Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Descends onto PS4, PS3 Next Week

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Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Descends onto PS4, PS3 Next Week

Hi Saints fans! We’re super excited that Saints Row: Gat out of Hell is about to launch next week on January 20th. Our teams had a tremendous amount of fun putting this game together, and we can’t wait for all of you to get your hands on it.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Descends onto PS4, PS3 Next Week

We have certainly had a crazy, exhilarating trip with the Saints Row franchise, and none of us at Volition could have ever predicted how the Saints series would progress. I can assure you when the team was making the first Saints Row, none of us would have guessed we would eventually have a Saints game with things like Satan, musicals, armchair weapons and supernatural wings! This is what makes it so fun to work on the Saints Row series — we have the freedom to create over-the-top content with a complete focus on fun.

Now that we are closing out the Saints Row IV story arc, we hope you will love this expansion pack as much as we enjoyed making it. We’re excited to bring new content to existing fans, and to bring Saints Row IV to PS4 as well! There are tons of things to do, all new places to visit in Hell, and a fun story to experience (regardless of how you chose the game to end). Enjoy your trip to Hell!

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

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  • Looking forward to playing this on PS4

  • WHAT?!?!? Closing out the story arc better not mean this is the end of the series!!! You guys are just about the only developers left who know how to make a truly FUN game! I can’t wait to see what you’re working on next!

  • Did you see the part where they said closing out the “Saints Row IV story arc”? lol

  • Jim Boone

    Finally is there a Vita version on the way?!! Please don’t keep saying Remote Remote Remote..

    I’m talking about a Real Portable version that doesn’t need Home console or Internet connection.,, I’m talking about a Normal game.

    Please answer me for all of your company fans.tnx

  • Will the remastered version be on sale separately?

    • Digitally, yes! You can buy Saints Row IV: Re-Elected for $29.99 or Saints Row: Gat out of Hell for $19.99 on the PS Store as standalone games starting 1/20.

  • Yea lets hope it is coming to Vita but I was playing this on my PS4 last night and it looked great and had a lot of fun…. A lot of nice cool stuff in the game plus the new mission. Lots of fun….

  • 60 fps on ps4?

  • I had so much fun playing this the first time, i’m going to grab it again and finally have all the DLC, and the new story is a huge bonus. Really looking forward to this next week.

  • It is a lot of fun Trust me….

  • better not kill SR or i will hunt you down. i want to see a SR V. still GOOH looks like fun to play. i just beaten SRIV a month so let’s see how this rolls out.

    • For people like you that don’t necessarily want to pick up SRIV again, you can always purchase Gat out of Hell physically for PS3 or digitally for PS3/PS4.

      Gat out of Hell imports and abducts your custom Boss into Hell. So you either want to play on the system that has a SRIV save, or create your Boss in Re-Elected.

  • I asked this in the The Drop post but did not get an answer, hope you can help:

    Can you please confirm whether the “Saints Row IV: Re-Elected” available for pre-order on the store now at $49.99 is just Re-Elected (PS4 version of Saints Row IV) or also includes Gat out of Hell (new game in the Saints Row series)?

    As mentioned in the description, “Pre-order Saints Row IV: Re-Elected + Gat out of Hell Bundle and get access to Plague of Frogs Pack and Devil’s Workshop Pack as a bonus”. So the $49.99 is for the bundle?

    • I actually sent you a PSN message answering that ^__^

      The pre-order bundle up right now contains Saints Row IV: Re-Elected as well as Saints Row: Gat out of Hell and both pre-order pieces of DLC. The name is currently incorrect, but is in the process of being fixed.

  • I was gonna buy this, but only 720p ? What the deuce, I’ll just get it for PC

  • Gat Out of Hell seems like a great opportunity for some crossover fan service with Volition classic “Summoner”

    Just saying…

    Well, even without that, looking forward to checking it out :)

  • I have not played a SR game (attempted to played 3 but it broke on the initial load screen [PC from Steam]) but the trailer on PS4 had me laughing constantly.

