Life is Strange Episode 1 Out Tomorrow on PS4, PS3

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Life is Strange Episode 1 Out Tomorrow on PS4, PS3

Hi everyone, Jmax from DONTNOD here, and I’m delighted to share the launch trailer for Life is Strange, which is out tomorrow on PS4 and PS3!

We are all thrilled at the idea that players are finally getting their hands on our new game. It’s been an intense and sometimes challenging journey, but it was definitely worth it. And, well, it’s far from over, as the team here is very hard at work on parts 2 through 5, ensuring they get released at timely intervals so you always know when the next one is going to drop.

The first episode that you’ll play is called Chrysalis, and it’s basically an introduction to the world of Life is Strange. You’ll see Max and Chloe reunite and you’ll make important choices that will influence their destiny. You will see some of the short-term consequences of those choices but bear in mind that there are also mid and long-term repercussions that will pan out over the course of the later episodes, in a butterfly effect manner. So you might rewind your choices as much as you want in the short term but you will never know what might happen further down the line. And of course we’ll ensure that you always get surprised by unexpected turns of events and that your experience really feels unique and customized by your choices.

This first episode is also an introduction to the general mechanics of the game, and although Life is Strange emphasizes story and choice over puzzles, you will also see an evolution over the next episodes in terms of how you need to combine different types of interactions and rewinds.

A trial is also coming to PS4 and PS3 so you can get a feel for the game before you make your first meaningful choice: to buy or not to buy!

So that’s it, I hope you like the trailer and the first episode, and we already can’t wait to bring you parts 2 through 5!


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  • Looks great! Although Telltale-ish in the delivery (episodic), it’s still a more than welcome addition! Any details on approximately how long the game play for each episode is, and how about on the price-point? Season Pass perhaps? Any Vita love?

    Possible Day-One for me…


  • Hi, Life is Strange will have a Season Pass for PS3 and PS4? How much?

  • Just wondering what is your rough estimate of how long between episodes. I’m supper excited, Remember Me was way under-rated.

  • Looks awesome. I’m really excited to play this. It’s a welcome addition and nice to see developers taking more unique paths when it comes to gaming instead of the outrageous number of sequels and flooded FPS and horror games as of late.

  • Any details about a season pass? I’m quite interested in getting this and would be happy to get the season pass.

  • I need a Season Pass and/or this on Vita please!

  • This looks like it could be really cool. Also I can’t remember playing a game from the perspective of a modern teenage girl.

  • Not sure if I want to dive into this story just yet. It looks really great but having Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones still producing episodes kind of puts this on the back burner. I’ll be sure to check out reviews and see if it’s really worth getting myself invested in when episode one releases tomorrow.

  • So pumped for this game! And yes guys, it has a platinum! Also, season pass option?

  • Was gonna get this on the Ps4 but grabbed the season pass with a 10% discount off of Steam.

  • Is the trial the entire first episode or just a part of it?

  • What do you think, huh? Of course part of it, not the whole episode.

  • Like a few others have noted above, I’d really like a Season’s Pass option; will there be one on the store tomorrow along with the 1st episode?

  • You guys should really get a Season Pass pre-order up on PSN. I would love to support this project.

  • Agreeing with the Vita queries! Any chance we could see this on Vita?

  • I lpved Remembe Me. Im looking forward to this game as well, but not til all episodes are released.

  • Seems a lot like Walking Dead style of gameplay.

  • Hey guys, I’m very excited for this game, I’d love to see it come to Vita at some point however I’m here to ask is this game going to be available at Midnight tonight? I want it as soon as I can get it!

  • I love how a demo is being added to try it to see if we like the game. I would love to see more of thus since a lot of games that are digital don’t get bought because of no demo.

    Just scared that this game will be digital then later come out on disc a year from now. I could wait for a disc version but if not I would defiantly pick up the digital version tomorrow.

  • @11

    It will be just a glimpse of the game not the whole episode

  • Cant wait for this :)

  • it’s not on the ps store?

  • Sounds interesting I will be checking the game out for sure

  • Looking forward to this I loved Remember Me.

  • There is a Twin Peaks reference at 1:26…

  • I’m a sucker for sci-fi and stories that involve time travel, so I’m really looking forward to this and streaming it live. :)

  • Look fun i’ll get it but it sure as hell suck playing a girl with a guy’s name. What were they thinking?

  • Will we be able to buy all episodes at one price?

  • There is a season pass according to their site and Facebook posting. Should be available tomorrow. Game looks great, day one for me.

  • After seeing the trailer I’m sold. Love these type of story-driven games. Probably why I love telltale so much. Be buying this tomorrow night.

  • Can’t wait! Watched a “let’s play” of the demo and this game looks really interesting.

  • I can’t wait for this to release! Episodic content is my guilty pleasure. Update the friggin’ store so I can buy this. TAYKE MYUH MONEH!

