PlayStation Blogcast Episode 153: Inside Axiom Verge

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PlayStation Blogcast Episode 153: Inside Axiom Verge

Justin and Ryan are running the show! Who will stop them from talking about Final Fantasy XIV the whole time?! Fortunately, Justin has an in-depth interview with Tom Happ, the sole creator of Axiom Verge. Come for the interview, stay for the silliness. Enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Axiom Verge
  • The Order: 1886
  • New releases for Feb. 17th
  • Sweet Transistor Themes
  • Resogun Photo Mode
  • …Final Fantasy XIV

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1 Author Reply

  • Enjoy the show!

  • I cannot wait for Axiom Verge! 8)

  • Everyone says they play Dead or Alive for the “Pure gameplay” but lets be real.. lol

    And I also can’t wait for Hand of Fate next week. Love tabletops and rogue-likes and I totally recommend it to anyone who likes card games or RPGs.

  • About to listen. I expect nothing but FF 14 and anime talk! xD

  • Who cares how Tom Happ pronounces it?! Please go back to the hard g sound on Verge! I’ve been pronouncing it that way in my head ever since I heard about the game, and it is actually a little painful to hear it the other way. Haha

  • Ryan, really liked your contribution to this week’s Beyond. I was balling like a baby!

  • As I was waiting for all the title cards to cycle through after logging into FFXIV I thought I would check on the Blog, only to be treated with a farm-fresh Justin and Ryan episode! What a coincidence!

    Also add me to the list of people who got emotional from this week’s Beyond episode. I’ve listened for the last 8-9 years, taking me from middle school to a Junior in college. It would have been depressing enough without Ryan’s soft spoken voice which is perfectly suited to giving a sad speech! Ryan if Playstation doesn’t work out may I recommend ASPCA commercials?

  • They had blue swirls on those old non-Sony consoles in my home territory…

    Also, I agree with the above posters praising Ryan’s cameo/tribute Beyond the shores of this particular show – a welcome nod to the changing of the guard in his former neck of the woods.

    (As it happens, I’ve been following this podcast longer than that other one, so I’ve only heard Ryan on this show prior to said cameo.)

  • I hadn´t paid much attention to Axiom Verge so i checked out some gameplay vids and I´m kinda sold on it now. It looks super rad.
    Great episode again guys and cool interview, Justin!

    • Thank you! Axiom Verge is very, very high on my must-play list for this year. Tom is one of the coolest dudes ever, too.

  • So I guess Sid retired?

  • Just I should have never touch that FF XIV 14 day trial I am sucked in and can’t pull away. I blame you gosh darn it! ;)

    On other news I am looking forward to Axiom Verge and Chasm.

  • Let me just say… French Toast Crunch is back and IT. IS. AMAZING.

  • 14th comment, so thank me Ryan.

    Why have you absolutely hammered PS4 owners, many of whom have been subbing to Plus for years…

    out of the Driveclub PS Plus Edition you/Sony were promising at E3 2013? It was actually said to be a “day one” purchase to go along with a PS4.

    Just get it over with, I have spent about 150 bucks or more on PS Plus. I own a PS4, PS3 (2 of them) and PS Vita. Why do you guys consistently ride ugly every week you don’t release something that was ready last Fall?

    Everyone asks about it every week, the thing is ready…

    If you even try to say it isn’t ready, just release the offline version. You guys put it up forever in ads and word of mouth, you put it up a few days before it was supposed to be released on this very blog. Just be a huge corporation that cares a tiny bit and just put it up.

    – PS4 owner
    – 2 plus years of plus membership
    – Vita owner (enough said?)

    Just stop the BS, Sony. Release the glorified demo.

  • Hmmm…a lot less Final Fantasy XIV talk than I was expecting, but good episode nonetheless. And I really enjoyed that Axiom Verge interview Justin, great job.

  • Great episode!! Can’t wait to play Axiom Verge!!

  • Can’t wait for Axiom Verge! 5 years is a long time. I know the creator of it is ready for it to be released and see his work finally pay off.

  • When’s the next blogcast? I’m having withdrawal symptoms. :p

  • Hey,
    Hope the show comes back soon. I love the show and look forward to it EVERY week;) Hope all is well? P.S. The indies coming out in March and April look so good, can’t wait to play at least half of them. P.P.S Please do an interview with the crew at Tarsier Studios games, making the new game “Hunger,” because I was just blown away with the trailer they just put out. Thank again

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