PS4 Bundle Now Includes The Last Of Us: Remastered for $399.99

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PS4 Bundle Now Includes The Last Of Us: Remastered for $399.99

Happy New Year, PlayStation Nation! I’m really excited to announce our 500GB PS4 bundle will now include The Last of Us: Remastered — at no additional cost. Experience one of the most critically-acclaimed exclusives that received more than 200 game of the year awards, complete with enhanced visuals and additional content.

The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Bundle

If you’ve managed to hold out on upgrading to PS4 for this long or if you have a stack of gift cards laying around after the holidays, now is the perfect time to get in on the action. This new bundle will begin appearing at participating retailers over the next few days for $399.99.

We’re sure you won’t be disappointed with PS4’s game library and social capabilities, where you can share your most epic gaming moments with all your friends. And there’s plenty to look forward to in 2015 and beyond.

Happy Gaming!

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  • I’m confused, isn’t this the standard bundle already?

  • Is this a permanent replacement to the current SKU?

  • @1 No. The PS4 has always been standalone, not counting exclusive bundles for stuff like Black Friday.

  • @3 Huh, weird. At my store up here, this is, like, the standard bundle. I haven’t seen us get in standalone systems for ages – everything comes with games. Maybe it’s different in the states.

  • Ugh, downloadable vouchers…

  • digital or retail?

  • 2 Questions :

    1. Does the game come as a Box (best way and also helps save space) or do we have to download it (sucks..)
    2. Do we still get the The Four Games, One Pick with Far Cry 4 and other games ?


  • Maybe it will end up becoming one of the best selling games, like mario did because it was bundled with the NES.

  • @ 7 its a downloadable voucher and no u do not get four games pick one smh

  • Big seeking point, digital or hardcopy? I’m sure it’s digital.

    Sony didn’t NEED to push sales they seem to be doing good still. Thing is this doesn’t sound mind a good way to try either, it’s a hit game already. Keep pushing it so hard and it’s going to get a bad stigma attached to it. I bought the game on release on love it.

    The biggest downside is that there is a divide, not sure how big. But some of us are not interested in playing remastered ps3 games. Remaster some real classics, maybe. But if I buy a ps4 (waiting on a special edition red bundle to come with BLOODBORNE) I am playing new games not looking for rehashes.

    Still love what your doing Sony, hope this doesn’t sound negative. Your just beating a already running horse

  • One of the best games ever made now comes with a PS4, this is just great!

  • *selling
    Edit. Would love an edit.

    Also, that pick 1 of 4 option that was done before was a good promotion keep that up everybody loves options. And the buyers remorse on but picking one game over another might land you another sale

  • This bundle is already showing avail on Amazon and they also have removed the Pick 1 of 4 choice game bundle!!! :0/

  • Canadian bundle

  • I guess I will continue to wait until there is a bundle that is just too good to pass up. For me it has to be a game included that was available on the PS3. My PS3 and Vita backlog is pretty hefty anyway so no big hurry.

  • Not available

  • You know what would be nice? A decent Vita bundle. There have been like 10 PS4 bundles since last fall with games like Destiny, Grand Theft Auto V, The Last of Us etc. Yet a poorly done version of Borderlands 2 is the only choice for Vita and in many places the only way to buy a Vita is with Borderlands 2. No Minecraft bundle was a huge missed opportunity. <_<

    Maybe "platform marketing" can give the struggling platform a hand? PS4 doesn't need any more help selling, it's already on fire and will continue to be the leading platform on the market for years to come. Vita on the other hand needs all the help it can get and Sony just doesn't seem to care one iota (see what I did there? You know, cause they took Tearaway) about it.

  • This is BS. I just bought one for Christmas and I don’t get this? wtf.

  • @ comment #17: I agree that a Vita bundle would be very nice. We’re not gonna get it though. Sony only cares about the Vita when it concerns Japan (and sometimes Europe). Vita is getting a TON of Japanese games this year, and we in the States just get more indies that we can also play on PS3, PS4, and PSTV.

  • PlayStation Needs:
    * PSTV needs headset support with Pulse headsets. Doesn’t need to have 7.1, just needs everything bluetooth can offer
    * PSTV needs hard drive support…. why am I buying memory cards for this thing.
    * PSTV needs a patch for Uncharted Golden Abyss
    * PS4 needs pins to keep certain games from drifting into the library basket.
    * PS4 needs PS1 classics and disc support
    * PS4 needs PS2 classics and disc support
    * PS4 needs DLNA support
    * PS4 needs PS BluRay Remote Support (or its own remote. Yes I’d buy another)
    * PS4 needs more covers sold on Sony Store
    * PS4 needs more trophy organizing options
    * PS4 needs more game organizing options
    * PS4 needs built in support for legacy arcade sticks
    * PS Vita Memory sticks need price slashs of 50% or more. It’s 2015 why am I still paying full price for an over priced accessory.
    * PS Vita needs more AAA titles such as Gravity Rush

    As far as bundles. Just slash the price by 50 dollars and stop the packing of games.

