Finding the Cast of The Order: 1886 on PS4

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Finding the Cast of The Order: 1886 on PS4

With the many areas we’ve covered over the months as we approach the launch of The Order: 1886, there’s still one major aspect we haven’t yet addressed: the cast.

About a year into the project, once the story and initial script were written, it was time for us to cast our characters. The requirements were pretty stringent, the character sheet was filled with details of each of the protagonists that would make our game and define our world. Finding the right actors for these parts was the last piece of the puzzle to finally make each of our characters come to life.

The search was long. It took many months, rounds of casting and auditions with a wide spectrum of extremely talented actors. In the end, it came down to four people who would form the core of the Order’s most elite squad. We finally had our cast.

Finding the Cast of The Order: 1886 on PS4

Steve West stepped in the shoes of our protagonist, Sir Galahad. He brought with him the balance and stoicism that Galahad exuded as a time and battle-worn Knight.

Alice Coulthard embodies the subtle and complex character traits that define Lady Ingraine; a lady of the Victorian Era with poise and decorum. But behind her facade lies a skilled and deft warrior.

Graham McTavish became the de facto leader when he stepped onto our stage. A favorite amongst both game and movie lovers, Graham is Sir Perceval, one of the most senior, wise, and most trusted members of the Order.

The Order: 1886 ActorsThe Order: 1886 Actors
The Order: 1886 ActorsThe Order: 1886 Actors

The Marquis de Lafayette was always going to be a tricky character to approach and Frederik Hamel has done the role justice and much more, bringing the needed joviality and levity to balance our squad. And a certain “je ne sais quoi…”

Together our main cast became the backbone of the story and the relationships you will experience in the game. Each of our characters are symbols of the eras they came from. They each have the qualities and faults that are brought on but their respective experience and positions in the history of our world. Those of course not only had to be translated into the script and brought to life by the actors, they also had to be visualized in the creation of their likenesses.

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  • I hate that I’ve to wait til Friday when the game is out for like two weeks already… -_-
    The game being the most talked since Destiny doesn’t help either.

  • The order looks interesting but I don’t understand why this game is releasing on a friday. All other exclusives came out on Tuesdays.

  • /\ The Last of Us was released on a Friday.

  • The OST wil be avalibe to buy?.

  • jesus I remember when they used to bury stuff like this in the desert

  • You can find full runs of this game on YouTube right now. Clocks in at just over 5 hours. Waiting for this game to hit the bargain bin.

  • Yeah and its a speed run. Skips over collectables, fights, etc. That is not your average time. Most complete in 9-15 hours.Hey I know someone that beat Gears of War in 1.5 hours, Bioshock within 4 hours, God of War in 2. Those are not the average times or a result of the quality of content. Way to follow the internet fodder…

  • Was this video made me imagine a day where mo-cap actors will be able to actually see and “exist” inside the in-game environments and they do their takes using some kind of VR rig, or holographic glasses, that wouldn’t inhibit the facial tracking. Could be really cool, like acting on a holodeck built just for mo capping for games and special effects.

  • Correct me if I am wrong, #6… but you can also find a youtube run of Wolfenstein: The New Order done in just over 6 hours… yet that was a fantastic game. Also many people said Alien: Isolation would have been perfect at 6 hours… and that isn’t even doing a speed run.
    Point being, Being a 8-10 hour game (which is what I feel is the length when not doing a speed run) isn’t a short coming of the game. It may be a issue with the buyer and I get that, but it isn’t a short coming of the game. Neither is having cutscenes or being QTE. They are making the game they wanted to make. But if it doesn’t jive with you, then absolutely wait on it.
    I am waiting but it is more because of Sony pulling their original stance on their 10% deal. The fact that it didn’t work on pre-orders, when they originally said it would, meant now I am waiting on this game to fall under $54. It sucks, it is no fault of RAD, it is no fault of Sony… just is what it is and a stance I took.

  • I’m getting this. The length “issue” doesn’t boyher me at all.
    When I want a long game I’ll get Bloodbourne or The Witcher.

