Introducing PlayStation HEROES: Play Games with Celebrities, Benefit the World’s Great Causes

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Introducing PlayStation HEROES: Play Games with Celebrities, Benefit the World’s Great Causes

PlayStation Heroes

Hi PlayStation Nation! I’m extremely excited to announce PlayStation HEROES, a brand new initiative that will give PS4 owners the chance to play celebrities and professional athletes in the games of their choosing, with nearly all funds raised going to charity. This is not a one-time event – gamers will get the chance to challenge celebs every month.

Winners will play some of the biggest PS4 games with cultural icons from the sports and entertainment worlds, online via PlayStation Network and in person. Here’s how it works: PS4 owners will purchase and download digital themes and other items via an official PlayStation HEROES app, with each dollar spent providing you with a sweepstakes entry to win one of the celebrity gaming sessions. Ninety percent of the purchase price of those items will help aid some amazing charitable organizations including Make-A-Wish, The USO and The V Foundation for Cancer Research. To celebrate PlayStation HEROES and kick start our support for these incredible causes, we’re donating $100,000 to each charity.

The official PlayStation HEROES app for PS4, which will be available for download on February 24 (update: stay tuned for an updated release date) from PlayStation Store, will be your portal not just to purchase the digital content for entries, but also to find information on future celebrity participants, view videos of your fellow gamers playing celebs, and earn badges.

The first PlayStation HEROES event will feature legendary snowboarder Shaun White playing Bungie’s Destiny in mid-March. Starting today, you can pre-order the PlayStation HEROES app and gain early access to purchase dynamic themes, which serve as entries to win a chance to play Destiny with Shaun next month. You’ll be able to pick between a $1, $5, $10 or $15 theme, with each dollar spent counting as one sweepstakes entry. There will also be a special $20 bundle for all four themes that will count as 31 entries. Funds raised from entries to play with Shaun will benefit Make-A-Wish.

I can’t wait to watch PlayStation Nation take on Shaun White and other celebrities in some of the biggest games on PS4, all while lending a hand to benefit the great causes these charities fight for. We all believe in giving back to the community – and why not give back with the very thing we all love so much? Gaming! Stay tuned for more information on upcoming events and don’t forget to pre-order the app today so that you are ready for the app’s official launch on February 24. What celebrities, professional athletes and charities would you like to see take part in PlayStation HEROES? Let us know and we’ll start working on setting you all up for the play of a lifetime!

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  • I now want to watch a TV series with this. Or Super Friends. Or both.

  • Sweet!! Will give this a try.

  • That was a great video.

  • This is a great idea, guys!

    Please advertise it and show it off. Don’t let his god idea die. People need to know about it. People need to participate. So it needs to be advertised well!

  • This is, what’s up! Im really, digging this!

  • Nice idea . But please tell me this isn’t the “Playstation Innitiative” being announced today. I was hoping for a bigger announcement.

  • I’m not into gaming with celebrities. I am however into donating to charities that I respect or already support. So this will be a good way to support Playstations efforts as well as any charities I choose to donate too in this. Very nice.

  • Jak, Daxter ,Ratchet, Clank ,Sly Cooper ,Bentley are missing from the list. :)

    A good cause but can’t join cause I have no PS4.

  • Wait, Its only 4 of these guys and i know only of two of them ( And when did shaun white get a hair cut?). why cant there be a few more to play with.

  • Love the idea and the brilliant cartoon. Definitely going to donate to a good cause and hey, hopefully I could play with Shaun White or Snoop Dogg!

  • @9
    Yeah, not cool at all, Sony. Look I know you’re a billion dollar company and these millionaires are taking time out of their day to do this for charity, but next time you do this can you please check in with @9 jeffsmither to see if he at least knows who these people are????

  • Me reading the title:

    Introducing PlayStation HEROES….


    … Play Games with Celebrities


    For a moment I was hoping for a Playstation All Stars Remaster to PS4 or even better a sequel with true Playstation Heroes… not making ads from actual games… like Dante (DMC) ¬¬

    But whatever…

  • amazing trailer!!! GAWD i wish that were a real show ;_; Great initiative though!

