Grim Fandango Remastered Now Available for Pre-order

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Grim Fandango Remastered Now Available for Pre-order

We never thought the day would come, but in just two weeks on January 27th Grim Fandango will once again be available to play, 16 years after its original release. And as of THIS VERY MOMENT, you can pay to secure your copy of Grim Fandango Remastered! Grim Fandango is a cross buy title for $14.99 and sports a new PS4 dynamic theme as a pre-order bonus.

Grim Fandango

With updated graphics, a new live orchestral soundtrack, additional control schemes, developer commentary, and more, fans and newcomers alike will be able to experience the game with a whole new layer of polish and love, straight from the folks who developed the original game. Or they can always flip to the original art and tank controls and party like it’s 1998.

To mark the occasion, we have a brand new entry in the documentary series from 2 Player Productions covering the remastering process. This episode sees a bounty of members from the original team reuniting for commentary sessions as well as the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra recording the new live music.

Check it out here and then head over to the game’s fancy new website at to learn more!

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  • “secure [my] copy of Grim Fandango Remastered”?

    Are you going to run out of “copies” or something? *sigh*

    BTW: A better price would help.

  • Can’t wait! Gonna’ preorder this later tonight.

    Also, I totally can’t wait for Broken Age and DotT on Vita! I hope Double Fine will continue to be able to make games for dedicated handhelds in the future.

  • It would be nice to read an article on this site without one of your whiny comments at the bottom. GAL

  • A few questions
    1- How big will the Vita ver. be?
    2- How long will the pre-order be up?
    3- There are rumors of a retail release, will the Vita ver. get a retail release, at least in Europe region? Cuz believe me I will GLADLY double dip for a retail ver. This 64 GB ain’t cuttin’ it

    Thank you for making this classic available for a new audience to experience and I’ll be sure to add it to my 2015 GotY list <3

  • So there’s no preorder bonus for people who only have a Vita, then there’s no real reason for me to preorder.

    Will the Vita version be compatiable with the PlayStation TV?

  • Day one for me.

  • Is there a platinum for it? i really hope so

  • There’s never any real incentives to preorder digital games…oh well, at least the game looks good. I will try to get it sometime in the future.

  • Preordering now! Love the price (i was expecting $20) and thank you for making it crossbuy as I will play this at work on Vita lol.

  • @lxcainxl, actually a better paying job might help…. :P

    thanks double fine productions for the remaster of this lucasarts classic. grim fandango is still one of my favorite games from childhood. i have been looking forward to this since its announcement.

  • Preordered! The PS4 dynamic theme will come on the 27th with the game? or I’ve missed something?

  • that documentary was awesome to watch. really interesting to see some of the process with the lighting, textures and music. hearing from tim shafer is always a great experience too! thanks again double fine!

  • This is so amazing…
    I don’t care about the preorder since there is no bonus for only vita owners but I’ll buy it day 1 for sure!
    BTW… Are there spanish subs? It would be more comfortable to me, but if not is ok :p
    Thank you guys for supporting the vita with this masterpiece :)

  • Definitely preordering this! I’m excited to hear all the commentary in the game as well

  • Preordered.

  • So excited to play a classic game on my PS4. Thanks Sony keep these classic games coming :)

  • Nice… I haven’t been able to log onto this site the last three or four days I have tried (over the span of two weeks).

    But on topic… this game has been too long denied us. So thankful I get to play this game again on a system that will do it justice. I will be pre-ordering in another day or two.

  • No physical release, no sale.

  • I preordered last night! Never played this game, so I’m excited to experience this beloved game for the first time on PS4! Only 13 more days!

  • It’s a PS4 and Vita Bundle ? I have just a Vita, if i buy it a have the game for vita or just PS4?

  • @19, it is cross buy… so buy it for the Vita (directly from your Vita handheld) and then when you get a PS4, make sure you look for it and download it for that too.

  • First time preordering a digital game. Can’t wait to try the game.

  • got mine pre-ordered, was also the 31st like…step up guys!

    looking forward to some good old nostalgia with this release. loved the original when it came out (man i’m old)

  • Pre ordered with no hesitation. I was hoping for a physical edition and really hoping for a collectors edition but I guess a theme will do.

    I wish we got the theme now though.

  • Any chance for a Vita physical release?

  • Isn’t this from Tim Schafer AKA Anita Sarkeesian Jr? The guy who made that weird “white male privilege” Youtube video?

    No, just no.