  • I’m really super excited for this game, friday can’t get here fast enough. It looks stunning, seems to clock in at a time that doesn’t bother with pointless fluff just to get that extra hour in (I hate it when a game wears out its welcome), and looks fun to play.

    Just one question, will R@D take the time to win back those 280 lines of pixels?

    I get you guys had a target and there are technical hurdles to fixing that, but I paid for those 280 rows of pixels to be used on my TV. Films can get away with that as they were filmed that way to capture a larger shot. Wtih a game that feels like a cheap move to win fill rate.

    If not that’s cool, but please add it to the list of challenges for yourselves with The Order 2.

  • Only a lowbrow would gulp a fine wine & 1886 was a particularly good year … this experience needs to be savored!

  • I thought this would be about the actual voice cast, any videos about them?

  • There are numerous YouTube videos of Bioshock Infinite being beaten in 2 hours or less. That must mean that it’s a terrible game.

    Reviews have started to leak, and The Order is getting good reviews on gameplay, graphics and sound. The only issues noted are some pacing items and replay value. This might be true for a number of titles, including the Bioshock and Uncharted franchises. I’m not going to let some simple minded thought process fixated on game length persuade me against a game with a lot to offer, especially if you’re willing to take your time and take it all in. That’s exactly what I am going to do.

  • You know, I was extremely excited for this game a few weeks back. Then I found out how long the game takes to complete, the fact that there’s literally no multiplayer or co-op element, and I have yet to see any information about replay value of any kind.

    I don’t buy games that are 8 hours with no other replay value to it. That’s why I never bought the God of War games…absolutely horrendous story, no benefit to replaying the game, and you can beat it in a single day without trouble. I’m hoping that I didn’t blow $60 on this game…there better be some sort of reason to replay the game outside of trophy hunting…otherwise I’m never buying anything from the people that made this game.

    Complete letdown so far.

  • Kudos to RAD Studios for the top-notch voice actors who are vital to maintaining the viewer’s sense of immersion.

  • I’ve been waiting for this game for so long I can’t wait to play it!! The only let down is no co oop, but on the upside I love single player games!!!!!

    Is it just me or is it weird for it to be released on a Friday?

  • Graham McTavish is awesome! He was a great as Zoran Lazarevic in Uncharted 2. And the guy doing Galahad´s voice does it perfectly.

    On game lenght, no true playstation fan should finish this game so quickly. It´s gonna be the biggest release on the console, the most beautiful looking game. I can´t wait to take my sweet time with this, explore every nook and cranny, even if it is a linear game, there´s much to see. For example, my first The Last of Us playthrough was 18 hours, and I explored all of the world, looked for every collectible, etc. On my following playthroughs I was faster, because I knew the game. Now I can beat it in 12 hours on Survivor or even Grounded, but that´s because I´ve beaten the game over 15 times.

  • @Death8u4u, What your reading or seeing online are people doing speed run’s on Easy. And you not liking God of War not sure if your even human. Most PlayStation gamer’s have enjoyed God of War game’s. Guess you don’t understand methodical history.

    Ready at Dawn has said that the game will be 8-10 hour’s on Normal and 12+ hour’s on Hard difficulty. These result’s came from there internal testing. So don’t sweat yourself on what you read online.

    It always amazes me when something good is coming out from Sony I hear people complain about something that hasn’t came out yet. If your interested in getting the game get the game. If not stand by while other’s enjoy it.

    And for those complaining about coming out on Friday it’s because it’s releasing world wide at the same time for all region’s.

  • Skater, that’s 8~ hours of gameplay. That is a SHORT game. With no replay value from the sounds of it.

    As far as God of War goes, it is BECAUSE I know about history and religions of the past that causes me to dislike God of War. The story is horribly written for those who actually know about the Greek Gods and their stories. It really has nothing unique to the game, there’s no reason to ever play it a second time, and the gameplay is a walk through the park even on the hardest difficulty. Its child’s play.

