Deadman’s Cross Out Today on PS Vita

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Deadman’s Cross Out Today on PS Vita

If, one day, 99.9% of humans turned into zombies, what would you do? Deadman’s Cross is a game that depicts such a world.

Hello, my name is Shinichi Tatsuke and I’m a producer at Square Enix. I’d like to introduce Deadman’s Cross, a game that launches today on PlayStation Vita. This zombie card battle RPG recorded 4.7 million downloads worldwide last year. And now, it’s coming to Vita as an enhanced, free-to-play game.

Deadman’s Cross Out Today on PS Vita

The setting is America in the year 2030. The government suddenly declares martial law in which everyone is restricted from going outside. You break the law and cautiously step outside — what you see is a world overrun with strange creatures called “Deadmen.”

The game is split into two sections: shooting and card battles. In the shooting section, you’ll shoot down Deadman, one after another, as they come after you. You fire away at the Deadmen that emerge in various areas like the town, graveyard, casino, aircraft carrier, and baseball field. In this world, even animals and plants turn into Deadmen. Furthermore, historical figures like Napoleon and Lincoln also appear in-game as Deadmen. You can actually capture the Deadmen you defeat.

What are you going to do… collecting zombies?

Deadman’s CrossDeadman’s Cross

Well, the people of this world are into this particular recreation. Even in these desperate times, a TV network looking for business concocted a program that sets Deadmen against one another to fight… and it’s become a huge hit!

People can enter the captured Deadmen into this program to compete. You, too, will soon capture a Deadman, join the fight, and aim for the top spot. These are card-based battles, but the rules are easy to comprehend unlike TCGs — anyone can easily pick up the game.

Other than the battle element, the game comes with an enriching story which tends to be rare for free-to-play games. The girl who lost a companion, the head of the circus troupe who is looking for an animal, the hacker who is trying to uncover the mystery to reviving the Deadmen, and more — the array of unique characters is definitely something to look out for.

Deadman’s Cross

The music is by Naoshi Mizuta, a composer on the Final Fantasy series. All the tracks are very stylish and have a fresh feel to them. I personally really like it.

I’ve basically explained everything in one breath, but this should be a new type of game that you have never experienced before in a free-to-play title, nor in a typical console game. I recommend this to all of you who want to continuously defeat zombies, who want to enjoy a variety of zombie illustrations, and who want to experience a zombie story.

Why not enjoy this hopeless world together? We’d love for you to download the game and give it a try.

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  • WOW Definitely will download this Thanks!

  • Holy moly! Now this game looks good! BUT… are there pay-to-win microtransactions in it?

  • No offense SE, but is a free to play card game port the best you can throw at the Vita crowd? I’m sure the game is very nice, but how about throwing some actual Vita content our way?

    You guys are basically the antithesis of Atlus right now. Atlus gives the fans what they want and the loves get reciprocated – P5 trailer stole that week even though you put out a FF15 trailer the same day. SE pretends to listen and then does things like FF7 on PS4 or Type-0 not on Vita. Or how about Dissidia 3… only in Japanese arcades? Come on Square, talk to me again. I used to be such a big fan but you’ve stopped giving me a reason to stick around.

  • I hope this is a precursor to some of the other SE games on andriod/iOS being released on vita. the final fantasy games, the DQ games, secret of mana, etc.

  • Well then, thank you for this one.

  • I downloaded this on my phone, was kinda neat! Free with in-app purchases.

  • This looks like fun! With it being free to play, I can’t help but give it a try!

  • Well this came out of nowhere. Pretty fun game, definitely will download.

    While you’re at porting smartphone games to Vita, Square-enix, where are our Chaos Rings games? Games are already been translated, shouldn’t take you this long.

  • I like this on my phone, so now I can delete it from phone and play on Vita

    • Hope you enjoy the game on the Vita as well! You can also transfer over your save from the phone to the Vita so if you want to continue your game, that is another option as well.

  • I was way into this until I saw it was Pay-to-Win….

  • The Vita Nation has spoken, we’ve flooded the SE Forums requesting a native Tomb Raider game on the PS Vita. The SE Team did not even bother to give us that “default” response, “we’re looking into your request blabla…”. Not even that. Same goes for Type-0, Sleeping Dogs.. Hell I even bothered trying to reach Jeff O’Connell for nothing.

    …And then, this.
    Seriously, Square, who do you guys think you’re fooling? NOBODY asked for this. It’d be wiser to use your development team force to bring the Vita something worth their time – and something worth our time.
    Did you guys really picture a lot of Vita gamers putting their time into this game?

    And I thought sony was the only company that treated Vita and the Gamers like ****.
    I wonder how many PoS games like this one will show up (IF there’ll be any, that is), as we approach the Vita’s 3rd Anniversary in the US (February 22nd).

  • oh wow didnt know its vita 3rd anniversary i guess feb 22nd will be a sad day again for the vita.

  • The card battle part reminds me of Destiny of Spirits. Hope that will not be as boring as DoS.

  • F2P? Can’t go wrong there. Will definitely give it a try.

  • well, no need to pay = why not try it?

  • Please, SE. For once, listen to Vita fans and release the games we have been asking for.

  • Soo for some reason its not on my psvita store but id love to play it

  • I heard that the iOS version had a Resident Evil collaboration that added Creatures such as Tyrants, Hunters and Lickers. Will that content be also available on the PS Vita version?