    (and yes, I did at first think and hope this would be a post about a new PlayStation All-Stars game or remaster…. please don’t let that franchise die!)

  • OH, and — as insidious an idea as it may be… do you know what would really help this project earn more donations? If the app had trophies. ^_^

  • #6 – I think this is what we were to learn about @ 3 today. The invitation said they’re introducing Sony’s “new initiative”, as does this article.

  • @11 – LOL, hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.
    So the video says 90% of proceeds going to charity. So where’s the other 10% going? To Sony or the celebrities?
    Just wondering who’s skimming off the top. ;)

  • I wanna play LBP3. anyone with me

  • And here I thought we were getting an all new game featuring Sly, Ratchet, Jak and the crew.

  • For e second there, I thought Shaun White had a very poor Manny Calavera snowboard.

  • Almost thought we were getting a PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale sequel. :(

  • Dissapointment, and Snoop Dog, really?

  • Is this what is going to be at the NYC Event? Kinda sad that it has nothing to do with Vita, its so damn cold outside it doesn’t feel like its worth it.

  • I wanna play against Curry.

  • Donations to charity with a chance to win something, you had me there…but Puig, nope, not gonna support anything that he is involved with, too much arrogance for me.

  • This is sounding like a great app, with a great cause that from what I am reading here the charity will change per the star/icon/athletes choosing? If that’s the case some could find more appealing certain months than others and be more inclined to partake.

    Solid idea, great cause, and PS users get badges? Sign me up

    “You’ll be able to pick between a $1, $5, $10 or $15 theme, with each dollar spent counting as one sweepstakes entry” – This right here is my only question, are the themes different per pricing or all the same and only the amount of entries differs?

  • I got excited when I saw the title..I thought it was some kinda playstation all stars sequel/remaster…That was kinda disappointing…

  • Can I be completely honest? (here goes)

    The “celebrities” in the above animated cartoon I’m sure would be “fun” to meet or play with I guess.

    But here’s the deal.

    I would rather play with you guys.


    Say we did a Destiny raid? I would make a clan called “Tom Gilmore Fan Club” just for fun and bust Justin’s chops about it. I would constantly refer to Sid as Professor Fry Register. I would ask Nick if he and Marty Sliva held a cage-match battle for the coveted “Best Beard in the Business” moniker. I would just ask Ryan questions about sports games (haha jk) or what he did while on Kauai.

    You guys are the celebrities. And you’re gamers. We relate to you guys. As much fun as it would be to play anything with some famous celebrity – to them it’s just PR. You guys would actually be fun to PLAY WITH because you love games.

    (I wish I could use spoiler tags like on GAF) [spoiler]That said, if you could get Nathan Fillion, Ashley Johnson, Travis Willingham/Laura Bailey or Troy Baker to play anything – that would be rad. But only if you guys were in the mix too. It would just be a bunch of game-lovers having a great time.[/spoiler]

  • I hope I didn’t sound completely dismissive of the charitable portion of the program (which is awesome) – my intention was just to say it would be more fun in my opinion to play with you guys than celebrities.

  • This is a great idea anything involving charity and the celebs that can garner attention for the charity and initiative is awesome. I’m kool with donating and playing with celebs. But I’d add some ps personalities, devs, and game reporters would also be great additions. How I want to pwn Patcher, or how great it would be to play with Ryan etc.
    +1 @ 27, @4, & @7

  • None of these guys are heroes to me. I have only even heard of 2 of these guys.

  • Why these celebrities? Nice to see you do some good but horrible celebrity choices and there should be alot more than that!

  • This is simply retarded. I mean, Snoop Dog? Really?? These choices of celebs are atrocious!

  • How about Charity Group For The Poor.

  • FOOD For The Poor.

  • Proud to be a part of Playstation Nation!

  • If any of you guys play 2K15 please add me

  • If any of you guys play NBA 2K15 please add me

  • I think its a great idea for a great cause , Im in

  • Great idea and it’s nice to see how sony and the industry can support different charities. sometimes people forget cancer and other harsh realities can strike anyone at any time

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