Pure Hold’em Coming to PS4

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Pure Hold’em Coming to PS4

It’s been a busy start to 2015 for everyone here at VooFoo Towers. We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve been hard at work on the latest, greatest addition to the ‘Pure’ series; Pure Hold’em! The first poker game to come to PS4.

We’re proud of the high level of expectation on every new VooFoo release and we’re not holding back on stunning visuals, silky-smooth gameplay or the purity of the experience.

Pure Hold 'em on PS4

Pure Hold’em will have full online multiplayer support. You can create a tournament with up to 8 of your friends, or join an open table with other players looking for a quick poker fix.

Start your journey at the Joker table and work your way up to top of the Masters table. Buy your way into a game with credits, play your blinds, go all in – whatever it takes to steal the pot and win the game. If Lady Luck is on your side, you could win big and get the chance to enter a higher level table. The higher you go, the higher the stakes and the bigger the winnings! Don’t worry if you lose it all though, we’ve also included a High/Low game you can play to gain daily extra credits so you can start over!

Pure Hold 'em on PS4

Pure Hold 'em on PS4Pure Hold 'em on PS4

Our artists have been hard at work creating two different environments to play in – the atmospheric casino, and for those of you who reach the prestigious Aces and Masters table you can advance up into the beautiful VIP penthouse. We’ve also included many more options for you to customise – everything from the colours and the patterns of the table felt, right up to choosing which set of cards and poker chips you want to play with.

We’re very excited to reveal Pure Hold’em to you all and can’t wait to unleash it on the world! The game will be playable for the first time at SXSW in Austin, Texas next month – if you’re lucky enough to be attending, be sure to check it out!

Stay tuned for more updates, and let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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  • Yes please.

  • Behold! The power of the PS4!

  • Any chance of this coming to Vita?

  • This will be fun to watch on PlayStation Live

  • It would be awesome if we could bet real money (through store credit, perhaps?) in this game. Is that against the PSN ToS?

    • Hi Omega2307, the betting system is with in-game currency. Using real money/store credit is not supported in Pure Hold’em.

  • Can video chat be done while playing, so you can see each other’s poker face in real time? That would be amazing.

  • I second Omega2307’s comment–if we can risk/win actual store credit then this would be amazing. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  • So odd there has not been a poker game yet. Last gen it seemed there were a ton at the beginning of the cycle.

  • I would buy this if you guys actually supported your games after launch. I reported a big and obvious bug in BG Blitz and the person who responded expressed surprise that your testers didn’t catch it, and I was assured that it would be added to the list of things to be fixed. This was shortly after that game’s launch and there has never been a patch and it’s clear by now that there never will be. This tells all of your customers that you care only about money and not at all about delivering and maintaining a quality product. This places you in the same category as Micro$oft, EA, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Activision etc.. And that’s really upsetting because your games fill a void that no other developer cares to touch.

  • I am one of the many returning poker players from High Stakes Poker on the Vegas strip!! We’ve all been patiently waiting for a new poker game to come out for the ps network. Now that it’s here, we’re realizing that it’s been a long wait to be let down again…High Stakes Poker for the PS3 had one characteristic that separated itself from any and all poker games i have ever played..THE PS3 EYETOY!!! This feature allowed us to turn on our Web cams (IF WE CHOOSE TO) to see each other during game play . To date it’s was one of the smartest add-ons for a game. I am saying with confidence, if that feature is not put on the game …your ‘$$numbers$$’..will not reach the heights u were wishing for..

    • Hi CHILLEDSSF, we can’t comment regarding video chat during game play, as the feature list is currently being finalised.

  • hope there is some sort of character customization to pick our character and see him/her aswell, i don’t like to just look at the cards and chips and play, feels disconnected that way.

    • Hi Junguler, there are currently no plans for character customisation, as we feel characters would distract from the main purpose of Pure Hold’em.

  • Do we have a release date?

    I know this probably doesn’t do much for most of the people that spend time on videogames blogs, but this stuff is great for the casual people who are out there. My brother and I have a weekly game session with my Dad who has no interest in action games. It’s nice to see something else the three of us can play where my Dad doesn’t have a competitive disadvantage.

    For the other devs out there, please more board and card games! Would love to see settlers, carcaosonne, ticket to ride, axis and allies, mtg, and hearthstone. Or board games along the lines of what fantasy flight is making nowadays.

    Someone take our money!

  • One of the things I really liked about Hustle Kings was being able to do online cross-play with my husband while one of us was traveling. Will there be a Vita version that allows cross-play between the same accounts?

