The Order: 1886 Kicks Off Big Game with New Trailer

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The Order: 1886 Kicks Off Big Game with New Trailer

From Kratos to Nathan Drake, Killzone to LittleBigPlanet, and the many other iconic characters and franchises that have delivered greatness in technology, storytelling, and gameplay through the power of the PlayStation for the last 20 years, it’s these incredible, captivating experiences that empower your passion for PlayStation.

This is why we partnered with the amazing talent of Ready At Dawn Studios to bring you the next “Big Game” for your PS4, hitting Feb 20th: The Order: 1886. Fittingly, from one Big Game to the biggest of them all this Sunday, Sir Galahad and The Knights of The Order: 1886 will debut a new TV trailer in the build up to kick-off. As one of PlayStation 4’s biggest new exclusives in recent memory, it’s the perfect time for The Order: 1886 to be at the forefront.

The Order: 1886 Kicks Off Big Game with New Trailer

In development for over 3 years by Ready at Dawn Studios in conjunction with Santa Monica Studio External Development, The Order: 1886 harnesses the power of PS4 to bring you a visceral, cinematic storytelling experience the likes of which you have never seen before on a gaming console. Set deep within a unique vision of Victorian-Era London, you are put directly in the middle of a centuries-old war as Sir Galahad, a member of an elite order of Knights, against a powerful threat that will determine the course of history forever.

It’s been a long fantastic, journey bringing The Order: 1886 to PS4, and we are extremely proud to see it showcased before Sunday’s big game.

Which begs the question, who will win? Seattle? New England? My pick? Easy…The Order: 1886.

If you haven’t already, you can pre-order The Order: 1886 right here.

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  • First!! Can’t wait!!! :D

  • Nice trailer! Hopefully it is played during some big NBA/NCAA games as well.

    Now that Microsoft showed that there will be Remote Play to all Windows 10 devices for xbox one games, you guys should bring the PS4 Remote Play app to iOS and Android.

    Factoring in all Windows 7 and 8 devices that will upgrade for free to Windows 10, they will have millions of devices capable of remote play. You guys should not keep remote play exclusive to just Vita and Xperia devices.

    Any update on when PS Vue is coming out? List of all the channels, devices you can watch it on (hopefully iOS and Android) and pricing?

  • Also, I like the rebranding of the services to mention “Playstation/PS” (PS Now, PS Vue, PS Music, PS Video, etc.)

    Although, what is the point of having a separate video app with PS Video/Video Unlimited when you have movies and tv shows that stream from the PS Store? I think the distinction and benefits need to be communicated.

  • why are the forums not refreshing for me

  • Every time I see a new trailer and see more and more of the story, all I keep thinking is, who is going to be bit?

  • “From Kratos to Nathan Drake, Killzone to LittleBigPlanet, ”

    I wouldn’t include the failure of that last game.
    You guy’s released two broken (online) LBP games back to back, I’m done buying them.

    But on-topic, I will be getting The Order eventually. Maybe not day one though.

  • Can’t wait for The Order: 1886!

  • Day One purchase, been waiting for this game since it was first made public.

    On the flip side could we get the following on the PlayStation Platform:

    *PS Music and PS Movies on all Android, iOS, and PC platforms? BE COMPETITIVE!

    *Remote Play on all Android, iOS, and PC Platforms? BE COMPETITIVE!

    *Better support for PlayStation branded headsets on PlayStation TV? Right now I’m skyping when I play freedom wars and pipe the games audio to my PC.

    *Party Chat when in Remote Play on Vita and PS TV

    *A PSTV and Vita that supports Micro SDs. You want to know the number one turn off for Vita is right now….. This shouldn’t be a reason not to own either.

    I understand that attracting users to Sony Hardware products is a big deal, but if the PlayStation brand is to be successful Sony needs to cut ties with these practices. A sign of good faith of not getting hardware locked is what consumers need. I would be more inclined to buy a Sony Phone and use Sony services if my Samsung Device is able to use them, weird huh.

  • Add more value to the PS4’s entertainment offering with HBO GO and WatchESPN apps. Extra – Pandora, Beats, Showtime, FX Now, Watch ABC, MLS, Weather Channel, Yahoo Screen, etc.

    Steering wheel and fighting stick compatibility?

    Any update on Oovoo coming to PS4?

    Are more entertainment apps coming to PS TV? The device could be a good replacement for set top boxes, but there are no entertainment apps!

    When PSN maintenance is going to occur, a ‘From Playstation’ notification should appear on the PS4.

    Discount on PS Now for PS Plus users (or one free Now game a month for Plus users) or users that already bought the game on PSN?

    Gamestop, Giantbomb and Podcast apps for PS4?

    PC Driver for Dualshock 4?

    More PS Plus cloud storage for saves?

    Gifting items and wish list on PS Store?

  • I want to really like the order.

    How much is this game play is QTE?