  • I wont to check out this game but there is option to buy it on psn

  • Hey guys. So… It’s already tomorrow and I can’t find this anywhere on PS4. Any idea what time will it be available for download? I’m looking forward to playing this as soon as I get out of the office.

  • Same as Viscant here! I’m wanna play this game, and I want it badly! But the game is not on psn yet, any ideas on why, and when will it be?

  • So hey guess what, huge surprise, Sony appears to have screwed up yet another non-Tuesday release. According to @LifeIsStrange on Twitter:

    “US PS4 users – Life is Strange Complete Season will be available on Tues Feb 3rd. We apologize for the delay!”

    The amount of fail from SCEA is unbelievable, they screw up constantly. It’s pretty pathetic that they can get away with this level of incompetence on a regular basis and still keep their jobs.

  • My ps plus sub is up next month i think im going to let it laps….. Sony you make a good gaming machine and games but you suck at the everything els….

  • @36 Where are you seeing this? All it says it that they are looking into why it’s not on the store. You don’t have to like Sony, but don’t make things up.

  • @Swotam, I just checked their Twitter and like Bergen75 said, they never tweeted it being delayed just they’re looking into why it’s not available now. It was suppose to be up at midnight PST but I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes up around 2pm PST.

  • 36 confirmed Microsoft employee

  • Don’t understand the pricing for this game I saw on xbox one the complete season all 5 episodes for 20 bucks than on the 360 you have to buy episode 1 for 5 bucks than the rest for 17 for a total of 22 dollars. I’m guessing it’s the same for ps3 as the 360 you have to buy episode 1 than the rest with the season pass. I now it’s only 2 bucks but still we should have the option to buy all the episodes with the season pass.

  • I love the nod to Twin Peaks on the license place of the truck (TWN*PKS).

  • @38 @39 To back up @36, The @Lifeisstrange twitter did have that post. It was right after the initial post about them being aware and them investigating the problem. My guess is that they took it down shortly after posting it to do damage control with the more general message of “Customers not able to buy Life is Strange on the PS Store – we are investigating and will have the game with you soon.” Perhaps it in case they’re not able to fix whatever the problem is before the 3rd. Just speculation, but the point is that @36 didn’t make up the quote.

  • @36
    I agree with you, man.
    Sony is screwing game release dates one after another.
    Not one single game is released on schedule and as planned.
    Large part of blame goes to developers who keep making false promises, but many games are finished and not released and that is entirely Sony fault.

    Teslagrad, Starlight Inception (PS3) ,Helldivers, Aaru’s Awakening, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, The Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut, Raven’s Cry, Last Inua, Oddworld New n Tasty (PS3/Vita versions).
    I could go on and on forever. All those games were announced ages ago and non released yet.

    Not even going to start with big AAA titles, its common practice today to give false release dates, games are delayed and delayed.

    Sony should get their act together and start adding games to store, not failing each week.

  • The game already came out in EU on the PS Store, I don’t know why it’d be delayed here.

  • @38 @39 @40 Like @43 said (and thanks for backing me up) they deleted the Tweet and replaced it with the one that says they’re looking into it, but thanks for the baseless accusations…

    Regardless, the end result is that Sony screwed up the release. The dev stated publicly that the game would be available at Midnight PST (that tweet has since been deleted) but it’s still not purchasable 11 hours later. The links provided on for PS3 and PS3 link to Episode 1 which cannot be purchased, and the Season Pass links don’t even work, which suggests that content hasn’t even been added to the store. No word on the demo version either.

    The devs haven’t posted anything further since their last tweet about it 4 hours ago. Sony hasn’t said a word, as usual. I’ll be surprised if they get this fixed before Tuesday, the best we can hope for at this point is to get Episode 1 before the weekend…

    I’ll also note that Europe got the game no problem, but I’m pretty sure their store is completely separate.

  • Very disappointed that Sony missed the release date for this game in the states. Just bought a ps4 at the beginning of the month and I’m already bothered by Sony’s apparent lack of competence. Enviously watching a girl in the UK play on twitch until this gets resolved.

  • Dat Twin Peaks reference

  • @ saab01: We actually knew what the pricing was over a month ago. From an article on IGN posted on December 17th…

    “The first episode of the five part series will be released January 30, 2015, for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Each episode will cost $4.99, although there are two season pass options available. A pass for all five episodes will set you back $19.99, but if you’d like to buy the first episode separately to see if it’s for you, there’s also a season pass for episodes two-to-five available for $16.99.”

    I like that out of the gate, they have the option to sample, then get a discount on the rest, or just a straight discount on the whole bunch. Much better than how The Wolf Among Us had to discount the season pass because people bought the first episode instead of waiting, and those who waited (like myself) ended up getting the whole thing for only $15.

  • @49

    What I was saying is I played the free trial on my 360 I than wanted to buy the season pass I only had an option to buy episode one for 5 than the season pass for 17 making the total 22. Maybe a glitch did not show me the complete season pass for 20.

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