Secret Ponchos: New Outlaws & Maps Out Today, Massive Character Guide

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Secret Ponchos: New Outlaws & Maps Out Today, Massive Character Guide

The Hunting Grounds patch is here, bringing new content to our Secret Ponchos community. Our aim is that with each patch Secret Ponchos will improve and get stronger, as we work hard to implement new content and fixes based on community feedback. This patch has a lot of great new content, we hope you enjoy it as we focus on the next set of improvements. Plus, We also have a few new things we’re announcing today including a surprise for our community.

Watch our trailer to see the update’s two new characters in action. For those who missed our first post, The Hunting Grounds update includes a lot of new content, including two free maps that everyone can enjoy. For those who want to support the dev team to further develop new content for Secret Ponchos, you can purchase two optional new DLC characters: Gordo and The Wolf. If you don’t purchase them, they’re still there to make your game more fun; you’ll still see a wider variety of outlaws for your teammates and opposition.

The Remorse Skin

We are releasing an exclusive piece of content,”The Remorse Skin” that can only be equipped by you, our first generation of PS4 players. Jump on the game and unlock it. It’s only unlockable until April 1st, 2015, so get on it!

Secret Ponchos: Remorse

Something we learned, is that a fighting game is more than the mechanics and art we create. The true soul of it is the competitive spirit that is derived from the the community. Our early community is building the game, and defining where it goes just as much as we are, and we are grateful for that.

We know our first adopters had to support us patiently as we had our first growing pains, and as a token of appreciation, three Switchblade Monkeys artists put in some extra love to design and craft ‘The Remorse Skin’ as a gift for our community. This is an exclusive, free costume that will only be unlockable until April 1st.

To unlock the Remorse Skin, Level up a character to “outlaw reputation” (5000 bounty) before April 1st, 2015, and the exclusive skin is yours.

Secret Ponchos Character Guide

We strived to build a lot of depth into the characters of Secret Ponchos, making sure the variation in their mechanics matches their visual distinction.

We’ve created a character guide for new players, which you can find below, to help you decide which outlaw is right for you. Remember: some characters are harder to learn than others, but once you grasp their playstyle, they become just as deadly.

A note for brand new players — we’ve put a Practice Mode front and center in your in-game lobby, where you can access your Outlaw’s move list and practice abilities on stationary outlaws. We’ve also added a simple tutorial to introduce you to the basics of Secret Ponchos.

So, gun up and unlock your Remorse skin! It will be an exclusive gift for you guys to prove that you were there first on PS4. Check out the new maps, learn the intricacies of Gordo and The Wolf, and study the character guides below. They’ll give you an idea how the Outlaws of Secret Ponchos work, and which one will best suit your personal gunslingin’ style.

The patch is out today, so let us know what you think! Happy hunting, and see you on the battlefield.

Secret Ponchos: Gordo

A vicious bandit has arrived to claim Lonetree, armed with a high-powered Gatling gun and Molotov flames. Gordo is a heavy gunner who can trap enemies behind walls of fire and cut them down from a distance, but his slow speed makes him vulnerable to fast attacks.


  • High damage, fast fire rate, with long-range primary fire
  • Can stun nearby enemies by slamming his Gatling into the ground
  • Able to trap enemies and control the map with Molotov flames
  • Good character for new players


  • Slow movement
  • Low Stamina
  • Very slow reload


  • Speed up Gordo’s long reload times by taking cover.
  • While escaping, pour Molotov flames behind you to prevent enemy pursuit.
  • Throw Molotov flames behind cover objects to draw hidden enemies out.

Secret Ponchos: The Wolf

The Wolf
There are legends of a new deadly predator, stalking the town of Lonetree. Disguised in the hide of a wolf, this mysterious orphan hunts with a bow and bone knife. The Wolf requires precise attacks, but as her prey accumulates arrows, they begin to take devastating damage from critical shots. Beware this versatile hunter’s Wolf Stance, where she moves on all fours with extreme agility, ready to pounce and take out enemies with her deadly bone knife.


  • Precision attacks can lead to high-damage critical hits
  • Able to shoot arrows from a long distance, with multiple arrows dealing compound damage
  • Fast base movement, especially when taking “Wolf Stance”


  • Low health
  • Requires precision aiming


  • Perfect her “Crit hits” techniques. Crit shots deal high damage, and a good player who can land high percentages of Crits will be deadly.
  • Switch to Wolf Stance for increases in speed to chase down prey or make an escape.
  • You can perform “Predator’s Slash” at higher running speeds by striking (R1) while running, without using the aim.
  • Maintain a distance by using “Tumble” (L1) with a charged bow. She can roll any direction while firing arrows, making her a hard target that’s able to counterattack while evading.

Secret Ponchos: Phantom Poncho

Phantom Poncho
Phantom Poncho is a mysterious bounty hunter who moves slowly and methodically yet is capable of sudden burst movement. He can glide in and out of range, confusing enemies about his position and distance. Like a tactical predator, Phantom Poncho wounds and stuns his enemy from a distance with his bullwhip and then moves in for the kill with his devastating short-range shotgun.


