Warframe Updated Today with New Modes, Features, Weapons

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Warframe Updated Today with New Modes, Features, Weapons

Warframe’s latest update arrives today, bringing a whole new set of weapons and game modes for Space Ninjas to sink their teeth into. With new social Relays to explore, Syndicates to discover, the return of an old nemesis, and an epic struggle in space against a towering foe, this update to our free sci-fi shooter looks to be one of the biggest yet.

The villain Vey Hek has been threatening the Solar System with his fleet of Balor Fomorian vessels for as long as anyone can remember, but we always thought that was part of his charm — like an old man sitting on the front porch waving angry fists at Tenno whippersnappers that walk too fast. Kind of adorable, in his own way.

Unfortunately, the time has come for Vey Hek to finally make his move. His Fomorian space fleet threatens to tip the balance of power in the Solar System, and he’s made it clear that this deployment isn’t just a strategic plot against the Lotus and her Tenno. It’s a personal attack.

Warframe: Eyes of Blight

Tenno Relays

Relays are the newest addition to Warframe’s Tenno socialization systems. They are space stations that orbit various planets where players can interact with one another between missions. Accessing a specific Relay only requires a player first unlock the planet where the Relay is located. Once that’s complete the Relay is accessible at any time.

While on a Relay, players can form squads, change loadouts, chat, or visit any of the Syndicate rooms to purchase Offerings. Players can also turn in Medallions found in Syndicate Missions for bonus Standing. The rooms have some amazing aesthetics, so be sure to give them all a visit!

Relays are going to expand further with unique Clan rooms, special merchants, and potentially even special quests.

There will be a stress-test period for Relays open to players that are migrated Founders, Mastery Rank 10+, and anyone who has purchased a Prime Access pack. Once stress testing is completed, Relays open to everyone!

Warframe: Eyes of Blight

Operation: Eyes of Blight

As mentioned, in this update the enemy Vey Hek’s Balor Fomorian space fleet is upon us, and the sheer firepower contained within each ship means there’s very little that can contest their might. That does not mean they are without weakness. While larger vessels or space stations are threatened by Fomorian weaponry, smaller vehicles need only contend with the Fomorian’s anti-personnel defenses.

Players need to use Archwings to fight through the depths of space and find a way inside the Balor Fomorian vessels to shut down their main reactors — all while avoiding overwhelming Grineer space forces. Gathering the resources required to penetrate Fomorian shields may take some time, but it’s best to work quickly. Once a Fomorian has begun its approach toward one of the new social Relay Stations the only way to save the Relay from explosive destruction is to bring down the Grineer ship before it reaches firing range.

No pressure.

This global event, titled “Eyes of Blight” begins shortly after Relay stress-testing has concluded, so enjoy the peace while you can, Tenno.

Warframe: Eyes of Blight

Void Trader

While the wheelin’ and dealin’ merchant, Darvo, is still setting up shop on the new social Relays, there is one merchant on the Relays that may be of some interest. Baro Ki’Teer, the Void Trader, only appears once every two weeks — but when he does it’s kind of a big deal. A collector of rare and valuable goods, Baro Ki’Teer is happy to give Tenno access to his inventory, provided they can pay with his preferred currency.

Players can exchange Prime parts for Orokin Ducats at either Void Trader terminal located in any Relay. Ducats are a currency used only by Baro Ki’Teer, and can only be earned through trading in unused Prime gear. No one’s really certain what he does with all the spare Prime goods, but when unique Primed Mods, rare weapons, and armor customizations are available for purchase it’s hard to worry about the small details.

New Archwing and Archwing Weapons

Just in time to help put an end to the Fomorian threat is a brand new spacefaring Archwing: the Itzal. Made for stealth and support operations, the Itzal has the unique ability to cloak all players within a close proximity, launch support drones, and even teleport a short distance. It can also create miniature black holes, which are as dangerous as they are fun.

Joining the Itzal are two new weapons: the Fluctus energy Arch-gun and the Centaur sword-shield. Both weapons are perfect compliments to the Itzal’s fast-paced hit-and-run combat, but there are no rules against mixing and matching with other Archwing models!

These additions add further playability to the recently added space combat gameplay attached to our previous Archwing update.

Warframe: Eyes of Blight

New Weapons

Creating new and exciting ways to cause death in others is a staple of Tenno culture, and this update includes a few choice tools that are wonderful additions to any Arsenal. The Kohm Spark Gun is a unique plasma shotgun that becomes deadlier with successive shots. Holding down the trigger lets the Kohm spit out additional pellets at the cost of accuracy and extra ammo consumption.

For up-close and personal attacks, the Tipedo is remarkably deadly, and staff-wielding Tenno can finally rejoice at having a way to both slash and pummel the enemy with only a single tool! Another option for long-range slashing is the Panthera, a sawblade launching rifle that cuts through enemies at a distance. It also boasts a unique secondary fire that hovers a sawblade a short distance ahead — perfect for home improvement projects, cake cutting, and creating Infested fertilizer.

New Enemies

Vey Hek isn’t the only one up to new tricks! The Orokin Corrupted, likely tired of being mauled by Tenno weaponry, have upped the ante by growing their ranks.

New enemies, Corrupted Butchers, now appear in any Orokin Void Mission type. Corrupted Rocket Bombards and Corrupted Nullifier Crewman also appear in Void missions, but are limited to T3 and T4. Raiding the Void for those rare Prime parts just got that much more dangerous.

Warframe: Eyes of Blight

New Game Mode

A new twist on an old classic, the Corpus Hijack mission type has now been added to Sorath, Europa. Similar to the original Hijack, Corpus Hijack has Tenno escort an ATV loaded with valuable Corpus information to its extraction point. Of course, the Corpus probably have a thing or two to say about Tenno stealing their stuff and loading it onto the space-van.

Players need to stay close to the vehicle, fend off Corpus assault teams and keep the information safe from damage. Should the ATV be destroyed the mission is deemed a failure, so keep a sharp eye on the prize when trying out Europa’s latest Mission.

Warframe: Eyes of Blight

New Customization Features

Some great news for anyone who wants that extra bit of customization: unique Sigils are free for all PS4 Tenno! Be sure to check your inbox to receive this unique Warframe customization.

The first of our User Generated Skins are also now available for purchase. These skins were created and voted on by our wonderful community, and we’re proud to be able to share the end result with everyone. 25% of Platinum sales made by each UGC Skin purchased goes directly to the skin creator.

We’ve also opened up the Liset and Dojo customization options to include some interior recoloring. Dojo Poloychrome can be used to recolor Dojo rooms to something your clan may find more suitable. Perhaps a dash of pink and green? Orange and blue? Yellow splashed with brown?

There’s no need to take our advice, but we’re pretty sure that color palette would make for an unforgettable Dojo.

With Vey Hek’s Fomorian Fleet threatening Tenno progress, Update 15.10 puts a lot on the line. Of course. No conflict is without casualties, but for every inch of space the Grineer claim, the Tenno can show them the true cost of bringing the fight to the Lotus’ doorstep.

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