Color Guardians Coming to PS4, PS Vita on April 14th

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Color Guardians Coming to PS4, PS Vita on April 14th

Hello, PlayStation fans! I’m Claudio Pinto from Fair Play Labs, and I’m excited to share some news with you: we’re going to launch our latest game, Color Guardians, on both PS4 and PS Vita on April 14th of this year. You might have seen Color Guardians if you were with us in Las Vegas at the first PlayStation Experience, where we had a chance to share our work so far. If you couldn’t make it, though, let me get you up to speed — here’s what our game is all about!

In Color Guardians, you play as the three Guardians, Rod, Lia, and Grock, as they race through their worlds to restore the stolen color. It might look at first like a regular side-scrolling action game, but there’s a couple of twists to the gameplay: not only do you have to dodge and jump incoming hazards, but you have to switch between three lanes while doing so, hopping in and out of the background and foreground. If that weren’t tricky enough, you ALSO have to switch your own color on the fly to match yourself with pick-ups and objects in the world. People who tried it at PlayStation Experience described it as being an “Ikaruga-style” game, which is a pretty fair (and flattering) comparison.

Color Guardians is our first game to come out on PS4, and we want to make sure it’s got everything that PlayStation gamers have come to expect to go with it! It’ll be released as a cross buy game, for starters, so you can enjoy it on the couch or on the go. It also allows you to earn a Platinum Trophy, if that’s your thing (it’s definitely one of mine)! Beyond the extras, of course, it also happens to be a vibrant, fast-paced experience that really shines when it comes to life on PS4 and PS Vita.

When I started Fair Play Labs in 2004, I’d been working in business (translation: boring) software for a long time, but I really wanted the chance to make something I could share and enjoy with my son. We were gaming together on PC, and he suggested to me that I should program games instead. It would be easy, he suggested; he would design them and I could code them.

Color GuardiansColor Guardians

It turned out to be a little trickier than that. I was able to find a lot of talented young engineers and artists right here in Costa Rica, but breaking into gaming was difficult at the time — if you wanted to get your games picked up by major publishers, everybody wanted to know how many games you’d had picked up by major publishers! It turned out PlayStation was our way out of that pesky little Catch-22: when they started the Sony Developer Incubation Program here in Latin America, we finally got our chance to publish our first game on PSP — and the rest is history.

Most enjoyable of all, bringing this latest game to PS4 and Vita has given us the chance to share the game in person with PlayStation fans all over the world. We had a blast in Las Vegas last year, and we’re coming back to the United States in just a few days for Game Connection in San Francisco! If you’ll be at the show, we’ll be there with a handful of other developers from Costa Rica, showing off what kind of games we’ve been making lately in our part of the world. Come and say hello, and you can try out Color Guardians for yourself before it launches in April!

If not, of course, the whole game awaits you on PS4 and Vita on April 14th. Until then, we’ll be hard at work. Play Fair, everyone!

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  • Reminds me of a Dreamcast game.

    • Hi Neil! Thanks for your comment!

      The game is full of great features that you’ll enjoy! It’s 70+ levels long, so there will be lots and lots of fun!

  • Nice!

    Any news on Suspend feature for ps4?

  • Great
    I’ll grab the Vita version as soon as see it on PSN.

    • Great to here you liked the game! You’ll have a great time playing it, just after the release in April… I can assure it! Any questions or more info, please tell me.

  • Looks cool. Hard to tell between the gameplay and the art, is there local multiplayer?

    • Hi Paulogy, thanks for your comment!

      The game will not be available for local multiplayer, but you can challenge friends’ scores on the leaderboards!

      You’ll have lots of fun with Color Guardians! It’s 70+ challenging levels with hidden unlockables including music, art, character models and more!

  • Looks Awesome!! Day one!

    • Thanks Sergiocha! Nice to hear your comment! Keep track of our news here, or on our webpage Cheers!

  • Love the art style. The gameplay looks fun. I’ll definitely check it out.

    • Juandov, thanks a lot for your comment, we have really work hard to have a great art style! Any questions or comments are welcome here or in our Facebook Page

  • exactly what i needed! its not that vita owners want Monster hunter 4 Ultimate HD, Phantasy star online 2, Phantasy star nova, FFtype0 HD, FF adventurers, Gravity rush 2 and so one….

    sorry not bashing the game itself just letting my rant out to sony…. sigh…

    • Hi DarkOne, no problem :)

      By the way, you should give it a chance to Color Guardians, it’s really challenging and tougher than you may think…

      It has 70+ leveles with tons of hidden unlockables including music, art, character models and more; challenge friends’ scores on the leaderboards and improve your performance, and earn your way up to a Platinum Trophy on PlayStation platforms! You’ll need more than 20hrs for a completionist game play with all the extra levels, unlockables, and hidden levels we have planned.

  • Awesome!! I’m from Costa Rica myself, can’t wait!! I’ll be picking this up for sure!! Love the way Sony makes it more accessible for Devs to get games on their platforms!! Keep it up!

  • I WANT IT *o*!! So prettyyy <3 looks really cool

  • Looks great, seeing the gameplay videos you can tell the game is a real challenge! Keep up the good work!

  • Made in Costa Rica!!! And look’s really good!!

  • I beta tested this game and it was really difficult, i liked the fact you get your mind blown at the beginning when trying to handle both lanes and colors at the same time.

  • It looks like a lot of fun

  • So cool, I want it!!! It looks very fun

  • Thank you guys for all the good vibes and comments! We are working really hard to give you an amazing game! Keep in touch for fresh news! #BecomeAGuardian

    Facebook page:
    Twitter: @ColorGuardians

  • +1 for Vita love! <3

    Game looks really cool, looking forward to it. =]

  • thanks for the Vita love (:

  • This would make a really cool 3d platformer.

  • wow cool ill buy this on my vita

  • It will fit perfectly on my psvita :) Just one question, it is compatible with PSTV?

    Greetings from Brazil.

    • Hi urubublue! It will fit perfectly on your vita :) And yes, it’s 100% compatible with PSTV!

      If you have any more questions or want to keep in touch, please follow us on twitter as @ColorGuardians or like our Facebook page:

  • Looks fun!

  • Looks really fun actually. I like the lane switching mechanics and the art style. Will pick it up on Vita.

  • Game looks really fun. :D

  • I must say I was skeptical when I saw the Youtube Cover Pic, but this game looks like it’s put together really well with a crazy amount of detail put into the animation!
    Most Newer Platformers that are inspired by the older colorful platformers try to attain that ‘Magic’ by making overly ‘cute’ characters…when they really should focus they’re attention on making the game and characters have ‘charm’.

    I think your team nailed it

  • Chunche approves! good job. sadly I don’t have a ps4 or vita at this time, so I’m a little left out of enjoying the game at lunch. I will buy it whenever I finally get a ps4

  • Hello guys! Thanks a lot for all your good comments! It has been a long way to have an art & story like this for Color Guardians! Hope you’ll enjoy (love) it after April 14th!

    Feel free to visit our new webpage:; we have some art pieces, more videos, & info you’ll like. You can subscribe to our newsletter there, as well…


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