Secret Ponchos Gets New Characters, Free Maps on 2/17

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Secret Ponchos Gets New Characters, Free Maps on 2/17

Hello outlaws! The team here at Switchblade Monkeys is thrilled to announce The Hunting Ground, our first major content drop for Secret Ponchos coming to your PS4 February 17th, 2015. Our goal is to keep the game evolving and growing over time, so it keeps getting better and better.

Secret Ponchos: Wolf vs. Gordo

What’s in this expansion?

A lot! With The Hunting Ground update we aimed to make sure we provide content for everyone: those who want to support us in expanding the game by purchasing some DLC, and our players who just love Secret Ponchos and want free new content.

New Content

We learned a lot from community feedback since the PS+ launch of our game, and we’ve been working hard on many improvements. Being a tiny indie team, we aimed to putout a game that’s fun and deep, but to do that it would have to start small. One of the things we heard the most is “more content”, so we took that to heart and here it is! Included are 2 new maps – for FREE. Additionally, our artists wanted to show a gesture of appreciation for our community, and have built a custom exclusive unlockable skin as a special reward for our community as a thank you for supporting us and playing the game. In addition to the free content, for those who want to support us there will be 2 new Purchasable playable Outlaws that make their debut!


We’ve been listening and working very closely with the community in our Secret Ponchos forums, and we’ve implemented many tuning/balancing improvements. We’ve also learned that we needed stronger support for new players, so we’ve started implementing improvements such as creating a basic in-game tutorial to get new players started and moving Practice mode (with the outlaw move-sheets) to be front and center.

“Hunting Ground” – 2 New Maps Included

Everyone will get two free maps, increasing our total level count to six. Creatively we tried to push these maps to offer new dynamics to the Secret Ponchos environments.


Secret Ponchos: Plaza
A classic, battle-torn Spaghetti Western Mexican-style plaza. This is a smaller map, resulting in high-tension combat. Players can battle outside or take fights into smaller buildings. Teams can break off and regroup, and the interiors loop around back to the central open area.

The Mines

Secret Ponchos: Mines
The Mines provide a vastly different experience from Secret Ponchos’ other levels. They combine confined narrow tunnels with an open area, creating a multitude of player opportunities for tactical battles.

New Outlaws!

We are proud to introduce two new purchasable DLC Outlaws in “The Hunting Ground”: Gordo & The Wolf. Following our tradition of ensuring each Outlaw plays as different as they look, these two with their unique mechanics expand our diverse cast from 5 to 7. The new Outlaws are available for purchase, and our goal is to use DLC proceeds to fund development of more content moving forward. These in-game purchases are the best way for the community to support the games growth. And for those reluctant to make purchases, these Outlaws will still add a lot of fun to the game for you because you’ll have a richer variety of enemies and teammates.

Secret Ponchos: Gordo
Gordo’s development was put on hold last year as we switched the game Engines, and we’re super happy to have him back because he is just an insane archetype.

Secret Ponchos: Gordo

A vile and vicious bandit, Gordo makes his way to claim Lonetree. Armed with a high-powered Gatling, Gordo is able to cut his enemies down from a distance. Gordo also comes to battle with a Molotov, and can block off parts of the map by leaving huge splashes of persistent flames, and he can even pour a trail of fire behind him to further control the environment.

The Wolf
Secret Ponchos: The Wolf
The Wolf was a lot of fun to work on. We wanted to make her feel focused and deadly. It was a lot of fun to figure out how to build archery mechanics into Secret Ponchos, and her wolf stance animations especially were so much fun to work on.

Secret Ponchos: The Wolf

The Wolf is a deadly predator rumored to prowl near the town of Lonetree. Hunting enemies, she deals devastating critical hits as her arrows pierce her enemies. She can switch to “Wolf Stance” moving with great agility to pounce, tackling enemies for the kill with a bone knife. The Wolf is awesome for a technical player, who can take advantage of skill shots with her bow and land critical hits.

Thank you everyone for being part of our Secret Ponchos community, and helping us grow the game from its infancy stages. It’s been a crazy experience for an indie team to launch a game into the competitive multiplayer space, and we really hope to continue improving and growing the game. Stay tuned as Feb 17 “The Hunting Ground” debuts exclusively on PS4. As we get closer we will announce more about our Secret Ponchos contest for our Generation 1 users, and more info on the new content.

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  • Thanks for giving maps for free and not splitting the community.

    • No problem I_am_rushin, we’re happy to do so, especially because as you said giving the maps to everyone would allow everyone to play together without any subdivision, it seemed the stronger choice

  • Vote for:
    Single player campaign

    • ! AI outlaws is something on our road map! We’ve started some development,and it opens up a lot of fun opportunities for new modes down the road. Thank you for supporting the game, our goal is that with everyones support for the growth of the game, we can continue growing and expanding the game, and AI can make its debut in one of these announcements down the road.

  • Are the new characters already available to purchase or will they be released with the new maps? Also good job on not splitting up the community by making the maps free!

    • Hi Xwing,

      New characters will be available for purchase once the patch launches, Feb 17 ! The Dev team will be doing a twitch stream tomorrow at at 10:30 am PST, and showing some of the new content and answering any questions too, you should tune in!

  • 2 free maps? Awesome :D Can’t wait to play this game!

