Bloodborne: Story Trailer Hints at Dark Secrets

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Bloodborne: Story Trailer Hints at Dark Secrets

Today as part of IGN First we revealed our brand new story trailer for Bloodborne, the PS4-exclusive Action RPG from developers FromSoftware and SCE Japan Studio. This trailer introduces some of the characters you’ll meet along the way as you venture into the depths of the cursed city of Yharnam, and hints at some of the dark secrets waiting to be uncovered by brave hunters.

Bloodborne: Story Trailer Hints at Dark Secrets

When we revealed the first 18 minutes of the game a few weeks ago, I introduced how the game starts with the player arriving in Yharnam and receiving a blood transfusion from a strange doctor, which ends up clouding his memory. Is this all a dream? A nightmare? Where did all of the beasts come from? And what secrets does this Yharnam blood hold? Check out the trailer for just a small taste of the mysteries and horrors waiting for you in Bloodborne.

I’m extremely excited that Bloodborne is just about complete, and I cannot wait to unleash it on the world and see how players react. The story campaign is a dark adventure that will deliver epic challenges and epic rewards from the very start. Plus, with our multiplayer and new Chalice Dungeon features, we are looking to deliver even more new ways for fans to connect, play, discover, and conquer new challenges than ever before.


If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, there’s still plenty of time before the March 24th launch, whether you want the standard edition, Collector’s Edition, or the digital download version (pre-load available prior to launch).

Keep an eye on PlayStation.Blog for more Bloodborne news. And we have a few more things lined up for IGN to finish off February’s IGN First coverage.

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  • Looks interesting. Just may have to check this one out. I am curious about how the MP works…

  • Whyyyy?? On one hand I kinda want to watch this trailer, but on the other hand I wanna continue my media blackout for this game : \

  • Can you please let us know why we see the same area in the day/night. Are these a world tendency or changes.

  • So hyped for this game! Already preordered :D

  • I see you guys threw this up real quick to deflect from The Order mess. lol

  • I honestly think I’d do anything for an early copy of Bloodborne. It’s how I felt about Dark Souls and Dark Souls II as well. So I ask you guys at From Software… what do you ask of me?


  • Man this game looks really great. I’m glad the order is short so I can get though it and get on to this.

  • Holy damn this looks amazing I can’t wait to see how the lore from DS 1&2 ties in with the bloodbourne story! Anyone looking in to this game should check out EpicNameBro or the Dark Souls Two for info on the insanely rich lore of these games!!!

  • I want to watch the trailer, I just can’t. I have to see it all for myself when it comes out.

  • Really hyped for this game. I hope it doesn’t flop like The Order.

  • Game looks awesome. I´ll pre order in a few days.

  • Not gonna lie… I have no idea what I just watched. It did not grab my attention at all… then again I know nothing about the game.

  • The FIRST TRUE PS4 (AND THIS GEN’S) MASTERPIECE. So long overdue, you guys really took it to heart with the “Greatness Awaits” slogan making us wait 15 months after the release of the console for the first must-have experience on PS4. I cannot wait, Bloodborne, I’m ready!

  • This is going to hit home with me so hard. Really can’t wait to have another Souls-like experience.

  • The game looks very good. But the only negative thing I have with the game is the playable character. He just looks very stiff. The enemy design looks far more fluid in animations. Has anyone else noticed that with the playable character stiffness.

    I hope the developers give the main character more fluid and natural animations before release. Apart from that the game looks very promising indeed.

  • @ :35 in the video, his arm passes right through the bells. CHEAP.

  • Why are people saying The Order flopped, just because a SPEED RUN took 5 hours? When you rush a game as quickly as possible, this funny thing happens where the game doesn’t last as long as if you played it normally.

  • I’m still on the fence about this game.

    As someone who got all 3 Souls games on release — I’m honestly not too sure about this yet. I feel like everything I see provides me with mixed emotions.

    Will be one of those I will probably wait until it gets released and then ultimately make my decision. Not like the pre-order bonus is anything nice.

  • Is co-op separate from main story?

  • Didn’t watch it because I’m trying to avoid spoiling the game for myself, but I can’t wait for it to come out! GOTY!

  • I’ve had the collector’s edition pre-ordered since it was available. Can’t wait!

  • Played the Alpha test and loved this game, it flows so smoothly and did not disappoint one iota. It has all tension and edginess of the other Dark Souls series, I cannot wait till this game comes out.

  • Pre ordeed it 2day and The itcher 3 is 10% off if you pre order it. $114 well spent.

  • Can someone PLEASE officially confirm how can we get the Saw Cleaver steelbook?
    It’s totally unclear which edition will have it – so is it EU or US CE? Or both? Or just exclusive? What about Nightmare Edition? Is it just preorder incentive, or will it be available later? etc.

    By making it so (unnecessary) convoluted, you’re only complicating things for potential buyers – and quite frankly, it’s really annoying.

  • Please release a PS3 version of this game it looks amazing!

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