LittleBigPlanet 3 Sackboy meets the Big Hero 6

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LittleBigPlanet 3 Sackboy meets the Big Hero 6

Disney’s Big Hero 6 Costume Pack

New DLC available this week

LittleBigPlanet 3 Sackboy meets the Big Hero 6

LittleBigPlanet is always in need of heroes to help save the day and this week Sackboy joins forces with Disney’s Big Hero 6, the latest and greatest superhero team that have banded together to protect everyone from danger and peril!

The new Big Hero 6 Costume Pack comes with all the super-suits that you will need to become the Big Hero 6. There’s always a new adventure to be had in the LittleBigPlanet community levels and this pack will ensure you have just the right outfit for the job!

LittleBigPlanet 3 Sackboy meets the Big Hero 6

LittleBigPlanet 3 Sackboy meets the Big Hero 6LittleBigPlanet 3 Sackboy meets the Big Hero 6

Each of the Sackfolk Big Hero 6 character costumes can be purchased individually or you can purchase the complete Disney’s Big Hero Costume Pack along with an additional Baymax Costume for Toggle that is an exclusive bonus costume within the complete costume pack.

LittleBigPlanet 3 Sackboy meets the Big Hero 6

LittleBigPlanet 3 Team Picks

Featured Community Levels to Play

Fossil Desert by yu-kamone

Chase the mischievous Newton across this Jurassic world filled to the brim with dinosaur fossils, rolling boulders and sticky, sticky mud pits! Newton is a skilled runner though and you’re going to need use a brand new Drill Power-up to clear obstacles out of your way and continue the chase!

Clockworx 3 by NuclearFish

It’s become somewhat of a tradition for NuclearFish to release a new Clockwork level at the launch of a new LittleBigPlanet title and LittleBigPlanet 3 is no different with his release of Clockworx 3. Jump into this almighty clock tower and see how long you can survive before your time runs out.

Smooth McGroove

Secret Gardens A-cappella

Many a Sackboy and Sackgirl will remember the classic Gardens theme from the original LittleBigPlanet game and many of you have now discovered that we included an extra-special collaboration with the brilliant Smooth McGroove performing his own a-cappella version of this classic LittleBigPlanet theme.

This track is hidden somewhere within LittleBigPlanet 3’s Adventure to add to your Popit and use in your very own levels, it’s totally interactive too so you can choose which of Smooth’s wonderfully melodic tones can be heard as players travel across your level. Good luck finding it! We look forward to hearing it more across LittleBigPlanet!

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8 Author Replies

  • Wow! Thanks for this pick-me-up! I finally saw Big Hero 6 recently & instantly wanted it in LBP3! Marvelicious!

    I’m really excited about Big Hero 6 in LBP! All the Sack folk will also be pleased. :)

  • Where is the LBP Vita playable DLC, like the Marvel Arcade Pack and the DC Comics Premium Level Pack? Why were they delisted?

    • We’re not entirely sure why this has happened since they were not due to be removed.

      We are looking into it and will get them put back online for everybody.

  • This is great and all but when are you guys going to make the rest of the older DLC work with LBP3. I’m still missing the Final Fantasy costumes, Metal Gear, Ratchet and Clank etc. and it still is asking me to buy the Mass Effect and Heavenly Sword Packs again even though I own them already. Please fix these things.

    • We’re currently working with each region’s PlayStation Store teams to get these last missing items uploaded for everybody.

      Don’t have any concrete dates just yet but we’re working on this issue as one of our highest priorities.

  • Maybe this will be part of the sale today!?

  • I’m not spending another dime until you fix the main game.

  • Rather than promoting more paid DLC, please address the concerns raised about your already released content. I’ve had zero acknowledgement of any of my inquiries about LBP Vita DLC. It is all missing from the store. Further, much of my DLC does not work with the LBP Marvel vita game. You can’t expect customers to buy more content if you haven’t fixed (or even acknowledged) issues with your existing content.

  • Is there gonna be a patch soon? Matchmaking is broken, can’t play with friends.

  • Ouch based on these comments this game looks like a pass even with a sale

  • I’ve recieved confirmation that SOE is working on the issue with the DLC. Slowly but surely they have been releasing DLC for the PS4. If you are having trouble downloading from the LBP store, please try going to the PSN store site itself through a mobile device or home computer, there, much like myself you can download most of the DLC there right to your PS4. I hope this helps. I am only currently missing a small portion of my DLC at this point and I own close to 90% of the LBP DLC.

    • Good to hear you have had success download the majority of your DLC!

      We’re just working on cracking down these stray items that are still missing for some folks.

  • Are we going to get new levels as DLC?

  • Fix the game please!

  • Shady how your forcing a full pack purchase to get costumes for new characters that are in need of them..anyways still waiting for the game to be fixed then hopefully new lvl packs with innovative materials and power ups to show us your not doing a cash grab and abandoning and killing the series.

