Plex Out Today, Stream Your Personal Media to PS4 and PS3

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Plex Out Today, Stream Your Personal Media to PS4 and PS3

Plex on PS3, PS4

Hey PlayStation Nation, we have been listening to you and want to share some great news with you. Later on today we’re bringing the Plex service to PS3 and PS4 today in the US, Canada and Latin America. I have actually seen the app in action and it’s pretty sweet.

Plex on PS3, PS4

For those not familiar, Plex organizes all of your personal media, wherever you keep it, so you can enjoy it on any device. Whether it’s your movie and TV show collection, your music library or your photos and home videos, Plex makes all your media beautiful by automatically incorporating movie posters, plot summaries, album covers and descriptions. Plex also allows you to share your media collection across all major platforms and devices as well as with your friends and family. At launch, the app will only allow you to stream your videos, but the ability to stream your music and photos will be coming shortly.

Plex on PS3, PS4

Plex for PlayStation is currently available for free to Plex Pass subscribers. In the future, it will be made available, for a fee, to those without a Plex Pass. In addition to the PlayStation app, a Plex Pass also gives you exclusive premium features and early access to new ones.

To get more information about how the app will work and a general FAQ, please click here.


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  • Awesome! Thanks!!

  • Thanks.

    But like so many others… anxiously awaiting the PS4’s built in DLNA media support

  • AWESOME!!! I’ve been using Plex on Chromecast and this makes me so happy. DLNA would be cool but this is almost the same thing, jsut for movies and TV shows. Thanks!!!

  • Oh snap! This is another awesome news today! Thank you very much!

  • Looks like the guys on Reddit are being honest about what Sony really cares about.
    If you guys really cared about your fans you would have included MP3 playback, CD support, USB media access, and DLNA within the first year. But no, like they said you guys are only focusing on things that will make you money first. Damn whatever your paying fans want, right?

  • A DLNA wanna-be lol


    I’ve been a Plex “subscriber” for almost 5 years, and used it on my ReadyNAS. I am SOOO psyched for this!

    Pllllease tell me there’s a Vita version coming soon as well!

    For anyone who doesn’t know/understand, Plex *is* a DLNA client (amongst other things). This *is* the DLNA we’ve all been waiting for!!

    Some Plex questions:
    1. will 24fps native content streamed over DLNA display in 24fps on PS3/4? One of the biggest problems with digital media on PS3 in general was the judder it added to 24fps content (blurays were always fine, oddly)

    2. is there HEVC/4k support?

    A general PS4 app question:
    HOW DO I GET RID OF THE WWE APP SHORTCUTS!? I will *never* use them, and they cause my Crunchyroll and IGN app icons to be pushed down to the bottom, even though I use those apps ALL THE TIME. These forced shortcuts aren’t deletable, and the apps don’t sort by most recently used.

  • I’m VERY excited about this. Really looking forward to it!

  • Awesome. But seriously, where’s the DLNA support?

    Plex is nice, but like you mentionned, it costs money, and need to have a server app running on a PC to share videos. Meaning, my PC would need to be powered on everytime I want to play anything from my library.

    DLNA functionalities are almost included with every router that has an USB port nowadays. Meaning we can plug in a big HDD on our router, and have our library accessible to all our devices. No need to have a PC running a server app. DLNA is a standard supported by practically all intelligent A/V devices out there. Plex isn’t, as nice as it is.

    Nothing against Plex, but I can’t believe Plex made it to the PS4 BEFORE such a basic feature as DLNA support. I don’t know if I should cry, or laugh.

  • As long as this is a FREE app then it’s a great thing.

    If you’re suddenly deciding to charge us for a basic PS3 feature that was promised since before launch on the PS4… Well there are no words to properly describe the level to which the Ps4 community is being, once again, boned…. hard…

  • @RE4LNOiZE_42

    It all boils down to money. DLNA wouldn’t make Sony any money, so why would they do it? Who cares about keeping us happy?

  • Dont you have to be a paid up premium accont at plex to stream media to tv . ive been trying for ages to get this to work , never has

    • Hi Leeli67, the PS3 and PS4 apps are currently open for preview to our Plex Pass subscribers. Non-Plex Pass users will have the ability to purchase the app in the future.

      If you’re still having trouble accessing the app please drop by our Community Forums, Our employees and active users hang out there to help out our users.

  • Plex is a sensational streaming service! 4k support?

  • Hey Jamal can we get an update to improve the youtube app on ps4 please. You see the ign app on ps4 is able to play videos at 1080p 60 fps and theres proof by the call of duty advanced warfare review but on the ps4 youtube app it hardly looks 720p. So can we get a response even that would be great thanks.

  • OMFG, this is what I’ve been waiting for. I can now throw my old logitech revue in the trash and only use the ps4. Awesome.

    As others have said, Plex is the best DNLA tool around. Run it from you computer and you can see it on all your devices.

  • Can’t wait to use it on my new PS4!

  • For those who don’t know Plex is free. Yes you have to have your PC on to see the media that’s on it.

    Also you can have your PC go to sleep. If you have Wake On Lan setup in your bios you can turn your computer via an app on your phone/tablet.

