Q*Bert Rebooted Coming to PS4, PS3, Vita

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Q*Bert Rebooted Coming to PS4, PS3, Vita

Want to play one of the most well-known, bestselling games in the history of gaming? Q*Bert is back — for your PS4, PS3 and Vita.

The complete, original version of Q*Bert is only half of the equation. Gonzo Games, Sideline Amusements, Games Production Company, and we here at LOOT Entertainment are also bringing to PlayStation a completely reimagined Q*Bert game: Q*Bert Rebooted. To keep it short and sweet: you get two great Q*Bert games (on all three PlayStation platforms) for the price of one.

So: how do you take such a classically perfect game design and successfully modernize it?

Instead of cubes, Q*Bert Rebooted features hexagons. That may not sound like a game-changer, but it is; suddenly, you get some really interesting level designs, especially later in the game. In addition, there are new features, such as time and score challenges, new enemies with their own unique behaviors, new playable characters, power-ups, traps, and gem-collecting. Q*Bert Rebooted is the equivalent of your old backyard treehouse refurbished by Bob Vila: same nostalgic joy, but magically just better.

Everything that was awesome is still awesome.

Q*Bert RebootedQ*Bert Rebooted

Q*Bert endures because, like all of the best designs from that era, it’s straightforward, memorable, and timelessly challenging. Whether you played it yesterday or thirty years ago, Q*Bert classic is just as engaging as it was when it came out. This is the genuine classic arcade version of Q*Bert! Q*Bert Rebooted will have you on your toes as you try to figure out the complex maps while the screen throws all sorts of enemies at you.

Q*Bert is HARD. Not artificially, stupidly, punish-you-just-to-add-replay-time hard — just challenging enough for the casual user to enjoy and engaging enough for the serious gamer who wants bragging rights.

Remember when you had to really hone your skills because every go ‘round cost a quarter? Sometimes the most “casual” games are the ones which, frankly, are for the truly hardcore.

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7 Author Replies

  • I love it!!!!! Day 1 buy for me

  • HA!!!!! That is so awesome! I ruled this game on the Atari 5200 back in the 80’s. Such an amazingly fun addicting game. Wow, talk about being in my wheel house! Such an easy D1P!

  • glad to see this coming back… a great nostalgic game.. i bought the PS1 version and I will buy this one too…
    I am very interested in the new features the reboot will have…

  • Great! I love these re-releases of arcade games, especially when they also include the original game. Pac-Man, Galaga, Frogger and now Q Bert. Keep bringing them on!

  • Release date?

  • Awesome! and cross-buy too!

  • ho nice one Sony !!! lot of memory about that arcade game …i will grab it for sure…any release Date for it !

  • Oh man I’m smelling PS Plus game D=

  • Yes!!! I had Q*Bert on the Colecovision when I was a young lad. This is one game even my Mom would play back in the day. Without a doubt I’ll buy this!

  • YES! YES! YES! YES! This is #$@%! awesome! (see what I did there?) I can’t wait. It will be the perfect fit on my Vita. Also so glad to see that the original classic is being included as well. It’s one of my favorite games of all time… and yes, it is really hard.

  • Oh heck yes! No more trips to the old school arcade…no more smartphone knockoffs..the REAL THING on my ps4. so excited for this. Q*bert rules. Can’t wait to play on my ps4 and vita.

  • Glad I didn’t crazy overpay for the ps1 version like i almost did recently!

  • Heh, maybe the kids will recognise him from Wreck It Ralph. Doesn’t Sony actually own the IP? How about some more IP revivals on Vita?

    • Good catch! Sony Pictures does indeed own the Q*Bert IP. Who knows where the little guy might pop up next…? ;)

  • This is one of those games I always wished was more easily available. So pumped to see it coming to PS4, and with a modernized version included!

  • Yes! Q*Bert moving in different directions! Game changer, indeed! Maybe i won’t be so terrible at it anymore.

    Q*Bert’s one of the most recognizable games from my childhood. I can’t wait to play this version of it. Really looking forward to it.

  • WOW




    sigh, not even buying

  • One of my all time favorite games! I’m glad the original version is also coming but the reboot also looks great!

  • How are the trophies looking for us trophy hunters out there what can we expect?

  • NOOOOO I am not going to be home for this…. I want to play this NOW!!!!!

  • THANK YOU! This made my day.

  • Since you guys are bringing Q-Bert again to the PS3. Is it possible to release that PSone 3D Q-Bert game as a PSone classic.

  • Nice, loved Q*bert back in the day. How much?

  • I still have the original SOE release on my PS3. Still play it from time to time.

