Loadout on PS4: Updated With New Character, Weapon Balances

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Loadout on PS4: Updated With New Character, Weapon Balances

What it do, PlayStation fans? How has 2015 been treating y’all?

Ah man, are we excited! We’ve released our first update for Loadout on PS4! We’ve taken all your feedback over the past few weeks and crammed a huge list of awesome improvements and outrageous additions (you will know it when you see it) to the Loadout universe.

The main focus of this update is to fine tune Loadout as a whole, tighten up spots that needed some lovin’, and provide you with a great foundation for future updates. So hop on your PS4 and spin up Loadout, and get back to crushing the Kroad and annihilating your human enemies.

We’re calling this update Phase Zero. Why Phase Zero? Because we felt like Phase One was too long to wait. Want the lowdown on what to expect? Get the quick and dirty on the patch notes below!


Phase Zero Update:

  • New Playable Character — Disco Kroad Tony.
  • Significant AI improvements.
  • Buy weapon parts directly with Blutes in weaponcrafting.
  • Extensive weapon balance tuning.
  • Analog running (player will run after holding the left stick forward after 1.5 seconds).
  • Performance enhancements to aiming and the camera.
  • Mission and PVP game type difficulty tuning.
  • Economy changes and improvements.
  • Balanced fusion requirements and added brief tutorial (fusion is your friend in building the most elite weapons possible).
  • Additional outfitter parts for T-Bone and Axl.
  • Campaign is now called “Proving Grounds” — a great place to level up and acquire blutes and spacebux.
  • Arena is now “The Arena.” There is some significance here. Please let us know when you find it.
  • Persistent lobbies in The Arena (lobbies now roll-over rather than end after a match so you can hang with your friends longer and keep playing together).
  • Players are now able to late join in PvP.
  • Improved stability and numerous bug fixes.

For a detailed list of changes on weapon tuning, AI improvements, fusion adjustments and more, visit our PlayStation 4 forums.

Thanks again for playing Loadout, PlayStation fans! We can’t wait to hear what you think of the Phase Zero Update and since we believe you deserve a sneak peek on what’s intended to ship in Phase One, check out the short list below!

  • New player rating system.
  • More social features such as text chat and quick text.
  • New maps.
  • 60 FPS (and it feels so sweet!).
  • New weapon tuning based on your input.
  • The bloodiest prize saw ever. It’s a saw that gives prizes. And blood.
  • Gear Score (know thine enemies).
  • Player killcards.
  • More!

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10 Author Replies

  • You guys are adding in 60FPS? Count me in!

  • I have to admit, after buying the big boyz games in November and stuff, having you guys put this out there, it has been my Number 1 game past few weeks, such a blast to play, thank you so much for it and I cannot wait to see what comes next :)

    • No no no. Thank you for playing our game and for your kind words! We’re not much without the community that plays our game. Never hesitate to provide feedback on any of our social channels!

  • Weird how I was playing PVZ Garden Warefare and then came to play Loadout and thought they were both 60FPS already. I know PVZ is for sure, thought Loadout already was, just with some dips. Great to see it being added. More devs should update their games to have 60fps’, thanks for doing so.

  • So you are updating it so it is up to date with the PC version, then.

    • Actually, we are taking a different route with PC based on that community’s requests and desires. We aim to keep them as close to one another as possible but what works best for each community is the direction we wish to take!

  • Please bring it to the vita!

  • Love Loadout lol, Funny Like The Hillbillies On Borderlands 2.

  • All I want is more responsive aiming, get rid of the input lag! It’s by far the most unplayable shooter on the PS4 to date simply because of the incredibly bad input lag. I will sacrifice anything on that list (including 60fps) just for a smoother, more responsive aiming.

    • Have you tried the recent update? It’s one of the main functions we improved in Phase Zero and it’s something we are actively improving with each planned update. 60 FPS and additional tweaks will only make the experience better but Phase Zero has gone a long way to alleviate your frustrations! Thanks for playing!

  • nice i’m digging the game already and wish more of my buddies would play on it.

  • Still need to try the game out.But its nice to see the support for it,good job guys.