  • Fast burst movement with the “L1” dash (can be used while aiming to strafe)
  • Can stun/wound enemies long range with his whip, making them an easy target
  • High damage on his shotgun at close range
  • Basic fire is a spread shot (does not require high accuracy)


  • Slow base movement
  • Slow fire rate
  • Short range on primary shotgun blasts


  • Dash (L1) while aiming. This allows you quick burst movement to get in range, fire, and get out. Use the dash to strafe to the side quickly while firing.
  • Use your bullwhip (R2) to strike from a distance, causing the enemy to fall to the ground stunned.
  • Use the (CIRCLE) evade to clear large distances, perfect for an escape after a shotgun assault.
  • Phantom Poncho has great mobility, but ONLY when he has stamina to dash. Make sure you take cover often to replenish stamina, so it’s full when you engage.

Secret Ponchos: Killer

Killer is one of the most dangerous outlaws at a distance. Though he relies on extremely precise aiming for his six-shooter, he is capable of a hitting an opponent at long range with deadly force. But if he misses, his slower fire rate will make him a vulnerable target.


  • Long-range shot that deals a lot of damage
  • Well-rounded
  • Knife throw is very effective at initiating an assault from off-screen


  • Slow fire rate
  • Primary fire on revolver requires a lot of accuracy
  • Slower reload / stamina recovery


  • Keep opponents at the end of your range. Aim carefully with Killer: If you land the shot, your opponent will be pushed back. If you miss, your opponent can take advantage of your low fire rate and get in close for a counterattack.
  • “Fanning the hammer” rapid-fire shots do 2x more damage up close than they do at maximum range. Use this move if your opponent either has a sliver of health left (and you just need anything to hit!) or if you are close up and want the extra damage.
  • Killer’s knife throw is effective at very long distances. The camera will follow as it flies through the air as long as you keep holding “R2.” Use it to stun an enemy from extreme distances then move towards the edge of your gun range for the kill. Aim at far-off enemies using the help of off-screen indicators. Run over the knife to collect it after a throw, to avoid waiting for the cool down.
  • Killer has a slower stamina recovery, so take cover to double the speed of stamina regeneration.

Secret Ponchos: Matador

The Matador
The greatest challenge for The Matador is no longer the bull but the outlaw. She uses her speed, blinding ability with her cape, and evasive abilities to setup her lethal melee attacks. She can be a difficult character for beginners but is extremely dangerous to any of the outlaws once she’s been mastered. Her speed helps her close in to wound enemies; her blinding cape helps her set up her other attacks.


  • Very fast movement speed
  • High potential for massive melee damage
  • Hit-and-run tactics
  • Very fast and far-ranged evade


  • Very limited at ranged attacks
  • Throwing spears takes a lot of practice, and she only has two
  • Low durability
  • Many moves require stamina


  • Throwing Matador’s second spear into an opponent deals a Crit hit (increased damage). Aim your shots a little bit ahead of a moving enemy, as there is a travel time with her spear throw.
  • Use Matador’s spears to “wound” enemies. For the duration of the “wound,” enemies move more slowly and will be easy targets for your team.
  • When enemies have the “blind” callout over their heads, it means they cannot see you. Initiating an attack or changing weapons will bring you out of hiding.

Secret Ponchos: Deserter

In addition to the Deserter’s very strong offense, his most defining trait is his survivability. He can withstand a high amount of damage and has the ability to heal himself or injured allies using his medikit. Though his base movement is slow, many of his attacks can stun/knockdown, putting his opponents in a vulnerable and helpless position as he prepares further assault. Often the one to initiate team battles, he can often survive due to his durability, escaping to bandage himself back to fight again.


  • High survivability (adrenaline speed boost, medikit healing, and high hit points)
  • Strong, high-powered offense at close range
  • Multiple moves that can stun at both extremely close and extremely far distances


  • Weak in mid-range distances
  • Slow base movement


  • Use “Soldier’s Shoulder” (Circle button) to knockdown/stun enemies. This is the best way to engage an enemy at close range, stunning them to set up your next attack. This move can stun multiple enemies if they crowd you.
  • Deserter’s Adrenaline Shot (R1 with medikit) gives you a speed boost and is an excellent way to escape battle and give yourself room to heal.
  • Deserter can heal teammates during a battle if they are close enough.

Secret Ponchos: Kid Red

Kid Red
Kid Red was a simple ranch hand, orphaned when his family fell prey to the violence of the Wild West. He is an expert with his short-range dual pistols which can be fired extremely quickly or at the same time to stun his opponents. His nimble movement makes him a hard target to hit, and he is known to unleash chaos in a battle by throwing deadly dynamite sticks.


