This Week in PlayStation: Sonic Boom

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This Week in PlayStation: Sonic Boom

Busy week! New Arkham Knight trailer, Spring Fever 2015 lineup (maybe our best yet!), PS Vita birthday sale, Nash is back in Street Fighter V, Axiom Verge launches March 31st, the Gold Saucer is open for business in FFXIV, Far Cry 4 is getting some cool new DLC, Heists are happening soon in GTA Online, and more.

What are you playing?

  • I’m playing: FFXIV (Gold Saucer!), Paparazzi
  • I’m watching: That crazy new Batman trailer
  • I’m listening to: Asian Kung Fu Generation
This Week’s Top 10 Posts
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PS4 - Apotheon PS3 - Thief PS Vita - Kick and Fennick
This Week’s PlayStation Store Update

Dragonball Xenoverse XV

Most-Watched Video of the Week

This Week in PlayStation: Sonic Boom

PlayStation Blogcast 154

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