    The demo looked very restrictive like aiming down the sniper rifle you were trapped to shoot at the highlighted target and nothing else. Don’t get me wrong I love a good story but I hope I’m not just waiting through many cinematics before I can engage in brief moments of gameplay.

    Can I even explore this beautiful world? I understand that the developers wanted us to get a highly personalized view of the story but my ultimate fear is that the game becomes as linear as a rail shooter.

    Especially if the game is filled with one off deaths. The player will have to endure watching the same scene over and over again to reach the same point.

    You have only one chance to make this game great. Take your time with it. Listen to the feedback.

  • My god look or donn’t look at all of those comments right above me. Anyway the game is awesome I played 40 minutes of it .

  • @death_nation What was your 1st impressions? I was going to preorder The Order 1886 but after seeing over 1.5hr of pure Bloodborne Alpha gameplay footage on YouTube I may switch over to Bloodborne and wait for The Order reviews. I like Naughty Dogs way of telling storytelling. I just hope Ready At Dawn didn’t over do it. In an odd way The Order reminds me of Until Dawn, beautifully rendered without a game camera or free roam.

  • Just got Playstation Now.
    Is it supposed to do something other than saying Please Wait… for ever?

  • The entire game is a trailer.

  • Have this game pre-ordered, can’t wait till the 20th.

  • “Visually phenomenal” ” Gorgeous…highly cinematic”

    These could describe “Ryse Son of Rome” needless to say I’m skeptical about this. Generally, the more a game is hyped the less I trust it to be good.

  • @ Setzaroth

    “Visually phenomenal” ” Gorgeous…highly cinematic”

    These are broad terms that could describe any AAA game with good graphics imo.

  • @ Tomoprime

    I think that if you’re looking for ‘exploration’, then I think The Order 1886 is not the game to look out for. It’s a linear game. There’s not much open-ended gameplay here.

    Considering how abundant open-world games are today, I think it’s a relief that there are still linear games being made, because I like those games as well personally. Checklist open-world games with generic missions can get boring very quickly imo.

    On the other hand, a tightly paced linear single-player game with a compelling story can keep me on the edge of my seat during the whole course of the whole game imo.

    On QTE’s, the game doesn’t seem to have many QTE’s. But it does have a context-sensitive action button prompt that seems to appear quite a lot of time. (press triangle to open door, press triangle for stealth kill, press triangle to drink blackwater etc)

    Button prompts =/= QTE’s. (QTE requires you to press you a random button in very short amount of time, otherwise you fail in the QTE action sequence. Button prompt is just the game telling you that the button will perform that action, there’s no time limit here or something)

  • @ Tomoprime

    Continuing my reply:

    There still are QTE’s in the game, in the form of ‘branching QTE’s’ where time slow downs and you can look at your surroundings and pick different objects to perform the QTE / action sequence. I don’t think this is something bad, because it looks quite fun at best or it’s something that I’d be indifferent towards at worst. And these are QTE’s (with a tiny bit more freedom), because there’s a time limit in which you have to press the button prompts

    If you’ve watched or played the PSX gameplay demo, then when Galahad is taking over the cockpit with his pal, there’s a branching QTE sequence.

  • @ KazeEternal

    “*PS Music and PS Movies on all Android, iOS, and PC platforms? BE COMPETITIVE!”

    – PS Music is essentially Spotify under another brand, and that rebranding is platform-bround. (those platforms being PlayStation consoles of course, and Spotify appearing under the brand ‘PlayStation Music’ there)

    Spotify is already everywhere, so no need (likely no demand) to have PS Music on iOS / Android / PC since it’s essentially the same thing. Maybe PS Music will have a few extra features, but that’s it. What I do wonder though, is why PS Music will be on Xperia devices as well, because Xperia devices obviously already have access to Spotify. Maybe it will replace Music Unlimited’s integration with the music app on Xperia phones. (hopefully)

  • @ KazeEternal

    “A sign of good faith of not getting hardware locked is what consumers need. I would be more inclined to buy a Sony Phone and use Sony services if my Samsung Device is able to use them, weird huh.”

    You are likely an exception and not representative of the average consumer at all. Of course most consumers look into compelling features from one device that differentiate itself from the other devices as well.

    Would you really be more inclined to buy a Wii U if the Wii U exclusive games would be on other platform as well?

  • Uhm….preordered and eagerly waiting.

    Let me remind the skeptical crowd that similar complaints were leveled at GOW originally but all turned out ok and even back then there was no reason to really doubt the game because, while one has to wonder, one also needs to take a step back and look at things rationally. The Order 1886 is developed by a first party studio, it had a 3+ years sweet spot dev cycle, did not go through development hell and an entire genere and generation swap like other games. The chances of this game being a wrek and not delivering as promised are slim.

  • I’m super excited for the game overall. I can accept linear like GOW and QTEs. Just hope the game isn’t super restrictive and that the gameplay isn’t super predetermined. The eurogamer YouTube ‘5 reasons not to’ pre-screen scared me a little.

