Investigate the Origins of The Order: 1886, Get a Free PS4 Theme

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Investigate the Origins of The Order: 1886, Get a Free PS4 Theme

I suppose I should mention up front, by visiting and completing our new online investigative experience for The Order: 1886, you will earn an exclusive dynamic The Order: 1886 theme for your PlayStation 4. Oh, and you can do all of this right in your PS4 browser. So genius, Tesla himself must have come up with it!

So, what really happened in 1886? The history books tell us one thing, but what happens in The Order: 1886 is an alternate history that is as familiar as it is unexpected.

To get you primed deeper into the world and historical revelations discovered in The Order: 1886, we’ve created an investigative online experience to shed more light on the mystery of history’s darkest secret. This is for the fans. If you plan to play The Order: 1886, you’re ordered to visit this experience, no pun intended.

The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886The Order: 1886

This online historical experience will not only allow you to quickly understand The Order’s story and key characters; it will help you connect historical references and parallels with the Arthurian legend, the science, the setting, the folklore, the history of Victorian London – all of which collide in the rich alternate universe of The Order: 1886.

What are the origins of the Order?
Are the Knights Immortal?
Who are the half-breeds?
What was London like in 1886?

That’s just a taste of what you’ll explore through history, art, videos, a web of connected stories and more when you visit The Order: 1886’s historic discovery experience. This is the ultimate primer before you play the game. And don’t forget: you can earn a free exclusive dynamic theme for your PS4. Thank Nikola for that one, not me.

History’s darkest secret continues at, where a man has been attempting to expose the secrets behind the Order of Her Majesty’s Royal Knights, unearthing incredible futuristic technology from Nikola Tesla’s underground lab and a mysterious substance known as Blackwater, a mystical antidote that heals the Knights of The Order. Leaving nothing to chance, he recently pushed the boundaries of our belief in The Order by shooting himself with Tesla’s Crossbow, to prove Blackwater would heal him.

The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886The Order: 1886

Something happened in 1886 — something that changed the course of history forever. You’ll discover exactly what that is when you play The Order: 1886. February 20th can’t come soon enough.

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