Winners: PlayStation.Blog 2014 Game of the Year Awards

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Winners: PlayStation.Blog 2014 Game of the Year Awards

PlayStation.Blog: Game of the Year 2014

First, a thank you. With nearly 400,000 user votes submitted, this year’s PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year Awards was far and away our biggest and most active yet. Thanks for speaking your mind and supporting your favorite games of 2014.

But enough talk. Read on for the full list of winners and runners-up, plus some Editors’ Choice picks from some of your friends here at PlayStation. See you next year!

Best PS4 Game

A tight race, with Dragon Age Inquisition taking an early lead in community voting until Bungie’s sci-fi shooter Destiny surged ahead for the coveted Platinum spot. Honorable mentions go to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which both saw muscular support.

Destiny Dragon Age Inquisition inFAMOUS Second Son Far Cry 4

Editors’ Choice Picks

Alien: Isolation

Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog

Creative Assembly clearly did their survival-horror homework, proving they could craft a lean, terrifying machine in the grand tradition of System Shock 2. A 2014 standout… if you’ve got the nerves for it.


Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog

The ambition behind Bungie’s space-faring epic is matched only by the dev team’s willingness to tweak and shape their universe based on the feedback of its most passionate players. Four months later, I’m still raiding every Tuesday with pals from around the world.

inFAMOUS Second Son

Ryan Clements, US PlayStation.Blog

The combat in Second Son felt fantastic, but you could have just as much fun traversing the world using Delsin’s abilities and leaping from eye-watering heights. Incredible experience from start to finish.


Nick Suttner, PlayStation Developer Relations

Hohokum hits on the curiosity that lies at the heart of all games, but brilliantly marches it front and center in a technicolor, multi-instrumentalist dream. Hoon around a while, get lost in a labyrinth of child-like discovery and joy, and feel like a grownup all over again with an impossibly cool soundtrack.

Far Cry 4

Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog

Like going on the most messed-up holiday imaginable, for my money Far Cry 4 was the most fun you could have in a videogame in 2014, and I adored every insane, eagle-punching minute of it. Bring on that yeti DLC.

Don’t Starve: Console Edition

Dan “Shoe” Hsu, PlayStation Developer Relations

You know you’re dealing with excellent game design when you’re as frightened of hunger pangs as you are the mysterious creeps crawling all over the alien landscapes of survival game Don’t Starve. I couldn’t get enough of the unique art style, deep crafting, and constant tension — just writing this makes me want to go back for more.


Best PS3 Game

RPGs dominated voting in the PS3 category, with Dark Souls II in a close dogfight with South Park: The Stick of Truth for the Platinum. Honorable mentions go to FIFA 15 and The Walking Dead: Season Two.

Dark Souls II South Park: The Stick of Truth Destiny Far Cry 4

Editors’ Choice Picks

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog

Fulfilled an impossible mission by faithfully complementing the legendary show while carving out an appealing identity all its own. One of the most enjoyable and subversive games I played this year on any platform.

Dark Souls II

Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog

My entry point to From’s infamously unforgiving Souls series, Dark Souls II instills a persevering sense of dread and anxiety, but somehow refused to let me walk away until I conquered it. Truly one of the most rewarding gaming experiences of the year. Bring on Bloodborne.


Nick Suttner, PlayStation Developer Relations

While they’re all wildly different, it’s easy to find commonality in the inspired design and super-polished/hilarious presentation of the four (or is it six?) local multiplayer games included. Sportsfriends is the most fun you can have with four friends and a PS3, this year or any other.


Dan “Shoe” Hsu, PlayStation Developer Relations

I love the relentless, 360-degree arcade-shooting action that usually ends sooner than I would like. (This game is tough!) But Luftrausers lets you get right back into the fray with new ship parts that dramatically change how you can take down the next round of enemies. Tons of fun for such a small package.

Best PS Vita Game

Heated voting in the PS Vita category ultimate saw Ubisoft Montreal’s platformer-RPG Child of Light score the Platinum, edging out early favorites Freedom Wars and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for top honors. Honorable mentions go to Velocity 2X, MLB 14 The Show, and Fez.

