Criminal Girls: Invite Only Out Tomorrow on Vita

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Criminal Girls: Invite Only Out Tomorrow on Vita

Your team is being decimated. Everyone’s down to 10 HP or less. But there’s hope, one more slash and the enemy’s toast. Kisaragi has the initiative so you tell her to attack. This is it…

“I don’t want to, and you can’t make me!” Wait. What?

Criminal Girls: Invite Only

Not really what you expect to hear when you ask your teammate to do something in an RPG, is it? Criminal Girls: Invite Only reimagines the obedient teams of traditional RPGs under a new paradigm. These girls didn’t volunteer to help you. They’re delinquents who have been damned to an eternity in Hell. It’s your job to teach them the value of hard work and guide them on their way out of the fiery embrace of Hell.

So who are the sinful girls you’ll be turning into a cohesive and heavenly team? Let’s meet them.

Kisaragi is the first firebrand in your troupe. From the get-go, her obsession with status and money are apparent. Her tongue is sharp, and her words can turn to venom. Turned in the right direction though, she can be a great asset to your team.

Alice is the quiet one. To call her mysterious would be an understatement. Constant whispers beneath her breath, half-spoken sentences, and allusions to things that could be illusion or real. Looking into her seemingly vacant eyes could be enough to give the most stalwart man chills.

Criminal Girls: Invite OnlyCriminal Girls: Invite Only

Tomoe is the type of girl I dreamed of in the heady days of puberty, and she knows it. Her words make people dance like puppets, and she seems to always get what she wants. Though her body looks soft, she’s tough enough to break you in two, and isn’t afraid to slice and dice if you’re not nice.

Shin is unashamedly my favorite. She’s smart and a hardcore gamer at heart. Her MMORPG mastery makes her excellent at strategizing, but unfortunately, she’s the type to rage-quit. Teaching her inner calm could just make her the most useful member of a coordinated team.

Sako tends to border on the overbearing. She’s constantly looking out for her sister, Yuko, and can turn into a little ball of rage when something threatens either of them or their relationship. If you get her to calm down, maybe her fiery temper could be guided in a more useful direction.

Yuko is a nurturer by nature. She’s grown up worrying for her sister and making sure that everything’s okay. Unfortunately, she’s also the laziest girl I’ve ever met. Not exactly who I’d want to be taking care of my ailing Grandpa, if you know what I mean. If she were a bit more motivated, I bet she’d be great at giving sponge-baths though.

Criminal Girls: Invite Only

Ran doesn’t quite run the show, but does run over people. She might have been the leader of her local chapter of the MMA club when she was alive, so it’ll take some work to get past the defensive walls she’s built up, but it’s well worth it.

Each member of your team has their own personality and unique backstory to uncover. Why are they condemned to Hell? What are the sins you must help them atone? Discover each woman’s unique past as you guide them through the Reformation Program tomorrow. Consider this your invite.

For more information, check out the official site.

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  • game for pedos… (I’m not a pedo)

  • I’m (im)patiently waiting for my copy of the limited edition. It’s on the mail truck right now and will arrive this afternoon. Really looking forward to playing it. :D

  • Looking forward to playing this tomorrow!

  • Yay! Finally. Will go for retail copy at my favorite local shop.

  • I, for one, could really get into these crazy Japanese RPGs. This looks like one of the crazier ones. I’m officially adding it to my list. Just one question: Is it compatible with PlayStation TV?

  • Never heard of this game before but very nice art.

  • Why are you still publishing games? The only thing you do is screwing up every single effing game you publish.

    Why there isn’t a single mention of all the content you cut from the game?

    When will you run out of bussiness?

  • The box art for Retail does say that it’s PS Vita TV compatible

  • @1 lol if you have to say you’re not a pedo you probably are. You just blew your cover dude.

  • I saw someone playing an import version of this like a year ago. It was definitely offbeat.

    The cut content itself doesn’t really bother me, but knowing that the game I’m getting has content that’s been modified or removed is definitely concerning. It was sort of the appeal of this game, anyway.

  • always welcome more JRPG for the Vita, will be picking this up.

  • Oh NIS why do you guys make it so hard for us to love you?
    The Firefly Diaries is touchscreen only. When I first heard of it my immediate reaction would be to cancel my pre-order.
    But I wanted to support you so I’m keeping it. Quite frankly, do not do this again please. EVER!
    The handheld has buttons for a reason. If you want to throw some touchscreen-only based game, release it for the stupid people who owns an android or ios device.
    I can’t really blame you. sony has the magic to transform your good games into a ****** product, even if that’s what we’re willing to play. Still a huge disappointment.

