This Week in PlayStation: The Handsome Edition

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This Week in PlayStation: The Handsome Edition

Tons of big news this week! The Order has gone gold, Borderlands 2 & the Pre-Sequel are coming to PS4, Plex is now available on PS4 & PS3, Powers premieres March 10th, The Elder Scrolls Online launches on PS4 June 9th, FFXIV Patch 2.5 is now live, and more.

PSA: PSN members can head to PS Store and take advantage of that 10% discount this weekend. Yes, it stacks with the Flash Sale that’s happening right now. Go go go!

What are you playing?

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This Month’s Free PS Plus Games

The SwapperinFAMOUS First LightWoah Dave!Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton EditionDuckTales RemasteredPrototype 2

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This Week in PlayStation: The Handsome Edition

PlayStation Blogcast 150

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  • THIS WEEK IN PLAYSTATION: Still no Crash Bandicoot series or Spyro the Dragon trilogy for the PS Vita in North America.

  • What I’m playing: FFXIV ( about to break into iLV120+! ) + Destiny ( I beat Hard Mode Crota 3 times! Woot! ) + Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ( nostalgia trip. )
    What I’m watching: The Flash, Arrow, Agent Carter & various YouTube shows.
    What I’m listening to: “Shadows Of The Dying Sun” by Insomnium, “White Noise” by PVRIS, “Lost Forever // Lost Together” by Architects.

    Looking forward to Dying Light. Debating on buying Strike Suit ZERO during this sale & Resident Evil remake. Love gaming every second of it <3

  • Im playing: Resident Evil Remastered on PS4
    Im Watching: Gotham, Flash and Hogans Heroes reruns
    Im Listening: PlayStation Blogcast ep 150 and Cream by Hide and Yoko Kanno

  • I saw those Hohokum tones, they’re pretty sweet.

    Wait, I’m playing OlliOlli. I meant to say “rad.”

  • Tempted to pick up season pass of Game Of Thrones.. I picked up the first episode but now figure it would be less expensive to purchase the entire season with the extra 10% as opposed to purchasing each episode individually.

  • Oh..& this..

    Im Playing:Resident Evil Remastered on PS4
    Im Watching: UFC Fight Night
    Im Listening: Thomas Datt – Inside The Glacier

  • Playing : Sonic ultimate genesis collection
    Watching : House MD
    Listening : 90’s ultimate collection

  • This week in PlayStation: Sony snubs fans again by pretending paying for Plex is a good alternative to just adding DLNA support.
    Also, the vice president submits a post with a huge error that pisses off most with its asinine restrictions. Major first party games still dont work as advertised and Driveclub Plus Edition still isnt here.

  • THIS WEEK IN PLAYSTATION: Still Sony not giving a **** about PSVita

  • I’m playing: Resident Evil (PS4), PvZ Garden Warfare, Battlefield 3 (PC), Not Resogun (It desn’t work on my Vita!), Driveclub, NBA 2K15 (PS4), GTA V (PS4, Zen Pinball 2, Awesomenauts Assemble

    I’m watching: Stand-up comedy, movies on Epix/Netflix
    I’m listening to: Lupe Fiasco, Sia, Kendrick Lamar, Maroon 5, Foster the People

  • Justin you playing the playstation plus version of driveclub?

    How is it?

    Why don’t you have sony deliver it to the rest of us like promised.

    If you not playing the plus version the game must be fixed then release the game to playstion plus.

    What I’m not using the 3 day limited no pre order 10% slap in the face that is just making sony more money

  • Now for next week, we just need Resonance of Fate and 3D Dot Game Heroes to be on PSNOW! Then all of Playstation Nation will be happy with you Sony! :D

  • Excited for the handsome collection!

  • I’m playing: Resogun, Persona 4 Golden
    I’m watching: Game of Thrones
    I’m listening to: the Persona 4 Golden soundtrack

  • Looking forward to seeing the Plus offerings!

    I’m playing: Dragon Age: Origins
    I’m watching: Chopped
    I’m listening to: EarthBound soundtrack

  • Okay so why haven’t you guys spoken about Evolve at all of which is coming out February 10 how come you won’t listen to the Fanbase of PlayStation network who pays for all of your salaries you do realize when you lose the Fanbase you lose your job right? For once just do what we ask for for once and listen to what the Fanbase wants to know And tell us what we want to know instead of rambling on about **** we don’t care about. I want to know if EVOLVE is going digital pre order on psn store. Thats all idc about the other crap of indie games which blow.

