Announcing Capcom Pro Tour 2015

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Announcing Capcom Pro Tour 2015

Hello World Warriors! We are excited to announce the details of 2015 Capcom Pro Tour circuit. Our inaugural season last year was a great success, with record breaking numbers all over the globe that helped push the fighting game community to new heights. Capcom and Twitch both learned a ton of things throughout the season, and with PlayStation now on board to lend their support, we are all committed to making this season bigger, better, and more epic than before. Thanks goes out to the passionate fans who provided feedback on the tour and we’ve gone to great lengths to help integrate those comments into the tour structure this year in order to create something that everyone can get hyped for.

First things first: the game of the tour will be Ultra Street Fighter IV for this season. Now down to the details! We had 3 main goals coming into this season:

  1. Give fans more Street Fighter content to enjoy and look forward to.
  2. More evenly distribute the tournaments and point totals across the different world regions.
  3. Increase tournament prize pools across the board, and incentivize more players to get involved with the tour.

Capcom Pro Tour

To that end, we are implementing several important changes to the way the tour operates this year:

  1. Instead of 16 spots for Capcom Cup, we are doubling the numbers of players to 32 spots. In order to accomplish this, we are increasing the number of Premier events to 16, and are taking the top 15 players from the point leaderboards. The final spot will automatically go to the previous season’s Capcom Cup Champion (in this case, EG Momochi).
  2. The standard rule set for CPT events will be: 2/3 games until Top 8, and 3/5 games after that. This allows for more matches between top players on finals day, which are what everyone wants to see! So in the example of a two day tournament, the entire Saturday would be 2/3 and players would qualify for Top 8, then Sunday would be 3/5 all the way through for Top 8. We will be revealing the format for Capcom Cup and other event details at a later date, so keep an eye out for that!
  3. We divided the world into four major “regions” in order to equalize the point distribution and provide a fair environment for every player to be able to qualify for the Capcom Cup. The four regions are: North America, Europe, Asia, and Wild Card.

Here is the full list of Premier events for the 2015 season:

North America

  • Final Round – Atlanta, GA, USA
  • NorCal Regionals – Sacramento, CA, USA
  • SoCal Regionals – Orange, CA, USA
  • Community Effort Orlando – Orlando, FL, USA


  • Hypespotting 4 – Scotland, UK
  • Stunfest – Rennes, France
  • Milan Games Week – Milan, Italy
  • Dreamhack Winter – Jönköping, Sweden


  • South East Asia Major – Bangkok, Thailand
  • Mad Catz Tokyo Game Show – Tokyo, Japan
  • Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals – Singapore
  • TBD Japan Tournament

Wild Card

  • Evolution – Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Canada Cup – Canada
  • Brazil Game Show – Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • KO Fighting Game Festival – Kuwait

You can see we put Evolution and Canada Cup as a Wild Card events. Given the large amount of international competition at these tournaments, we felt that they could be considered multinational events instead of just North American events.

Here is the same breakdown of Premier events, this time in chronological order:

Date Event Name Type Region Country
Mar 20 – 22 Final Round Premier NA USA
Apr 03 – 05 NorCal Regionals Premier NA USA
Apr 04 – 05 Hypespotting 4 Premier EU Scotland
May 01 – 03 Socal Regionals Premier NA USA
May 22 – 24 Stunfest Premier EU France
Jun 19 – 21 South East Asia Major Premier ASIA Thailand
Jun 26 – 28 CEO Premier NA USA
Jul 17 – 19 Evolution Premier WILD USA
Sep 17 – 20 Mad Catz Tokyo Game Show Premier ASIA Japan
Sep 24 – 26 KO Fighting Game Festival Premier WILD Kuwait
Oct TBD Canada Cup Premier WILD Canada
Oct 08 – 12 Brazil Game Show Premier WILD Brazil
Oct 23 – 25 Milan Games Week Premier EU Italy
Nov 13 – 15 Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals Premier ASIA Singapore
Nov 26 – 29 Dreamhack Winter Premier EU Sweden
TBD TBD Japan Premier Event Premier ASIA Japan

Information regarding online tournaments will be shared at a later date.

With help from PlayStation, the total prize pool for the 2015 season has been increased to a whopping half a million dollars. That’s $500,000 up for grabs throughout the year. The prize pool distribution is as follows:

Premier Tournaments (excluding EVO and Japan-based events) Prize Pool Bonus: Total $15,000 split between top 8

  • 1st Place: $7,000
  • 2nd Place: $3,000
  • 3rd Place: $1,500
  • 4th Place: $1,000
  • 5th ~ 6th Place: $750 (each)
  • 7th ~ 8th Place: $500 (each)

Evolution Prize Pool Bonus: Total $50,000 split between top 8

  • 1st Place: $20,000
  • 2nd Place: $10,000
  • 3rd Place: $7,000
  • 4th Place: $5,000
  • 5th ~ 6th Place: $2,500 (each)
  • 7th ~ 8th Place: $1,500 (each)

Capcom Cup Prize Pool: Total $250,000 split between top 8

  • 1st Place: $120,000 (yes, you read that correctly)
  • 2nd Place: $60,000 (not bad for 2nd place we would say)
  • 3rd Place: $25,000
  • 4th Place: $15,000
  • 5th ~ 6th Place: $10,000 (each)
  • 7th ~ 8th Place: $5,000 (each)

Phew! That’s a lot of updates, but hopefully all you out there are as hyped for this year as we are. As always, the Capcom Fighters channel will be the home destination for all the Premier tournament action this year, so be sure to follow the stream to receive updates on when it goes live. In addition, we have renewed our official website,, with all the above information, plus information on the various Ranking tournaments that will be going on weekly around the world. The official website will be going through some renovations this year with more consistent content updates and special features for Pro Tour fans to enjoy, so make sure to bookmark it and check back frequently for new updates.

Good luck to all our competitors this year and be sure to read up, practice up, and get ready to grab part of that $500k! It’s going to be a wild one.

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