Minutes Lands on PS4, Vita Today

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Minutes Lands on PS4, Vita Today

I’m pleased to announce that Minutes will be available on PlayStation Store today. It’s a unique, abstract action game with retro DNA, a pure arcade heart, a super-clean visual style and music to get you in the zone!

Inspired by a need to rebel against AAA titles, I’ve designed a minimalist game. Minutes is all about gameplay purity. There are no cutscenes or dialogue trees here. It’s stripped down to the fundamentals — move, collect, avoid, gauge risk vs. reward, think and react. The challenge unfolds across 60 one-minute levels, chasing the score targets and other goals with different “energy shapes” to test you and various power-ups to unlock and assist you.

The mechanics at the game’s core are simple: the player controls a circle and moves it around the screen to collect light energy shapes (for points) and avoid dark (which damage the player). On top of this, the size of the circle can be changed (using the L and R shoulder buttons). Go small to stay safe and dodge through the dark energy. Go large to collect more light and, critically, boost your score multiplier. This is the magic risk-reward ingredient in the design.


Each level is about chasing target scores, whether to progress or to post up onto PSN leaderboards. Mastering the game means beating other goals: 100% collected, no damage taken and the tough Perfect. Effective use of power-ups (which are unlocked as the game progresses) is an important tool but only one can be used per level. Beginning players might use Fortify to clear damage; or some levels will need Quell to slow down time enough to allow everything to be collected. Figuring out which power-up to use is part of the late-game puzzle solving.

The game begins with energy shapes that are straight lines. But these are soon joined by Pulsers, Beams and Spinners. These provide for an infinite range of patterns and configurations that encourage the player to adapt and react. As the game matures for the player it becomes more familiar and shifts from a twitch-based, reactive experience to a more puzzling and strategic one. Each level of the main game mode remains the same every time so they can be learned, figured out, and beaten. However, as an alternative, the Daily Challenge mode allows you to try a completely new, randomly generated level every day.


Minutes is cross buy supported and, if you’re playing on PS4 and Vita, you can use the cross save sync to transfer your data and continue playing without worrying about overwriting. This option merges your progress and scores from both platforms. I’m hoping that more games will take this approach in the future.

If you want a quick break from crashing cars, running through forests and shooting people in the face, then perhaps it’s time for a few minutes of gameplay purity.

Thanks for reading. Throw me some questions and comments below and I’ll answer as much as I can.

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  • This looks like a lot of fun!

    A lot of times “clean visual style” can just mean “barren,” but this actually really looks interesting.

  • Love Bullet Hell types of games so this seems to be right up my alley. It also has a kickin’ soundtrack to top it off too. I think I might just have to pick this up.

  • Does it has awesome music like in the trailer? If yes, i’m in!

    • Yeah. The trailer contains music from the game. There are 6 different themes of varying styles (not including the chilled-out menu music). Each has multiple variations created from different sections to make 73 different tracks in the game – listen carefully across the levels and you will be able to hear the differences.

  • “Minutes Lands on PS4, Vita Today”.

    “I’m pleased to announce that Minutes will be available on PlayStation Store next week.”

    Erm… Which is it?

    • Hi. It’s today. The blog was written last week and not been updated with the minor correction I sent through. Definitely today! :)

  • I am assuming this game runs at 60fps/1080p on the PS4. Does it run 60fps/540p on the PS Vita? It looks like something I would more enjoy on my PS Vita. Thanks.

    • Hello. Yes. You are completely correct. 60FPS, solid, always, on both platforms. It is Cross-Buy so you can enjoy on both PS4 and PS Vita as you wish!! :)

  • Thanks, Richard, sounds good. I don’t suppose you know the price point?

  • Hello Richard,

    This looks incredible! Great job on a wonderful game!!!

    I wanted to ask if you guys would consider on making “Dynamic Themes” and “Avatar Pictures” for the PS4. Your game would look cool displayed on everyone’s PS4.


    Rob aka Graf

    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks! I’ll have to look into themes and avatars – nice suggestion. I’ll have to see what I can do given that I’m a one-man “team”!!


  • First time I’ve heard of this game and I’m interested, kind of reminds me of tomas was alone based on the minimalist style and being all about actual playability (although much more intense obviously). Think I will pick this up if the price is right.

  • Music sounds great, looks like a challenging game!

    Are the audio assets on PS4 24-bit/lossless? Any use of surround sound or explicit subwoofer channel?

    • Thanks. Audio is just stereo. Given the nature of the game, i.e. there isn’t a 3D space, I didn’t feel it was necessary to utilize surround, etc. Maybe next game!! Music is compressed because I didn’t want a large download size on PSN (there are 73 music tracks/variations) but hopefully that won’t detract from the experience. I guess if you’re a very keen-eared audio person then you might be able to hear it – let me know if you can, I’d be interested to know.

  • It’s probably more intense that TWA, yeah!! A different game for sure – TWA is great by the way. A little tougher too I would say. But, I’m sure you appreciate a challenge. As mentioned above the price is $7.99.

  • My kind of game. Looking forward to playing it.

    Woah Dave! is another recent game that has a sense of “gameplay purity” to me. Different mechanics, but constant action, and definitely a constant risk vs. reward dynamic.

    Saw a video of this game on YouTube a few weeks ago, played by BlueMaxima. He liked it lot, and he’s a rather critical one, so congratulations on passing his standards!

  • the title just makes you think for a little like it is a memoir game .but if you see the video it starts to make sense and congrats Richard Ogden on making the game.Ti look like i need to update my cart.

    • Thanks. Memorizing the patterns as you play will help but it’s more about moving and reacting when you first play through the game. The level will lead you in the right direction – you just need the movement skills, changing size and deciding when to use which powerups.

  • Its Look GOOD for the vita

  • Thank you!!!

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