    The Vita deserved better.

  • Oh NIS why do you guys make it so hard for us to love you?
    The Firefly Diaries is touchscreen only. When I first heard of it, my immediate reaction would be to cancel my pre-order.
    But I wanted to support you so I’m keeping it. Quite frankly, do not do this again please. EVER!
    The handheld has buttons for a reason. If you want to throw some touchscreen-only based game, release it for the people who owns an android or ios device.
    I can’t really blame you. sony has the magic to transform your good games into a crappy product, even if that’s what we’re willing to play. Still a huge disappointment.

    The Vita deserved better.

  • @9 If I said “game for pedos” and left it at that, then my comment may be mistaken…so I just typed in plain english “I’m not a pedo” to make it clear..

  • I used to love NISA so much but now they’re not publishing Atelier & Neptunia series anymore.

    and with all the censorship they’re doing, I didn’t buy any game from them for awhile.

    good luck with your business anyway. hope I’ll find some interesting game from you guys in the future.

  • I’m only know about this game because is banned from GAF.

  • Planning to get this, but Question, How are the controls for the touch stuff on the Vita TV? can i use the buttons or do i have to use the awkward L3 & R3 sticks?

    Also, how much censorship went into the final product?

    Either way happy we’re still getting to odd ones from japan. Keep them coming.

  • Why is everyone so upset at NISA? Although I’ll most likely pass on this one regardless of the features/lack thereof, They’ve brought over some great games to the Vita (Danga Ronpa 1 & 2, the Disgaea series [including Vita versions of 3 & 4, and soon-to-be 5], Demon Gaze, etc). Don’t blame them, blame the game rating system, because that’s why they made the decision to cut some of the features out.

    In other words, NISA is still amazing in my opinion!

  • @ RoD_GX: Nis to my knowledge is simply a distribution house, in charge of localization and distribution, they have no control over the games actual programming, outside of request to the Japanese production facilities.

  • ESRB doesn’t censor them, NISA censors itself.

  • @20 they censor it cause they don’t wanna get AO rating.

  • Exactly! NISA even said themselves that if it were up to them, they would’ve changed a thing about this game.

  • Too bad for the censorship, but Im gonna get it anyways.

  • **Wouldn’t have changed it — My bad, lol.

  • I’m fine with the censorship. Anything that makes an RPG feel less like a porn game is fine by me. Will buy retail.

  • So a game about little cartoon girls with huge breasts? Must be a Japanese thing.
    As a father of 2 small kids, I’ll pass.
    @northleaf65 – spot on. No need to defend yourself. It’s a retarded, sexist, juvenile premise for a game. If people want to buy this, fine. But expect a little mocking from the rest of us. boohoo.

  • @12/13 The Firefly Diary is not touchscreen only. It has multiple control schemes, one of which is dual analogs!

    Anyways, just got my CG LE about an hour ago. Can’t wait to unbox and play this one. :3

  • @25 nekokyonshi – That LE is tempting (I’m a sucker for physical music media), but with so much rapid-fire releasing in February and my real-world aversion to corporeal punishment (that’s entirely optional in the game…right?), I’m prolly just gonna bow out of this’n, much as my inner collector is writhing.

  • I love the drawing technique, shadow details and others, could be a must buy, all depends of game size and price.

  • @27 can’t speak to size (maybe you mean length?), but as for the price, it’ll be whatever the standard Vita game price in your region is. Use to be 40 in Canada although some places have started charging 45-50 here.

  • lol and when I post the number of previous posts shift so that was now @29

  • @26 I hear ya. So many games coming out from both NISA/IFI. I’ve only listened to a few tracks of the Soundtrack so far, but it seems like they’re all furnished with vocals and everything. :o (Only about 5 tracks in though.)

    As for the punishment, it’s kinda required, since that’s how your girls learn new skills and such. I remember hearing that there is a way to skip the minigame and just reap the results, but I’m not entirely sure.

  • Well Boomstick, I just experienced the exact same thing. XD Previous message goes to TJF588

  • Not a big fan of cut content. but if there’s one thing i like about the vita. it’s that it’s region free.
    I might just pick up the JP version and just follow the english walk-through on youtube for when it comes up.
    though the price hike in import fee’s is a debbie downer. i dont’ mind.