  • Stopped reading at “Free to play”

  • How about Final Fantasy Dimensions or the Chaos Rings games? If you won’t localize the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VII, how about porting the PS1 version to the PSN so I can at least play it on my Vita? How about bringing Dragon Quest I-III to the Vita as well? Also, think about porting the android/ios versions of FF V and VI to the PSN. I know some people are asking for FF XV and Type-0, but I think expecting that is unrealistic. Since this is free to play, I might give it a shot, but I won’t spend any money on any micro transactions. I would rather spend money on any of the titles I previously mentioned.

  • sigh….
    well whatever might as well support anything SE’s doing on the Vita.

  • Thank you so much, Shinichi Tatsuke! Been eagerly awaiting the release of this game in the west! Will download this bad boy in a heartbeat! What is the release date for Rise Of Mana? Also can you guys please release the following games in the west for the PSVita:

    – Chaos Rings Trilogy
    – Final Fantasy Agito (since we didn’t get FF Type-0)
    – Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

    You guys rock! Thanks again!

  • Yay! Thanks SE! Since you guys announced it awhile back been looking forward to it! Now how about Final Fantasy Agito and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep for the PSVITA?!

  • Free to Play….no such thing. Not interested.

  • Hey question. Can I log into my old account? I used to play quite a bit.

    Or is this a separate server from iOS/droid?

  • Shinichi-san… I have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.


    I spent over 6 months of my life playing this game 6 hours a day on 3 different phones, even during working hours, got 2 friends hooked on it.

    Rush every Monday when the Boneyard restarts, yelling at my colleagues to leave me alone (why do you guys have to do maintenance exactly when the Boneyard opens?).

    Clamor every time there is a new card introduced.

    Blew off lunch with friends and colleagues just so I can get back to the office and get that new login bonus, free daily hunt, and Support for that one more point to play the Lottery.

    And countless hours of heartache when I just can’t get that Deadman to complete the job ending in a few minutes, or see all Elite Hunting passes go to waste on 20+ 3* cards.

    I climbed to the top of the Boneyard, then you go and introduce the ReDeath system, and so I finally gave up, and life was beautiful again.

    You have no idea the kind of negative feelings I have directed upon you and your team of developers, and now you put it on the Vita and expect me to play again after I have finally got my life back? Damn you!

  • Neat. The Vita needs some CCG love, and this might just scratch that itch.

  • well havent seen a zombie card game yet so thats something. I would have to see how the actual card battle system is before I get interested. I will the shooting aspect looks like a fun way to collect cards.

  • Must ask: PS TV Compatibility?

  • Square Enix: we want Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Hitman, Deus Ex and other Square Enix brand name games on Vita. Not some free zombie card game.

  • It might have launched today, but I’ve had “emergency maintenance” screens since noon…

  • People wonder why anyone needs an expansive portable gaming device like the Vita when you can just play games on your smartphone and tablet. My answer was that I hate the freemium model that has infested those markets turning fun into artificial tedium in order to extract insane amounts of money from an addicted minority of players. Also, I prefer the precision of actual physical controls over touch controls. So now we have yet another freemium scam game infesting the Vita store to go along with all of those touch-only ports of smartphone games. It is clear that Sony has no clue what do and seems determined to kill the Vita by turning into just a watered-down smartphone and glorified PS4 controller. Such a sad fate for such an amazing piece of hardware.

  • @3 I guess Square Enix really are the antithesis of Atlus. Atlus Japan barely releases Vita games, Square Enix has a small handful on the way, including Rise of Mana, Final Fantasy Agito+ (lol) and SAGA2015.

  • Despite my reservations about this game being on the Vita, I decided to give it a try anyway. I’m already disappointed, in the very first cut scene. The dialogue advances too quickly to read it. I wish the dialogue would wait for you to press the button instead of advancing on it’s own. Square Enix really should have brought FF Dimensions to the Vita instead. I believe the dialogue waits until you prompt it in that game.

  • hey wonder if they’ll bring guardian cross over as well, I like that one

  • Based on the comments above, I’m assuming the boneyard is cross platform with the iOS/Android version. To all new players: this means you will be paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars to catch up to the guys that played this for years. I played this for about 4 months since release on phone. It’s a fun game but very pay to win. If you enjoy playing casual then you will like it. I enjoy the hunting system, but drop rates are pretty bad. I spent about $60 when this was released and only got 1 five star. I really wish the developers would have given Vita players an isolated platform from phone, to make it more enjoyable for new players.

  • Can I download in uk?

  • Can’t seem to find it anywhere :(

  • Hi I want to know how redeem the code for lv up to 5?

  • BUYING THIS RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!! :D (A shooter rpg 4 free!!!!!!!!!)

  • will it come to europe and when please answer thank you

  • I gave this game a try and I am very disappointed. It constantly crashes, load times (for every single action) are way too long and you have to wait for absolute everything you are supposed to do in the game (unless you spend money, of course). It feels like its screaming pay me to play or quit…

  • ahhh come on:( this week and still no europe release is it coming or what please answer

  • Thank you for contacting the Square Enix Support Centre.

    Unfortunately Deadman’s cross is not currently available in New Zealand. At this time we are not aware of any plans to release the game in the near future however it will be announced on our blog or on the Deadman’s Cross website.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

    Kind regards,

    The Square Enix Support Centre team

    wow. cool.

    The hell is the point in releasing it only in the states?

    Can you at least add a disclaimer in-app, rather than have to request a support ticket and wait for a response to tell me?

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