    • We supported both LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2 for a very long time after release and we plan to do exactly the same for LittleBigPlanet 3!

  • Such an amazing movie, I completely endorse these costumes!

  • Fix the game before you add more DLC, you guys are shooting yourselves in the foot. The game is broken right now and it’s hindering sales and upsetting your most loyal fans. The game is supposed to be fully backwards compatible and it isn’t; I can’t improve my LBP2 levels because DLC is still broken. I <3 LBP and still have faith all the issues will be resolved, but this is just insulting.

    • Many apologies that you’re feeling that way.

      We’re truly taking on-board all of the feedback that is coming our way and working hard to resolve any issues that are affecting our long-term fans and community members!

  • Can we please get a resident evil costume ??? Pretty please!!!!!

    It would be cool to get one ,Since revelations 2 and the remaster are coming soon.

  • Glad to see more dlc. Lol at all the people thinking they’re entitled to a working game.

  • Let me get this straight. The game is STILL broken on-line, and you guys are releasing more DLC packs!?!? Not only that, ignoring the customers via this site. I’ve e-mail Sumo Digital, and they have ignored me too! What a bunch of @ssholes!!! I want my refund, this game has be broken since day 1!

  • People complaining about match making? The main game is busted, that’s far worse than that! I literally can’t even play the second or third hubworld in this game! Second world spawns me continuously into a death zone over and over with no escape. The 3rd world doesn’t spawn ANYTHING. Doors, platforms, nothing. The game isn’t even playable, literally, and they’re putting out DLC for it instead of making the game as a whole work. Unbelievable.

  • Hey Steven, thanks for the response, I really appreciate it. Sorry if I was rude in my last message. LBP is the main reason I got a PS4 so it has been a little frustrating, but I really love LBP and still recommend it to all my friends :) Thank you very much for the response.

  • Will compatibility between DLC and the LBP Marvel vita game get addressed? Downloading from my prior download list installs the keys for the content but much of it doesn’t show in game. Thanks.

  • So far all my dlc works on lbp3 (I’m on ps3), except for the cross-controller levels. I still have the prizes from it, I just can’t play the levels. Ya’ll are working on fixing that too right?

  • Just unlocked “Secret Gardens” earlier today. It’s a fantastic track.

  • I bought this costume pack off the store earlier but when I go to download it it doesn’t do anything and when I try from the Pod in LBP3 it just says “No content was found.”, is this DLC not available yet or something or did PSN just glitch out on me?

    I bought Far Cry 3 in the Anniversary sale at the same time too but the store just kicked me back to the PS3 menu. Did I get ripped off via glitch lol?

  • Awesome! I was REALLY hoping Big Hero 6 would make it into the sackworld too after seeing Frozen stuff last month! Fingers crossed that more Disney DLC comes in! *cough*(wreck-it-ralph, stitch, etc)*cough*

    Just to confirm: These BH6 DLC costumes only work on LBP3 and not the previous LBP games, correct?

    Thanks for the awesome news and hope to see more content (and ESPECIALLY more fixes ;)) to LittleBigPlanet 3!

  • Hey I bought lbp3, and love it, but I also bought costumes. THROUGH the lbp3 store. And there’s a few that I’ve bought that ARENT there and it’s frustrating me. For example, which bothers me the most btw, the FF7 pack!!! I bought it, and it says purchased, and in the ps store it says unavailable for all 5 characters. When I click on them on the lbp3 store, it says it’s not in the store:(. Please someone help.

  • I have always been a huge fan of littlebigplanet but i hate to say how dissapointed i am with my lbp3 experience, i dont like complaining but theres a point where its needed. Its been a total of 3 game profile corruptions, sometimes they fixed themselves like magic, but its been already a month since the last time it got corrupted, you may say “oh well just download your online backup!” but i tried, its not my save and i also was working on something really awesome, it just feels so bad to loose it, please tell me what can i do? do i have to wait more? if you tell me to start all over again i’m sorry to sound rude but i’m done with this game…

  • I’m also having that problem where the DLC doesn’t show up on LittleBigPlanet Marvel Super Hero Edition on PS Vita even if it was installed. If I don’t get a response about it from you, I’m going to contact Sony and request a refund.

  • Hello Steve. Reading your replies is like watching the X-Men get through the Danger Room. LOL!

    I’ve been buying DLC since LBP1 so I’ll be buying this awesome set too. However…

    (I admit, this ISN’T the thead for this but they close fast…) I called Sony to ask why I CAN NOT download the Toggle Garden Gnome costume I unlocked playing Run, Sackboy! Run! I got the RSBR T-Shirt just fine. They told me it’s for PS4 ONLY….

    Really? I think not. What’s up with that?

