Introducing the Story of The Awakened Fate Ultimatum

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Introducing the Story of The Awakened Fate Ultimatum

Just another day in the life of a high school student — wake up, go to school, walk back home, get stabbed in the heart by some demons, become a god… No big deal.

If that sounds familiar to you, then you must live quite an exciting life. But for those who haven’t become a god, you can in NIS America’s new PS3 game The Awakened Fate Ultimatum, coming out on March 17th in North America.

Guide ordinary high school student Shin Kamikaze (super epic name) as he learns the ropes of being god in The Awakened Fate Ultimatum. While sleeping on the school’s rooftop, Shin has a cryptic dream with a mysterious girl babbling about fate and saving the world, but is suddenly woken up by his friend.

Thinking nothing of the weird dream, he heads home, but gets stopped by a group of demons flying down from the sky. One of the demons looks at him, apologizes, and then proceeds to stab him in the chest. As he’s dying, an angel swoops down to fight off the demons and takes him off to a place called Celestia. Awaking to a red-headed scientist named Ariael, he is told that the Awakened Fate crystal has been shoved into his chest to save his life, which has made him a god. Now it’s his job to fight in the war between angels and devils, and determine the fate of the world!

This story-based roguelike RPG looks and feels similar to its predecessor, The Guided Fate Paradox. As Shin, you will jump into randomly generated dungeons, battle angels and demons, and collect items to survive each grid-based level. In these dungeons, every move counts. Your enemies will move when you do, so strategizing your approach to each level is key. Just don’t die — when you die, you’ll start from the beginning of the dungeon and lose all the items you were carrying.

After fighting through all the levels of a dungeon, you are forced to make “Ultimate Choices” and must live with the consequence of those choices. Depending on the decision, you will be granted either angel or devil Choice Points (aka CP), which are used in the wing-shaped skill tree. In addition to equipping different items, you are able to customize Shin’s permanent stats and special skills by applying CP to either side of the skill tree. Go all angel powers or all devil powers — it’s your choice!

The amazing art for this game is done by the one and only Noizi Ito, the artist behind anime like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Shakugan no Shana. Characters are high-resolution 3D sprites, perfect for the ridiculously over-the-top special attack animations. Not only will you see these gorgeous images in the attacks, you’ll get to enjoy them featured in the special scenes throughout the game.

While being a god is cool, do you think you can make the ultimate decision? Will you side with the angels, lead the devils, or toe the line? And in the end — when faced with the death of the two girls you’re closest to — who will you save and who will fall?

Make your ultimate decision on March 17th. For more information about The Awakened Fate Ultimatum, please visit the official site.

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4 Author Replies

  • Hey Tiffany, I hear you guys have a press event coming up soon. Will a certain bear be making an appearance with the third entry in his Vita bound saga? upupupu

  • Waiting for Vita games.

  • I really enjoyed the first game, so I’m sure to pick this one up as well.

  • Will this game be fully enjoyable if someone hasn’t played the first game?

    For some reason this one interests me a lot more than the first.

    • If you haven’t played The Guided Fate Paradox, this game is still really fun! It has a few nods to it’s predecessor, but it’s not necessary to play The Awakened Fate Ultimatum. I actually didn’t play GFP before this game and actually enjoyed playing GFP more after this one oddly enough.

  • Plz, bring “the guided fate paradox” or this game to PS Vita. Plz

  • I haven’t been a high school student since the 80’s.

    But it sounds interesting.

  • I still need to buy The Guided Fate Paradox ( I know I deserve to be stoned but there were just so many great JRPGs the last 2 years that it kind got pushed back a lot XD) but I will definitely get Paradox before Ultimatum comes out so I can play it :)

  • I no longer have a PS3 so I’m waiting to see the trend where games like this start making their way to the PS4. Otherwise, Vita it is.

  • The best of the game is the soundtrack:
    The great Yousei Teikoku !!!

  • “ll pass they did the same mistakes FF7 8 and 9 had done by not showing the gameplay on commercial breaks . Squaresoft must’ve been embarrassed .

  • @heeaartless Lol
    @gerneric123 upupupu??

    on topic-yeah i played the first game and i found it to be just bad. i hope that there are better offerings from nisa in the near future though

    how i miss the days of the earlier atelier and ar tonelico games or the la pucelle’s and makai kingdom! those were indeed the days were the games were funny and had some heart and sweetness or kindness to them with a pretty good gameplay thrown down at them.nowadays we find games that the gameplay are stale and the games fail on the “charming” aspect of it altogether.

    even the last disgaea game was preachy despite of its gameplay being good.get your act together nisa!

  • No vita = I couldn’t care less

  • Can’t wait to play!

  • LOVED THIS GAME but didn’t beat the first 1 cause my ps3 starting to scratch my discs so i stop playing. But i shall get a new ps3 for this and finishing the 1st one.

  • First game was horrendous. Staying as far away from this as I can.

  • Really loved what I played of The Guided Fate Paradox. Definitely looking forward to playing this one (after I finish the first game, that is!)

  • @15: Maybe you just sucked at the game/genre?

    Guided Fate Paradox was pretty damn fun, love roguelikes (and Z.H.P.), to the point where I got the platinum! We really need more roguelikes on the PS4/PS3/Vita, so definitely hyped for this spiritual sequel.

  • @17 Or maybe I just didn’t like the game whatsoever. Story was dull and the game played too much like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, which I hated. I have an opinion, just like you and am I not allowed to disliked a game? lol

  • would´ve loved this one for my vita.

  • Will this one pick up where the other left off?
    Will there be carry over rewards/ themes/ anything neat?
    Will Miss Chin reply to anybody?

    Tune in next time on Blog.Us.Playstation for more.

    • This game doesn’t pick up where the other left off. It’s a stand alone story line but makes a number of nods to GFP and has a few character crossovers!

  • Really need to go ahead and finish Guided Fate Paradox, if I remember correctly I got to the second chapter then put it down due to time constraints at the time, and then forgot about it when other games I was interested in came out. I enjoyed what I was able to play, will definitely get to finishing and clearing it out of my backlog before this comes out.

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