Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition Out Today on PS3, Vita

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Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition Out Today on PS3, Vita

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

The seminal first-person shooter Duke Nukem 3D, originally crashed onto the scene in 1996 and forever changed the genre with tight gunplay, a new level of interactivity, and a sense of humor then unseen before in games. Now your benevolent amigos at Devolver Digital, Abstraction Games, and General Arcade have brought 3D Realms’ legendary shooter to PS3 and PS Vita in the definitive collection — Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition. This kickass compendium of all things Duke Nukem 3D includes:

  • Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition — All four officially released episodes of the iconic shooter with carefully restored visuals, timeless gameplay, and all-new PlayStation Trophies.
  • Duke Caribbean: Life’s a Beach — Grab your water gun and sunscreen as Duke battles vacationing aliens in beach side hotels, tropical lagoons, and even a cruise ship!
  • Duke It Out in D.C. — Duke takes his special brand of politics to Washington D.C. to turn back the alien invasion set against the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and even FBI headquarters.
  • Duke: Nuclear Winter — Take a brutal walk through this winter wonderland as Duke gets into the holiday spirit by bringing the battle to the North Pole!

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton EditionDuke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

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  • hail to the king baby!

  • The People asking for Doom, can’t you just get Doom 3: BFG Edition? Pretty sure Doom 1 and 2 are on there. Or is it a Vita thing?

  • @52 …it would be nice to have on the Vita. Heck, I’d love Wolfenstein, and Spear of Destiny if we’re making requests.

  • This is great!

  • Please bring the PS1 Duke Nukem games to PS3 and Vita the 3rd person ones…those are the best.I still have them PS1 discs but would like to have them digitally as well.But anyway thanks for the support with old classics…thats always appreciated.

  • I sure hope it has multiplayer.

    Multiplayer Duke Nukem on Vita, now that’s cool :)

  • Omg guys, it’s available now! Get it now! :)

  • It’s live on the store right now!!! (for me at least)

    Listed at 9.99

    Looks like it’s cross buy for Plus (both say free)

  • @52 everything is better on Vita

    I suggest this to be the new slogan

  • @47 – It has online trophies, so yes. I don’t know about cross-play though. It’s a shared trophy list, so maybe?

  • + AlissonBala too poor game for vita, i know you know.

  • It doesn’t work on PS TV :(

  • So excited for this! Can’t wait to play it on my Vita!!
    It’s already in my download queue!!!

  • I was never a huge fan of the 3D Duke Nukem games, but I’m ecstatic to see it coming to Vita with touched up artwork.

    I’m also curious if there will be online (or even local) cross-play between Vita and PS3 versions?

    The lack of cross-play on a lot of these cross-buy titles has been an *extremely* limiting factor to their value for me. I can kind of understand that Vita users may be at a competitive disadvantage due to latency, framerate, or controls — but cross-play is sorely missed for co-operative or non-twitch games like Dead Nation, PixelJunk Shooter, and Minecraft.

    I really hope Duke Nukem and Don’t Starve offer cross-play for co-op.

  • i’m going test it now for cross play i own both a PS3 and a vita.

  • “restart the level at any point” feature is amazing! Never seen that before. Would love to see Blood ported like this. This is great.

  • @52 There’s the Doom complete pack, which isn’t compatible with the Doom 3 BFG Edition. There isn’t a vita version.

    Duke Nukem 1 & 2 are side scrollers, while Duke Nukem 3D is 3D game.

    And in case you haven’t already figured it out, my name is based on Duke Nukem. Originally came up with the name back in 2005 on 3D Realms forums. Better than the name I originally had when I joined the 3d realms forums back in 2004.

    The other part is The Terminator.

  • These Guys should really Re-Release all of the classic Ms-Dos Shooters on PSN!!

    Shadow Warrior
    Quake 1,2,3

  • no CROSS PLAY. but there is CROSS SAVE.

  • Shake it, baby!

  • Just finished the first level on my PS3 – that brings back memories, as I played that level hundreds of times (it was free!) back in the day.

