Quirky Puzzler King Oddball Hits PS3 Today

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Quirky Puzzler King Oddball Hits PS3 Today

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s King Oddball! The quirky physics puzzler that has charmed gamers on PS4 and Vita is making its way to PS3 today. It comes with a free trial, so you should really check it out!

As the title suggests, King Oddball is a bit weird. It’s a physics-based puzzle game, but not like any you’ve played before. The gameplay is intensely skill based, and executed entirely with a single button. Here’s how it works:

King Oddball on PS4

The titular King Oddball swings a rock with his tongue, back and forth, like a pendulum. When you hit X, the rock is released. The rock will carry whatever momentum it had at the exact moment you hit the button, so depending on your timing you’ll get a mighty hurl or a delicate drop.

From then on it’s all about the physics. Will you overshoot the tank? Will you just miss the helicopter? Your timing needs to be very, very good. And that only takes you through the levels where you have a couple of enemies to crush.

When there’s a lot of enemies or structures to destroy, you need to layer in the puzzle part. You will get an extra rock if you squash three or more enemies with a single rock, or if you bounce the rock back to your head. Neither of which are very easy feats, as the rock will blast off from anything that explodes. And bouncing the rock from chopper to tank to soldier is exactly what you need to achieve to make the numbers add up.

We feel we managed to combine the skill puzzle and brain puzzle parts amazingly well with King Oddball. Many gamers agree, according to the feedback we’ve had about the game — its addictive qualities, eccentric art style, awesome accordion soundtrack and whatnot. If you’re even vaguely into these types of games, or want to see if there can be any depth to a single button gameplay mechanic, give King Oddball a go.

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  • I enjoyed this on the PS4. It’s different enough from all the other catapult type games to stand out, plus the soundtrack will stay in your head far longer than you may want. :)

  • This was fun on my android smartphone. Got it for free from amazon.
    Many hours of challenging puzzles. Worth a try if that’s your thing.

  • what differs this from the free andriod version besides removing adds ?

  • Crimsonland 2 on Vita?

  • When this was first announced for the other Sony systems, I looked up the Android version and was very pleasantly surprised by how fun and well-made it is (most phone games stink). And I like the filtered visual effect. Glad to hear it’s coming to PS3.

    @PainOfSarrow: You get to play it on a real television instead of a dinky little 5″ screen. And use real buttons. And I assume there’s probably trophies.

    Granted, most of the phones these days have HDMI out (with a separate adapter), but who ever bothers?

  • It’s easy to see how this is related to Angry Birds. I hate Angry Birds, so I reluctantly tried it out. In the end, I found this to be a surprisingly good game, and addictive! I already played it on PS4 and Vita/PSTV. Seeing as it’s cross-buy, I might as well play it on PS3 too.

  • So i see your a flying gigantic head that brakes a lot of thing.

    like tanks and bricks and other stuff. :}

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