What’s New in OlliOlli2?

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What’s New in OlliOlli2?

Hello there, PlayStation people! Simon here, reporting from the epicentre of skate that is Roll7 HQ. 2014 was a mental year for the team here in New Cross, London — we couldn’t have imagined getting SO much love for our little skatey game, OlliOlli.

OlliOlli2 might seem like it has hit Beta status quite quickly, but when you consider that we feature locked on the Vita original in August 2013 — it seems like we have been honing this bad boy for ages! We have now completed all user testing and locked about 95% of features while Sam, our Head of QA, does his evil magic and tries to break the game six ways from Sunday.

So, whats new in OlliOlli2? Well — much like THPS2 we have added Manuals and Combos — a serious game changer allowing a player to chain together combos like some kind of skate ninja from the future. As combos increase, so do the score potentials — so we have added a section to the HUD which shows what a potential score WOULD be if the current combo was landed Perfect. We also have grind switches — a super satisfying maneuver allowing you to switch between 2 grind types (if you nail the grind perfect). On top of this we have also added epic tricks, with longer animation times — which require enough air-time to successfully nail… mmmm, Epic Tricks…

Level-wise, things have been stepped up to the max with curved ground, ramps and rails — which adds a whole new flow to proceedings. Reminiscent of the Tiny Wings feel at points, with the compression and release out of ramps, hours will be lost to just jamming and chilling in the skatepark level — learning the ropes! Dre (our gameplay designer) has also added split routes that can only be accessed by nailing a perfect launch on a ramp. Not to mention secret routes, hidden from the beaten path, allowing you to collect the Roll7 devs!

OlliOlli2: Welcome to OlliwoodOlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood

We ALSO have a totally new mode, Combo Rush — but more on that in a blog post later this month!

We wanted to let people know a bit more about our neck of the woods, and the plan for the sequel — so we made this little video! Check it out…

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  • I love the Original game. RAD mode is killing me right now! Only trophy I need.

    Question: Can we make a custom skater this time around? Also any word on the new soundtrack? The first game had amazing talent.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Yes! We’ve put together an INSANE tracklist for OlliOlli2. It’s took a while, but it’s SO worth it. For some of the songs, we have linked them to stages – for instance, when you unlock Curse of the Aztec, you’ll ALSO unlock a new song to groove to! We’ve announced 10 so far… Many more to come!

      We designed The Skater so everyone can feel at home and BECOME the skater – but unfortunately, no custom options!

      Stay rad, dude! :D

  • I still have not gotten around to buying and playing OlliOlli, but this definitely makes me want to jump on the PS Store and throw some cash at it! I’m looking forward to the release of OlliOlli 2 on Vita…whenever it’s done marinating and cooking. :)

    Cheers, and good luck as you guys approach the homestretch toward release of the game!

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  • Hope it makes its way to ps3 like the current one did. got it on sale for 3$ i think it was. some levels can be pretty hard im still stuck but overall ah really good little game. a Level Editor would make it extra amazing. maybe in ah future game.

  • I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO ready for OlliOlli 2, picked up the first one last month in the indie flash sale and got addicted. 2 looks to be a huge improvement over the first. So much hype!

  • Awesome news, guys! As a huge fan of the THPS games through Underground, I loved, loved, LOVED getting all of the trophies in OlliOlli, and I can’t wait to play the sequel. Any chance of a platinum trophy this time around?

  • WHY DOESNT MY PSTV HAVE netlifx?!?!

    – Tyler

  • OlliOlli was absolutely killer! the perfect blend of frustration and fantastic. can’t wait to get my hands on the Vita version of 2 and see what that RAD mode be all about.

  • Glade 2015 is the year Skateboarding got back into video game’s. Excited for OlliOlli2 and the upcoming untitled Tony Hawk game coming out on PS4. Now all we need is SKATE4 and the year of skateboarding in video game’s could go to a all time high.

    Getting older make’s it harder to jump back into skateboarding but I will support it till I die.


  • I liked OlliOlli, and wanted to play more of it, but I couldn’t progress very far because of the obtuse control scheme. It felt like I was patting my head and rubbing my belly the whole time, rather than concentrating on timing and combos. Is there any chance OlliOlli 2 will have customizable controls, or at least control scheme options? If not, no buy for me.

  • My Vita is so ready for this.

  • Can’t wait for this! Hopefully I’ll be able to snag all of the trophies again, but I’ve got the feeling that it’ll be much harder this time around…

  • Super stoked to play OlliOlli2. I just can’t get over big his deck looks. It seems so much larger than the other skater’s it’s kind of distracting me hahaha. I’m sure it’ll grow on me eventually.

  • OlliOlli is fantastic for what it is, but SO darn hard! I can’t proceed past Amateur even with Game Mode enabled on my TV.

    I hate being middle aged with weaker coordination and speed. This is a youngsters game. :(

  • Day one purchase for me lust like the first OlliOlli was (one of my favorite and probably my most played Vita game of 2014).

  • Loved the first game, can’t wait for the second one. Kudos to you guys at Roll7 for creating such an awesome series.

  • Can’t wait. Day 1 purchase here. THPS aint got nuthin OlliOlli!!! The Blog not putting OlliOlli on their voting list for best Indie was a travesty. I don’t see any sequels from their list either. HA!!!

  • you’re saying the skater is gender neutral? no customization options, even for the color of the t-shirt or something? hrm.

    a level editor would be really, really cool.

  • need another sale on OO1 I missed this last sale!

  • wow good job guys :d

  • I am so excited… OliOli is by far the most played game on my vita… I so happy to hear about all the awesome stuff the Dev team is bringing to the sequel. The only let down is that I won’t be able to customize the skater himself and the skateboard, that would be so awesome… Consider it when your working on OliOli3…lol…

    Buying Oliwood at launch… Thanks guys

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