    The “carefully restored visuals” you refer to look JUST like the originals, at least as I remember them – so this isn’t a remaster so much as a faithful reproduction. Gameplay on the controller took a second to get used to, but after struggling briefly (run mode is a toggle, not on only while you hold L3, which affects aiming as well, I think) it seemed to come together pretty well. If only the level editor were included…!

    If you’re not a fan of the original, this might feel terribly dated. If you are, then this will feel nostalgic – and dated. But it’s good enough to be fun anyway. Not sure how much I would’ve paid for it (most fans probably have it on the PC by now), but as a free Plus title it’s a blast!

  • sorry peeps i lied it is CROSS PLAY.

  • Awesome! Was about to buy this game, but I won’t have to. Thanks for putting it on PS+.

    @patosbusa Go right ahead, you dirty rat. You’re just another brat who can’t appreciate classic games.

  • i have been having some crashing, and map/geometry errors. Its crashed on me a couple of times already, and the second level just after using yellow key the room doesnt load properly and if you touch any of the black you ether die or finish the level (but thats the only time i came across that). if anyone knows a fix or if a patch is on the way any info would be great. The game in all feels great on the vita minus the few bugs.

  • Why the hell PS4 don’t have the game?
    Please, release on PS4 too, I want to buy it.

  • Well, considering I just bought a brand new 70″ 3DTV for gaming, and I own a few other 3DTVs for gaming on PS3, I hope you guys have added 3D to this game as it appears that Sony is trying to fade out 3D gaming in general, and it is nearly extinct on PS4. Please tell me you at least added 3D support to this game, I mean it IS Duke Nukem 3D! I also hope people will sign my petition for future gaming in 3D! I will add the petition below and hope Sony allows it on their forums as they have been blocking the past posts that I made with the Petition.

  • Fun fun!! Multiplayer and single player as well :D!

  • @55 Duke3D PS1 was a bit censored or something. Duke3D is the PC version that was originally released in 1996 and now the same one on psn atm. Megaton includes 3 addons that were originally for PC years ago.

  • This is fantastic, these old-school shooters are perfect for the Vita. It’s the first dual-stick handheld but the potential for classic shooter ports is being wasted. Duke 3D is a great start, but as others have said above, Wolfenstein, DOOM, Hexen, Heretic, etc. would be fantastic, popular, cheap-to-port & cheap-to-buy additions to the library. Ports of later shooters would also be smart like XIII, or the Max Payne games. I would KILL for the chance to combine Bullet-Time and Gyro-Aim.

  • You guys made my night!!! Being an old school 36 year old who was there for this game (and others before it) to be released, It is such a thrill to play this again, and on the go no less.

    The controls and motion are great, so smooth, like all the shooters used to be. Fast and frantic! I am loving this!! Thank you.

    If everyone else is chanting on re-releases of old PC titles, i will add to it …

    Of course it was already said, wolf3d, Doom, Hexen, Heritic, quake 1-3, etc…

    But what about early 2000 era DX7 / OGL games… like:

    No one lives forever
    Soldier of fortune
    Return to Castle Woflenstein (Raven’s 2001 PC release)
    Clive Barkers Undying
    System Shock 2
    Thief 1 and 2
    Half Life
    Medal of Honor

  • Shake it baby! $$$

  • I cant open any doors in this game. What the hell.

  • Perfect for Vita, thanks. Got this with Plus.

  • Can anyone explain why this is not compatible with playstation tv?! I was looking forward to playing this :-(

  • Yes!!! Playing this on my vita now! :)

  • anyone else having crashing issues with game. love it on the vita, but cant get past the toxic dump level. the game always crashes the moment i exit the water just after the mines where you raise the water. I hope this can get fixed soon with a patch because its such a fun game that im very nostalgic about.

  • Hey,

    Has anyone else had issues creating a multi-player game? I created one and then tried to invite a friend, but the game just keep ‘trying to connect to game’ and then timing out. My friend tried to create a game and invite me, but I received the same error.

    Any help?


