Hands-on with DmC: Definitive Edition on PS4

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Hands-on with DmC: Definitive Edition on PS4

When DmC: Devil May Cry launched in January of 2013, Ninja Theory introduced the world to a fresh interpretation of an iconic video game (anti)hero. Half angel, half demon, the Dante of DmC not only fought legions of demon spawn, but the misinformation of an evil corporation. The demon king Mundus took a CEO’s office, not a dark throne. It was a new game world, and Dante kicked its ass.

DmC: Definitive Edition

Now the smart-talking Dante fights on in DmC: Definitive Edition, launching March 10th on PS4. It’s an enhanced version of the original PS3 game with a slew of new features and a layer of polish that makes Dante’s demon-killing exploits and confident gunplay even more satisfying. I had a chance to put the Definitive Edition through its paces, and managed to avoid embarrassing myself in the Bloody Palace along the way.

Starting with the basics: the Definitive Edition runs at 60 frames per second in crisp 1080p. This propels the fast-paced combat and kinetic environments to new heights, enhancing Dante’s deft swordwork and the ever-shifting realm of Limbo.

To fully wring every advantage out of these new performance upgrades, the Definitive Edition also features a Turbo Mode that amps the game speed up 20 percent. If you thought fending off hordes of twisted abominations was both a challenge and a thrill in the original version, just wait.

DmC: Definitive EditionDmC: Definitive Edition

The developers have also included a new difficulty level aptly named “Gods Must Die” in which all enemies have their Devil Triggers active when they spawn. This is the game’s way of saying “good luck, LOL,” and then throwing Dante into a giant hell blender. But what would Devil May Cry be without those over-the-top challenges that keep players coming back for additional punishment?

DmC: Definitive Edition also comes equipped with a Hardcore Mode, which adjusts the combat design to feel more like the traditional Devil May Cry games. This means a more rigorous Style ranking system, modified Devil Trigger, and other tweaks to give gamers that worshipped the original series something else to sink their combo-hungry teeth into. Definitive Edition allows for the mixing and matching of these different modes, too, to give players an unprecedented degree of control over how the game plays. If you want to crank the difficulty, turn on Turbo and Hardcore, then bang your head against a wall, you’re welcome to do so.

DmC: Definitive Edition

Most of these new additions are also reflected in Vergil’s Downfall, a campaign that follows Dante’s brother after the events of the main story and casts players as the arrogant, samurai-like Nephilim. As a bonus: Ninja Theory built an entire Bloody Palace just for Vergil in this edition, which means a new arena with dozens of enemy waves to train against and dispatch in short order.

Even if you already cleared the original DmC, the Definitive Edition gives you a plethora of reasons to go back in with your fists swinging. Good luck with that SSS ranking.

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  • I’m looking forward tot his as well as DMC4: Special Edition this Summer.

  • thanks for screwing up the release of life is strange sony.

  • DmC2? DMC5? Anyway preordered my copy of this. I really like what Ninja theory did with Devil May Cry and I really hope the over reactive nature of other DMC fans didn’t discourage them completely (or capcom) for keeping this Alternate Dante from having a future.

  • I’ve also heard there’s a new cutscene added? Is that important for any reason. Sequel?

  • @ n°2 : I’d say the same! where the f*** is Life is Strange? Eu store has it! Xbox One store has it!

  • I am more interested on DMC4 Special Edition :P

  • meh, ill pass

  • I want the Vita version, Sony and CAPCOM should work together again like RE:R2 and bring DmC to PS Vita.

    Tnx please think about it.

  • Wasn’t a fan of the reboot, but this DOES look pretty. I would honest to god keep paying for a Devil May Cry 3 HD remake every new gen.

  • i’ll pass on this stupid game. will wait for DMC4 special edition

  • It’s not everyday that you get a second chance to improve a game
    I’m happy that NT is taking fan feedback to heart. I’m considering getting this again
    Sharing combo videos will be a joy to do.

  • Too bad they’re going to try to charge $40 for this.

    It’s a 1080px60 update of a game that failed at launch, is over two years old, and can easily be bought new for $15-20 in any retail store.

    I expect this will be on PS+ before we know it.

    • For what it’s worth, it’s definitely more than just a simple update. The graphical enhancements are only one aspect of this version. The amount of balance/tweaks/modes considered is pretty impressive!


  • I would love a DMC Collection on the Vita. Get Sanzura or whoever ported the Sly Collection to do it. Just not the guys that did Jak and Daxter.

  • Just sold my old copy, I’m looking forward to the improvements in this one. Glad it’s only $40.

  • So excited. This was an amazing reboot. It had the gameplay, characters, story, level designs of a great action game. As a long-time DmC fan, having played all of them start to finish, I have to admit, this is one of the best dmc games, and action games. Can’t wait to see what was done to make it better!

  • Nah don’t care about this crap, especially after the disrespect Ninja Theory showed towards DMC fans. They won’t be seeing my money for this or any of their other games.

    I want info on DMC4 Special Edition with the REAL Dante.

  • I can’t wait to play

    DMC4: Special Edition :P

  • The real question is, where is DMC4 special edition? Any news?
    And even more important, we need confirmation of Devil May Cry 5.
    I really hope to see Kobayashi and Itsuno working on a proper sequel to DMC4 (a game which has superior combat to DmC), only then they might be able to compete with the pinnacle of action games, Bayonetta 2

  • I really, really liked DmC. And at $40 and with the ludicrous number of additions and improvements, it’s well worth picking up again to me.

    Day one!

