Resogun Defenders Blasts Onto PS4 Feb. 17th

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Resogun Defenders Blasts Onto PS4 Feb. 17th

Hey all, Ian Pickles from XDEV Studio Europe here and I’m pleased to announce that Resogun Defenders, the second expansion for Resogun, will be available in a little under a week from now on February 17th for $4.99 and is free of charge to all existing season pass owners.

The Defenders expansion brings with it a huge amount of new content for the game and we’ve worked really hard to make this final expansion a fitting send off for Resogun.

What’s more is that in order to prepare you for the arrival of Defenders, we are pleased to announce that our latest content update, Resogun Challengers will be made available free of charge to all players as of today!

Resogun Defenders, Challengers

Resogun Defenders takes place during our last stand against the overwhelming Sentient forces. Pushed back to an unknown planet you will take the fight to the bad guys in two all new game modes. Protector and Commando.

Protector Mode sees you taking to the skies to defend one of the last human colonies remaining. Utilize all new power-ups including Super Boost, Teleport, and automatic city defences; take down the enemy and deliver as many of the last humans to each city in order to extend your grip on the planet. Protector Mode features an all new planet flip mechanic and environmental hazards such as volcanic meteors to avoid while fighting off the never-ending enemy invasion.

Resogun Defenders, ChallengersResogun Defenders, Challengers

Commando mode lets you play as the Last Human who was left behind. Stranded on a distant planet with only a mini-gun to defend him he takes the fight directly to the Sentients in the ultimate arcade revenge mode. Jump, boost and equip your favorite bandana as you aim to defend your home from waves of enemies, volcanic meteors and more in this all new mode.

What’s more is that Commando mode supports both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. Team up with a friend to fight the good fight or turn against each other to outsmart your opponent and destroy their house from under their nose. We’ve named the competitive mode Battle Mode and hope you have as much fun fighting it out with your friends as we have had here.

Resogun Defenders also includes an all new Trophy set for you to achieve and leaderboards to climb to prove your worth as the best pilot out there.

Resogun Defenders, Challengers

So as mentioned above we need to update the game to get it ready for the arrival of Defenders and that gives us the opportunity to add a bunch of new content for everyone free of charge while we do it! This brings us to Resogun Challengers, our all new content update launching today for all players.

Resogun Challengers is the largest content update to date for the game and brings with it a new system of player levelling which is achieved by earning Challenge Points as a reward for completing new challenges and feats across all existing game modes.

Challenges task you with playing a specific level or game mode with different rules or modifiers designed to provide a new challenge. Can you rescue 200 humans in a single level if every enemy drops one, or better yet can you complete survival mode using the Super Stardust Ship?

Challenges change things up and give everyone a reason to revisit all Resogun game modes for a new experience.

Performing well will award Challenge Points which will advance your player level higher unlocking rewards and bragging rights.

Resogun Defenders, ChallengersResogun Defenders, Challengers

Alongside the Challenges we have also included Feats. These are long goals that are tracked across all game modes and award Challenge Points for achieving huge milestone goals. Have you rescued a cumulative 1,000 humans or just dodged 13 wrecking balls in Demolition Mode? There’ll be a Feat and reward for that. Only a true Resogun Hero can ever hope to achieve all the Feats but we’re sure you’ll have fun trying.

Human Gallery and Photo Mode

The Resogun Challengers update also contains an all new Human Gallery to organize and select your collected Human types, and the much requested Photo Mode which allows you to pause and capture stunning screenshots of all the voxel based action exploding on screen. We’re looking forward to seeing some of the shots captured by the players.

To top it all off, the Challengers Update also contains a bunch of new Trophies for you to earn — designed around the challenges and feats these will test the skills of even the finest Resogun pilots out there.

Finally I’m happy to announce that for those of you that have yet to play Resogun there has never been a better time. To celebrate the launch of Resogun Defenders we are offering 33% off the retail price of the full game for the next two weeks. Additionally, anyone who purchase the season pass will immediately gain access to our previous expansion, Heroes, and the additional humans available in the store.

We look forward to launching Resogun Defenders and can’t wait to see you all climbing the leaderboards and beating the biggest challenges ever seen in Resogun. We’ll be back soon with more Human news and updates on the Original Soundtrack for season pass holders.

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  • Can’t wait for all this content to come out!

  • Why is there no ps vita release? We want it!

  • Suhweeeeeeeeet! So glad I bought the season pass. This is still one of the greatest PS4 games and I’ll remember it fondly for generations to come.

    @2, No way Vita could handle this. It may look simple, but there is SO much going on on-screen and so much detail in everything. Resogun really shows off what the PS4 is capable of.

  • Oh, man, so much new stuff! I’m going to have to check out the challenges tonight. And i am super excited for photo mode. I’ll be playing with this a lot.

    Love this game. Thanks so much for continuing t add such great stuff to it.

  • @3 Do some research. Resogun is already on PS3 and Vita, but it doesn’t have any of the expansions.

