Bringing The Order: 1886 to Life

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Bringing The Order: 1886 to Life

Yes! The Order: 1886 is done! From a grand idea flickering in Ru’s disturbingly creative noggin it was imagined, developed and thus realized with love and care by a small team of immature, somewhat unstable, naively optimistic artists and engineers here at Ready At Dawn Studios.

Bringing The Order: 1886 to Life

The early days of development on The Order: 1886 were some of the most exciting of our professional careers. PS4 was still an evolving set of specifications, but it was obvious from the beginning that Sony was going to push the limit of what one could expect from a home console. We knew that the generational leap in terms of visual, audio and simulation fidelity would be remarkable.

We needed an equally ambitious set of goals for the technology we were developing for our game. We set on creating everything from scratch, with the goal of realizing the unrestrained vision of our artists by innovating in the areas of image fidelity, shading, illumination, volumetric effects and simulation techniques. It was a huge challenge, but at the end we succeeded in more areas than we failed, so it was all worth it. We have created a meaningful foundation, a technological canvas for our artists and designers to grow unbound – who knows what they will come up with in the future.

As a “well-seasoned” developer (sigh…) I am in awe that a game running on a home console can offer the player an audiovisual experience like The Order: 1886 does. The technological barriers are crumbling, the scope of our imagination is soon to be the main limiting factor to realizing one’s vision. It is a great time to be making games!

If you’d like to know more about the technology behind The Order, please enjoy our latest “Behind The Scenes” video at the top of this post – come February 20th you will forget all about textile shading and volumetric air resistance and just immerse yourself in the world of The Order: 1886. We hope you’ll love it.

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  • How about addressing the resolution question? Is it 1920x800ish i.e.with black pixel borders on a regular 1920×1080, or true 21:9 1080p (2560×1080 (as if)).

  • Why the heck is there nudity in a monster killing game?

  • So hyped for this game!

  • When will people learn to play games instead of graphics? It looks good regardless of resolution. If that’s your determining factor then I feel sorry for your library of games. It looks good regardless I can’t wait to play it personally. Gj ready@dawn and thanks for ask your hard work regardless.

  • All

  • Congrats on going gold with the game. I’ve already preordered.

    Can’t wait for the 20th!

  • @2 I think an easy answer is when the Lycans transform they will shred their clothes…..nudity.

  • Already preordered last month, I am so Psyched for this one!

  • This tech is undeniably groundbreaking. I hope the game you’ve built on top of it is equally amazing. Looking forward to it!

  • I’m calling it now. This will be this generations Uncharted. The sequel to this game with surpass this one and have great multiplayer, just like uncharted. Mark my Words. This is going to be a great game.

  • @2: According to the ESRB website, this is why:

    (minor spoilers below)

    “During the course of the game, players can visit a brothel that depicts prostitutes with exposed breasts. One brothel sequence depicts a topless woman gyrating on top of a man—the sex act is partially obscured. There is also a fleeting depiction of male genitalia in the game.”

    I’m disappointed by this. Don’t get me wrong, the game looks great, but this is totally unnecessary and seems like something that was just added to get more rating descriptors and make the game seem more “Mature”.

  • Excited for this game. Been following as little as possible to make sure I don’t spoil the game with to much detail’s.

    I think you guy’s done a great job. Look forward to your next project on what ever that is.

  • @2 and @11 I totally agree. I hope this content is avoidable or a filter is included.

  • Beyond excited for this game! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • Stunning work!

  • This game is why I just purchased a PS4. My PS3 and Vita still have a huge backlog but this is the first game that I don’t won’t to wait on. After reading some of the comments though I agree with some of the others about the nudity. I remember playing through Red Dead Redemption and loving it. Only there was a sex scene towards the end that was really not needed and left me thinking why? Best of luck to you guys and gals at ReadyatDawn!

  • Potentially a GotY? I hope so. We know it’ll be visually stunning. I just hope the game play quality equals the graphics. I’m chilled about the ‘mature themes’. The gothic classics all had sexual elements running through them. Providing its contextual, relevant sexual scenes just add depth to the atmosphere. A ‘penny dreadful’ for the digital age. It has to be great!

  • @ 2: A better question is why are there monsters in my nudie game!

