Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation Out Today

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Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation Out Today

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. And what a glorious morning it is! You know why? Because Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation comes out today, exclusively for PS Vita!

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation

For those who haven’t played a Hyperdimension Neptunia title before, it takes place in a world fittingly called Gamindustri, where four Goddesses — each representing a certain game console — battle for control of the land (while breaking the fourth wall at every opportune moment).

In Re;Birth2, however, these Goddesses have been banished to an underworld by the piracy-loving Arfoire Syndicate and now it’s up to their younger sisters to save the Goddesses and save the day. A remake of the PS3 title Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2, this game comes packed to the gills with new characters, new story, and new gameplay!

You’ll encounter enemies like Super Otaku, living Tetris-like blocks, and screenshots of visual novels in battles that combine action RPG and turn-based RPG elements. Cut them down with 8 characters in battle — 4 on the main line, and 4 others that can jump in with support attacks or that can be swapped in at any time. Throw in the Lily Rank system that builds up links between characters to enable devastating duo attacks, main characters that can transform into super-powerful Goddess forms, and a roster of 20-something playable characters, and it makes for an infinite* amount of battle combinations to take down your enemies!

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters GenerationHyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation

Not only can you customize your battle setup, you can customize the world of Gamindustri itself! Want more enemies in a dungeon? Different items? More difficulty? Pick up the right Plan by talking to NPCs and you can implement them in the world of Gamindustri! You’ll want to talk to the NPCs anyway, since they are rife with gaming and otaku allusions. On top of that, you can also craft unique, ability-granting equipment using Blank Discs to max out your party’s powers!

If all that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get the Stella’s Dungeon side-game, where you equip the helpful Stella with gear and send her off on a quest to find you extra items. Her quests run in the background while the Vita’s on, so you can go make yourself a sandwich and come back to some great loot. Watch out, though, because she’s in what appears to be a roguelike, so if she dies in her dungeon, she’ll lose all her equipment! As the internet might say, one does not simply enter Stella’s Dungeon.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation

Whew, there’s still a ton of more stuff to cover, but I’m worn out! Suffice to say that Re;Birth2 comes loaded with a bunch of content that newcomers and veterans of the Hyperdimension Neptunia series can both appreciate. With all these character combos, subtle (and not so subtle) nods to the gaming world, and loads of customization, there’s no way you won’t have a blast in the world of Gamindustri, so get in there and break the fourth wall!

*I’m not good at math.

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  • I just wish the difficult level wasn’t so darn hight

  • Thank you for making a retail version.

  • Re;Birth 1 was my favorite game last year and I can’t wait to jump into this one! Loved mk2 and I know this will be amazing.
    Thank you for this series, it’s my new favorite franchise. Love Nep-Nep!

  • Any chance of a sale on Rebirth 1 anytime soon? Been waiting for it to come down to that magical $20-$25 price point, even for just a week would be awesome!

  • Hey IFFy, themes would be nice.

  • Hello David,

    Is there any word yet on whether (or rather when) Idea Factory International might get around to bringing Re;Birth3 V Century and Victory II over to the West?

    Also, could it be possible to ask the IF/CH team back in Japan if they may eventually do a “Re;Birth4” port of Victory II to the Vita/PSTV? (Or perhaps split the three story arcs in Victory II into Re;Births 4, 5, and 6?)

    Or if they have any new games and/or Nepgame spinoffs in the works for Vita going forward?

    (Although, it would be ironic if Blanc/White Heart, the winner of the recently-held popularity poll, ended up getting a game on a “Lastation” platform…)

    • Heya Nerroth,

      Bit too soon for us to make any announcements about those things you mentioned, but I’d keep my eyes out in the future! :)

  • Never heard of this game, but the story seems hilarious and amusing. Will give it a try! :)

  • I am recently playing and getting into the PS3 HDN games and I am eager to play the Re;Birth games already, love the quirky humour. Will be picking up Re;Birth and 2 today!

  • Hey look more big ****** (you all know what I am talking about) such a shame this series can’t do more than random fan services.

  • Oh, and there seems to be a slight mix-up with part of the game description – Re;Birth2 lets you have 4 characters in battle at once (with 4 support characters paired up with each of them), not 3 and 3 as noted in the text above. Indeed, one of the screenshots shows the 4+4 setup.

    (Although, if I’m not mistaken, I believe that Re;Birth1 may have had 3 and 3 instead.)

  • Very excited for this… TOO BAD I pre-ordered from Amazon and got the fastest shipping available to non-prime members 2 weeks ago and is not expected to get here till the 2nd of Feb. Doesn’t even give me a tracking number. Thank you Amazon, for nothing!

    Anyway, I am really excited for this. I loved the combat system in the first and am hearing even greater things from this one. Cannot wait for it to get here.

  • Got my copy from Amazon last night, was really surprised seeing as I picked standard shipping with the estimated delivery date set for the 30th.
    Need to finish Re;Birth1 before I start this up.

  • I love the second game! I hope it’s as good as it was on ps3 if not better!! Also, why was the ps3 version rated M?? I still haven’t figured that one out.

  • Any chance there will be a sale on Rebirth 1? On PC it’s launching at half price.

  • 1. I’m hoping that my mailman will deliver my Limited Edition today, or at the very least, for Iffy to give me a tracking number or something. :)

    2. @6 The latter isn’t even out yet in Japan. Heck, we don’t even have a release date for the region yet. So don’t expect IFI to make any announcements regarding VII anytime soon, especially when we have plenty of Neptunia games (and Fairy Fencer F on PC) coming our way in the meantime.

    3. Did I see a spoiler in one of the screenshots above…?

  • I need a psvita ;( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But this game worth if i have Neptunia MK2 ??

