Noir Horror Game White Night Coming to PS4 on March 3rd

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Noir Horror Game White Night Coming to PS4 on March 3rd

Starting OSome Studio was a pretty frightening adventure in the beginning. I met Domenico Albani and Mathieu Fremont while employed together at Eden Games, where we worked on the fifth instalment of Alone in the Dark. We all went our separate ways after that project finished, picking up experience at other studios, but there was always the feeling of “what if” in the back of our minds.

Noir Horror Game White Night Coming to PS4 on March 3rd

After a few more years of exhausting ourselves on blockbuster titles, the three of us took a step back and realized we each wanted to do something that would let loose our creativities and replenish our passions. OSome Studio was founded to produce original, refreshing games with powerful and immersive environments. We didn’t have much of a budget back then, but we shared a common vision for an original gaming experience and the will to make it a reality. It wouldn’t be a big project, but it would be ours to own.

White Night is the product of that dream. Set in Boston in the 1930s, White Night is an old-school survival horror adventure with a distinct black-and-white film noir look that grabs you immediately. We wanted to create something that people would enjoy, but also something that would stand out as unusual and refreshing in today’s survival horror landscape. That meant revisiting the themes that made classic horror games like the original Alone in the Dark so gripping: mature storytelling, strong characters, compelling environments, and equal respect for tension and terror. White Night is a good old ghost story full of mystery, poetry, alchemy, and suspense.

And true to classic survival horror fashion, it’s set in a deserted mansion.

White NightWhite Night

We worked everywhere — out of our homes, co-working sites, even in bars, partly to save money, but also because we were working as freelancers, and that meant going by a less rigid set of rules. It was a breath of fresh air that helped us get out of that old office development mentality we’d been so used to.

We hunted for inspiration wherever we could find it. We listened to jazz music from the era. We drew from the bold look of black-and-white cinema, not only to define White Night’s art style, but to create a chilling game world in which scarce sources of light are the only ways to reveal your surroundings. We even went so far as to rent a real-life mansion in Normandy, where we stowed away for a week to talk about the game, take pictures of the architecture and, most importantly, steep ourselves in the setting. We wanted to get it all right.

And White Night definitely reflects those efforts. When we reached out to Frederick Raynal, the author of the first Alone in the Dark, to show him a prototype of the game, we were thrilled to find out he was very enthusiastic about the project. I can’t truly describe how great it was to share tips and advice with someone so central to shaping the genre, but it was an extremely enriching conversation, and we came away more motivated than ever.

White Night

We showed White Night to press and publishers for the first time at the 2013 Game Connection Europe show in Paris, where it was honored with several awards. The prize included — wait for it — a nifty PS4 development kit, which you can probably gather we put to good use! We sometimes have to pinch ourselves, because seeing our own independent design come to fruition — and seeing people really respond to it — often feels like a dream!

Looking back on how far we’ve come, with only a few weeks left before launch, it’s hard to believe where all the time went. White Night, our little pet project that came to life while sharing a bar table, will finally be available for download on March 3rd. We hope you enjoy your stay at the mansion!

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  • The blacks would certainly pop on a certain handheld’s screen …

  • Looks good and interesting. I hope that will be a demo for it.

  • Definitely will be looking out for this game.

  • Very excited to see how this turns out. I love the art style and it looks pretty creepy… Can’t wait!

  • looks really good! like if L.A. Noire had a baby with the Unfinished Swan

  • Awessome art style.
    *clap clap* for the photografy!

  • This looks pretty sweet. I lovethe art style! Hope that the theme guy pops up because they could make a really cool theme from these assets

  • Woah! Sounds awesome! I’m really interested in seeing how you guys played with shadows in this game!

    But my Vita is really sad that she got abandoned by another great game again… Is there any possibility of it being released to Vita as well? Say “yes”, pleeeease…

  • While it’s not the “White Knight” game I was hoping for, it looks really sharp!

  • Cool. Not a genre I ever play with, but I must say – this has me intrigued. Puttin’ on the list!

    Also, thank you for announcing it with a set release date. So many games have been shown off, only to go completely dark, for up to a year or more. I know people are excited about their projects, and that they require time and hard work, but it’s been really frustrating to see the anticipation dragged out, and peoples’ good will stretched thin. I understand that unexpected things happen, but fans get strung along with “Coming Soon”, “Early next year”, “By the end of the year”, and other vague statements. Anyways….Thank you again. Your patience and restraint are appreciated.

    Do you have a price point nailed down?

  • Or do I smell PS Plus?

  • cant wait to see how it turns out. Love the art style.

  • One more bargain bin indie game for my next gen console…. how exciting.

    So glad i bought this console day one, so i can stockpile a bunch 2.5D games that rightfully could, and should have been made for ps2.

  • This looks really interesting and dark o: It’s too bad I’m too chicken to play this.

  • This is obviously a PS Plus game for march considering it releases march 3rd which is also the first week of march. i can’t wait. to me 2015 seems like the year of the remakes and the year of the horror genre i love it!!!

  • Hey Sony, make White Night one of the march’s PS+ games!

  • Wow, that looks interesting!

  • The style and premise of the game sounds amazing. Can’t wait to check it out!

  • This looks very promising. Very interesting.

  • Welcome to my radar.

  • When I first saw the style, I didn’t find it too appealing. But when I watched the video, it reeled me in real quick! I like the creepy atmosphere! It looks genuinely scary and I’ll be buying if it’s the right price point!

  • Fantastic art style. Reminds me of Unfinished Swan or MadWorld for the Wii.
    Nice to see some variety.
    Definitely on my radar now.

  • This would be so awesome to play on the Vita.

  • While completely different styles, the similar intro brings back warm feelings from playing Uninvited on the NES. I’m excited.

  • Love the art style, I hope it’s as suspenseful as it seems in the trailer. Looking forward to this… Great job guys.

  • You’ve got my attention, that’s for sure! This is looking interesting!

  • @DesertFoxx

    I know how you feel on this subject but there is one thing you have to admit though: for all these games that aren’t up to the specs of the system at least they are complete games! I can’t tell you how sick I am of the current generation releasing AAA games that only half done and need constant updates! This is where I give indie developers credit for getting their games completed!

  • Make the game available for the vita as well and you’ll have my purchase.

  • This looks really cool. Alone in the Dark: Inferno was a fantastic early game for PS3, and the PS3 version was definitely the best of all the platforms. (Though it would have been cool to have *some* of the motion controls from the Wii version.) I saw the Inferno was one of the first games on PS Now, and I hope that people are more players getting to experience it now as a result. I’d *love* to see a refresh of that game, maybe Atari can work out a deal with you guys instead of their awful iOS ports? ;)

    As for this game, can you talk about how you’re taking advantage of PS4-specific features like DualShock 4, large amounts of RAM, special anti-aliasing to gives very clean lines, etc? The game looks beautiful!

  • The art looks amazing! The trailer was very short for me, I’ll wait for this title!

  • Looks nice and creepy will most likly pick this one up

  • looks good.; will wait for entire series.

  • sorry thinking about another game…
    This game looks awesome and will definitely be purchasing/playing it.

  • Day 1

  • The game looks great, I was hooked the minute I saw the ps4 trailer.

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