This Week in PlayStation: Welcome to 2015!

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This Week in PlayStation: Welcome to 2015!

This week saw a couple pretty big stories: PlayStation Now is getting a subscription service on PS4 starting Tuesday, and we revealed the winners of our reader-voted Game of the Year awards! Some of your votes aligned pretty closely with my personal picks, but others ended up being big surprises! How did your favorites fare?

  • I’m playing: Wolfenstein: The New Order, FFXIV, Destiny
  • I’m watching: Cowboy Bebop
  • I’m listening to: From Astral to Umbral

This Week’s Top 5 Posts

This Month’s Free PS Plus Games

The SwapperinFAMOUS First LightWoah Dave!Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton EditionDuckTales RemasteredPrototype 2

Most-Watched Video of the Week

PlayStation Blogcast 148

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  • Playing: Duke Nukem 3D,The Swapper and Souls Sacrifice Delta on my Vita
    Watching: Gotham and The Flash
    Listnening: Hotline Miami OST and NFS Underground 2 OST

    This was a pretty amazing week, we got Duke on the vita so that was a pleasant surprise. Although I do have to say I wasn’t really happy about the sale, I mean pinball is cool… But making it the only sale for the vita is not so cool…

    Can I ask whether there will be a flash sale next week so I can get a psn card before time… Would appreciate a reply

    Happy 2015 to ally fellow gamers… Greatness Awaits

    • No news on upcoming sales yet, but stay tuned! We’ll always post details on this here PS.Blog as they become available. Thanks for the feedback. ^_^

  • Playing: Destiny
    Watching: Marco Polo
    Listening: Cowboy Bebop OST

    WAITING FOR: Resonance of Fate to come to PSNOW! :)

  • Playing: warframe, XRD
    Watching: various animes
    Listening: aesop rock, co$$ dollas, blu & exile

    when will you guys be sending out the 10% code? any plans on sony making a 1st party fight stick or updating drivers so PS3 sticks can work on ps4, the prices of the arcade sticks are almost the same as the console.

  • Playing: The Last of Us remastered & Far Cry 4
    Watching: Vikings
    Listening: Gramatik (as always)

    and i’m also expecting a good sale, and not that december stuff please!

  • I’m Playing: Destiny, Guilty Gear Xrd, Persona Q
    I’m Watching: The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross
    I’m listening to: Persona 3 OST, Persona 4 OST, Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar

    I’m with you right now Justin, I’m about to watch Cowboy Bebop all over again. So hyped to get home tonight and pop in the Blu-Ray filled with Bebop goodness.

  • Playing: PES 15 and Shadow of Mordor
    Watching: Dexter
    Listening to: Foo Fighters

  • I’m playing: cod aw , gtav , destiny , the crew
    watching: Dexter
    listening: crank it up

  • is there going to be some upcoming localization new in the near future ?

  • Ps now should have a option for a year Plan or $10dollars a month 45dollars is to much for 3months

  • I’m so amped for the PlayStation Now Subscription to start. There are some many games that I wanted to play, but didn’t want to buy. Now with PlayStation Now I can rent and play them, without going to GameStop (ripoff) or waiting on GameFly (hate waiting).

    I’m Playing: Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, Black Flag & Unity
    I’m Watching: Tom Clancy’s The Division
    I’m Listening to: Young, Wild & Free; Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg & Bruno Mars

  • I’m playing: Sonic Adventure 2, Jak and Daxter Collection
    I’m watching: Doraemon
    I’m listening to: chiptune, Weird Al

    Hopefully this year brings more PSOne Classics and PS2 Classics. I know it’s a long process to bring PSOne games to the PSN but there are many games that are released in Japan that need a release over in the states.

  • I’m playing: Warframe, Destiny
    I’m watching/reading: Tokyo Ghoul
    I’m listening to: Thrice, Underoath

  • Playing: Disgaea 2
    Watching: Disgaea 2 on YouTube
    Listening: Disgaea 2 Soundtrack

    Sorry, all kidding aside I’m

    Playing: Resogun and Soul Sacrifice on the Vita
    Watching: Monster Energy Supercross
    Listening: Great gaming Podcasts like Playstation Blogcast, PS Nation Podcast, Player One Podcast while working out at the gym.

  • Playing: The Swapper on PS4 & Vita (at work)
    Watching: Sanford and Son / Fawlty Towers + The new animated Ghost in The Shell movie teaser!!
    Listening to: The Saturday Night Safety Dance on SiriusXm

  • I’m playing: Tales Of Hearts R, Kamen Rider Battride War, Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden
    I’m watching: Mobile Fighters G Gundam
    I’m listening to: JAM Project

  • I’m playing: CoD: AW, The Swapper, Madden 15
    I’m watching: NFL playoffs
    I’m listening to: Mayday Parade

  • Been infamous 1st light & I can
    see y Delsin Rowe like fetch lol lol
    has anyone ply Assassin Creed Unity

  • Call of Duty AW Multiplayer off the chain

  • I’m playing: Final Fantasy X HD Remaster
    I’m Watching: Fairy Tail
    I’m listening to: Vocaloid

  • Playing infamous 1st light
    Finally but wonder y this wasn’t a DLC for infamous 2th son

  • Fairy Tail great Anime

  • Playing Last of Us Remastered Factions and Birth by Sleep Final Mix (I beat Terra and Ventus; now I’m playing as Aqua).

