PlayStation HEROES App Launches on PS4 Today

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PlayStation HEROES App Launches on PS4 Today
If you are having difficulties accessing the app, use PS4’s Restore Licenses function. More info here.

Earlier this month, we announced PlayStation HEROES, a new initiative that brings PlayStation 4 owners and celebrities together to benefit some great charities, and today the official PlayStation HEROES app for PS4 is available for download on PlayStation Store. Now is your opportunity to enter for the chance to play Bungie’s Destiny in-person with legendary snowboarder Shaun White in March to benefit Make-A-Wish.

To celebrate the start of PlayStation HEROES, we held a special event in New York City with some of our PlayStation HEROES – Shaun White, Stephen Curry, Yasiel Puig and multiplatinum recording artist Snoop Dogg. All four HEROES played some of their favorite PS4 games with some special members of PlayStation Nation. Check out some highlights from the event:

I think my favorite point of the night was when Stephen Curry was battling a Marine, playing for the USO, in NBA 2K15, and was sweating his way through a super competitive game. And that’s what’s going to make PlayStation HEROES so fun – we will be working with celebs that play games and are uber competitive. Since we announced PlayStation HEROES, many of you have asked for celebs from the gaming and entertainment world – and don’t worry, we heard you. Remember – to enter, just download the official PlayStation HEROES app from PlayStation Store and purchase a $1, $5, $10 or $15 theme (or a special $20 bundle with all four themes). Each dollar spent counts as an entry, with the exception of the $20 bundle, which counts as 31 entries. And, if you download the app before 1:00 pm Pacific on March 3, you’ll receive 5 entries for the Shaun White sweepstakes. Act fast because the sweepstakes closes at 1:00 pm Pacific on March 3rd. Don’t miss your chance to meet Shaun White and play with him in person.

After you download the PlayStation HEROES app, be sure to explore the app to find out more about future events and which celebrities will be taking part in those events. We’ve got Yasiel Puig in April, Snoop Dogg in May and Stephen Curry this summer. Keep posting to let us know who you’d like to play with and against and we will work to line them up. It’s a great way to use gaming for a good cause – while watching your favorite celebrity recognize your true skills!

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  • T’would be Epic if we could pick what game to play with them. I’d play Cool Boarders for PSOne with Shaun White.

  • This is a very cool thing you’re doing Sony. I’m down for the cause.

  • So important to remain grounded on the community. Great idea, congrats ps team you guys are the best

  • It says it needs a update, I already download the update and install it. So what am I doing wrong or is there a error with the app?

  • I really do like the idea of this initiative! Getting a chance to play with cool people and raising money for great causes! Looking forward to the PS Heroes lineup later this year!

    To echo #4: I’m having some issues with the app too. I ‘pre-ordered’ the app earlier this month and, now that it’s out, I can’t access it since it’s telling me that I need to update it, even though I already have. Hope this gets fixed real soon since this is a real great opportunity!

  • Another reason why Sony and PlayStation 4 is awesome!

  • @4 @5 Try “Restore Licenses” to see if it clear the problem. I did that and the problem is now gone.

  • Why is “restore licenses” becoming necessary for so many things lately?
    Sony, get your act together.
    And where are next weeks plus games? If, by yesterday, you were still making final arrangements as was stated on EU blog, that is a serious freaking problem. I think it was just deflection, but no level of incompetence from sony would suprise me anymore.

  • @8 – You are such a negative person. You never ever say anything nice. Why do you even bother?

  • Thanks, it didn’t work and I delete it an try to redownload it. It’s not downloading it anymore, it just flash for a sec and thats it.

  • @ #9 Well I kind of agree with #8. There always seems to be an issue with something. Every week when the store updates there’s a problem. Prices are wrong, a game that was listed on the sale is not there, etc. etc. We were told that the last Thursday of the month the ps+ igc would be announced. That seems to be inaccurate now. I never have a problem with people leaving feedback about something they are passionate about as long as it’s not offensive. Maybe his comments have been negative in the past I don’t know, but I see nothing wrong with his post.

  • @9 my posts are a reflection of the state of playstation. If there weren’t so many things they do wrong, I wouldn’t have so much negative to say.

  • I purchased the heroic theme bundle before the app came out and when I open the app it doesn’t show me as owning the heroic bundle, nor do I have any of the badges for it. Not that its that big of a deal, just wondering.

  • @9 – Agreed.

    @8 – They aren’t late. There isn’t anything that says we’re supposed to get that info on Thursday. Sony can do it whenever they want, and they Never do it 5 days in advance.

  • @13 no, it IS a big deal. its ANOTHER thing that went wrong to add to the myriad other problems with so many facets of PlayStation.

  • I am having #13’s problem. Restoring the licenses doesn’t fix the issue, after multiple tries. It’s not even appearing outside of my library section, and I have it where it displays all, not just 15. It just won’t download… What the heck, Sony?

  • @8 – It doesn’t matter with you what the post is about, you ALWAYS say something negative. And most of the time it has nothing to do with the original post. Mentioning the IGC on this post is just your way or getting your “negative” opinion in.
    @11 – I agree Sony drops the ball. Everyone drops the ball once in a while. Nobody is perfect, not even yowzagabowza. My issue is why place a negative opinion regarding another topic in this post?

  • @17 Sony drops the ball basically every time they have a chance to. Thats why im so negative. Every mistake, glitch and delay just piles up. Itd be nice if this dumb app was the only problem, and i didnt have anything else to bring up. But thays not the vase now, isit?

  • @18 Sony isn’t that bad. Yes, PSN has been having extensive problems every since PS+ subscriptions picked up (around the launch of PS4) but Sony does have decent 1 on 1 customer service. Complaining here isn’t really the right thing to do. The blog authors don’t work in customer care. If you have an issue you really should just contact Sony’s customer service department. They have helped me out a lot in the past…even if their help seemed somewhat dubious at first.

    Also…PSN offers a heck of a lot more than XBL, so be thankful for that at least.

  • Make a Wish is a fine cause, but I really would like to see something for the discarded, forgotten, and despised members of society, in other words the elderly. Where are the charities for poor or homeless, infirm, and lonely senior citizens?

  • I like this idea (wish the app worked, can’t redownload it), because right now I was lucky to get my right fix by funding (which means I don’t have to come up with $4,000 dollers before the disease takes both eyes). So I’m happy to support this as much as I can.

  • As usual its US only! Thanks for thinking of the rest of us $ony! Frick! Pisses me off to no end!

  • @18 – Maybe you should just play Xbone instead. Holy crap. You make me sound like sunshine. Lol

  • I very much enjoyed the event in NYC. Thanks for having us MVPs.

  • you gotta get Curren$y to do this, all he does is reference games in his raps, its amazing. he even used a sample of god of war on his last commercial album, like…how is he not one of the celebs on this list!!!

  • Restoring licenses continues to not fix anything, even after the (first use I’ve seen) of a From PlayStation notification. I can’t delete it either, it’s not even there.

  • I wanna see Jennifer Lopez in PlayStation heros

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