  • Good to see you’re listening, but one of my main concerns as of late is that a lot of devs big& small are conducting shady pay to win business models that screws the consumer. Is that the case here or will it ever be?

    • No shady tactics or marketing catch words here. We”re not going to pull the wool over your eyes to increase our profits. Whether you “pay” us in time spent playing or chose to support future development with funds, it’s your choice and we want you to enjoy the game for what it is, regardless. Your time spent playing is just as important as someone buying a starter pack. Population is just as important as conversion. That’s why we pushed out an update so soon, we wanted to give the player a better foundation for economy, balance and content as we expand on the universe!

      Best way to find out is try it out!

  • I used to play loadout on pc and I’m loving being able to play it on my ps4 after months of being unable to play it because my pc broke. There were definitely a lot of changes but the one that’s throwing me off a bit is the disaperance of the juice ammo type. I used to be able to run a really effective pure support build and I loved playing that role. Is there any chance that juice could come back to the game? And what it’s original reason for removal was?

  • I like this game a lot and all the new stuff is great, but that auto-running feature is really annoying. I don’t like sprinting all the time all over the map. You could give us an option to turn it off.

  • I have been very critical over the lack of games on ps4 . They were either rehashed games,ports, or many indie games. I love indie but that’s all the ps4 had. I was in the PS Now closed and open beta and hated the final prices and I thought ps plus for ps4 sucked over all.
    But two years in the ps4 has finally delivered. First off GTA 5 while not a Sony only game ,it is so much better than the ps3 version. And second, PS Now. I see posts saying it’s not worth the subscription price or the lag but that’s not an issue. I have tethered my phone to the ps4 and was running Ps now and Load Out with just my phone. And with games like Load Out and PS Now and all the new games coming out I have so many choices and games to play I don’t know where to start and what to play. And that’s a great place to be at in 2015. I bought the PS4 after watching E3 2014 and it was the games I saw that made the choice for me. I have a wiiu so it’s a game over; need no other systems but ps4 and wiiu. Next up Grim Fandango, one game that sold me on a PS4.I played it on the pc when it was first released and can’t wait to play it on the PS4. 2015 will be a great PS4 gaming year, I can just feel it.

  • cool a new character!
    to bad its not another female though… the one we have is kind of a laughing stock. even though being able to play as a kroad is cool i much rather see a more average bodied female, not a twig with bewbs but one thats not obese would be nice to see in the near future. we only have one female character and shes quite tubby

  • My suggestions are:

    Arnold Schwartzeneggar
    Chuck Norris/Harrison Ford
    Jackie Chan/Jet Li
    Wesley Snipes/Carl Weathers
    Nicholas Cage/John Travolta
    Jean Claude Van Damme/Steven Segal
    Lucy Lawless/Brigitte Nielsen
    Sigourney Weaver/Linda Hamilton
    Pam Grier/Vivica Fox

    Allowing blade melees for players with a blade on their outfit.

    Full clan support with uploadable logos, primary and secondary clan colors, and a four letter clan tag.

    Full outfit support for Tony the Kroad.

    Gun camo and skins.

  • Please for the love of god. Do not add type chat but if you have to make sure we can block users and take off chat if me like, you can make it where we hit options and and other key to bring chat up or down on the interface. Now how about trading items for bluts or space bucks, or other items.

  • I’ve never played Loadout, but seeing this post with its promise of continued support kinda has me excited for it! I’ll try it asap. Though sadly, I have no friends who play it. :(

  • Stereoscopic 3D support, and I’m there. Without it though, I’m afraid I just have no reason to purchase. I’m still waiting for more 3D games on PS4 before making my purchases, so far that’s Trine, and Super Stardust HD…. I guess that’s all that Sony want’s me to buy on PS4? :(

  • The game is a blast to play, only thing I want to know is does this support chat like in game with your team I feel like it doesn’t or nobody is wearing the FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FREEEEEEEE FREEEEE MIC SONY GAVE TO EVERYONE SO PUT IT IN YOUR EAR AND SOCIALIZE? Sorry for the caps i just remember last gen when people complained about sony not giving them one while ****box owners did lol…. i think like a drunk monk would be a funny character to create idk why

  • OMG! yes loving the new character! but those spacbux are hard to earn.oh well.

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