The First Just Cause 3 Trailer Is Out, and It’s On Fire

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The First Just Cause 3 Trailer Is Out, and It’s On Fire

Hi PlayStation fans, the first Just Cause 3 trailer is here! It’s very hard to put into words just how excited we are about sharing a first glimpse of the game that we have been pouring our hearts and souls into. It’s a big moment for all of us in the studio.

Our “Firestarter” CG trailer hints at some of the new features we’re bringing with Just Cause 3, and sets the tone for what you can expect from the first look at gameplay that we’re working hard on. This time around it’s more about Rico than ever before. What motivates him to travel the world from one stunning location to the other? What drives him to destroy in order to preserve freedom? Well, you will find out in due course.

I can already hear you saying: “Just give us the gameplay!” All I can say is: I know. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on, and we take a lot of pride in it. That’s why we want to make sure the first gameplay trailer we put out shows what Just Cause 3 is about, and that it meets both ours and your expectations.

Just Cause 3Just Cause 3

And that takes time. We don’t want to rush things and disappoint the very community that has been supporting us for so long. So, while you wait, please kick back and enjoy the soothing explosions of the Firestarter trailer. Soon enough, there will be plenty of “holy sh*t” moments to go around for everyone as we increase the mayhem level a few notches with the very first look at gameplay.

Please enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • I liked Just Cause 2, so this will be in my radar for now.

  • this looks great cant wait for a game play trailer!
    wonder how big the world is going to be compared to the last 2 games?

  • Never played the Just Cause franchise, now that I have a PS4 I will indulge.

  • Looking great. I absolutely loved Just Cause 2 and so did my friends. We are super excited to get our hands on JC3 on PS4! Thanks for sharing!

  • Yes show us Gameplay please. If the game is that far from working why even bother?

  • Part 3. At least mention something about the back story no? And type of game it is.

  • So JC 3 is exclusive on PS Vita?! You need to confirm it, cause I don’t get it for 4.

  • Why won’t you just tell us?

    Come on give me a little something more than announcement about an upcoming announcement.

    Rats! I see where this dialogue is going. ;)

  • Ok how about FIRESTARTER! Plenty of “holy ****” moments, and more RICO!

    He’s not even making sense…


  • fantastic news! had a great time with the second game and cant wait to play the third. so much fun to be had in these huge open worlds. hoping to do more with the grapple hook this time around. Day one purchase for sure.

  • Just Cause 3! Yeah!!

  • Cool, never played a Just Cause game. I do own Just Cause 2 from PS+ on my PS3. I may have to give that a shot before JC3 releases. Thanks for the great trailer!

  • Oh yeah, please give the PSBlog more information in regards to Mad Max. I am so interested in this game. Thanks

  • Really liked the song they used for the trailer. Just Cause 2 was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for number 3 this Holiday.

  • That’s a great cover version of the Firestarter song. So different from the original. I grew up listening to the original version by Prodigy. Techno was sooooo 90s. God I’m getting old.

  • I hope there is a special edition for this!!!

  • Eyelash / Eyebrow physics confirmed…

  • Just Cause 2 was arguably one of the biggest rivals to the Grand Theft Auto franchise when it came to open world sandbox games. I remember playing the first one on PS2 and it was a 5/10 at best since it was a textbook definition to the word “redundancy.” However, the idea of the game was very promising and while some of the redundancy remained in JC2, it still blew me away on how it improved from the original. The gadgets & toys made Rico half James Bond and half Batman. The map was one of the biggest in a PS3 game at the time and it was very easy to get around it (especially once you took over a few airports so jets could be found quickly). Very excited to see what’s in store for JC3.

    I will admit that I’d rather play this on Xbox though, simply because the Xbox at this point does a better job than the PS4 at meeting my personal needs & desires from a console. Hopefully, that can change if Sony makes better improvements to the PS4. The franchise was not a console exclusive in the past and I’m hoping it will stay that way to increase the flexibility in my buying decision, because this game will be a must own for me.

  • Great to hear. Loved JC2. Went for Platin. ;-)
    The map was really huge. GTA5 is nothing compared to it. It was fun to explore. Lot’s to loot. I loved the challenges, all the different vehicles.
    Only thing that sucks: Could not fight without alarm the whole army at a place. Would be nice to have also more strategic choices.

  • Just give me a trailer without all that BS fire and garbage nobody cares about. I wanna see the damn game!!

  • just cause for the vita! LOL

  • OMG that looks amazing, Can’t wait to see actual gameplay footage! My flame for just cause has officially been re-ignited.

  • As soon as I saw Just Cause 3 on the cover of GameInformer (Dec ’14) -Amazing cover art btw- i ran to my local Gamestop to pre-order. I had a BLAST playing JC2 on PS3 and i just know you guys at Avalanche are going to knock it out with JC3!

  • Holy hell…Prodigy’s “Firestarter” has never been so damn classy…love it!

  • Wow what a crappy song. Why not to hype a game. I love JC2 and can’t wait for JC3 but man that was a boring preview. Go watch the MW2 trailer to see how it’s done.

  • Very stylish trailer and absolutely LOVED that version of Firestarter. Any one who doesn’t like it clearly has no taste, and does not deserve to play such a great looking game. Best stick to MW2…;-)

  • No gameplay: no hype. :\

  • I’ve played just cause 2 and now I can’t wait to play 3 on my 4k 3d TV it’s going to be awesome just from looking @ this footage thanks guys for making just cause 3

  • nice car, Rico. Try not to break it now…

  • Is there going to be a photo mode like in Last of Us and Infamous? This game definitely needs it!

  • Looking pretty damn good. loved JC2 so i will definitely have to get this. for anyone that hasn’t played JC2 yet i HIGHLY recommend it.

  • As soon as they announced this was a thing, I pre-ordered it. Kinda disappointed to see it’s not going to be out until the holidays. It’s gonna be kinda busy around there, what with Uncharted 4, and whatever Bethesda has cooked up for us.
    I’ll still get this, but I may not have the time to devote to it that I would like to.

  • The music is Firestarter by Torre Florim, available on Spotify :)

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