  • I loved the movie! I’m really excited for this costume pack and will get them once they come out (hope they’re not too expensive!). I thought the Toggle Baymax was done really well too. Can’t wait to play with these with my gf

  • @Steven

    Thanks for the response. I do hope to see the DLC pop back up on the store for LBP Vita, as I’m just playing the game now for the first time! Thanks for looking into it.

  • I’m gonna see the movie very soon, I’ve heard it’s good.
    ALSO: Is Hiro’s hair… able to be worn under hats?

    PS: I love the LBP games, and I’m rediscovering LittleBigPlanet for PSP. That one was the first LBP game I played!

  • I’m still waiting to hear a response about the fact that since the network was down for alot of us during launch week, when we will see the rare launch tshirt and astronaut costume packs, either back in the store, or given as a voucher code. I purchased the game on nov 18, yet couldn’t access the store due to the network being down.

  • I Bought the DLC from the In-Game Store and when I click on it to download it shows up as “no content available”! I dosent show up on my Downloads List and from both the Store and The Website Playstation Network wont let me do it!

  • This is going to Awesomesauce! I can’t wait! :) Cheers! -Dylan

  • Steven, huge fan of yours and you’ve helped me here and there throughout the years with getting levels published back in LBP2. You even helped me get into the beta of LBP2 before you were a team member.

    I want to say that I hate that the team is releasing new items without even having fixed missing content from LBP3 first.

    The PSN is trying to charge for the Monster Pack and I can’t download it in game, this seems to be the case for everyone.

    The Rachet and Clank DLC is no where to be seen, making some of my older levels impossible to edit.

    There are also some other things missing (Final Fantasy Pack) and I really think that the team should focus on fixing things before releasing new things.

    If you could pass that along that would be really nice. I have yet to hear from the team regarding these issues.

  • I just want to echo most of what MTJohnson1977 said.
    Especially with the PS Store wanting to charge me for costume packs I own (Monster Pack and Zombie Costume among others). I wasn’t sure if I should contact Sumo or Playstation about that. At least I know I’m not alone with that problem anymore!

  • Hey the costume pack is only available for PS4 Because i cant downloaded , i check on the pc and say only ps4 so why i can purchase on ps3 store???

  • I have the move pack and Kit Toy Story in LittleBigPlanet 2 Special Editon (move pack, kit Toy Story included) and in LittleBigPlanet 3 I did not. The update 1.05 is expected to confirm that I have the contents?

  • I still can’t download the pack! I bought it yesterday but when I go to purchase it from the store it shows the loading symbol for a split second and does absolutely nothing no matter how many times I try. When I try from the LittleBigPlanet3 In-game store is just says ‘No content was found.’

    I even contacted Sony on their live chat but no one there helped they just said to ask Sumo Digital about it. What is going on?? Did I really get ripped off and nothing is going to be done about it??

  • Purchased the pack and it says no content available please help.

  • Excuse me Steven. I was playing LBP Vita and some of my dlc wasn’t working (costumes) and when I try to download them, they successfully download but I can’t use them, but when I looked in My Stuff, it apparently wasn’t downloaded. Any way to fix this?

  • I just bought the bh6 dlc but it won’t download. I’m really worried…
    I bought it on the lbp3 store on PS3.

  • I’ve bought the big hero 6 Dlc through lbp3 store. I was able to purchase it but I can’t download it. Please help me out? I was looking forward to it today, and it was such a big let down :(

  • helllo we need a answer to know why cant download the costumes

  • Same here. Bought the Big Hero 6 DLC. It says I paid for it and that I own it. BUT, it never downloaded to my items list and is not in download content.

  • When do we get the cross controller level kit for PS4

  • Playstation does everything except work.

  • I still can’t download this Damn Dlc I spent money on it, you guys gotta hurry up your failing your costumers.

  • I contacted Sony online Customer Service chat about purchasing the Big Hero 6 add-on and not be able to download it for the PS3. After 3 chats with them, I got this message:

    “Sony Customer Service: We already did the report about the issues with the Content, and in this case you only need to install a patch for the game.”

    I ask if I can get a refund….and the rep wrote back:

    “Sony Customer Service: I am really sorry but in this case no, you will need to wait a couple of days, please note we are working in order to resolve this the soon as possible and we already escalate this, in this case you only need to wait.”

    So hopefully they will be able to solve this soon. I thought the LittleBigPlanet DLC issues were for the older DLC items, but it seems to be an issue even for new DLC content, unfortunately. I recommend people not to purchase it until further information is provided.

  • PLEASE FIX THIS GAME! I can’t play with friends because of the damn bugs! And also please add the DIVE IN feature back! That was one of the best features of LBP 2! Where you can simply join any players pod and make new friends to play with! But we can’t do that anymore on LBP 3 because you guys took it away :( and now whenever I want to play with someone I have to go load a level and click on “Join Us” but that doesn’t even work either! LBP 3 isn’t fun if you can’t play with other people. I’m disappointed with this game.

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