  • Fast base movement speed
  • Fast fire rate
  • Does not require much accuracy
  • “Twin Blast Ability” causes a stun
  • Dynamite is useful for zoning enemies and long-range attacks


  • Pistols have short range
  • Low health


  • Dodge into range and fire “Twin Blast” (secondary fire on pistols) to stun opponents. As they hit the ground, switch to regular fire and unload four to five bullets. Use your speed, and evade out before your opponent recovers.
  • Kid Red’s pistols need to be close range, so if your enemy is keeping you at a distance, use dynamite, which is very effective from afar.
  • Use dynamite for “zoning” (making players run away from a part of the map).
  • Drop dynamite behind you while running, to discourage enemies from chasing you.

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  • That’s some pretty consistent misspelling you’ve got going on there. #strengths

  • The video is set to private.

  • Been having a total blast playing this with my friend. Hope these guys can add a single player campaign and Vita version one day.

  • Not on Vita still.

    It was all lies wasn’t it

  • Got a price for these characters?

    • Just a headsup for people who wanted both Characters

      We made a special bundle, but for some reason they might not be showing up in the store. In the mean time while we figure that out, just search Secret Ponchos on PSN, because you’ll save some money buying a bundle instead of them separate

      $6.99 to get both new chars and $4.99 to get all 5 Grit Skins

  • Hi everybody, I’ll be around on the blog to answer any Secret Ponchos questions! The new Outlaws are priced at $4.99, and we also released a bundle with them both for $6.99, and these funds will help us in future support/expansions for the game!

    New maps are free, and the ‘Remorse Skin’ Contest starts today, and you can unlock it for free before April 01 2015.


  • OMG, I’ve been playing this all morning! I love the new characters and maps. Same for the re-balance! Congrats guys! This is just what Secret Ponchos needed!!!

    • Thanks so much Lion! Lots of fixes went into this Patch based on community feedback we received on our forums, so its great to hear it’s feeling good!

  • Love this game. I’ll be getting the new skins and the free one. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Almost forgot, will be any way to get Secret Ponchos avatars??

    • Hi ZichiroArg,

      We’re going to make some Avatars, a lot of people have been asking for that and a theme. I think SP avatars would be great!

  • But have you fixed the ridiculous trophies? -__-

    • Not yet! Its on the list though, we received a lot of constructive feedback about trophies and its something we want to re approach

  • Thank you! This is the game that makes me want a PS4.

  • The remorse skin it hasn’t shown up on my character who is already above outlaw rank, does the skin get unlocked for pre existing characters?

    • It unlocks when a character hits outlaw during that timeframe window. So level up a new guy to outlaw and it will unlock!

  • It’s a shame that the skin is going to be a limited-time event. This game could really use more unlocks to keep new players playing.

    But I just tried out the new maps, and they were certainly a ton of fun, though! If there was just some kind of co-op or an expanded local mode (4-player splitscreen, if possible), then I’d definitely buy the characters!

    • Hi AstroKing,

      We’re hoping that its fun for players to have some exclusive content unlocked from limited time promotions, hopefully if its compelling for people we can do it again in the future with a new piece of content!

  • I feel this is a game of wasted potential. I know being onli.e co op only is a good way to ensure plus membership, as was being free on plus, but its just such a bad idea. Tons of people skipped the game based on just that fact, myself included.

    Also, cmon, lots of misspelling and the stuff not showing up on the store? Fundamentals, guys.

    • Hi Yowza

      It would be awesome to have a singleplayer mode as well one day. The context is we’re a super tiny team, and since a multiplayer game like this is a very scary undertaking for anyone, we just wanted to put everything we had into doing the PVP as strong as we can. We’re hoping one day in the future we can add a single player campaign.

      We don’t actually work for Sony, so Playstation+ memberships is not something that drives us or has an impact on us, we just love PVP games and wanted to make one.
      Take care


  • Hi.

    I’d definitely buy and support this if it comes to Vita. But for now I’d just wait and drool at how awesome this game is. This is a labor of love from what I can see.

    Cheers :)

  • + Yousuf Mapara on February 24th, 2015 at 7:25 pm said:
    It unlocks when a character hits outlaw during that timeframe window. So level up a new guy to outlaw and it will unlock!

    So let me get this straight……We wont be able to get it for the characters we already own and passed the outllaw rank??????!!!

    if thats how it is, its ****ed up.

  • + Yousuf Mapara on February 24th, 2015 at 7:25 pm said:
    It unlocks when a character hits outlaw during that timeframe window. So level up a new guy to outlaw and it will unlock!
    So let me get this straight……We wont be able to get it for the characters we already own and passed the outllaw rank??????!!!

  • + Yousuf Mapara on February 24th, 2015 at 7:37 pm said:

    Not yet! Its on the list though, we received a lot of constructive feedback about trophies and its something we want to re approach

    That’s more than I hoped for. Revamped Trophies would get me back to this game, right now they are pretty much meaningless.

  • hey hey! Love the new updates! Really did a good job balancing things out. Here’s a question though… You know how “Gordo”, when you look at his starting stats, has a maxed out fire rate? If I add earned points from leveling and add them into fire rate, does it do anything?

  • I may have received this free through PS+, but I would so purchase it again on the Vita.

  • So I just unlocked the new skins but they don’t show up in the skin area, will they show up after april 1st or what because all it says is that I unlocked them.

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