The Making of Bloodborne, Part 2

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The Making of Bloodborne, Part 2
The Making of Bloodborne, Part 2
Please note: Bloodborne is rated M for Mature with Rated Mature, Blood and Gore, Violence.

Thus far, IGN First’s special Bloodborne coverage has treated us to the game’s first 18 minutes (in both raw and commentary-filled versions), new details on the game’s character creation system, plus new glimpses at the potent weapons, haunting environments, and terror-inducing enemies you can expect to encounter in the doomed town of Yharnam.

A new trailer hinted at the game’s mysterious storyline, while a behind-the-scenes video revealed a recording of the soundtrack and all the talented musicians and singers who made it come to life. And of course, we got a rare behind-closed-doors look at From Software as the team behind Bloodborne detailed their inspirations.

Today, with IGN First’s special Bloodborne coverage entering its final week, we get to learn more about the collaboration between Japan Studio and From Software that once, long ago, led to Demon’s Souls and now leads to the dark world of Bloodborne. Watch the new video above.

And the week ends with…


…Perhaps some things are better left to be discovered. Let’s just say that you won’t regret taking a look here at 9:00am Pacific Time.

Bloodborne releases on March 24th exclusively on PS4. A special Collector’s Edition is also available and includes a Steelbook game case, premium Art Book with exclusive concept art, and Digital Soundtrack of the game.

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  • One of the reasons why i will buy PS4 is this game, looks so beautiful and the music is superb

  • Oh, just gimme the game!

  • Port it to vita

  • I love the way the game is being advertised, with short segments about the game’s production leading up to its release.

  • Definitely going to go pre-order.

  • I wish my feedback could reach out to the developers at From Software. The game looks truly awesome but I noticed one small thing in the video trailers that breaks me from the experience. When attacking a mob of enemies they tend to fall and die in the exact the same way in unison at the same time. It feels bit repetitive or robotic. Let me call it a ‘Flash Mob’ effect? Maybe if you added more varied animations or even allowed ragdoll death throes the fighting exchange would feel more organic or next gen to me. Your game looks extremely beautiful otherwise. I can’t wait to play it. Day 1 preorder for me! Best wishes. I hope the game is a huge success.

  • This game is the reason I bought a PS4, so I’m super excited for it! Can’t wait for it to be out next month.

  • This is my most anticipated game!!

  • You mean check IGN at 9 am Pacific on Friday, right?

    I suspect an early review is afoot.

  • This game looks so freakn sweet. Cant wait!!!!But you know what would be even cooler.. this game releasing on disc…*passes out

  • oh my god I can’t wait. Take my souls. take them all!!

  • Dang wrong game lol

  • Can someone PLEASE officially confirm how can we get the Saw Cleaver steelbook?
    It’s totally unclear which edition will have it – so is it EU or US CE? Or both? Or just exclusive? What about Nightmare Edition? Is it just preorder incentive, or will it be available later? etc.

    By making it so (unnecessary) convoluted, you’re only complicating things for potential buyers – and quite frankly, it’s really annoying.

  • BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODBOOOOOOOOOOOOOORNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Still digital only ost?!……….new management, please. It needs to happen, better sooner than later.

  • Kind of a slap in the face to the actual developers, From Software. You guys have a habit of doing this, and you actually imply in the video you made Demon’s Souls. I know coming off The Order and other offerings you guys have a hole to dig yourself out of, but this is just corny to watch (including games at the beginning which have nothing to do with From Software).

    I respect the work Sony Japan is doing with the developers, but this was awkward to watch.

  • Shuhei Yoshida is staring into our souls.

  • Can’t wait!

    You should totally make a Vita Demon’s Souls 2 or Bloodborne port with Near features to replace the normal network features. People can leave messages and bloodstains for their city/geographical region, and find items dropped by local players occasionally/find game goods.
    Like, instead of Soul Sign summoning, have ad hoc co-op available.

    That would be pretty awesome stuff, if you’re into making money and good games at the same time. Just sayin.

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