  • There’s a spy around here @#13. I spy an Epictacosam nearby.

  • I’m playing: Final Fantasy 6, Dragon Age Inquisition, Duke Nukem.
    I’m watching: Orange is the New Black, The Equalizer and the NFL playoffs
    I’m listening: My perfectly crafted Google Play playlists. Especially Choices(yup) by E-40

  • Playing: Rogue Legacy and Final Fantasy XI
    Watching: The Hobbit – Battle of the Five Armies
    Listening: Loooots of folk metal

  • Also this week in Playstation, PS+ stopped working on all accounts except the primary user on PS4, when PS+ is supposed to cover everyone using the PS4 if it is the primary PS4 of the PS+ subscriber. I know Sid Shuman answered one of my tweets that it is being investigated, but I am still frustrated that my son can’t play Destiny with his friends for the 3rd day in a row when it had always worked fine before, and there has been almost no mention anywhere on this problem. It needs to be acknowledged and fixed!

  • I’m playing: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros
    I’m watching: None at this moment
    I’m listening to: Meshuggah

  • Wazzzz upppp

  • Add me

  • Playing: Lords of the Fallen
    Watching: Hellraiser
    Listening: Aborted – The Necrotic Manifesto

  • Playing: PES 2015, Last of Us Remastered and South Park: The Stick of The Truth
    Watching: Netflix Movies
    Listening: Opeth – Pale Communion


  • We need weekly sales on digital ps4 titles, for someone who’s gone all digital this gen; it’s a real disappointment to see disc games get all the sales. Especially when, digital is cheaper for devs and publishers.

    You don’t need to match steam just show the people doing what you want (going digital), some love more then twice a year.

  • @cpuking2007 #32 …. I absolutely agree with you. In fact its more profitable for deva to sell digital copies, because people that buy physical copies can borrow that game to friends and make trade ins therefore reducing the number of people buying the game. That’s why I believe Sony should emphasize on digital sales, that way even though the price will be lower than the physical copies, they will sell more and make more revenue…. Sometimes I wonder if the market strategy team at Sony just plays video games all day…lol

    Oh by the way if there are any serious Soul Sacrifice Delta fans out there add me up soviet_linux , I always look for new partners to take on hard bosses.

    Fingers crossed for 15 for 15 sale….@Justin Massongill thanks for a quick reply old sport

  • Playing: Dragon Age: Origins
    Watching: Super Mario 64 speed runs
    Listening to: Silence

  • I’m still waiting to see what you guys are going to do about the rare launch T-shirt costume pack and astronaut costume pack for little big planet 3, since the network was down for a lot of us when the game first came out on Nov 18

  • Here’s to hoping for a good sale here soon.

    Playing: Dragon Age Inquisition (3rd play through) Outlast Whistleblower, 1st Light, and Diablo 3 UEE…!
    Watching: The Interview, Friends, Walking Dead season 4…!
    Listening to: VolBeat, Johnny Trouble Trio, and Mötley Crüe…!

  • I’m playing Persona 4 Golden
    I’m watching Poirot on NETFLIX
    I’m listening to Centuries by Fallout boy.

    Oh also, anyone know when the PSN 10% code will be released?

  • I’m playing Infamous First Light and The Swapper
    I’m watching too much TV, but Archer is back!
    I’m listening to Cloud Cult and Chad Stokes

  • Playing: Wild Arms XF and Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention
    Watching: Nothing
    Listening: 世界の終わり

  • Hopefully this year sees more support fot the Vita and PSTV they certainly deserve it. I’d at least like to be able to stream netflix on my PS TV, or youtube, or Vidzone. Also, I’d love to know if there’s any hope of an expansion for Freedom Wars. But, I must say the PS4 is great and I’m loving the line up for 2015. Bloodborne, Arkham Knight, Order: 1886, Uncharted 4.

  • I’m playing: NBA 2K15, PVZ Garden Warfare, Pinball Arcade
    I’m watching: Movies
    I’m listening to: Kendrick Lamar, Charli XCX

  • Now playing: Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed, Far Cry 4
    Now watching: not watching anything, for now
    Now listening: Hold Your Colour – Pendulum.

  • I am playing: Battlefield 4

    I am listening : Kid Cudi

    I am watching: TMNT (2014)

  • playing pes 2015 and war thandet and infamos first light
    watching . ign channel
    waiting for . the order and resident evil remake and revalation 2 right now

  • @lol test< u get a notifciation +leonaydes @leonaydes ?? #PSN

  • Great IGC games this first month of 2015!!! And a lot of new titles dropping in the next 6-8 weeks as well. It’s a struggle inside all the time with me, because I try to predict if something will end up on + or not, or if I should just buy it now. The time is 8 weeks. Either it’s going to be: “OMG why didn’t I get this sooner!”, “OMG, I knew it’d be crap”, & “OMG I’m glad I waited 8 weeks, as it’s 50% off now”. In the end I’m just trying to save a buck. Remember, I may go & buy a game on release day, but for the most part my caution with 98% of the other releases fund those “Gotta get it now” splurges.

    OK so after all that blathering nonsense, is Sony planning any sort of sale on the PS Blog GotY winners???

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