    And “most” Playstation Gamers have never even played God of War. So I suggest you do a little research before you ramble on about what the majority has and hasn’t done.

  • Lets count the defects this game has already proven to have:

    1. No multiplayer. Some might consider this a good thing, but that is only true in the cases of games that are actually worth playing over and over again. Skyrim, for example, can be played numerous times and takes more than 8 hours to complete even if you only accomplish 1/10th of the in-game content.

    2. Black bars. Without a doubt the most idiotic idea to ever cross these people’s minds. It literally makes no sense to have black bars. They say they want it to flow from cinematics to gameplay without any issue. May I introduce them to Naughty Dog? A legitimate company that actually puts a decent amount of effort into their games without having to release ridiculous gimmicks to draw attention to themselves.

    3. Short game regardless of if you play a speed run or not. A shocker, considering the price tag and lack of any other mode to the game.

    4. Easily could have had a co-op mode to it and they decided against it. One thing that may have redeemed this game, and they bunked on it for the sake of improving a short story. Makes perfect sense.

  • Based off what I have seen im gonna wait for reviews on this one.

  • @death8u4u

    1. Tact on multiplayer is one of my pet peeves. Don’t add multiplayer to a game if it doesn’t need it.
    2. Black bars – get over it. Part of the devs vision then so be it.
    3. 8-10 hour game. Big deal many story driven games like this can be completed in the same amount of time. If you don’t like it wait to buy it or rent it.
    4. Co-op. Not as easy as it sounds. Wouldve had to been designed around coop from the beginning and wasn’t something they decided to do.

    Quit taking a S*** on the game when you haven’t even played it. Did you even play god of war btw? You said the story sucked but you also said you never bought it. Just curious.

    Love ready at dawn. Looks like a great game can’t wait to play it. Everyone quit getting caught up in how long it takes to complete.

  • Hey Sony. Why aren’t The Order Dynamic theme FREE promo codes working? Website said it would be avail to activate today? Grrrrr!!! What gives>>??

  • I agree tacked on multiplayer is terrible
    The black bars are the dumbest “design choice” ive ever seen. What’s the point?
    Biggest pet peeve is the excessive use of cut scenes. If you want to make a movie, make a movie. Otherwise tell your story through gameplay. Cut scenes are lazy and remove the player from the game.

    Also love the hypocrisy of people saying you cant criticize a game you haven’t played, but praising it is just fine…….
    People buy games for different reasons, length may not be important to you, but that doesn’t make it less important to others.
    Some people care about 1080p, some don’t. Some people will only play 60fps, some are ok with 30fps. Different strokes for different folks.

  • nolson I am speculating and judging a game I already bought and paid for. It is a short game, even confirmed by the developers themselves. It has ridiculously idiotic things added for an appeal nobody is interested in (black bars).

    Multiplayer, granted like I said, is not needed for a lot of games and can usually ruin the experience. ONLY if that game actually has content to justify the pricetag in the first place. This game has roughly 8 hours of gameplay. You can rent the game and beat it before you even have to think about returning it. That’s an absolute disgrace.

    Yes, I have beaten God of War 1. I saw no point in beating any of the others due to the lack of fun I had during the first one…not to mention the simple fact I beat it the day I received it. Now, how would someone go about getting a game without buying it and without stealing it?

  • Co-op isn’t as easy as it sounds? You’re joking right? The entire game is based around squad gameplay. You swap out AI for human players. It doesn’t change the story or anything other than game mechanics, and they’ve already admitted what they’ve done in regards to game mechanics…they could have spent a few more weeks on this project and actually achieved something noteworthy.

    I’d get a refund for the game already if I had that option. I’d much rather rent it, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt months in advance. A mistake I’ll never make again with this company.

  • This game looks awesome! I pre-ordered the special edition and cant weight till Friday. haters gona hate! They hate us cuz they anus!

  • I just got the game today. Fun game but way short. Took me 5 hours to beat it. The big complaint is a short game. Everything else i like. I would buy it if it was 39.95. That would fair price.

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