Rack N Ruin Brings the Apocalypse to PS4

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Rack N Ruin Brings the Apocalypse to PS4

Hello everyone! We’re excited to announce that our game Rack N Ruin will be launching soon on PS4. Rack N Ruin has been in development for 3 years, and now it’s almost done. You may be asking, “What is this game? And 3 years! Why haven’t I heard of it?” Well, I’m here to tell you.

Rack N Ruin is a top-down, action adventure game infused with a classic shmup. Its got all the trappings of a great action adventure game — a detailed open world, dungeons, puzzles, secrets, bosses, and numerous, curious items. However Rack N Ruin doesn’t play like your typical hack and slash. The shooter style combat is fast and hectic, with your highly capable character being set against deadly aggressive enemies. So get ready to embark on a quest to save the worl… oh, wait. I forgot to mention: you aren’t the good guy here.

The game begins with Rack, the evilest evil doer in the history of evil — a title he totally earns — sent by Ruin, the lord and the dark master of the universe, to a pristine and innocent planet with orders to enslave its inhabitants. He quickly begins corrupting the world — morphing its once lush fields into a twisted nightmare. This increases Rack’s power, but also transforms its tranquil animals into deadly, feral demons. On his quest Rack will not only do battle with the champions of good, but also the demons that he has created.

Rack N RuinRack N Ruin

Of course, the champions of good won’t just sit around and let Rack have a field day. You won’t get far before the local Dragon Protector Amon shows up to pick a fight. Not that silly self important dragons send shivers down Rack’s spine. Rack is ready for any confrontation with over 25 unique weapons and items to unleash upon the things Rack doesn’t like. Which, in this case, is everything. He can summon options, turrets, bombs that turn into black holes, swirling tornados of fire, and many more contraptions of death.

During Rack’s quest for total planetary annihilation, he meets a colorful cast of characters, each with their own tragic story that plays out in the face of their world’s end. Rack profits from each tragedy by selling the souls of these poor innocents to a creepy wizard to upgrade his arsenal. As the world boils towards the point of no return, and Rack’s power grows, he must decide whether to hand over the reins to his master or jump start the apocalypse.

Rack N Ruin

So look forward to this chaotic romp as it makes its way onto the PS4 in the near future. We are confident you will find a game that is fresh and unique, from its high-definition, hand painted art style, to the adrenaline fueled shooter-style combat. Rack may be evil but he has a lot of fun being evil, and we think you will, too.

If you are interested in the game, let us know and we’d love to tell you more.

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  • Yesssss… Oh yessssss…. Let me be evilllll EVILLLL!!!!

  • This looks pretty cool. I did have some questions:

    Any idea on price?
    What kind of game length are we talking about, and what’s the replay potential?
    Will there be a plat?

    • We haven’t totally worked on the details on the price, but expect a typical indiegame price point. As of right now its about 10+ hours on normal mode for a first time play through and quite a bit more on a higher difficulty. The world map is pretty accurate so that will give you a solid idea of the world size. I assume by plat you mean platinum trophy in which case, yes there will be a platinum trophy.


  • Also, what are you expecting for the release date?

  • Thermopyle2 went straight to business O.O

  • Another graphically intense game pushing the PS4’s SUPER POWERS!

  • Why not on vita too T.T

  • Some questions for you all

    Will I be able to make traps and combine items?
    What about co op?
    Any chance that the bad guy has an apprentice?
    How come we never heard any details of this game in the last year?

    • Yes there will be traps in the game. There are a few items that interact with the player’s weapons, one of which is called the Robot Parts which is previewed in the trailer. Essentially you place these items in the world and the player’s weapons will create different effects when used on them. For example, one item will turn into an ice mine when placed with the ice ability equipped.

      Rack N Ruin is a single player game.

      There will be minions and characters who join Rack on his adventure. Mostly, Rack doesn’t like them because they aren’t exploding before his eyes.