  • I love the craziness of the SR series. Everyone is just having fun with it, logic be darned. It’s infectious when you play it.

  • just wanted to double check you can download. Gat out of hell for $20 standalone for ps4 or do you need to get the bundle? I just want Gat out of hell for my ps4.

  • thanks for the feedback. picking it up day one thanks again.

  • Will Re-Elected be available for PS3 as well?…and does it include Gat Out of Hell?

    Didn’t really got my answer last time I asked.

    • Re-Elected is the PS4 version. If you’re looking for a version on PS3 that has all the DLC, then National Treasure Edition is there for you!


  • Will the preorder DLC be available for purchase at a later date or is it one of those things where if you want it you have to preorder or do without it?

  • Already preordered! Looking forward to taking a trip to Hell on Tuesday. =D

    And thanks for the tip on the importing your custom Boss into Gat Out of Hell thing. I’ll be sure to recreate my PS3 boss from SR3 and 4 in Re-Elected before booting up Gat Out of Hell.

  • Dang I was trying to resist getting this since school started up again, BUT I CAN’T!

    Preordering now. Great commercial guys!

  • Any idea if this will be on PS Now?

  • It will be possible to transfer some information from the standard version? It´s really a great game but I have nerly 80hrs & 90 millions Zyniacs……

  • Just bought Saints Row 3 on sale, going to pick up Saints Row 4 re-elected on PS4 as well when it comes out.

  • I have purchased every single Saint’s Row game, thanks to this will have two versions of Saint’s Row IV (my previous one for the 360). I even have the limited edition version with the crazy white gun and buzzer.

    BUT… the sad story is. I have never finished Saint’s Row 1, and have yet to play Saint’s Row 2, 3, or 4 for more than A FEW MINUTES each, because I wanted to catch up on the series first.

    This is my most neglected franchise, yet one that for some utterly insane reason, I continue to buy every iteration of, especially when they appear on discount.

    I keep telling myself someday I will find time to play them all. Hopefully, before I retire.

  • so boying it on PSN will also come with all the gun and costume packs?

  • @Ryan Avery, Thanks for clarifying the incorrect name of the pre-order package (sorry I did not notice your PSN message0. I see that the name on the store has been changed now. I’ll be pre-ordering soon – waiting to see if Sony will send me the 10% discount code, for the recent PSN outage, before next Tues, lol.

  • @Ryan Avery – thanks for trying to answer my question but I was asking if the preorder DLC would be available for purchase at some point in the future, or if it was only going to be available through the preorder. That’s fine it won’t be there at launch, but what about 3-6 months from now? I’ve had a lot of problems with PSN preorders and don’t want to do them anymore mainly due to Ubisoft, WB Games, and the poorly trained PSN support staff that don’t even try to understand the problem but only read from a cheat sheet and what they read is completely unrelated to what the problem is. PSN preorders are horribly broken to where you don’t always get what you paid for. I’ve still got AC Unity preorder DLC locked in my Library that I can’t use

  • Two questions

    1- Since nobody has asked it yet and since it’s inevitable, will this have a platinum trophy?

    2- Going off another question that was asked, is there any benefit to importing your save file from SRIV into Gat Out of Hell? I’d prefer to buy Gat Out of Hell on PS4 but have SRIV on PS3 with a 100% save file. As much as I love the series, I don’t feel like going through the entire game again if I were to buy the remastered version on PS4. Granted I could buy Gat Out of Hell on PS3 but it’ll look better (and probably run better) on PS4.

    Thanks for reading and answering. Looking forward to playing it on Tue!

  • Going To Be Fun To Buy And Play On PlayStation Store :)

  • Hello Saints Row team,

    i have Saints Row IV on PS3, I had it day one and really enjoyed it. I recently got a PS4 and was planning to get only the new DLC since I already played that game on PS3 and finished almost all of it, at least the main story line missions.