Child of Light The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Freedom Wars Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

Editors’ Choice Picks

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog

The lure of this addictive dungeon crawler grows stronger and stronger after repeated playthroughs, reminding us that a masterfully crafted game doesn’t need state-of-the-art production values to be a knockout.


Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog

A magical, ethereal experience, Hohokum feels like a well-deserved vacation. Honeyslug’s joyful controls act as the glue (or is that guano?) that marry Ghostly’s sublime soundtrack to Dick Hogg’s bizarre, beautiful world.

Freedom Wars

Ryan Clements, US PlayStation.Blog

Imprisoned and stripped of any semblance of power, players in Freedom Wars face a sense of morbid wonder at every misstep. It makes progressing through this stylized adventure all the more rewarding.


Nick Suttner, PlayStation Developer Relations

Like the great Spelunky before it, Luftrausers feels like one of the games Vita was built for: teeth-grittingly tense dogfighting through the lens of Vlambeer’s screen-rattling arcade mastery. This is where bullet hell goes when it dies.


Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog

This one came out of nowhere last January, heralding the arrival of a major new talent in developer Roll7. Expect their outrageous follow-up, Not a Hero, to be in with a good shot of taking this category next year too.


Best Digital Release

In the digital category, Sucker Punch scored a decisive victory for the standalone follow-up to inFAMOUS Second Son, though competition raged amongst the other finalists. Honorable mentions go to The Walking Dead: Season Two, The Wolf Among Us, and Transistor.

inFAMOUS First Light The Walking Dead S2 Outlast The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Editors’ Choice Picks

Secret Ponchos

Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog

A fresh twist on PvP thanks to tight gunplay, appealing characters, and seductive art direction. 2v2 Domination is one of the most compulsively competitive games I’ve played in years. A clear standout for the competitive crowd.


Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog

I can’t think of a more well-rounded, complementary crew than the team at Supergiant. Darren’s melancholy soundtrack pairs perfectly with Jen’s breathtaking art, and it’s held together by drum-tight, play-how-you-want combat — and Logan’s velvety (but sometimes unsettling) narration.

TowerFall Ascension

Ryan Clements, US PlayStation.Blog

TowerFall can build or break relationships. A superb multiplayer experience with supreme confidence in its haunting style. The wide range of options and modifiers keeps matches fresh and crisp.

The Swapper

Nick Suttner, PlayStation Developer Relations

Since I can’t sanely choose between the mighty Sportsfriends/TowerFall/Nidhogg PS4 triumvirate, I’ll take this opportunity to show some love to The Swapper, one of the moodiest, smartest, most subversive puzzle games I’ve ever played. Limbo by way of Moon. Loombo.

Rogue Legacy

Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog

I played Cellar Door Games’ roguelike platformer more than any other title in 2014 – and it wasn’t even close. Over and over I plummeted its bewitching depths – and New Game+++++++ was every bit as fun as the first playthrough. Sequel please.


Best PS Plus Game

BioShock Infinite proved to be the definitive favorite for PlayStation Plus members in 2014, though PS4 fighter Injustice mustered a commanding second-place showing. Honorable mentions go to The Binding of Isaac, Outlast, and Dragon’s Crown.

BioShock Infinite Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Batman: Arkham City Tomb Raider

Editors’ Choice Picks


Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog

A great year for PS Plus offerings made this my toughest category. Ultimately, I have to hand it to Outlast — it’s the only survival horror game I’ve ever had to stop playing out of sheer heart-stopping fright.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog

“Sure, I’ll give it a shot,” I uttered as I descended into Edmund McMillen’s dark, demented (but confusingly cute) basement for the first time. Weeks later, I’m not quite sure I’m actually back in the real world yet. Send help.

BioShock Infinite

Ryan Clements, US PlayStation.Blog

The breathless jumps between rails, the exquisite attention to detail, the razor-sharp gunplay; it’s impossible to forget the best moments of BioShock Infinite, and it made for one hell of a Plus game.

Velocity 2X

Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog

It was great to see some big digital titles debut on PS Plus in 2014, and Futurlab’s frantic shmup/speed-run/platformer hybrid was a real high water mark. Few other games in 2014 were quite so elegant, sticky and flab-free.