    Now if we could just get a Joust and Rampage remake/reboot, along with some other arcade classics like Defender, Time Pilot and Sinistar, my collection will be complete.

  • Changing to hexagons almost seems sacrilegious, but watching that video it is clearly a deft design move. Bravo!

    • Thanks! The hexagons are a great design update, aren’t they? Some of the new level designs — particularly later in the game — get *really* challenging as a result.

  • Oh man, that brings back memories of playing this in the arcade a very…very long time ago.

  • Thanks for bringing it back. How much?

  • When? When? When?

    I used to play Q-Bert for hours. I got Q Bert 3 for SNES which I played for hours. I cannot wait to get this.

  • I hope we get to see @#$*!

  • this was one of my favorite games back on atari 2600 with yar’s revenge. actually there was another q*bert on the psn network (don’t know if it still there) and it was actually my very first PSN purchase ever. the one I got was kinda difficult to play with the analog stick. back on atari you could grab the whole stick with your hand and it responded fine, but using the analog with just your thumb was not that good. I love q*bert but that version on the PSN was not that precise as the original. on the original I could play for HOOOOOOOOOURS without losing a life. or maybe I’m too old now for q*bert; I’ll give this one a try when released.

    BTW, anything about the price?

    • We think people will like the price for this Q*Bert cross-buy…especially if they’re PS Plus members. :)

  • If the price is low enough, I’ll definitely bite on this. Used to play a lot of Q-Bert back on the Atari.

  • I would also like to see the PS1 Q*Bert come back as a PSOne classic.

    Then I could play Q*Bert Rebooted on my Vita, and PS1 Q*Bert on my PSP :-)

  • 5 bucks? Looks interesting, but this will likely be free with Plus soon.

  • I doubt this will go for $5. The game mentioned above that cost $5 was a version of original arcade game ported specifically to the PS3. It, Mortal Kombat II (the original arcade version), Gauntlet II, Rampage and Joust all had PS3 ports that cost $5 each. There may have been a few others that I am missing. These games were removed from the store sometime in 2010, as the licensing on most of them expired or some such thing. I bought all of these shortly after I bought my PS3 in 2008.

    It will probably be in the $10-15 range, since it sounds like it will feature two different versions of the game.

  • Always hoped the PSX one would be offered on PSN, but I’m glad to see that the game is still being updated.

    Look forward to see where this one goes (for obvious reasons)!

  • The PS3 release of Q-Bert was one of the very first PSN purchases I made. It looks like you guys chose an even scaling factor for 1080p and don’t have a crappy linear filter by default — great!

    Do you have the option to choose a filter, like HQ3x, or the cool-look CRT filters from MAME?

    I’d love to see more *high quality* emulated titles that have reasonable feature parity with open source emulators. It would be awesome to get the SImpsons Arcade title, and some of the Genesis/Dreamcast emulated titles already released for PS3 on PS4/Vita.

  • I hope they’ll produce the sequel to Q*Bert, Q*Bert Cubes. A fun and vastly underrated game near the end of the Video Game Meltdown.

  • If you going to take the time to “reboot” Q*Bert for home consoles, why wouldn’t you add couch co-op? Split screen 1-on-1 and even cooperative single screen would be so cool.

  • This looks great! I look forward to playing the original game again, as well as checking out what the update has to offer.

  • This is so awesome to see after the gang had to go homeless in Wreck-It Ralph.

  • I loved Qbert when i was a kid. I played it at the arcade and on my Colecovision. Day one buy!

    • Awesome! It’s great to see so many classic Q*Bert players coming out to champion the return of one of gaming’s real icons. Let us know what you think of Rebooted!

  • All I need now is a great Spyro game and my nostalgia trip will be complete

  • So Jason this is what loot has been doing since you left home? Oh how’s that mobile game

  • Now THIS is the kind of stuff you guys need to be remaking. I loved Q-Bert back in the day.

  • Hello childhood! Great to see you again! It’s been a while…

  • I think Qbert and frogger were the very first video games i ever played. Awesome!

  • For all of you kids who don’t know about this game, it’s a classic.

    Love It.

    Thanks for the Vita Lov

  • Oh, I also Look Forward to the Trophies.

  • A good addition and a classic for the PS4 :) Speaking of classics and forgive me if the is the wrong place to post some-what unrelated things but how about a compilation of all Atari classics, some Sega classics and a remake of Final Fantasy 7 and 8!?

  • Q-Bert is cool but the classic games I really would like to play are Popeye & Mr Do!

  • +dj_tomato #16 kid if u dont want the game then dont buy the game devs tryna hard to make this kind of game show some respect.

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