      Rack N Ruin hasn’t been heard about largely because I’m very dedicated to making the game. I spend much needed time that should be spent on marketing, making the game. As we get closer to launch I will be trying to spread word as I won’t be so tied up with working on the game all the time.

  • Look at those next Gen graphics *drools*

  • How Soon is “Soon” give us a release window please. Thank You.

    I manage a Google Calendar and like to keep upcoming game’s organized as much as possible. Knowing date’s help’s.

    I manage PS4, PS3, and Vita release date’s. Anyone like to subscribe click on this link in the next comment since moderator’s have to approve.

  • This game looks sweet! Can’t wait to play!

  • My Google PlayStation Gaming Calendar I manage. Feel free to subscribe.

  • I think the whole Wild Arms look is amazing, so glad game developers are taking notice again. Is it a day 1 purchase (YES) well done LifeSpark.

  • Tyler,

    Thanks for the responses! I’m pretty excited about the game, it hits all the stuff I most like in being SP, focused on gameplay instead of cut scenes, having a nice twist instead of the generic “save the world” story, and it appears to be at least somewhat skill-based.

    Hoping you guys make a Vita version as well, though depending on the price I’ll probably grab this pretty quickly.

    Will the trophy list have some difficult objectives? That can add a lot of replay value on top of the standard difficulty and story-based trophies. Rogue Legacy for example has some a good trophy list with a mix of progress trophies and trophies that you get by performing specific tasks.

    • There are trophy based challenge objectives. They range from something simple like beating the game on hard to more focused challenges like beating a certain boss using a certain damage type, which changes the way the boss has to be approached.

  • This looks awesome. Exactly what I’ve been wanting. I really want to try it out now. Thank you for announcing this now and not months back way before an actual release. And thank you for getting a platinum for it, too.

  • My interest is piqued.

    I look forward to more details prior to launch.

  • Hey Tyler,

    WOW! I watched the video and was thinking this was going to be a classic fantasy RPG, then POW! you totally reverse it and we get this quick action adventure game.

    I wanted to ask if you guys would consider on making “Dynamic Themes” and “Avatar Pictures” for the PS4. Your game would look cool displayed on everyone’s PS4.


    Rob aka Graf

    P.S. Please keep posting info on the PS Blog as your game gets closer to launch, thanks.

  • Looks like a really creative mix up of genres. Nice

  • With the number of indie games we’ve had lately falling into a trap I’m not super in love with, I just have one main question about your game.
    Is it a rogue-like / -lite? Based on the how this looks (more story-based), I’m hoping it is not. I’m getting tired of games that rely on killing you over and over again for replay value, rather than simply making the game big and diverse, to encourage replay naturally.

    Either way, your game is quite the looker, and I’ll probably end up grabbing it at some point. The answer to my question (whether you answer it now or I find out later) will determine how soon I pick it up. Thanks!

  • this thing’s got PSVita written all over it. i hope you guys can port it over

  • This game looks great. I’ll probably be getting it the week its out. Its nice to see a smaller game taking itself seriously and not just relying on pixel art and one mechanic to get by. I hope it releases very soon!

  • Oh okay. No Vita basically means no buy.

  • now this game looks amazing! im really loving the art style along with the gameplay footage! of course a vita version seems perfect for this game and would be appreciated, however im not sure the dificulties you may have other than budget getting it ported. look forward to the release and even more to t he possibility of having this on vita. Thanks LifeSpark!

  • @Sharingan_itachi Get a PS4!

  • I don’t get why people expect that there won’t be a ton of indies. Sony has been talking about how indies will fill the gaps between AAA titles and keep a steady stream of titles coming out.

    Big games take 3-7 years to make and millions with hundreds of people working all at once.

    Small indie titles take 1-7 years with 1-15 people (probably 15 is an average some are made by 1 person though) making the game with a few hundred thousand dollars comparatively. People used to buy games worse than this, for $50 dollars and still pop it into their SNES to play it.