  • What I’m playing: Borderlands 2 Vita
    What I’m watching: South Park
    What I’m listening to: Hotline Miami soundtrack

  • I’m playing: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix
    I’m watching: Log Horizon
    I’m listening to: Ys Silver Anniversary Edition Soundtrack

    As usual, trolls enjoy bashing the “This Week” topic every time it’s posted.

    @MattDanam Be jealous as I’ve been playing those games along with R-Type Delta since April of last year!

  • I’m playing: LittleBigPlanet
    I’m watching: Real Husbands of Hollywood
    I’m listening to: Not Another UKF Dubstep Tutorial by Dubba Jonny

    Def wanna hop on the Plex app but I have a question. will it allow for in game music?

    Also cannot wait for the Borderlands bundle for ps4.

  • playing: citizens of earth
    watching: cat god
    listening to various artist loose songs and albums

    used the 10% then later saw the indie sale i want olli and suite zero but tying to save some cash.

    please add the “marked all as read” button back to the notification screen

    @8 plex is not sony its 3rd party the same way a sony video service movie cost 4$ to watch on ps4 you can watch it all day long on pc for free via crunchyroll, hulu ect… or pay .99 on itunes per episode vs 2-3$…. or get the seaon for like 5-10$ at gamestop, walmart bin, frys -> if you don’t want to pay for something don’t but I know there are people in the middle of nowhere that it might be easier than going to red box to see it.

  • Playing: Shadow of Mordor, Hotline Miami, Driveclub, Hotshots
    Watching: Downton Abbey
    Listening: official playstation blogcast, this American life.

  • It’s not trolling. Spyro and Crash were working on the Vita (briefly) and should be compatible. Where is Driveclub + edition? No updates even? I already own the paid version, but that is not the point. Plex is fine for those that want it, but DLNA should have arrived either day and date with it or before it. I have Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, blu-rays, so this doesn’t apply to me either at this point, but that is not the point. And, for some reason, I and a lot of others are having issues getting Resogun to work on Vita.

  • I miss Driveclub. (Driveclub hasn’t worked for me in months and Evolution Studios ignores me.)

  • @nextleveltaken That’s not what I meant by “trolling.” I mean those who rate this topic low and don’t comment here. Look at the rating, it’s under 3.00. All they do is cut and run. Don’t even bother to write a comment and hurt the topic’s rating so they can hide their usernames without knowing who they are. What pathetic trolls they are. Anyway, Crash and Spyro “was” compatible. Not anymore since Sony decided to shut it down. I was lucky and was able to download them to my PS Vita before they made it no longer compatible, so I can play them as long as I want along with R-Type Delta. Kinda wished I knew it was only temporary. I would have bought and downloaded Twisted Metal: Head-on along with Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake and be able to play them on my PS Vita instead of PSP. As for Driveclub, I don’t care as I don’t have a PS4. So it doesn’t concern me.

  • @matdanam is there any other than North America?

  • •I’m playing: Not FFXIV because SquareEnix customer support is horrible, Resident Evil (PS4)
    •I’m watching: Being Human (UK)
    •I’m listening to: Digital Math

  • the only thing that could possibly even try to make this better is if they included Borderlands 1 but honestly with all the content this has I don’t even know if there would be enough time to play it all. day 1 purchase.

    now all I need is a Mass Effect Trilogy HD remaster on PS4 and we’re good.

  • I’m playing : Destiny, Resident Evil HD Remastered, Call of Duty Black Op’s 2, and Call of Duty Advance Warfare

    I’m watching: Dexter, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, death Note, Bleach, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, Vikings, The Walking Dead, and Z Nation

    I’m listening to: ICP, Slipknot, Bivattchee, Coolon , Hemenway, FLOW, Organge Range Inoue Joe,home made kazoku, Nico Touches the walls, and Konomi Suzuki

  • @22 — the issue isn’t ‘compatibility’. All those games are compatible. The issue is licensing — they can’t legally be sold until all that gets worked out. Sony doesn’t own Spyro, etc, and has no control over whether it’s on the store or not. Unfortunately, many games suffer this fate… it really has nothing to do with Sony. It can be something as simple as the publisher no longer having the rights to use a song in a soundtrack, depends on the game.

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