  • I still haven’t played TLOU , I only have PS3 .

    Will there be TLOU for PS3 sale or maybe 15 for ’15 sale soon ?


  • Literally just bought another PS4 this past Saturday. Any way Sony would honor that purchase (since it happened less than a week ago) and give me a download voucher or physical copy of TLOU? I could submit proof that the purchase just happened 3 days ago.

  • I hope this is digital. That’s the best way to get games on the current gen. You wants discs, go play your PS2.

  • Is the red Final Fantasy type 0 PS4 coming to the US?

  • So when can we expect a Killzone Mercenary 16gb Vita Bundle? When is Kick&Fennick coming out? Why SCEA keeps ignoring the vita?

  • -meh-

    I got the bundle with this + GTAV (disc version) + PS Camera, all for the same $399.99 price. Obviously MUCH better value than this new offer.

  • ^^^ P.S. Forgot to mention the PS Camera bonus was a Gamestop exclusive special

  • This bundle has been in Canada forever but good for the U.S. as well i guess

  • @26 Yea I hate that I missed that deal, I was so broke. That bundle felt like it was made for me…

  • This would have been nicer if they included the disc version of the game…

    I hate when do these digital code versions or that half ass disc in a crappy cardboard sleeve…

  • This bundle has been in Canada forever now and it’s still $449.99 for us. What are we supposed to get excited about here?

  • Too Late, already have a PS4… How bout some deep discounts on PS3 games since there are no games for the PS4!!!

  • Another day, another PS4 Remaster.

    Another reason to ignore the PS4 until Sony has some real incentives for PS3 and Vita owners to buy this console.

  • I love this game honestly one of my favorites. But man talk about milking a ****in franchise. Plus they already have this bundle. Sony is really acting like this game isn’t going on 2 ****ing years old. Where are the new games. # StillWaitingForGreatness. Boring console generation. Ps3 was better

  • For whatever reason, I just can’t seem to justify buying a PS4 now. There are hardly any games for it and most of them are “remastered” ones of games I played on PS3.
    IS it really worth it to buy a new system just because the game has a better resolution to the picture but offers nothing in the way of extra playing time or levels?

  • Can someone explain how this bundle works, so do you like buy a standard PS4 and the game for free or something

    • Look for the specially marked bundle (the image in the post). A voucher for a digital copy of the game will be inside.

  • Is Godzilla coming to the us soon and is it going to be digital ?

  • At #35, bro this is the most boring console gen I have been a part of. Instead of focusing on new game that run without patching or releasing broken new games. They keep putting out games that are remastered. No wonder none of the new games work for this gen.

  • Pack in a retail copy for Christ sake.

    A digital game is worthless.

  • Fallout3 & FOV for digital any time soon or is it just to old to add on the psn store

  • ”-[[[GODZILLA]]]-”

  • I’m fine either way, but I literally just bought my PS4 a week ago today. Any chance we can make this a retroactive deal? I love my PS4 to death and it is seriously my favorite console of all time, so thanks either way! :)

  • How is this bundle new? There have been so many copies of the PS4 including The Last of Us sold, that the market is saturated (such as Ebay) with copies of Digital codes for TLoU as low as 20$

    It’s an amazing game and I love it, but stop acting like this is something special, a very cheap game that was already bundled with PS4’s is now…. Bundled with PS4s!


  • @40 I doubt Fallout 3 will ever come to PSN. The game (amazing as it is) is very broken on PS3, it froze for me over 40 times (I kept track) and that was with autosave and being signed out of PSN, which with those on, the freezing is much worse.

  • Why would you insist on having a disc copy? You don’t save space since a disc installs the entire game onto your drive anyway. And the trade-in value of the physical disc is pretty poor at this point anyway. Might as well keep it.

  • I think this is a great idea. You want to put this game in as many hands as possible.

  • Same here this is a great idea. This masterpiece should be in every successful PS4. Do you plan to do that Worldwide ?/

  • @xolan99 There is something magical about holding a physical copy of a game for some people (usually us older people) and also, you can sell PS4 games to pawn shops here for $10 when you are done. The digital revolution is killing the magic. Remember when you could walk into a rental store and pick something out to play for the weekend? Most people don’t know that feeling anymore and never will.

  • @48 – I’m 33 myself and I have gone all digital. As someone who doesn’t want to constantly switch discs or lug an entire shelf of games when I move, I like having an all-in-one library. I have 80 games on my PS3 for example and should I want to take it elsewhere, all I have to do is just pack up my slim PS3 in a bag and my entire library comes with me. I don’t miss buying physical games anymore than I miss buying CDs or tapes.

  • @49 I like that idea too, but with digital, it could all be disabled some day. How long will they keep the servers up for you to download the stuff? Will you be able to play what you have downloaded afterwards? Who knows, they can do anything to our digital games. Yet still 90% of my PS3 games are digital, because of good sales :) Also 99.5% of my PC games are digital…

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