Don’t Starve: Console Edition

Dan “Shoe” Hsu, PlayStation Developer Relations

You did download this when it was free for PS Plus subscribers, didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU?? If not, don’t fret. It’s cheap and so worth your money and time.


Most Anticipated 2015

Easily the most active poll in this year’s awards. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End dominated community voting early. Honorable mentions go to Bloodborne and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which mustered impressive showings.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Batman: Arkham Knight Persona 5 Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Editors’ Choice Picks

Batman: Arkham Knight

Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog

The Dark Knight makes his PS4 debut this year, and he’s never looked better. Featuring seamless transitions between gameplay and cinematics, a new villain created alongside DC Comics, and the freakin’ Batmobile, Arkham Knight promises to be one of 2015’s showcase titles.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Ryan Clements, US PlayStation.Blog

The team at CD Projekt Red has a near-unnatural passion for fantasy. There’s no other explanation for Witcher 3’s massive open world, robust lore, gritty combat, and realism.


Nick Suttner, PlayStation Developer Relations

Such a tough choice, but I have to give it to Metanet – their deviously difficult action-platformer N++ just gets better every time they give me a tease of it, and the multiplayer race mode is the best thing since sliced bread that chases you like a missile controlled by one of your friends.


Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog

Hidetaka Miyazaki could release a domestic budgeting app and I’d be first in line.


Dan “Shoe” Hsu, PlayStation Developer Relations

Oh man, this was so tough to pick, but based on the few matches I played over E3 2014, I’d say Evolve will end up being my most-played game of 2015. The asymmetric four-on-one-big-monster gameplay is full of fist-pumping thrills. I can’t wait.


Studio of the Year

Fans turned out in droves to support their favorite studios, with Naughty Dog and Rockstar North duking it out for the Platinum spot. Honorable mentions went to Monolith Productions, From Software, and Ubisoft Montreal.

Naughty Dog Rockstar North Bungie Bioware

Editors’ Choice Picks

Monolith Productions

Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog

The superior Shadow of Mordor sees this veteran Kirkland-based studio reaching into exciting new terrain. The Nemesis system alone is the most satisfying gameplay innovation I’ve experienced this year.

Square Enix

Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog

I could expound on the ways Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a triumph in MMO design, but instead I’ll praise the team behind it for continually listening to (and communicating with) their fans, constantly adding new content, and most importantly: visibly loving every moment of it.


Ryan Clements, US PlayStation.Blog

Leave it to such a legendary crew to pull together and build an awe-inspiring universe that will undoubtedly be home to many adventures for years to come. Bravo to everyone involved.


Nick Suttner, PlayStation Developer Relations

Yay, a loophole to work Spelunky into this year’s awards! But seriously, BlitWorks did an incredible job porting it to PS4, as well as Fez, Don’t Starve, and OlliOlli to extra PS platforms. Basically, they’re the reason why many of the raddest digital games play best on PlayStation. Respect!


Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog

Much was made of how Dark Souls II was made by the studio’s ‘B team’ while Miyazaki and co readied Bloodborne. If that’s any indicator of the strength and depth of its creative team, I’m chalking them up as game dev’s Pixar equivalent… albeit with added dread, horror and relentless misery.

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16 Author Replies

  • Destiny? Okay? Studio of the year doesn’t even have a game in the top 4 on any system, I think you guyz are drunk….

  • Nice list. I’m a little sad to see Shadow of Mordor not get more love. Really was a fantastic game.

  • Nice… Mas e o GTA V do PS4 não acredito que figura nesta listagem uhuhu muito estranho!!!

  • Destiny GOTY lmfao

    But seriously…any chance we will get a game of the year sale like we have in the past?

  • Really surprised to see Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment make the list!
    Also Surprised that persona 5 is more anticipated than Metal Gear Solid V

    • Both Sword Art and Persona 5 got an incredible number of votes. Persona 5 was actually duking it out with Batman in a tight race for the Gold!

  • I agree with Destiny being GOTY.

  • Not saying those are bad though, I like SAO and I’m excited for P5 (much more excited for MGSV though)

  • Destiny may get a lot of hate, but there are a lot of people still playing the game. I’m one of them.