  • I also am disappointed that they have nudity in the game and with that type of sexual content. I agree with what was said by


    “I’m disappointed by this. Don’t get me wrong, the game looks great, but this is totally unnecessary and seems like something that was just added to get more rating descriptors and make the game seem more “Mature”.”

    “During the course of the game, players can visit a brothel that depicts prostitutes with exposed breasts. One brothel sequence depicts a topless woman gyrating on top of a man—the sex act is partially obscured. There is also a fleeting depiction of male genitalia in the game.”

    Seems like there is no point to have that in the game, very sad.

  • Another video that show the impressive visuals and cut scenes but little else. I have a feeling the reviews are going to be middling at best with comments like “While the graphics are terrific the gameplay gets dull and repetitive.”

  • What is up with a bit of nudity if a game carrys the apropiate certificate…..bring on the boobies there is no better test of a graphics engine than if it can acuratley render the naked female form…..if you are frightened of nudity look away or close your eyes …i want blood guts severed limbs and dare i say ………..a tiny bit of nudity…….there i said it….

  • Man just 15 more days till I can play this, can’t wait. Pre-ordered and ready to go, one of my most anticipated PS4 games for 2015.

  • For people that can’t handle boobs… go play some Mario!

  • @moog the resolution is native 1080p horizontally and has the same aspect ratio as a film, it’s factually native 1080p

  • i wish there was more to the trailer that i saw but so far it is amazing and i want to play it now that i saw it..

  • Is it 2/20 yet?

  • Visually stunning game sincere props to all those involved with it, but I can’t help but feel the gameplay might be a letdown.

  • @lmafo24 the more relevant question should be, why is there monster killing in a nudity game?? My point is why the hangup about nudity? Are you uncomfortable with your own or other people’s nudity. If so there is lots you can do to master that hangup. FYI, nudity is more natural in this world than killing. Everyone on this planet has been nude at one point or other. Not everyone has killed someone else.

    Looks good @ReadyAtDawn. Now can I suggest you give the female character some detail in her face. The men’s faces all look fairly realistic, while the female character’s face looks like a fake dolls. Why? Because it is flawless. She looks like she’s just had plastic surgery. Even young women have slight creases in their face. If you want all the characters to look as real as possible, please consider adding some more natural texturing to her face.

    Keep up the awesome work.

  • @worldlib777 So what actually goes on in a brothel? If it fits into the story line, why is it unnecessary? Brothels have existed for longer than guns, yet you are fine with guns being in the game and that depicts a real enough scenario for you, but not brothels? It is a 17+ game, so presumably, mature individuals are the only ones supposed to play it. If you are not mature enough, just don’t play the game.

    All this political correctness, is abnormal, society will suffer for it, rather than benefit from it. Natural things are now considered abnormal, while killing, supposed the most abhorrent thing any human can do to another human, in games is now the new normal.

    I don’t mind violence in a game if it fits into the context. Same goes for nudity and even sex in games.
    There are rating systems for a reason.

  • ^ Exxxactly, great description. It sucks when people want to censor things within a rating to appease themselves personally. What would make sense is “Why is there nudity in a T rated game?”. That’s more of a valid argument. M-Rated is similar to R rated movies mind you. Sometimes in the movies I admit that it can get annoying when nudity/sex scenes are thrown in it just for Lolz. But a brothel in the setting can tie into the theme. I am sure it’s not just a brothel on the side you can walk into (look at God Of War btw) just for a fun mini-game.

  • We still know very little about the gameplay. I’m so glad IGN is given so much about Bloodborne. At least I know what I’m getting into. It’s kinda scary with the game coming out in just a couple of weeks please do more to sell me. The Victorian era themed in horror is about the only thing in common between the 2 games. But the in depth on going coverage for Bloodborne makes me wish they do more for The Order 1886. Seeing live actors playing ‘the order make believe’ makes me worry even more.

    I want this game to rock! Not lie under it.

  • Oh man the reviews are finally in. The game disappoints with poor pacing, QTE overkill and no action. The story isn’t loved either. PSN caget a $15 credit when you spend more than $100 using your SEN Wallet on PS Store I get a refund for my preorder?

    IGN 6.5
    Polygon 5.5!

    50 Metacritic reviews is in the low to mid 60’s!

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