    • Hey Heeaartless,

      This one adds a bunch of more characters, new gameplay, and tweaks to all kinds of stuff, so I would say it’s worth it. ;) Hope that gives you some heeaart!

  • HYPERDIMENSION NEPTUNIA <3 another one for my collection!! =)

  • I’m definitely going to pick this up at some point since there is a retail version. Hope the game does well.

  • Thank you for supporting Vita!

  • Thanks IFI. I hope the limited editions get shipped out soon.

  • PSTV compatible? Re;Birth1 pstv patch when??

    • Re;Birth2 is indeed PSTV compatible! Unfortunately, Re;Birth1 won’t be compatible with PSTV, but all future Vita releases will be compatible with PSTV if they are compatible in Japan!

  • I’m playing Re;birth 1 right now but once i 100% Re;birth 1 i’ll be getting Re;birth 2 next then Re;birth 3 and HD Goddess Black Noire next. :) I do hope their are on sell by the time i get them to on Game Card or digital download. I own Hyperdimension PP as download and Rebirth 1 as Game card. I plan on getting rest on game card maybe, its up to the sellers on who sell its it for the best price. :)

    Any plans to sell Hyperdimension products like figures or stuff figures of characters, and much more other awesome things?

  • It looks like it will be a good year for the PS Vita: Re;birth2 out today, Hyperdevotion Noire next month, Neptunia U in May and with any luck we might also see Re;birth3 before the end of the year. This could only get better if Victory 2 for the PS4 were to be localized this year as well.

  • I’m having fun with re;birth1 right now! Thanks for bringing this over! I’m going to buy it after I beat the first one! I can’t wait for your other releases also this year :)

  • sadly I’m saving for my PS4 right now.

    but will buy it later for sure.

  • I already ordered my LE of this game and I am just waiting for it to arrive.

    Any chance that there will be LE versions for Noire, Action Unleashed, or for Omega Quintet? Either way IF will be earning a good amount of my money this year, based off the games I know that are coming out.

  • I’m quite excited for this game, and it’s going to be probably a long wait for my Limited Edition copy to come in, especially when I keep checking Iffy’s Online Store for updates every five minutes. Oh well, going to be a fabulous experience!

  • downloaded this as soon as hit the ps store today!
    is the dlc gonna hit today?
    a lot of it is better to get and use right off the bat, fast lvl up experience plan for example and a nepgear weapon.

  • Thank you Idea, and Compile Hearts. Enjoyed PP and Rebirth 1.

    Just got Re:Birth ….loved the intro and the voice announcer was perfect.

    Pre-ordered Noire, and U as well. Please bring V Rebirth 3 as well.

  • I pre ordered the LE. Though I dont know when it will arrive. On the site it still says awaiting fulfilment. Anywho cant wait and thank you for dubbing your games.

  • mk2 itself was such a nice improvement over the first game. Still have to play Victory but the series has definitely had some nice polish over the past couple of years. The games are fun both for the gameplay and the humor.

  • Cool i should give Rebirth 1 and 2 a shot . I haven’t even finished Neptunia yet . I should’ve known Neptunia is the 3rd in the series because they don’t even say a the PS Store .

  • Hey David,

    Will we get those DLCs that are currently available on JPN PlayStation Store? I saw that there’re several free ones and paid ones.

    I still hope to hear from you guys more on Moero Chronicle, but I guess it’s a flop given you guys just gone silent. Ah well, another great game that couldn’t make to US because of the culture wall.

    Anyway, see you in Gamindustri!

  • I am so looking forward to this, unfortunately can’t pick it up until payday this Friday but I will be playing it like crazy after :) Hyperdimension Neptunia is one of my favorite JRPG series ever they are so critically underrated

  • Thank you for continuing to support the Vita. I know many complain that Vita is becoming a niche platform but it’s the niche I like so I’m happy.

  • Can you please ship out the LEs before release day next time? It seems like it would be common sense to do so, or at least provide a reason why not.

  • So I preordered the game at $44.99. the game was literally 44.99 when I preordered and told them I was paying it off. I did that, apparently they tell me I still gotta pay 5 bucks for the damn game because the game price rose AFTER I preordered and paid it off. I don’t have the game and cancelled my preorder and will MAYBE just get on Amazon. But yeah, EB Games aka Gamestop pulled some BS because the policy says you get the lowest preorder price. I’m goina call in tmrw because I want my game and refuse to pay $56 dollars after tax for a Vita game. I never bought Uncharted at 50 and won’t any other Vita game.

  • @37. Amazon Canada has it for 39.99 and so does Futureshop Canada. They rip you off with their used games and pre orders. Even VGP has it for 39.99.

  • I’m really disappointed Re;Birth 1 won’t be getting a PS TV patch. I ordered the game and bought all the DLC thinking it would. Will likely sell the game now and maybe get the PC version. At least the DLC was only $6 wasted.

  • @36
    I dont think iv seen a company sent out a LE before the games release. Im just happy we got one.

  • thanks @38. I’ll check see if my futureshop has it on Friday lol

  • We definitely need more games like this. Pity that GUST is no longer the same as it used to be… A lot of companies featured in these games were among my favorites.

  • Playing through Rebirth;1, amazing game. Can’t wait to jump into this and the Noire spin-off.

  • CapJSheridan

    you can either grind a lot more or there are plans to decrease or increase difficulty. hopefully you can do that in this game too

  • Yeeeeah, just bought it on day one. So much Nep.

  • Thank you for the retail version, thats very important for me.

  • Do any of you guy no if the anime follows the game?? If so please let me know thx

  • From what parts I know it follows loosely. Enough that you will definitely see similarities in places and episode plots, but it is not like a string of cut scenes in the form of an anime.

  • dlc is out by the way

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