Introducing The Bright Lord for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

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Introducing The Bright Lord for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

In Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, players saw Celebrimbor’s memories of being dragged back to Mordor, forging the Rings of Power, stealing the One Ring itself, and raising an army to battle his greatest Nemesis, the Dark Lord Sauron.

Now players will have the chance to play these epic events, wield this power for themselves and learn the fate of Celebrimbor, the greatest Elven king of the Second Age and the Bright Lord of Mordor — thousands of years before he became the Wraith that denied Talion death.

Introducing The Bright Lord for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

When introducing The Bright Lord for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, the opportunity to tell such a significant story from the history of Middle-earth isn’t the sort of challenge we take lightly. With The Bright Lord, we didn’t hold back. Prepare for a new playable character in Celebrimbor (along with a Celebrimbor skin for all of your adventures), a new story campaign and missions culminating in an epic battle against the ultimate Nemesis, the Test of the Ring Challenge Mode, new powers for you to try out as you wield the One Ring, and Celebrimbor’s deadly bow skills.

We’d love to tell you more, but frankly, we just can’t bring ourselves to ruin the surprise. There’s a lot of amazing stuff in The Bright Lord that we’re very proud of, and we can’t wait for you to wield the power of The One for yourselves.

See you in Mordor!

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  • I bought the season pass for this with the 10% discount Sony recently gave out. So glad I decided to get it because this looks awesome.

  • “I am the true Lord of the Rings”

    Woah, excited to see what’s coming up :D

  • Very excited about this, love these unscheduled, quick drops.

  • Absolutely one of my favorite games last year. Can’t wait to dive back in! Thanks, team!

  • Maybe they’ll be a complete edition where i get the game and the dlc for a reasonable price

  • Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.

  • So, is this going to be another mini-campaign completely set apart from the main game, or did you learn something from Lord of the Hunt and integrated it into appropriate positions in the Talion’s story? Or did you go all out and gave the option to directly play it through the start menu, but still integrated it logically (i.e. at Celebrimbor’s Flashbacks) into the main campaign?

    I was extremely disappointed with Lord of the Hunt being set apart from the main game, a stand-alone add-on you still need the game for. It’s not what I call an expansion. I am still hoping you will release a patch to integrate LotH into the main story campaign and let new powers and enemies and beasts be present in Talion’s main story, but judging from the universal lack of responses community feedback has received on any venue (you don’respond in the forums, the wiki, or twitter in any way), I will have to resign myself to getting mini-games instead of real expansions that would add to the replay value of the main game and bring some variation.

  • And speaking of resignation, are we ever going to get a usable Remote Play Controls Layout for the Vita? Because the one you have (the default button mapping putting the triggers on the back touchpad) really is NO control layout at all and makes Remote Play pretty much impossible.

  • Is this being released with the ps store update today? The trailer says available now, but with no date. I didn’t get the Lord of the Hunt DLC due to some lacklustre reviews, but this one looks like it could be really cool and hopefully have a much better final boss fight than the main game. Hope it’s only $10 as well.

  • Hi P4NCH0theD0G, I just found a review of the DLC on Kotaku. I think you’re gonna be disappointed. I think I might skip this DLC too.

    That’s unfortunate, I really liked this game and would have enjoyed some more missions, but it sounds like the new add-on just makes it more frustrating than fun.

    Oh well, Monolith, I hope you are saving some good ideas for a sequel to this game instead!

  • loved this game and it’s first story dlc, already payed for season pass and downloaded the patch waiting for it unlock.
    if you guys read these comment, please consider making more story dlc to keep us playing your awesome game.

  • Summing up my fears and concerns in one neat sentence from the Kotaku Review of the Bright Lord:

    “Like The Lord of the Hunt, Bright Lord’s best ideas end up going to waste simply because they’re closed off behind an arbitrary virtual barrier of a self-contained campaign that’s nowhere near as good as the base game. ”

    Summing up my (dashed) hopes in another neat sentence from the Kotaku Review of the Bright Lord:

    ” I hope that whatever Monolith does next with Mordor pays closer attention to what made their original work such a joy to play.”

  • Now, I haven’t played it, yet. Truth be told, I didn’t play much of Lord of the Hunt, either, since it was so incredibly frustrating that it was a stand-alone feature and NOT integrated into the main campaign.
    I greatly enjoyed Shadow of Mordor, so much so, that after pre-ordering the game, I bought the season pass two hours after starting to play the game – pretty much the biggest compliment I can give a game these days.

    Yet, so far, the Season Pass content was one tremendous disappointment. Lord of the Hunt was like a malicious demo, teasing me with thoughts like “Man, this would’ve been so awesome to do in the main game”. If the Bright Lord DLC, as seems to be the case, is a similar letdown… well, it seems very hard to understand for me, how a company can manage to take away the single most important part of open-world, sandbox games: The openness of the world and the opportunities to experiment with it.
    I was hoping the “expansions” (which they are not, they are just unrelated, separate add-ons, really) would bring me new tools for my experimentation tool box, new challenges and new ways to deal with them. Seems like that is not the way it will be.

  • I am not saying that this is not worth your money, or that you shouldn’t enjoy it. If you do, I am very happy for you. It just seems to me not worth MY money, since the aspects I enjoyed most about the main game appear to be, once more, absent in this newest and presumably last DLC.

    Also, thanks soundandvision77

  • Crappy DLC for that piece of crap game?
    Come on guys, you should move on to another project, a GOOD project.

  • Hey guys! I found the one person who didn’t like Shadow of Mordor! ^

  • does this bring any performance improvements? -it was mentioned on the PC release or something-

  • Hey does anyone know why the DLC download is only 1MB for this fairly sizable add-on? The only thing I can think of is that you’re downloading some key to unlock already-present content?

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