MLB 15 The Show: Diamond Dynasty Distilled

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MLB 15 The Show: Diamond Dynasty Distilled

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Since its debut in MLB 12 The Show, the Diamond Dynasty mode has offered franchise fans a twist on how they can usually interact with their favorite MLB players in a baseball game. Baseball cards are so intrinsically at the heart of the sport and its amazing history and tradition, so it always made sense to incorporate that way of appreciating baseball into The Show. It’s a nice complement to Franchise and Road to the Show modes, since the strategy of building your team (and that thrill of a rare player card!) is a wholly different experience from in-game action.

With MLB 15 The Show, Diamond Dynasty is seeing radical changes. So many in fact that this year we’re calling it Diamond Dynasty Distilled. Why “Distilled?” A common definition calls the process the extracting “the essential meaning or most important aspects of,” which is precisely what we’ve aimed to do. It’s more intuitive, it’s easier to get into, and we hope you’ll find it more satisfying than ever.

Check out this new video blog we’ve made, narrated by designer Lance Leahy, detailing some of the biggest changes:

Lastly, we know some of you haven’t tuned in for our livestreams yet (we’re trying to host them weekly on our Twitch channel), so you may think the question of online in this year’s game has gone unanswered. We take pride in listening to the community intently, and we know online play is a priority for a lot of Show gamers.

Simply put: a lot of work has gone into improving online play in MLB 15 The Show. The overall experience will be more stable, more consistent, and feel better. As we stated last year when we revealed that we were tearing down and rebuilding the foundation of our netcode, it’s a process. We’re a full year into a major paradigm shift in terms of how we handle synchronization, how we’re hiding latency for the player, etc. We’re going to talk a lot more about what’s gone into it and what fans can expect, but for now we’d just like to assure you that online remains a focus and pillar for us, it’ll be better this year, and it’ll continue to get better.

Hard to touch on everything in one blog post!

Follow us on Twitter (@MLBTheShow) and stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks as we approach MLB 15 The Show’s launch on March 31st for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. If you’re looking to snag ’15 on PS4, check out the Anniversary Edition commemorating 10 years of MLB The Show; not only does it come with a lot of in-game value, but we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on that stylish steelbook!

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  • Can you play in tournaments and leagues OFFLINE? Not forcing me to play people online?

    Can you buy coins to buy packs like EA Sports Ultimate team games?

    Probably not….so this mode is still no better.

  • I was a tiny bit sad that i couldn’t scan my face for road to the show. I was also hoping for a buttery smooth 60fps this year. Im interested to see what the new (input) system will be like. Not a big Diamond Dynasty player but the new additions should be welcomed to those who appreciate this mode. Love y’all and keep up the fascinating job you do out there in San Diego!

  • i agree with #2… both sports games i’ve purchased this past season, FIFA 15 and NBA 2K15 allowed me that realism of scanning my own face into the game. i love mlb the show more than both those franchises, but you guys are falling behind in that area. baseball may be better, but it isn’t better at getting me into the game. still can’t wait for 3/31 though. i’ve been in the show every year since its inception. i’m just praying ya’ll allow for the same hitting mechanic, even with the addition of influencing where you hit it. if it’s just up for contact and down for power… i’m gonna be so disappointed. i watched the livestream a couple weeks ago, and it seemed, even then, you guys were still undecided how it would be. any updates on that? thanks, and keep up the great work!

  • Ok how about this…. link the game with your account and import your fantasy baseball team? Play with your team and see real time fantasy baseball scores as well? Great job with the series though.

  • @Ramone Russell fixes the problem of playing online as it was in 2014

  • I thought I’d just throw this idea in the air… Seeing as how Tennis has dropped from the gaming industry’s scope, it would be sweet if Sony would capitalize on it and do with it what it did with the Baseball franchise.

    C’mon Sony, you can manage it! (Just please, make it less of a sim and more… accessible)

  • @HuckQ

    No, games are already stupid enough. No need to dumb down ANOTHER game to appease the masses. If you want to play the game, learn it. That’s what’s wrong with this generation of gamers… always expecting an easy button.

  • @GreatnessRD
    I think you misunderstood me, mate. I haven’t meant it should be dumb-friendly (maybe the word accessible was wrong), but rather not so committed to being realistic. For example, I love MLB: The Show but anyone who have played it could tell you it puts a little too much emphasis on trying to be a true baseball sim rather than just be… well, for lack of a better word, a fun game.
    If I had to give a good example I’d choose Sega’s Virtua Tennis games. It’s nature may be a little too arcady for some but is undeniably fun.

    Btw, I myself despise hand-holding in games.

  • @HuckQ
    FWIW I’d love to see more arcade style baseball games…

  • I would LOVE a new Top Spin game that is as good as the first. Tried a later installment and it sucked.

  • preordered last week…my first mlb the show game since a long time…can’t wait :)

  • I know this isn’t the page I should be on for this remark. but I just love how this site uses the Driveclub banner. its like a slap in the face of every gamer that wanted to play the PS Plus edition of Driveclub. Thanks again for the broken promises.

  • I youst to like this game. Graphics keep getting better every year. But the worst part of the game is that it keeps getting harder to play. They keep making it hard to hit the ball. This game suppose to be fun not hard.

  • quick question for franchise mode, since we are going to get “general manager contracts” will we still be able to control multiple teams in franchise mode?

  • Will online franchise be back this yr? Loved it mlb 14

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