MLB 15 The Show: Universal Rewards & Equipment Detailed

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MLB 15 The Show: Universal Rewards & Equipment Detailed

Hello, PlayStation.Blog friends! Today we’re revealing some details about three new features in MLB 15 The Show: Universal Rewards, Licensed Equipment, and our 30 Legends. Keep an eye on our new Twitch channel for even more in-depth coverage of our robust new feature set!

In the last couple years, we’ve added something we call your Universal Profile, which tracks your playstyle tendencies and passively rewards you with XP and Stubs while you play. This year, in addition to XP and Stubs, you’ll earn new Items usable throughout different game modes.

  • Road to the Show is a mode focused on one player’s path to the majors and beyond. As you play, you’ll find different qualities of licensed equipment that can enhance your player’s attributes. Once you find them, you’ll equip them to your player for an instant boost to his skill. Your player has slots for a Bat, Batting Gloves, Fielding Glove, Cleats, and echoing the traditions of our sport, a Ritual item.
  • Franchise is a mode focused on managing baseball organizations on every level. Periodically, you’ll find Brand Sponsorship contracts. Once you have the contract in hand, you can choose at any time to partner your Franchise team with the Brand. Doing so will add some Brand flavor to your interface during game broadcasts. The Sponsorship also earns your team budget incentives based on how you performance in a certain statistic.
  • Diamond Dynasty is a fantasy baseball card mode where you build a custom team and assemble players you find into a squad. Diamond Dynasty is DRASTICALLY changed this year so keep an eye out for a more focused blog about it. MLB Player Cards and Stadiums Cards will be rewarded as you play. While playing ANY mode, you’ll be passively building a fantasy squad of MLB pros.
  • Collect an entire MLB team or get REALLY lucky with a pack, and you’ll unlock an iconic alumni player from one of 30 MLB teams.

We’re very excited this year that we’ve partnered with nine iconic baseball brands to bring items from their product catalog directly into the game. We are lucky to have such amazing partners. Check out this list of awesomeness:

  • Franklin®
  • Louisville Slugger®
  • Nike®
  • Under Armour®
  • Wilson®
  • Rawlings®
  • Sam Bat®
  • Mizuno®
  • Marucci®

Before you bolt, make sure to check out the tail end of the video for the epic reveal of the 30 Legends cards included in MLB 15 The Show. Thanks for watching/reading!

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  • The Show getting better every year. I’m going to have to get a bigger HDD with all these games coming out! And that steel book and $130 worth of extras for only $10 more… Good Lord.. If you like baseball how could you not buy this?

  • Can’t wait for this game! Like #2 said this franchise just keeps getting better every year!

  • Great updaes this year. Thanks to everyone at Sony San Diego. Could not be happier to have the only authentic Baseball game exclusively on Playstation Platforms.

  • Will online franchise return this year? Best mode on the show!!

  • I agree that the game gets better every year, but i can’t agree that you get $130 value for just $10 extra. I like the box a lot, but will end up trading it in towards the show 16 anyway. stubs / items u will unlock over time anyway i believe, do nothing for me, a controller skin, and you will only use 1 theme of your favorite team, a $3.49 value. I don’t think this collectors edition is for me unfortunately. I’m not saying u have to agree with me, just my 2 cents. Unless someone can convince me otherwise about the stubs/in game items for free. I played 1r the show a lot and never used my stubs or knew why the game kept track of my level.

  • is this feature availabe too for the vita?

  • pathetic and lazy version for Vita.

  • I’m a little disappointed that New Balance cleats aren’t in the game, but other than that the equipment looks spot-on. I’m pleasantly surprised that they’re including SamBat bats. SamBats are the cuban cigars of the bat industry. Can’t wait for March 31st.

  • Wow you guys have really hit it out of the ballpark on this one! After seeing this, I am definitely gona pick this game up! I love the gear attributes.

  • The new updates are fantastic, and I will more than likely get the game on the release date!

  • Hey Ramone, how to shoot online play? Was that worked on at all. How’s that going to be? Having Nike is cool but can I play friends without any issues?

  • Really like the inclusion of legends players. I’d buy a whole game of just that, but I gotta wonder who thought it’d be a good idea to include “brands” in the game. Equipping gear with stat boost is cool and adds an rpg element almost, but I don’t really feel like being marketed to while playing a game.

  • What exactly comes with the 15 bonus item packs for the anniversary edition? Also, how is the $130 value calculated? Seems like 12k in stubs ($10), 15 bonus packs ($15) is somehow implying that the themes are worth over a hundred dollars??? Thanks!

  • Can’t wait for this!!! Been dying to play a good baseball game for years but couldn’t since there aren’t any on XBOX. Finally, I can kick the dirt from cleats, apply some pine tar, dig in the batters box, and hear the crack of my bat again! Awesome!

  • So are you saying the licensed equipment is only on ps4? I know you don’t care about ps3 anymore but since we’re paying $60 you’re not even throwing ps3 users a bone? Disappointing man!

  • I can only hope the online is good this year other wise all of these new features will mean nothing

  • Anyone catch the legends from the Pirates to the end? TIA

  • what . wait. No pine-tar bats.??

  • @#18: It’s Ralph Kiner.

  • I want to be excited for this but then I remember its baseball. The sport that used to be America’s past time.

  • I pre ordered the psn Downloadable version of mlb the show anniversary edition on my account but didn’t recieve a coupon for the ps4 controller skin it coupon. How/when do I get it? Tha ks for the help.

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