    Over 200 hours on my main character. No end in sight just yet.

  • Destiny is a joke, also Bungie for studio of the year? lol

  • Destiny? Excuse me while I go laugh for 5 mins.

  • Destiny deserves it people stop crying lmao

  • Justin, you didn’t pick FFXIV:ARR as your Game of the Year? We the FFXIV community are very, very disappointed in you! ;)

    • I would have, but it wasn’t eligible since it released on PS3 in 2013. I gave Square Enix my Studio of the Year nod though! :)

  • Ha.. my most anticipated of 2015 is exactly opposite of this. Platinum: MGS5, Gold: Persona 5, Silver: Batman, and then bronze: Uncharted 4.

    2015 is going to be a very awesome year. Metal Gear Solid 5 is the reason I will be owning a PS4 when it releases.

  • Lol at Destiny for goty… smh

  • Awww shucks, was really hoping Freedom Wars would snag Vita GOTY.

    Ah well, at least it was in the Top 3! Deserves it.

  • Why in the world is SAO: Hollow Fragment on this page?!?! The translation was so bad…SO bad. I am happy to see Second Son and First Light win a couple trophies. :D

  • Destiny?!!? Really??? LMFAO!

  • Destiny Goty? Wow, did one person get to vote thousands of times by accident? Wish Freedom Wars won Vita Goty…

  • Driveclub PS Plus Edition didn’t win for best PS Plus game?

  • destiny..???…. Destiny???.. really???…. come on….. go home PS you are drunk..

  • Sounds about right, Destiny is the most “casual game” of the bunch and all the PS Blog whiners around here only want to play “AAA” pewpew crap all the time instead of something, you know, something innovative or fresh.

  • If Destiny was the best game of 2014, then may god help us all.
    I’ve logged countless hours into the game (nothing better to play at the time).
    It’s such a shallow game. I only stuck with it for the social aspects (even those were lacking)

    It’s sad to see such a game at the top, It only encourages Bungle etc… to keep overpromising/lying to us. We got half they promised. The story was shoved away into those ridiculous grimoire cards. I could go on, but the more well informed users here know what I’m talking about. It’s a shell of the game we were promised, the DLC, lol the DLC… Talk about slapping your user base in the face. It was more of the same, and forced you to grind for no good reason.

    Bungie you know what you can do with yourself… And to the users who voted for Destiny. I don’t know, different standards I guess.

  • We need uncharted collection for ps4 1,2,3 before uc4 comes out

  • Sid saying the best plus game was a tough choice because of “all the great games” was really funny.
    Also, its clear why vita gets such crap games. Nick suttner loves that crap. All his choices were wrong. Hohokum as GOTY? N++ as most anticipated? A port company as developer of the year? C’mon, man.

  • What is with these choices over Velocity 2X….. I liked Injustice, but there is no way that was the better offer over Velocity 2X. Again best digital release…. where was Velocity 2X? Best Vita game and we some how end up with Sword Art Online?

    come on PS Blog….. there is something very off about some of these selections.

  • Congrats to Destiny , very deserving regardless of all the hate. Still clocking in hours and having a blast with it.

  • Oh, and nicks pick of sportsfriends as best ps3 game. Oh my god.

  • I agree with most of your decisions. Shadow of Mordor not being up there is a bit of a surprise. But I’m shocked Bungie is anywhere on the list of top developers is crazy. The game is great – I love Destiny. However, I also hate it. And all of the hate comes from the decisions Bungie keeps making that punish players, especially players that have been with them since launch. Updates and expansion packs punish long time players and make the hours they’ve spent on the game a joke. To treat that loyalty of long term gamers with such careless disregard in favour of grabbing new players should prevent them from any “best” developer list. Where’s Sucker Punch? Even Ubisoft at least tries to reach out to loyal gamers – they offered a free game to purchasers of the season pass after offering free DLC as an apology for a rough start to Assassins Creed Unity.

  • Disappointing results. In what universe is Bioshock Infinite in any way a better game than Arkham City? Naughty Dog and Rockstar are Studio of the Year for remastering their (amazing) 2013 titles?