  • Even a limited run for a physical edition on Vita and/or PS4 would have been nice… Pre-ordered anyway. Now I await Day of the Tentacle and I hope for a Maniac Mansion re-release. I only got chance to play Maniac Mansion censored on the NES. I did enjoy DOTT in its original form on PC. What’s next up? Full Throttle?!?

  • I’ve never even played a double fine game but the little I’ve heard about has me so hyped. I’ll definitely be buying this

  • Any chance of including a Vita theme with the pre-order as well? And will the themes be available for individual purchase some time afterward?

  • Pre-ordering is kind of dumb IMO.
    In the old days, when managing a local video game store, we would push pre-orders on customers to ensure that enough would be shipped to us, but really.. Why would this even matter for DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION?
    And this is just too funny “you can pay to secure your copy of Grim Fandango Remastered!”
    Yeah, they may run out of digital copies. Come on guys! :P

    Not that I suspect this game will be anything but awesome, but I do believe many other companies are using pre-ordering to sell you video games before the reviews come out. Just think how many people would have skipped out on Assassin’s Creed or Watch Dogs.

  • @27 – supposedly there was a way to access Maniac Mansion through a computer in DOTT. Assuming they keep the cheat in, we might get Maniac Mansion as essentially a bonus.

    I inquired about in another PS Blog post by Tim Schaefer but it seems they don’t respond.

  • @27: Maniac Mansion is fully playable in DOTT just by walking up to a computer and accessing it.
    When DOTT Remastered comes out it will undoubtedly be included.

  • Just got some funds added and got the Grim Fandango now pre-ordered. Now the question is do I want the RE HD remake on my PS4 or on my XB1. It being cross-buy with the PS3 makes no difference to me as I am just waiting to be able to unhook the PS3.

  • I want it for my vita, but in the Argentian’s store only appears for PS4, and on my vita the title doesn’t appear. So, I WANT IT!

  • @marukusanagi you can buy PS4 version via PC, at January 27th you will have both versions so do not worry :)

  • Where and how?

    I am an European User (Ireland), don’t see it anywhere in the PS Store, even if I search for “G R I M” etc…

    I kind of presuming with the currency being $, which again I presume is US dollar, this is no live in Europe yet, too many grey areas as per…

  • Only in the US of course.. Don’t give a **** about the rest of the world.

  • My PS4 and PSVITA are ready :P

  • This sure brings back memories. I loved this game on my computer back in 1998. I can’t wait to play it again on my Vita. Any chance of bringing the Monkey Island and Sam and Max games to Vita?

  • I loved grim fandango back in the of my favorite point and click adventure games.

    Any chance of getting a ps3 version in the future.

    I’m unhappy with Sony this console generation and have yet to get a ps4.

    If there well not be a ps3 version I’ll just get the pc version

    Thanks double fine and keep making interesting games.

  • Why this is not available in the UK?!

  • I don’t suppose we’ll see a PS Plus discount on this guy, will we?

  • Can’t preorder at this moment, there is no preorder button for me. I hope to see it come back soon.

  • Yep I can find it on PSN but as previous poster said there is no pre-order button, just the overview, if you look on the PSN store for the US site then you will get it no problem.

    Waiting for this game long enough so it looks like i will have to continue to wait. Release is supposed to be 27th but ive seen UK releases for 28th but then again most UK/Ireland games come out Friday. Fingers crossed for Wednesday as i am off work that day.

    What has been great is the utter lack of information.

  • Both PS4 and web store do not work for me, it really sucks I had to wait to pre-order this.

  • It should be available to play in 15 minutes, but yet it says til will not be available to play for another 1 day and 15 minutes. So for pre-ordering I am having to wait an extra day after it is supposed to be available to play?

  • Same here! I’ve been excited all day and even have tomorrow morning off so i can stay up late and play it and now it says it won’t unlock until midnight tomorrow which is technically the 28th! I don’t know what’s going on here but I am very not happy…

  • Guess my preordering doesn’t mean since it seems like it’s not even playable. Man, I guess Greatness Awaits…

  • now it’s being weirder. it gave me an option to download the theme, which i did, then that option went away, and it sometimes gives a “start” prompt under the title (ps4) and that leads to a countdown with no numbers, as if it’s aware the time for release has come and gone. oh technology, why you so cray?

  • wow. had to go through so much nonsense. apparently there’s a problem with the pre-orders and you have to do one or many of a number of things. I ended up downloading it from the playstation store on my computer remotely after being told to delete it and try again. so many fails. Sony, I love you but this has happened a few times with pre-orders now. If flippin valve can do it, so can you. here’s hoping it works…

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