SHAREfactory Gets New Update Today; More Themes Added

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SHAREfactory Gets New Update Today; More Themes Added

Hey PlayStation Nation! Since the launch of SHAREfactory, we’ve enjoyed watching many of the unique video projects produced by creative fans like you. We’ve also been listening to some of the great feedback we’ve been getting from you, and today, we’re excited to release our latest update for SHAREfactory, which will add more themes and tools you’ve requested that will enable you take your creativity to the next level.

First, let’s talk themes. With this latest update, you’ll now be able to purchase and download SHAREfactory themes directly from PlayStation Store. And to kick things off, we’re adding new themes to PS Store today.


Below are the themes you can download for free:

  • Destiny
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2015
  • Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare
  • Killzone Shadow Fall
  • LittleBigPlanet3
  • SHAREfactory


    You can also purchase a SHAREfactory 80’s Theme for $1.99. We’re just getting started, so be sure to keep checking PS Store for the latest SHAREfactory themes.

    This update also adds a new gallery feature that makes sharing even easier. My Gallery is a new section within SHAREfactory that allows you to easily view and share your completed projects. Just press the SHARE button from this screen and quickly upload videos to YouTube and Facebook without leaving the SHAREfactory app.

    You can also add an extra level of personalization on all of your SHAREfactory projects. Based on user feedback, the new update also allows your profile picture and avatars to be added as stickers for your projects.

    We are continuing to work hard on adding new enhancements for SHAREfactory, and we’re always listening to your feature requests and suggestions. Please keep them coming, and stay tuned for future updates. Enjoy!

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  • Pro Evo theme is much appreciated. Goal replay montage ahoy!

  • I wouldn’t mind a firmware update too.

  • I’m starting to use share factory a lot now. Only have madden videos up but I will be doing more.

  • very exciting news. i just finished another video the other day, and i was thinking about how sharefactory hasn’t gotten any themes or updates in a long time. can’t wait to try these out tomorrow!

  • We need more custom intro’s so we can create our own custom logo’s.

    Also there needs to be more custom ending’s like you would see at the end of a movie like created, edited, filmed by, etc.

    • You can change your PSN avatar to your own logo using the PlayStation Mobile App and import that as a sticker in SHAREfactory..

  • No love for vita theme? Bring all that japanese vita theme here please

  • Will there soon be themes for games like Madden and NBA 2k15 ?

    • If you want to see a certain SHAREfactory theme please let your favorite game developers and publishers know. We’d love to see themes for these games.

  • Can you plz fix the audio make the video add commentary to it it sounds fine but after you upload it to youtube it has a really loud static noise in the background of the video very anoyinng

  • A batman Arkham Knight theme and Some sort of Final Fantasy theme would be great to launch along side those games. Just a heads up ;)

  • How about updating the mics so they stop cutting out.

  • I went to use ShareFactory and failed as it has a limit of 15 minutes. The video I wanted to make was just over 16 minutes. Are there plans to increase this limitation?

    I understand why you have this limitation but would it hurt to increase it to say 30 minutes?

    • Currently there are no plans to extend it past 15 minutes but we are aware that some folks would like to make longer videos. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Cool thanks!

  • I woulda probably used the Share button if we could just use the psn, but since other accounts are necessary i just ignore it. It woulda been much better to just send a video to someone on my friend’s list via a message. Oh well.

  • freedom wars theme for the vita

  • How come we can’t have the cool Jupiter Ascending Theme like the Europe store received. Why dont’ you guys negoitiate to be able to put them in both store instead of one region? Sad.

  • Keep the updates for SHAREFactory coming! My only suggestion right now is for the addition of multiple playback speeds. Thanks

  • Sony loves indies but we don’t have a transistor theme, or dust an Elysian tale theme? Heck at least show resogun some love. It’s so many things you all could do to support the PS exclusives and allow us to add videos to our projects me being a youtuber i’d love to be able to add my intro and outro to my vids so i could avoid using my laptop/desktop for those purposes.

    • We are hoping to continue to bring more themes to the PlayStation Store. If there is a theme you would really like to see, be sure to let your favorite game developers and publishers know. Thanks!

  • I was seriously excited for this update but I see nothing regarding a “slow mo” or “speed up” tool to change the playback speed of individual clips. The app desperately needs this option.

    • This is a highly requested feature that we would like to see in the app one day. Thanks for the feedback and support.

  • Why we need is a Gallery section on our PS4 profiles that we can Share content to.

    Yeah, YouTube and stuff is cool…. but what If I just want to share cool things with my friends?

    It could also pop the things I have Shared in the What’s New feed for people to watch.

    You guys have so much potential with the PS4. Please use it.

  • Great update! But I really hope we get an update for music editing. The current editor doesn’t allow you to change the volume of the music mid-track without splitting and adjusting sections individually. And when you split it, you can actually hear it break in the video! The music even goes off time by a quarter of a second. I’d like to play music in my video and lower its volume when there’s dialogue/commentary that needs to be heard. The current music editing system doesn’t make that easy. That’s my wish for the future, thanks for listening!

  • is it true that we will be getting a custom wallpaper option in a future update?

  • I really need to try the SHAREfactory. and also where is the Final Fantasy XIV theme :'(

  • Destiny theme! uh thank you!

  • I made my first video in ShareFactory a few days ago and am working on another now. It’s pretty cool, and was pretty easy, even for someone like me with no video editing experience.