  • I’d have to second the vote for more classic games on the Vita, such as Doom or Quake. I know that y’all aren’t the guys to talk to, but this is just in case anyone at Sony sees it.

  • Instead of bringing classics can we get same game compatibility as ps vita tired of seeing that it cannot run the game on a lot of the games I purchased. I want to play on big screen not just on the go. PlayStation support told me it had the same compatibility I bought one and it doesn’t. Can we get an update to fix this please!!!!

  • Now this is a good reason to own a PS Vita. Glad I got one while the game is on PS Plus and I hope to see other classic PC games ported this way to the console.

    – 7 episodes, each 6-8 missions long;
    – full mission recording implemented directly into the game;
    – respawn by rewinding gameplay to previous positions, not to the previous save;
    – customizable controls (place the jump button to LT in order to jump and aim easily);
    – online mp and coop with cross-play and up to 8 players;
    – leaderboards with “view clip” option from other players (not sure if it’s working atm, though).

    – loading times;
    – Par Time and 3D Realms Time for scoreboard remain the ones from back in the day, done on PCs (feels a bit unfair for us “casuals”);
    – leaderboards score is weird. This morning i ranked 8004th with -1.135.000 score;
    – rare, short freezes, often enough to be noticed, but not to affect gameplay.

    I hope you (Sony) consider adding further classic PC titles to the Vita, such as Hexen, Heretic, System Shock 2 and maybe some of the newer FPS games, maybe even an older TBS games, such as Panzer General 2 or Heroes 3 (maybe the new HD one; man this would launch the Vita into space).

  • So far, I’ve been enjoying this a lot. Aside a few crashing bugs I encountered (playing on Vita), it’s been a blast to play. Man, they don’t do FPS games like these anymore… with frantic, simple and no-brainer twitchy and fast gameplay…

    well… except maybe the Serious Sam series…

    But anyway, I just LOVE having this game on the Vita. Still more fun than many, many “newer” games released nowadays…

  • HELP! QUESTION! I downloaded this last night on my Vita and played it this morning….I could NOT work out how to switch weapons…
    nothing on the D-Pad worked, none of the buttons did it..nor the touch pad at the back..I tried everything to switch weapons but couldn’t work it out :(
    I went into controls in the pause menu but no info…changed the setting to change weapon automatically when I get a new gun but that didn’t work either…then it would randomly cycle at random points
    When I first started playing the pistol would completely disappear until I got Ammo for some stupid reason.
    So I’m guessing it’s an obvious button and my download is bugged :/

  • You switch weapons by pressing on the left or right side of the screen (through touch pad). It’s a bit flickery at first, but you get the hang of it.

  • Will try it on the way home thank you! Although I already did prod/slam/swipe the back pad in frustration and nothing happened….will try a more calm approach this time

  • @Starr – They used the wrong icon, I was getting annoyed a heck too since I thought it was the rear touchpad and it wasn’t working. It’s the front touch screen instead, and you can’t switch it to the back because the game doesn’t recognize it as a button. If you are playing online then it’s simply lagging and thats why it will randomly switch on you.

  • price for not ps members is $9.99 just in case you wonder. it is crossbuy. it is awesome. it is time to kick ass and chew bubble gum!

    I prefer this than duke nukem forever. that was a big disappointment. I even had the collectors edition, and I kept everything but the game; the game I sold it out after I finished it. I didn’t care enough for the game to get the platinum, which I was looking forward to.

    Duke Nukem 3D is awesome, I still remember much of the secrets locations from back then. I would love to see a conversion again from Shadow Warrior too (not the one just released for ps4, but the one that was available on PC around the same time as DN3D)

  • Totally solid. The background music is just awesome, and it plays just like it did in the PC. All content ported. Multiplayer too! And the price is just irresistible (even more so if you are a playstation plus member), did not expect it to go for free upon release! Thanks for showing some love for the PS Vita!

    Have yet to try it in PS3… has anyone?

  • Question: Has anyone tried this on the Playstation TV?

  • Frustrating that they couldn’t put this out on PS4. Hopefully it will be on PS NOW.

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