  • Why do they keep rebooting newer games that came out befor ps4 and Xbox 1. I get like gta 5 and the last of us. Yet metro came out sleeping dogs as well now this. Will be stoked with some older reboots. Waiting for dmc4 special edition.

  • What will the cost of this game be, I’m really looking forward to getting it ^.^! Sooo excited !

  • Can’t wait! VERY excited about this release!

  • Any possible pre-order bonus??

  • Devil May Cry 4 SE in my veins!

  • Can this software game allow you to connect with a media server and use your own music for the background of games, as carefully crafted as these people think they make ’em?

    May the Devil Really Cry? Or only Sony’s Plex?

  • I loved Heavenly Sword, the other IP from Ninja Theory. I wish that had branched out more.

    Was this DMC released as a PS3 PS+ free game a while back? I wonder if that would hurt this remaster from selling well. Best of luck to the NT team.

  • Brilliant game. Loved the art, soundtrack and gameplay. Hyped to buy it again on the PS4.

  • I got a question what if people who bought DmC digitally can they get a free upgrade or a discounted price

  • Ignorant haters destroyed this game the first time around. I wish Ninja Theory and Capcom every success with this re-launch. DmC was exactly what the Devil May Cry series needed honestly, if fanboys want to pretend otherwise that’s the prerogative. The revisionist history with DMC4 when DmC was coming out is ridiculous – DMC4 was panned by fans and critics alike but suddenly everyone pretended they loved it and that it didn’t kill the series when DmC was coming out.

  • I preordered mine a few weeks ago! I absolutely LOVED this game on PS3 and can’t wait to play it with the enhancements! It’s probably not going to happen but I’m hoping Ninja Theory gets to do a sequel.

  • Screw that fake Dante !!

  • Played it on PS3, loved every moment… and it helped me through what was probably the worst couple days of my life. That being said, I look forward to getting the upgrade and playing through again.

  • Will have crossbuy with PS3 version?

  • Personally, preferred just about every aspect of DmC over the DMC series, so I’m keen to throw more money at it. As a couple of others have said, I hope Capcom/Ninja Theory hasn’t been discouraged from doing a sequel because a vocal minority had a whinge (honestly, getting up in arms because the character looks/acts different in a game that comes BEFORE the rest of the story is pretty lol-worthy).

    The only bad part of this release is that it is coming in the same month as Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Bloodborne. Hopefully it doesn’t impact the sales too much, although with the launch being before the above mentioned games, they should be alright. Either way, I’m keen!

  • Looks great, we need Devil May Cry Trilogy on the Vita.

  • @Ryan Clements – Hey I was wondering if a sequel to DMC is even being considered?

  • I need DMC4 in my life

  • I’ve been a fan since the day DMC1 released on PS2, always been a Dante fanboy. DmC was such a radical overhaul of Dante and I was one of the biggest haters out there – but guess what, I got over myself, gave it a chance and found I actually loved the new Dante. I felt so overwhelmed that I emailed the artist (Alessandro Taini) to apologize for judging it prematurely and he was very surprised, he said I was the first and only person to do so.
    We should all stop being so judgmental and be a little more open minded, at the very least stop being so rude about it, because I was I and completely took it back once I saw how wrong I was. A very humbling lesson for me.

  • Original Dante 4 Life I’m sorry

  • I AM interested only in DMC4 Special Edition.

  • wow, they sure know how to play to their G fanbase by putting a super cute guy as the main photo ;)

    I love these “HD” remakes, I really do. I bought the Prince of Persia trilogy on day 1 for PS3 and absolutely loved it (other than the awful fake echo baked into all the sound assets): great boost to texture quality, a few extra polys where it mattered, and I could play in stereo 3D. I really liked how The Last of Us updated textures pretty consistently, but also the tweaks to the lighting model (when locked @ 30fps) and the HD audio assets really made a big difference for me. I wish TLoU had stereo 3D like all the PS3 HD re-releases, but the better lighting made up for it.

    With DmC, I see screenshots with low-res, unfiltered textures (see the ground in screenshot 3), no mention of lighting tech updates, and no mention of stereo 3D. I don’t see the PS4-specific value add that would make me buy it again on that platform. It’s not free like Unfinished Swan, Flower, flOw, etc, so the value proposition actually matters. The cute guy helps, but not enough.

  • Played a few hours of DMC on PS3 but didnt get very far because it was right around when I got my PS4. I look forward to picking this up. :) Also, Beyond(!)

  • I’ll be glad to pick this up. I loved the DmC for PC and wouldn’t mind a replay on PS4.

  • Everyone step back, Ryan is answering positive feedback!!!

    So, Ryan, I love the Driveclub PS Plus Edition…

  • The fail is strong with this one.

  • I’ll probably get this when it’s like $20 or $30. I still need to finish the PS3 version and I just don’t see paying for it again when I bought it not too long ago.

  • I’m far more interested in getting hands OFF from this crappy excuse of a game. Everything by Ninja Theory is garbage and belongs in the dumpster.

  • I’ve been a big fan of DMC since the PS2 days, I played this version on the PS3 and liked it but never got around to buying it. Im getting tired of these “Definitive Edition” games for ps4 and paying full price. I’ll wait for this copy of DMC for PS4 when its $19.99, not worth $70

  • No matter what people say, I loved DmC. I also enjoyed the original DMC games on PS2. I prefer old Dante to new Dante, but I don’t hate new Dante. I thought the story of DmC was the best in the series, second being DMC3. And I thought the gameplay was the best in the series, which is mainly why I love it to much. I honestly can’t wait to pick up DmC on PS4, with beautiful 1080p, 60 fps, a returning lock-on feature, and new modes, skins , and modifications. Definitely worth the $40.

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