    On topic. So stoked. Bought my season pass the day I got my PS4 last summer. Just got the platinum two weeks ago. Gimme MOAR RESOGUN!!!!

  • @3 But Resogun is already released on Vita (and ps3). Yet the cross-save is only between vita-ps3 so maybe it’s different version and that’s why no expansion is planned for this platforms?

  • Man, Last Stand does look amazing!!

  • Resogun is on Vita and PS3, though there is a noticeable drop in detail, effects and such. It still looks good, though. Like others said, none of the expansions are available (yet?)

  • @8

    If you think there is no drop in detail then you have not played the PS4 and PS3 version on the same TV. Compressed youtube videos don’t count.

  • Are the feats tracked only from the update onwards or will it check if i’ve already done some of those tasks previously?

  • This is going to be so awesome!! Can’t wait til next week! Great job Housemarque!

  • Looks great, makes me want to play Resogun again on my PS4. Can’t wait to play this. Also, can you give us more information on Alienation?! Housemarque…….you are amazing!

  • Can someone please tell me why the vita version of resougun doesn’t work. Still says same error message and I can’t even redowndload it from store

  • Hi. Any news on Resogun PS3/VITA DLCs and or Season Pass? Thank you.

  • Awesome can’t wait, this was my first ps4 platinum and I love it.

  • Awessomeness Awaits!

  • Super Stardust Ultra, and now this?! The update alone sounds huge, not mentioning the DLC. I can’t wait for it. Also hoping the soundtrack follows soon after.

  • This is the last straw. I need to buy that season pass ^-^

  • I will be there to save the last humans…all of them will be saved. Except Steven, he can drown in the voxel water for all I care.

  • You guys could make an AMAZING Resogun dynamic theme. I don’t know what steps are involved, but the layout of the game is perfect for the PS4 UI. Can’t wait to try these new modes.

  • Is this the game’s last DLC?

  • MakoSOLIDER : with the price of the season pass and the price of the dlc if you buy them without the pass it is probably the last season pass dlc.

  • Over joyed by the additional content….

    Saddened by “final expansion a fitting send off for Resogun.”

  • Dear PlayStation,
    Your servers are down again….. A new online Multiplayer game was just released….WHY did i buy it? You are worse than the maid that got paid but decided to not show up for work. We cant fire you or hire another one because we cannot go back in time and get our 400$ on Faulty controllers, bad multiplayer online service and NAT issues…. did i mention controllers peeling off the analog rubber and R2’s breaking left and right? I guess i should thank you.

  • Thank you for announcing we would be able to listen to music while we play games and have that feature release almost 1 year after your console had been out. Thank you for the lack of Photo viewers, Themes, and other goodies the ps3 had but the PS4 obviously could not handle.Thank you for returning my controller 1 month after i sent it to you because of your re-call. Thank you for all the Down time of your servers. Thank you for leaking all of my CC-info and allowing 3rd rate hackers to IP-bomb you for FIVE F(*&&^(ING DAYS. Thank you for the 10% discount on your 3rd rate old generation flash Sale games. Thank you for not allowing me to even use the 50cents to pre-order a NEW NEXT GEN game. Thank you for your transparency with how you have not yet improved. Thank you for Hiring 2 people to work on all of the above.

    A PS, Ps2, Psp, Ps3, PS4 Fan boy.

    Thank you.

  • still no news on stereo 3D support? does that mean the feature won’t be added before they mothball the sources? :( :( :(

    I bought the season pass thinking they would add 3D support like they did with Super Stardust on PS3.

  • OMG the first game was my first plat on the ps4 … damn that was so hard to get … I can’t imagine how insane the dev will make this version …

  • @plaztiksyke
    They already answered on the forums there would be no 3d support because they are a small group and they were all working on new projects. Dont get me wrong i want 3d too for this and stardust which on ps3 was the baddest 3d so i could only imagine how bad it would be on the 4 but its not happening. On a happier note finally defenders is coming that almost any time for about 3 months has been a wait but housemarque is a amazing group of people that make awsome fun games and we are all extremely greatful to them for there hardwork and dedication and like someone above said we’ll all remember resogun for years to come

  • Sweet, Please tell me they’ll be more DLC Content for this game in the future?

  • I didnt think the original platinum was super tough to get i mean it wasnt east but a few of the trophies from the first hero’s dlc are so hard ive given up on it there just insane tough so anyonr that has platinum after the first dlc are good and i would shake ur hand if i could

  • Along with the guy who has 2.9 billion on survivor thats just crazy a 90+ minute run wow that just blows my mind i thought i was kinda good but my best is 54million

  • Best(and only) season pass that I’ve bought recently. I’m glad it is paying off! Resogun is always fun to go back to.

  • I’m disappointed that none of the Resogun updates/dlc/expansions/whatever are not on the Vita. I recently purchased Resogun on sale for the Vita and would easily pay for all the updates.

  • Oh hell yeah!

  • Very excited! Sad to hear it’s the last expansion but that’s only because the game is so great.

  • hmm, I’m just now seeing the similarities between Resogun, and the classic game Defender. I don’t know why it took me this long.

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