    While I was browsing PSN Store now it’s only selling the entire re-elected plus the DLC package, there seams no way to pre-order the standalone DLC, so I wanted to know if it will be available anytime soon as standalone or not, because if not I will have to pre-order the entire package fast before I lose the pre-ordering benefits but end up paying the same.

    i remember in the past events Saints Row team said that there will be exclusive Gat out of hell content for those who have be game, I do have it on PS3, but planning to get the DLC on PS4 so will I get these benefits? And what are these benefits.

    Please guys reply ASAP so that if its not going to be sold as standalone I preorder it fast from Amazon. Thanks.

  • I can’t wait

  • Yall should really think about putting more game on the vita old and new it would make yall more money at the end of the day. Plus there are allot of titles i would like top see on the vita and i know other would to

  • Titles like bleach gundam wing one piece naruto other games like wolverine ninja turtle matrix path of neo iron man what happen to putting these game on the vita kingdom hearts

  • Why leave ps vita in the past I though it was the future better game in the palm of my hand stop leaving ps vita out of the mix it deserves a chance to stand out gave it more games. I can go on a Japanese account and see ten time as many games as I see in United States. Cross some of them game over in English you want know if we like it in till you do so what you waiting for us to ask you

  • We do even get the new titles what’s sup with that you can’t make a version for the ps vita do you think if you did you would lose money or gain. Think about when the psp came out yall mad version for the each game that came our on major consul so why not do it for the vita

  • Do you know how many people would by vita if yall had more games for it especially if they where the new update titles

  • Can’t wait!! Already pre-ordered!! Platinumed Saints row 3 and 4 on ps3, do trophies overlap with both ps3 and ps4?

  • I can’t wait to play Saints Row on PS4. Please consider releasing Saints Row on Vita (not just remote play). It would be nice to bring it with you. If you can’t do an original one, maybe remaster the first one?

  • Thanks for the answer Ryan…I finally got what I needed.Will buy the National Treasure Edition.

  • Stereoscopic 3D support I hope, if not, no sale.

  • This obviously can’t be right; I’ve just read on another site that unlike the Xbone version, the PS4 version does not include a physical copy of Gat Out Of Hell. That I have to do a seven gigabyte download to get it? But on Xbone it’s right there on the disk? I can think of no reason why this should be?
    I am speaking as One Of The Forgotten who lives regionally with bad broadband. I can have beautifully fast broadband only by hot spotting my iPad’s 4G for $150 per month I get 26GB. There are hundreds of us just in my area. The manager of my local EB is One Of Us and he pays even more than me for his broadband PLUS he told me the Australian price for this $30US release is going to be $89. Please tell me I don’t have to do a 7GB download as well?

  • Downloaded both Siants Row IV: Re-Elected & Gat out of Hell on PS4. Started playing both. In Re-Elected, finished the prologue then got completely kicked off saying the game wasn’t downloaded when it clearly was done downloading. In Gat out of Hell, finished the prologue & it wont let me continue on doing any missions or activities.

  • Literally never would comment on any forum or anything of the sorts but im just going to put it out there that people who have been downloading this game have been having problems including myself. After having to wait about 4 hours to download i now cannot even advance in the game after the beginning. Once i was given full control in the game to go about choosing which missions to, i arrive at their locations and all i get is “you cant visit here right now.” Luckily the flying is amazing so i have fun getting from location to location but im super frustrated that i cant play any missions. I read that a few people redownloaded a couple times and it ended up working, and that is what im currently doing while writing this message that i dont even want to be writing. So please do excuse some of the pointless things i have added onto here, merely trying to waste away another 4 hours of my life waiting.

    P.S Im super pissed

  • I have the same issue as the above two.

  • Ive un-installed & re-installed both Re-Elected & Gat Out Of Hell three times & received that same message no matter what. Been sending messages to Deep Silvers tech support along with screenshots for two days now. This is the only game that has ever done this that Ive downloaded digitally.

  • i got mine from game fly do i need to buy the stand alone

  • why is it not letting me do any mission or side missions on gat outta hell

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