    Fingers crossed.

  • ^

    Okay. You’re right I think, it’s a reasonable concern and one that I personally have as well.

    For example, the E3 gameplay, the encounter with the lycan looked very predetermined and very restrictive in how to handle the encounter. I hope that each boss encounters with bigger lycans aren’t like that.

  • Hehe, I honestly can’t wait. I mean look at it, it looks like it would be a fantastic game to play.. and hopefully it is. I’m positive this game won’t let me down.

  • I played the 20 min demo at the playstation now event so it’s my most anticipated game this year. I liked the demo a lot. Can’t wait for this to come out.

  • LOL, I don’t know why I said playstation NOW… meant playstation EXPERIENCE event.

  • ^ LoL – I’m really glad people are speaking up about playing the demo.

    Does anyone know how we get the soundtrack with the digital preorder? It comes free which is awesome but does this mean I can get the tracks from iTunes? I wonder if they are going to make this like its own app what Infamous 2nd Son did. Where you can only play the music in its own standalone music player on PS4. I would love to get the MP3s or whatever is supported to add it to my music library. Thanks.

  • Also….I despise the term Lycan ever since Underworld introduced it. Could other authors use their own in universe moniker/terminology for god’s sake??

  • The developer’s unwillingness to show us any interesting gameplay makes me fear there isn’t any. We’ve seen numerous small teasers of cinematics, but the only gameplay we’ve seen seems like the most basic third person shooter gameplay, nothing unique or special… not even like a strange array of ‘world specific’ weapons that make sense in this steampunk variant of 19th century London. Typically when games HAVE unique mechanics/gimmicks/arsenals/etc., the developers strive to show them off to build interest…. so them not showing them off makes me really worry for the gameplay of this game.

    Cool aesthetic and interesting premise are nice, but they aren’t usually enough for a game to stand on, alone.

  • I was really looking forward to this title. Unfortunately the more footage they show, the less impressed I get. Positives first it looks incredible. Production quality on every level from lore to sound seems meticulously crafted. A lot of love seems to be poorer into this game. So A+ for effort. My real concern is that it will be a connect the dots third person fetch quest (dead space) “GREAT GAME, LOVED IT”. But that was then this is now. I’m sure the seemless transition from cinematic to gameplay was a tough task to handle. I just hope it’s enough to off set what looks to be a run of the mill third person shooter with extra extra polish. I’m picturing Mass Effect with QTE no exploration or conversation system. Hmmm what does that leave us with. Not much. I hope the story is able to carry what I think will be a 1 play wonder. Ready at dawn please prove me wrong. I’ve already got Isac off the Ishimaru and reunited Marcus with his father. This game will live or die by its story telling. Everyone be cautiously optimistic. I’ve preordered it. God help me.

  • If they pull this off, Sony may just have another Naughty Dog caliber developer in their stables. This game “looks” phenomenal. Really looking forward to it.

  • Already said enough about The Order…game’s impressive from all perspectives…I just can’t wait to play this game,since the announcement its my most anticipated game and I bought a PS4 for it.I’m already seeing…if UC4 do not launch this year The Order is GOTY 2015…only Arkham Knight can be a contender.

    One thing is worrying me though…there is a trophy to Kill 10 Lycans…does that mean there will be just a few of them in the game?….now that would be disappointing.Don’t wanna fight more rebels than lycans.

  • @welmosca. Good point. A thought that had occurred to me earlier was, is there a trophy for collectables? It seems every game has one of those. If not then gameplay looks to be extremely limited / restrictive. It still irks me that Sony isn’t showcasing all of the games best attributes. Why are they so secretive about it?

    Did you guys see the 18minutes of Bloodborne? The more I see the more I like this game. The Alpha footage on YouTube looks great too. The main difference is the demo had every character powered up and people played for hours. The IGN coverage show how you start with nothing as an RPG should.

  • What I’ve found:

    * Inspector First Class
    Find all inspect items Gold

    * Archivist
    Collect all phonograph cylinders Silver

    * Well-read
    Inspect all newspapers Silver

    * Detail Oriented
    Inspect all photographs and documents Silver

    * Power of Observation
    Inspect all objects Silver

  • There is a conversation going on NeoGAF that The Order 1886’s 1st play through length is 8 to 10 hours. You can take your time or increase the game difficulty to expand on that.

  • Good to see it was put in a superbowl ad but you guys need to keep advertising your games way more if you feel they are gonna be great. ..sometimes it seems like sony says ,well we are leading/winning anyways and you become tight Imo

  • Premium Edition of The Order 1886 Pre Ordered/Paid in Full. I’m sooo ready for this game! I’m definitely *Lycan* what I see…….sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

  • Damn I hate being right!
    IGN 6.5
    Polygon 5.5

    Why did you disappoint us Ready At Dawn?

    I want to refund my preorder!

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