    Child of Light as best Vita game? I love Child of Light, but no love for Danganronpa or Tales of Hearts R? There are games better tailored to Vita than Child of Light. It’s an amazing game but having it as best Vita game is kind of reductive to the platform in my opinion. The Binding of Isaac in second place is also really unfitting.

    The digital choices are just bizarre. No Velocity 2X? Child of Light? Rogue Legacy?

    The only thing I agree with here is the anticipated 2015 releases. Those are four extremely solid releases that I’m excited for.

    I think we could have done with a separate 2015 thing for Vita as well, since the platform is still in need of some serious love from Sony. Games like Persona 4: Dancing All Night and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines shouldn’t be kept under wraps, they need some exposure as big Vita exclusives in the coming year. Persona is a big deal for PlayStation gamers now. So how about letting people know that as well as PS3 & PS4’s main game, there’s one coming for Vita too.

  • Really great awards. All the winners deserve them. Also, really happy Infamous First Light won Best Digital Release. It’s a brilliant game.

  • Yeap. Ubi gave a game for exchange or your agreement not to sue them. Hardly an apology or respect with te consumers.

  • To everyone here in the comments, these were reader choice awards. Half of you are acting like the PS Blog staff picked these. These are the games the majority of you voted on so if you have a problem with it blame the other people here in the comments who voted on them.

  • Destiny getting GOTY I disagree and agree with. I have far cry 4 DA:I and destiny but I see myself falling back to play destiny every time. A game that has its issues but can continue to please whomever is playing and keeps them coming back for more deserves to get recognition.

  • Most of my choices didn’t win but were still runner ups. I think the only one of my choices that won was Studio of the Year.

  • ‘m surprised No Mans Sky didn’t win Most Anticipated, It wasn’t even an honorable mention. Im glad N++ was mentioned though.

  • Maybe Destiny should run again in 2015…ya know, when they finally finish making it.

  • Destiny is the biggest dissapointment and biggest ripoff of the year, playing the same missions over 4 months? forcing you to buy the expansion if you want to get better armor and adding a few more missions?( no to mention that makes all of your weapons useless), and the same will be for the next “expansion” (its a cycle, give us money if you want to be better) not for me sorry, the rpg elements on this game pretty much suck. i dont remember how much money was the investement for this game but they want it back.
    Dragon age inquisition doesnt require any expansion and theres over a 100 hours on the SP. havent tryed the mp yet but so far im addicted to it. And havent played shadow of mordor but i want that game so bad, well thats my opinion.
    Thanks anyway PS Blog Team, and man…i want my vita back!

  • @37 The blog team didn’t choose these. The people here like you did.

  • Rockstar north and bungle for 2nd and third place in studio of the year? I believe Ubisoft deserves a lot more credit than them and bioware!

  • @39 People like you chose rockstar and bungie. The Blog team didn’t choose these.

  • I want to know who the hell voted for MLB on Vita.

  • anyone else think that 400,000 is a bit low. Haven’t they sold like 15 million units? guess thats world wide….i think it still sounds low.

  • @41 You would be surprised at how many people enjoy baseball on their Vita.

  • @42 Yea but there isn’t near that many people who even know about the Playstation Blog to come here and vote. I’m surprised they had that many.

  • Putting Destiny as game of the year makes this whole list invalid.

    Best Generic space shooter – yes. GOTY – LOL no

    There are many games more worth the money. I personally would have rather seen Shadow of Mordor or even the surprising Don’t Starve.

  • @36 +1

  • I’m really surprised that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt didn’t go to the top 4.


  • Really impressed with the PSVita rewards. I love SAO, it has a horrible translation but that just goes to tell you that if they localize the next one coming out, it will do really well here. Just do a good translation.

    I really have to pick up freedom wars now

    I loved child of light, although I played it on PS4

    I think everyone deserved the wins

  • @45 Uh people like you voted on it not the Staff so complain to them.

  • The fact that Destiny was voted GOTY when no other legit gaming website even considered it worthy of nominating is proof the ps blog needs to step up its game and draw in a crowd of of big time gamers.

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