    • Let us know what you think, we hope you like it! After the patch comes out there will be a simple tutorial for new players too :)

  • I am going to be all over The Wolf. What a beautifully designed character. The mechanics behind her sound fascinating…probably difficult for beginners, but deadly when mastered?

    • The Wolf was so fun to work on. I do the animations for the game, and she was my favorite character to animate so far! When she switches to her secondary, everything she does, and the way she acts is about being a wolf. The way Jose designed the character in that sketch we posted inspired a lot of how she was animated. Gameplay mechanics you are spot on, she’s about skill shots and player technique, but it feels really cool when you get good with her

      Join our twitch stream Saturday Morning and let us know what you think of the new characters!

  • Thanks for the additions! Everyone that plays this game should buy the DLC.

  • This is kind of ridiculous considering how the PC version has been forgotten. I like the game, and would like to see that version updated as well please.

  • The Maps look so wonderfull and the Chars first so pumped to try them out <3 !

  • How much are the new characters? looking forward to wolf depending on how much she costs. She’s very beautiful :)

  • Ok so now I get to wreck shop as a mononoke clone? I’m in!

  • The 17th can’t get here soon enough! Can’t wait to see who your preview in tomorrow SP stream on Twitch!!!

  • + Yousuf Mapara on February 6th, 2015 at 10:21 am said:
    There is a special surprise in this Patch for Phantom Poncho players too :)

    Woah woah woah. what’s the surprise???!!!!

  • Simple premise, layers of depth, cool art style. Thats the formula to my favorite games like Monday Night Combat and Awesomenauts. Ponchos looks to have that in spades. Love the continued support. Make every new character special, keep it tight. Wolf looks so cool.

    • Hi Zabari39z,

      Thanks so much, in our testing its so crazy how many layers even one new character creates. We’re very excited about this patch

  • I love this game. I’m looking forward to the new maps and facing off against the new characters. I hoping more people will become regulars on the game.

    I hope you are keeping an eye in your Suggestion Box on the forum. I guess we can cancel out my mine idea? Hahahaha! I added another suggestion.

    Thank you for bringing going us Secret Ponchos. By the way, what’s so secret about the ponchos?

    • Hi Conrad_Max,

      We love suggestions! The Dev team use our forums all the time! If anyone ever needs to chat with the devs directly for suggestions or feedback our forums are the best way, we check it all the time :)

  • i can’t wait to try the new outlaws out.

  • Hook it directly to my vein

  • Hey Yousuf, can’t wait to pick these characters up. From the looks of it it will be a smooth transition for Killer mains. I have a question though – will you guys talk about the balance updates coming tomorrow on the stream or make a post on the forum?

  • Unless you finished the game and put a singleplayer in, I don’t really care.

  • This is awesome, automatic buy in my book! Excited for the new maps, and can’t wait to kill it with the Wolf!

  • This is exciting news. I love the game and hope everyone who didn’t give it enough of a chance in December come back and gets hooked. You guys made an awesome game. Your guys commitment, love and pride in the game really shows through every accept. This game is legit.

  • Very exited, so glad to be a part of this incredible community.

  • waitin for vita version.

  • When I make a Wolf, I’m naming her Mononoke.

  • Niiiiice thanks guys! I’ve been hooked up with Secret Ponchos since I bought my PS4 last week. I can’t stop playing it. New maps will be awesome. Can’t wait to try the new chars.

  • If you enjoy multiplayer in any way, shape, or form, you owe it to yourself to snag this game, it’s addicting. With new content on the way, you have no reason not to.

    Looking forward to it.

  • Thank you :) I’m with the above, I would like to see more love for the PC version :)
    I should definitely spend more time with this game, it does have enjoyable mechanics, looking forward to bots!

  • I can’t wait to play the new outlaws. Thank you for making them so awesome looking. Everyone needs to play ths game. It’s seriously a lot of fun.

  • Have your plans on Vita version changed? Was it approved or cancelled? Any decision made?

  • Awesome news! Super excited, more content for this game = more of my time gone!

  • This would be a great Vita title

  • Would also love to get this running on the Vita!


  • Thank you!

  • I really enjoyed playing couch co-op against randoms. It’s unfair, sure, but that’s part of the fun! The only reason I stopped playing this regularly is because it took longer to find a match than it did to play one out. Has that been improved at all?

  • Favorite game on PS4 for the past 2 months. This new content looks amazing and will only make the game better.
    The match making has improved greatly and this new content supposedly comes with tons of fixes to improve the game.
    Can’t wait to play as The Wolf.

  • Free DLC is always cool, but I came here looking for news on a Vita version…and sadly see nothing :(

  • I enjoyed this game when i first bought it, but whatever matchmaking issues it has make it so i can’t even play. The art is amazing.

  • When I first started playing the game, the matchmaking and lag was game-breaking. I could get in some fun matches an I really enjoyed myself, but I could not continue playing out of the frustration of these issues.

    I have not played sense then, but have any issues been fixed? It’s a game I would like to return to when I know it is fixed.


  • How much should we expect the new characters to cost?

  • Wherezz the maps and charcters dying 4 them lol

  • I dont see the update i want to play with wolf my favorite animal plus a native character what do i do

  • Has there been a delay on the dlc’s release ?

  • Gotta have that DLC!

  • It’s the 21st of February and there is still no new update or DLC. Did the DLC get delayed or something?

  • I dont know if its just me, but it keeps freezing after matches since the dlc

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