FFXIV: Welcome to the Manderville Gold Saucer!

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FFXIV: Welcome to the Manderville Gold Saucer!

Greetings, everyone!

FFXIV Community Manager Matt “Bayohne” Hilton here once more to give PlayStation Blog readers a look at the latest from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn!

We’ve just released Patch 2.51 with one of the most sought-after additions to the game since its announcement – the Manderville Gold Saucer! Fans of Final Fantasy VII will instantly feel at home within the walls of the Gold Saucer which has got a ton of great activities for you to spend your time on.

Chocobo Racing and Raising

Breed, raise and race your own personal racing chocobo! As you race and train your chocobo, you’ll learn new abilities and when it’s time for them to retire, you can breed them and have a chance to pass those skills to their offspring.

Final Fantasy XIV: The Manderville Gold Saucer

When you’re on the track, you’re in complete control of your bird! Avoid detrimental effects, while aiming for positive effects like speed boosts! You’ll also be able to grab items and use them during the race! It’s your bird vs. seven others so make sure you come out first!

Final Fantasy XIV: The Manderville Gold Saucer

Triple Triad

The popular card mini-game from Final Fantasy VIII makes its debut in Final Fantasy XIV! Challenge NPCs, your friends, and fiercest rivals in a bid to be the master of cards! There are 80 cards to collect at launch, with some being extremely challenging to win! There are even Triple Triad tournaments you can participate in! You can earn some cards by doing other activities in the game… I’ll give you a hint: you may want to challenge some of the primals once you begin hunting for cards for your deck!

Final Fantasy XIV: The Manderville Gold Saucer

Mini Games

We have four unique mini-games for you to participate in while visiting the Gold Saucer. They are timing based and feature a new user interface that will test your reflexes! The “Monster Toss” (basketball shooting game) is my favorite, but it sure is tough to try and sink all the shots. We also have our own version of the popular crane-style mini-game called “The Moogle’s Paw!” These are a great way to earn some Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP) to spend on prizes at the Gold Saucer!

Final Fantasy XIV: The Manderville Gold Saucer

GATEs (Gold Saucer Active Time Events)

Similar to the random Full Active Time Events (FATEs) found in Eorzea, the Gold Saucer features Gold Sauce Active Time Events (GATEs)! These appear randomly in the Gold Saucer allowing players to join these quick and fun little games! For example, Typhon may appear on the field and lock you in place. If you’re unlucky you will be caught in his big sneeze move, and be blown out of the arena! Are you lucky enough to stay on the platform and win some MGP?

Final Fantasy XIV: The Manderville Gold Saucer

Manderville Gold Saucer Rewards

Participating in all of these different games will earn you MGP that will allow you to purchase some awesome prizes like new mounts, outfits, minions and more!

Final Fantasy XIV: The Manderville Gold SaucerFinal Fantasy XIV: The Manderville Gold Saucer

Final Fantasy XIV: The Manderville Gold Saucer

You may recognize this outfit from a certain famous FF gambler!

Overall, this is just the tip of the iceberg! There’s a whole lot to see and do in the Manderville Gold Saucer! If you’re not already a player, check out my last blog post to see how you can utilize the 14-day free trial and join the fun!

See you at the Manderville Gold Saucer!

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