lol..

  • I am seriously starting to worry about this blog staff. They can’t even write a tittle right. Some sale prices are always switched or games are repeated, I mean, how hard is to just READ AND CHECK WHAT YOU JUST WROTE???

    But that doesnt piss me off so much as when they post a game price for a future sale, and then for no reason whatsoever, they ERASE it.

    There’s also the fact that they actually take time to just say if a game is cross buy or not. WHY THE HELL DONT YOU JUST PUT ON BRACKETS IF IT IS OR NOT? Maybe then people would stop asking the same f question over and over again.

    Driveclub PS+ Edition is STILL, nowhere to be seen. Yes, you posted an apology and that we had to WAIT. Its been like 3 months or I dont know, I cant even remember and still nothing. Even though it was an extra game, you shouldnt have promised what you coulnt deliver. CHECK Stuff first. Trust me, its no that f hard.
    Lastly, the update IN TIME, for the line ups should always be here. I still remember when for god knows how, IGN posted the plus line up BEFORE THIS BLOG, which it is only Sony’s official source…oh my god people. The level of incompetence is great indeed greatness awaits indeed.

  • Look, the bottom line is we are still getting the games. I understand everyone’s frustration but knowing the games a few days out will not change whether or not any one of us will like them or not. Or whether or not people will complain about “more indie games again” and that they’re going to Xbox. Just chill out, play what you got and quit being such drama queens over video games and angrily typing on these blogs. You ain’t doing anything constructive in doing so. Damn.

  • @43
    You angrily typed: I am seriously starting to worry about this blog staff. They can’t even write a tittle right. Some sale prices are always switched or games are repeated, I mean, how hard is to just READ AND CHECK WHAT YOU JUST WROTE???

    You spelt ‘title’ incorrectly and missed the word ‘it’ in your pointless rant
    I mean, how hard is IT to just READ AND CHECK WHAT YOU JUST WROTE???

  • I’m slitting my wrists if the March PS+ titles aren’t announced in the next five minutes

  • R.I.P. stalepie

  • @39 No im not mad im disappointed for 15 months we have been waiting for greatness were is it?
    Were are the awesome exclusives that were not on the ps3?

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