    A couple things…

    – Needs more generic music options.

    – I had it crash on me when adding new clips, at least four or five times in a few hours of use.

    – I’ve been having this constant problem where the second clip (after a generic PS4 clip, so it just might be the first gameplay clip having issues) where I will adjust the length of the clip and time it with the music, but I’ll do something like add a clip at the end and for some reason, it will mess with the trimming on that second clip. So for example, I started my video in my GTA Online garage with a 20 second clip. I’ll trim it down to the latter 10 seconds, add another clip elsewhere in the video, and then my 10 second clip is back to 20 seconds. It’s very annoying.

  • Also…

    – When you include music clips that are longer than the total length of all clips, you can’t freely move the music. It will stick some generic image at the end as filler if you’re adding music, but if you’re moving it, you’re limited. Let’s say I want to move the start of my music to a point later in a video. I can’t if there isn’t enough footage. For example, if my video is 3:30 in length, and the music is 3:00, I can’t move that music start point beyond the 0:30 point without trimming the music. I would expect that I would be able to freely move the music, and the “filler” clip at the end would simply expand to accommodate that.

  • Save clips to the cloud. Pull in from ShareFactory app. Edit on the go. Share to social/YouTube. IAP themes, stickers, effects. Win.

  • I hope finally brings more upgrade then downgrade of PS4 compare to PS3. SO stupid and IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND WHY on PS3 we could simply put any picture as a wallpaper for are personal theme and PS4 CANT DO THAT. And all YOUR CRAP PS3 THEMES then 90% or more of them are not even videogames themes, THATS INSANE!!!

    I hope I understand this well to let us do are own themes. If not, I HOPE are hackers on the net will break PS4 to do PS4 themes like there are so many for free on the net and FORGET YOUR STUPID PSN 2.99$ & 3.99$ THEMES!!!


  • First: ShareFactory is a really neat tool. I made a multi-minute video of a Destiny multiplayer session once that was really fun.

    But then I tried to trim down a 2 minute video and add my commentary and everything went haywire. It was almost as though the system edited my original file and I couldn’t revert it to original for whatever reason.

    My commentary was too loud. Then it was too soft. I couldn’t get it right no matter what I did.

    Another video I uploaded having already gone through the mastering or whatever the process is in Sharefactory, upon uploading it to my video host (I use Wistia) the video crashed part of the way through playback.

    I don’t know how to fix any of those, but how about:

    Undo All and revert to original without affecting the raw file?
    Output the raw file to let a video host “master/convert” it? (I have large flash drives)
    Make a really nice Youtube or SF video showing how it all works? (the questions I had when making my above video took me all over the web looking for answers)
    A contact email for people with questions maybe?

    Thanks for a really neat free tool though. It is really fun and it is cool overlaying your commentary on to a gameplay video.

  • Playstation should really make a Fifa 15 theme.

  • The SHAREfactory is amazing. I have already made like 30 videos and it’s so fun! I hope there will be a GTA V and FIFA 15 theme soon.

    Only thing is that sometimes the app just stops and that’s so annoying.

    Where can I leave suggestions for the SHAREfactory?

    • We monitor forums but you can also tweet them to @newbreedofnerd (me) and @sharefactoryPS4. Thanks for the kind words.

  • Why not just let us take a screen shot and use that as our “theme” ?
    Or let us put our own pictures on our PS4 that we bought and paid for?

    Why not give people what they want and let them do what they want with their own system?
    Why is Sony actively working against their own fans and customers?

  • After wearing out The Last of Us theme highlighting MP matches it’s great to see a Destiny theme for me to start working on.

  • I will always support PlayStation and Sony, You guys are the best! I use Share factory quite a bit. But can you guys add a new feature to create our own unique themes for intros and outros for free. Like the themes below but make it unique.

  • awesome.

    One thing i would like to is to get an update with the music feature. The limit of just 6 tracks is not good, specialy when i want to make a video with sound effects and not music tracks. And maybe to be able to put 2 tracks at the same time.

    And maybe a pause option that gives time to add effects on a freeze frame.

  • Bloodborne themes please? Maybe a face plate too?’

  • I was really wanting to use shareFACTORY, but when I tried it I found that I couldn’t upload anything with substantial content, as it was limited to 15 minutes. It should be 20 bare minimum (To let 15 minutes clips from the Share button be added with titles and new features), but it really needs to be 30, or, preferably, an hour.

    Until that’s allowed, I’m afraid that it’s rather useless to me.

  • Can you create your own themes?

  • i really appreciate the fact that you all are supporting us because it really puts us in the community and helps you also know what we enjoy as gamers.

  • Can we get some new transition features…. and 2k,gta,cod themes

  • Can we also have slow motion speed and screen shake motions

  • Share factory is great, but I’ve had this problem for a while one of my current projects, when I try to edit it the whole app crashes I don’t know why if this is a bug please fox this quickly!

  • Sharefactory is awesome. Wish u could directly upload vids to YouTube without having to upload them to capture gallery first, which takes up a bit of time. My.Gallery is ok, but that seems more for vids already edited, in that case, I’ve already uploaded to YouTube right. after I finish anyway.
    Would be quicker to record the vid, edit it, upload it & then start the next one. Or at least allow u to work on another one while the previous vid is uploading to capture gallery

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