    If you’re truly a gamer, you have to appreciate developers, and give games like these a chance. You’re not a move expert if all you watch are Michael Bay films after all.

    So rant aside, excited for this game. Hoping it’s $10, not because it’s not worth more, but because January is really bad for hours in retail. I do hope it ends up being cross-buy if/when you make a vita version though. It’s just nice to have the option. Or at the very least do like Rainbow Moon and Minecraft (to PS4) did and have an upgrade option from the standard to the cross-buy version.

  • VITA + CrossBuy = EPIC Deal!

  • @MakaiOokami. thanks for being so reasonable. people seem to forget that game mechanics is king over graphics, and with some of the younger generations not being raised on 2D it seems hard for alot of them to appreciate a great indie title that has elements of games I grew up loving.

    but yeah its so slow at my store this month, sometimes i have an hour between customers. luckily i finally got FFIV for my vita so that helps. im the only one that works here other than the owner of the hydroponics shop so i dont have to worry about my hours. hopefully you guys pick up, so you can get more hours and money. :)

  • Looks hella hype. Love playing indies more than the average gamer, so I’m totally on-board with this. Can’t wait for it to come out!

  • I have a PS4, but I am hoping that this game will come to Vita. It looks like it would be perfect on the Vita.

  • Looks like my type of game. Very interested.

    Are the basic controls left stick to move, and right stick to shoot?

    • There is a lock-on mechanic in place that can be used to target enemies. Its very noticeable in the trailer as you can see the targeting indicator. This allows the player to focus on weaving around all the complex bullet patterns that are unleashed by the enemies in the game.

  • Next gen indies killing the PS4 one game at a time. Not to mention making it the laughing stock of the industry. Why not keep this junk to the Vita only? I mean, they complain week after week might as well give them a reason to complain. If this was on mobile it would be $1.99 tops but since it’s on next gen (fancy computer) it will be at the highway robbery price of $14.99 – $19.99 Hope Sony is proud of where their JunkStation 4 is going cause I sure ain’t. These so called games are a joke. And why on earth would any company feel good about releasing such! I seen better 8-bit games 30 years ago. Thanks to those “be a game creator” ads in gaming mags every Tom, Dick, and Harry think they create games now days…!

  • Next gen indies killing the PS4 one game at a time. Not to mention making it the laughing stock of the industry. Why not keep this junk to the Vita only? I mean, they complain week after week might as well give them a reason to complain. If this was on mobile it would be $1.99 tops but since it’s on next gen (fancy computer) it will be at the highway robbery price of $14.99 – $19.99 Hope Sony is proud of where their JunkStation 4 is going cause I sure ain’t. These so called games are a joke. And why on earth would any company feel good about releasing such! I seen better 8-bit games 30 years ago. Thanks to those “be a game creator” ads in gaming mags every Tom, D ! C k, and Harry think they create games now days…!

  • No physical retail….not on PSP2…. PC it is then.

  • Awesome!!! This is A LOT more elegant than Hatred.
    Will buy day-1 if on Vita. (I’m not really a console or pc guy)

  • If there is 3D support, then I will buy it. Otherwise, sorry..I’m gonna pass. I want more games that use my new 3DTV sets. PS4 seriously lacks in the 3D game dept, and if my PS3 can do it, for over 80 games, then PS4 should be able to do it also.

  • I usually don’t like indie games but this looks like a lot of detail has been put into it

  • I love it!! It would even more bad ace if you play through the entire game as that character then re go back through it as option after you beat it to play as a hero to try and take down your old character just a cool idea. Nevertheless I will buy it and play the crap out of it thank you!!

  • Looks great! Will check this out day one!

  • @31 hey you…shut up. if you only came to complain, you could of easily left and kept it to yourself bc nobody wants to see it.

    this game looks awesome. I hope you can port it to the vita so I can get it for both systems {hopefully cross-buy?}

  • No physical release – no sale.

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