  • @yentair

    Ignorant and racist? I feel sorry for your kids.

  • Wished you did not censor. Still buying because I am curious of the level up system.

    Since it is a vita game and a JRPG game….getting for sure. Just hoping the cast is good as a Tales game. Not like Conception 2 trope characters.

  • WOOOHOOOO! I’m ready for this to be released already!

    To all those who dislike the censorship: Please do not complain about such a trivial thing. An RPG is all about the story, fanservice is just a bonus. :D

  • Why do I hate the word troupe so much?

  • Most RPGs are for story. But when the main gimmick of the game is fan service. Then it does matter that it was censored. All said and done I watched YouTube videos of the punishment time for the jp version and didn’t seem that steamy, unless you understand the Japanese being said. Sad they cut that part.

    Whatever still want to support, will pick up when my back log gets a bit thinner. Have too much on my plate right now.

  • No thanks, you can keep your censored game. I bet you made the lowest number possible of that LE and it’s still not sold out, hope you learned your lesson.

  • would have bought it if it had a dub,but since there is none going to pass. Though I understand why this one lacked one.

  • @Hey I liked the female cast in conception 2 :(

  • Preordered the game and got it today, im liking it alot so far. The nis store paypal preorder thing was a little annoying but mistakes happen. Thanx for the hard work everyone does to bring games over. I appreciate it.

  • are those little half naked girls or little people who are half naked?

  • Man… these games and their bland gameplay @_@ sigh. I sometimes feel sorry, because it’s cool when ppl make different games but the gameplay looks too gameboy color rpg-ish… By now RPGs at its lowest should at “least” be in the form of Breath Of Fire 3 or 4… If it was I’d pick this up asap and support the creators.

  • As for ppl asking if it’s little girls that’s half naked or lolis, or little ppl or what have you. Best thing to learn in the fantasy world, never use real world logic. You’ve got demons like Etna who looks like a little teen (if you use real world logic) but is freakin 100x older than us. Even then, say if you liked Sakura from street fighter when she first appeared. Say she was “15” and you were 10 at the time. fast forward 20 years later, she’ll most likely still be 15, and you’d be 30. Does that make you creepy or a pedo? No, it’s fake, it’s fantasy, never use real world logic in the fantasy world or you will screw your head up very bad. I learned a lot myself from putting real world morals and logic in the fantasy world xD;;

    Anyway, aside from this prisoner teach her a lesson fan service, the fighting is very bland x_X. For me it’s gameplay > all. Hope whoever buys this has fun with it though?

  • Like many others, the only reason I’m not getting this game is because of the unnecessary censorship.

    NISA claims they need to censor games to get an okay rating from ESRB yet other publishers release games with almost identical content and they get a T rating. NISA even admitted to not even sending in uncensored versions of their games for rating before deciding to censor everything.

    This is unacceptable behavior in my opinion and I’m not supporting the censorship of japanese games. I even passed on a couple of games I was otherwise really excited for (Mugen Souls Z would have been a day 1 must for me), just because of the censorship.

  • As interesting as the game looks, it doesn’t grab me enough to put it ahead of my backlog. Now, if it was Operation Abyss, or one of the Fate games ported to Vita and/or PS4, this would be a completely different story! (I understand why Japanese developers are still focusing on the PS3, but some solid ports would no doubt be much loved)

    In regards to the whole ‘age’ issue, if people bothered to look at the official site, you could easily pass half the characters off as ‘late teens’, with the rest being ‘petite’. I’m sure as the story developed it would reveal this information, but chibi art does not instantly make all the characters 7 years old (just as having a petite build doesn’t). One could just as easily argue those seeing these fantasy characters as minors (while others are not) are ‘perverted’ for not considering the alternative.

  • I normally like weird games, but I will say the characters look like 6 – 10 year olds with boobs. Not okay with that. The fact that this particular game might have some censorship might be for the best.

    In the past I had a lot of arguments with NISA about changing references to US refernces since they just figured people from here would not understand them. A few might have gone over some heads, but we all probably get that crow squaking can be annoying and they changed a reference about that in an older PS2 title.

  • Why do people keep saying these are little girls? Have you never heard of chibis? Not really into pervy games myself, but chibis are not (always) children, they are super-deformed characters.

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