  • Ridiculous. I have to PAY for a 3rd party service to be able to watch my own videos on PS4? I REALLY wish they’d bring PS4 AT LEAST up to the outdated PS3 standards with regards to audio/video USB support. It was so simple and convenient on PS3. Unfortunately, I had to sell my PS3 to get my PS4. I’m REALLY missing PS3’s plentiful media applications…

  • This is good news but when are we going to get some proper remote control support, it’s really awkward to be using a universal remote control and the PS4 controller because you don’t support remote controls.

  • I have been using this on my PS4 for months now all you do is log in to the PLEX site easy as pie

  • Vita version planned?

  • If I purchase a movie from the Playstation network can I, now, watch it through Plex? Is this true even if it is on my computer or phone? How much will it be in the future?

    • Hi j-professional. Only video files managed by your Plex Media Server are supported for playback through the Plex app.

  • “”

  • No Vita? Get out.

  • As a Plex pass lifer, this is great news! Please please please bring this to Vita and more importantly PSTV.

  • Also, Plex is $2 right now on the Windows 8 store… So not only does it cost money, @msmont – but if you were intending on purchasing a subscription there’s apparently a sale.

  • Hmm… My old manager raved about Plex. If it can handle MKV files, this might merit a family meeting… Still not the solution I really want, but it looks like this is in lieu of that.

  • WHo should one contact if are having an issue with the blog, this is my Sons account and with it I can log in and comment without an issue but wiht my account (like 10 years older XD) I cannot log in, never have been able to and PlayStation Support have no steps to troubleshoot, therefore cannot help

  • The ability to stream my own music from the computer upstairs, in my home office, downstairs to my living room is the #1 feature I have missed since upgrading to a PS4. I hope this Plex service is, and/or becomes, all that and more; it was very easy on PS3.

  • Wait so only People with Plex Pass will be able to download it for free on PS4?

    • Hi ZeroAlito. Anyone can download it for free on the PS3 and PS4. Although you’ll need a Plex Pass subscription to browse and play your personal media.

  • @ msmont,

    To me, turning on my PC because I want to watch something on my PS4 is stupid. I already have HDDs hooked up to my router, with all my media content on them. My TV upstair can access it. All my laptops can, my home PC, my tablets, phones, etc… but NOT my PS4.

    I admit Plex looks cool. I even used it for some time in the past. But it’s MUCH MORE convenient to have a solution that is NOT dependent on a powered on PC to run.

    If Plex rocks your boat, really, that’s fine. And more apps for the PS4 ecosystem is fine too.

    But this isn’t a real substitute for proper DLNA support.

  • so if i want to use a media serv. on ps4… I must pay a fee ?

    am i getting it righ?

  • I wish I could like comments. @RE4LNOiZE_42 speaks something potent.

  • We need apps for ps4 ps4 has only a couple apps meanwhile Xbox one has like 200 apps

  • cool now please add Twitch Ustream and Gametrailers apps on PS3 PS4 and PS Vita

  • This is a good step but yes we need native DLNA support like the PS3 on the PS4? and a friggin music visualizer that was so dope on the PS3. and yes like mentioned before we need this support on the vita as well! I’d use my vita a lot more.

  • I would rather prefer that we have a media player instead of a media server app.

  • If i already payed for it on my Android, do i still need to be a Plex Pass subscribers????

  • Anyone know how to tag rating for mp4 files for DLNA?
    I have been able to embed most other meta tags but ratings

    Tried stars and MPPA ratings.

  • Its a great app,no doubts,but anyway its sux!
    My home media is DUNE HD-TV-303D and SYNOLOGY NAS server
    it works like a charm for my 2 TV,cloud storage,backup, ftp, DLNA
    So PLEX could be in a garbage.I bought PS4 ONLY for gaming and such apps i dont need on my console.
    and anyway plex gona lag.It doesn§t have 3D support

  • Paying for DNLA ? no way, its free everywhere but PS4.

  • I would rather prefer that we have a media player instead of a media server app.

  • So what’s the official word here. Too many people constantly complaining about various things for me to take anyone’s word for it.

    Are we paying to use this app? Is it free. Someone who is legit please let us know.

  • This is awesome news. Still waiting on the ability to watch media from an external HDD though

  • come on Sony i need more apps you guys are slacking on this department. why are you so slow on this part? i love my PS4 but comon. Also more features too!!

  • Bummer, I guess this means we won’t be getting DLNA support any time soon, if ever. I guess this also means we’ll never get CD playback on PS4 unless Sony can figure out a way to charge us for it. :(

  • Hmm…only available for Plex pass subscribers ehh. That’s a shame.

    However, if you still want to stream any video format from your PC, you can still use the PS4 browser to do so for FREE! Been using it for the past year, no problems at all. Although, it is recommended to be hard wired into the router for the best possible experience.

  • Okay, so don’t add DLNA support, instead support an app with additional cost on the server side. Thanks for nothing Sony.

  • If you where listening wouldn’t you give us what we have been asking for? Plex is a paid service and not true DLNA at all.

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