9 Ways To Dictate Like A Pro In Tropico 5 on PS4

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9 Ways To Dictate Like A Pro In Tropico 5 on PS4

Hola, PlayStation fans! Today we’re excited to talk to you about infamous city-builder and political sim Tropico 5, which arrives on new-generation consoles later this year exclusively on PS4. This is actually the first time Tropico has ever been released on a PlayStation platform before, and to welcome the PlayStation community to Tropico 5, we’d like to introduce you to the world of Tropico and its lovable dictator El Presidente.

Tropico 5 on PS4

Our beloved leader El Prez is aware that some people may not have had the pleasure of ruling over their own island republic as an iron-fisted dictator before, so he’s humbly asked us (ordered us) to prepare a list of 9 useful tips on how to rule in Tropico 5. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to be a gruesome tyrant or leader of social justice, but staying in power is no easy feat. So have a read of the list below and ask us any questions about the game in the comments!

1.) Build Your Dream Metropolis

As Presidente, it’s up to you to develop the island as you see fit, but sometimes you need to rein in your crazier ambitions. Ask yourself: is an economy based on pineapple farms sustainable? Cheap housing may sound cost-effective, but unhappy citizens love to rebel — and usually with guns.

2.) Get to Know the Different Political Factions

Keep your friends close, and your enemies so close you’re exchanging fashion tips. It’s essential to understand who wants what on your island — or face game over after being voted out of power. Know your capitalists from your communists.

Tropico 5 on PS4Tropico 5 on PS4

3.) Trade = $$$

Developing industry is important for the growth of your city, and while you might be pleased with a booming llama wool industry, it’s not time to celebrate yet. Use the Trade menu to organise even more lucrative export deals.

4.) Keep It In the Family

The dynasty mechanic lets you keep it in the family and utilize your loved-ones for political gain. Outmaneuver rivals and take advantage of unique character traits for bonus effects on your island.

5.) Manipulate the National Constitution

Depending on what kind of Presidente you are, the constitution can be written to promote democracy — or restrict the rights of the people. Each constitution point has certain effects, so use them to determine your governmental strategy.

6.) Read the Almanac for Important Info

The all-knowing Almanac stat menu provides every bit of info you need to know about your city and its people. Use this knowledge to improve their quality of life and get more votes!

Tropico 5 on PS4

7.) Rule Across Time

Tropico 5 introduces different eras for you to rule across and each one comes with its own challenges. Keep an eye on what changes through the years: quaint colonial shacks probably won’t be all the rage in 2015…

8.) Mess With the Rules in Sandbox & Multiplayer

Use sandbox mode to challenge yourself and create even wackier scenarios than in the campaign. Mess with the rules, see what happens and subject unlucky friends to your craziest ideas in 4-person multiplayer.

9.) Sit Back and Admire Your Handiwork

Tropico 5 for PS4 is rendered in full 1080p with intuitive DualShock4 controls and even Vita Remote Play support: so it’s perfect for those long living room sessions. Tropico is also famous for its sense of humor and flavorsome Latina soundtrack — so sit back, have fun, and enjoy ruling however you like. The island is yours, Presidente.

We’ll have more updates and content on Tropico 5 coming up over the next few weeks. For now though, remember! Vote El Presidente…or else.

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