    As much as I like pretty PS4 games, I’d love to see TellTale’s Poker Night at the Inventory (both “episodes”!) on PS4/Vita.

    Foosball on PS4 supporting cross-play with Vita and PS3 versions would also be well.

  • Full online multiplayer??

    Any plans to patch that functionality into Pure Chess? I would totally buy that.

  • Hope it has real time cam and chat really would be a hit then real money would be good aswell .. quality can’t wait please do it justice. …

  • No do you actually see the players because the way pure pool was advertised I thought it was going to be character customization and hot characters instead it was boring pool that looked great. Those were the best pool tables I ever seen but no story nothing so I am excited for poker but it needs a TRUE STORY/Career mode and I want to SEE the players see if other people are BLUFFING facial expressions. That is a key part of poker and if we just throwing down cards that isn’t poker that’s uno.

  • 11) Junguler Dude I agree I was excited for pure pool based on the trailers. Got the game, no characters, just balls and tables. No story mode or nothing. I thought I would be able to create a bad boy with shades to have his glasses on and the reflection showing or story lines or interactions where to challenged people. Having just a card game would be very disconnected and dull after 5 minutes.

  • Oh come on why cant it be released in todays line up

  • Not seeing the Pure Pool sale price.

    • Hi Bbrit1776, Pure Pool is only on sale on PS4 in Europe at the moment, but there’s also an upcoming sale in the US in March.

  • Just went to go buy Pure Pool but it’s still at full price. What gives?

  • is it going to be only texas holdm or also some other variations of poker like billabong omaha 5 card draw or super holdm i realy hope some nice variations and huge amount of chips rooms you all know what i m talking about lol

    • Hi M4RI30RR0, currently it is only Texas Hold’em, but there’s always a possibility that we couldn’t add other modes at a later date! Otherwise, there’s a nice selection of table felt colours & patterns, chips and cards to choose from.

  • So how will this work you need to use real money to buy in game chips?
    And how much chips does everyone start?
    When is the release date for it?

  • FINALLY. Just want a nice online poker game on my console to relax with.

  • If done right, this thing could become the one of the most immersive experiences on PlayStation. NO microtransactions! At least in regards to in-game currency.

  • Give us an in-depth profile with stats and a decent ranking system. Leaderboards are a must, otherwise what’s the point in earning all that money. Maybe a daily slot machine too, as well as the mentioned hi-low mini game. An in-game chat is a must. There’s gotta be some level of customization too, even if it’s something as simple as callsigns and emblems/objects to go with my profile picture. Perhaps these can be earned by completing certain challenges set within the game. There would be no better feeling than completing that hard as nails challenge so that I can earn that particular callsign that indicates to everyone in the lobby that I’m a true veteran who has gone and won 10 hands in a row. Perhaps also allow us to buy things with our in-game cash, like drinks for the whole table, or a rose for a certain female player. Oh, and pleeeeeeeeeease.. a platinum tropy!

  • thx for the info emily love to see some cards with nice themas on them lol clowns sculls dollaar signs etc

  • And only 2 environments? The lack of varied environments is one of the biggest weaknesses in Pure Pool. Hustle Kings was way better in that regard, but really the lack of time you guys put into things like that really shows that you just want to get these games made quick so you can make some money, NEVER fix any bugs and go onto your next game.
    Go fix the bugs in BG Blitz and you may begin to deserve sales. I’ve purchased 3 of your games, but after seeing how lazy your team is with development and how you don’t support your games whatsoever after they launch, i can’t rightly give you anymore money. And I STRONGLY discourage anyone who is reading this from buying this game. Yes, poker is fun and yes, the graphics are good, but you should not support this developer when they won’t support their games or their customers.

  • houston-renagade

    Are the cards going to be repetitive ? What are.odds to hands ? Will this be played with celebrities for the charity events to play against a celeb ? Will there be difficulty settings ? Please work with cameras !!! I feel like i bought the camera for no reason on my ps4. Will there be leaderboards around the world ? Ranks ?? Will there be a chart for wins/loss ? Will there be tournament brackets ?

  • I’d think about getting it if you make the game have actual online mp because every attempt you made with online mp was and is trash. Wasted $7 on pure pool for it to have horrible servers. You guys have tons to learn before I buy another game from y’all.

  • Pure pool is now not connecting to the servers since yesterday. Is it off the servers, or are you updating it? As for the away from the table bug, that is still there. It does it to me and my friends atleast 1 out of 3 games. Any reply would be apriciated thank you.

    Donald Kaus

  • Looks good can’t wait!! Any chance we’ll ever see a casino/gambling game where we will be able to bet Ps points? At least we could buy games or whatever from Ps store with are winnings

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