CES 2015: Watch Sony’s Keynote Live Tonight

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CES 2015: Watch Sony’s Keynote Live Tonight

Though CES is officially A Big Big Deal in the consumer electronics world, it’s not generally known for making a huge splash among gamers. Nevertheless, we like our gadgets and we suspect that you do, too. So in the interest of furthering the public good, we present Sony Electronics’ annual CES keynote. The festivities kick off live tonight, Monday, January 5th at 5pm Pacific Time and you’ll be able to follow along live right here on PlayStation.Blog. You can also follow along live with @SonyElectronics on Twitter.

Sony CES Booth Build 2015Sony CES 2105 Booth Build

Sit up straight, tuck in those bulging holiday bellies, and prepare to experience Sony Corporation President & CEO Kaz Hirai and Sony Electronics USA President Mike Fasulo and a wealth of information on all things Sony Electronics.

Sony Booth Build CES 2015

After the show, mosey on over to Sony’s official CES site to get full details on new product announcements, videos, photos and more. Or stick around and catch a live Q&A session with some Sony product experts. All hail CES!

PlayStation @ CES 2011

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  • Please make PS2 classics playable on PS4 and Vita!

  • God I hope you guys are allowing PSOne and PS2 classics to be downloaded on PS4 and announcing it tonight.

  • I’m blind

  • I hope to hear a partnership deal with Playstation Vue and ESPN. I am ready to get rid of cable, but I NEED ESPN, I would much prefer to get Playstation Vue, but Sling TV has ESPN and will come to my ROKU, which is a dealbreaker for me.

  • And since they’re advertising this on the PS Blog, I’m gonna make a bold prediction and say something Playstation related will be a big part of this keynote.

  • Need some Vita game announcements. There is nothing to preorder :(

  • VR Helmet pleassssssssssssse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey Sid,

    Please ask if they would consider adding videos of Sony products and services to the PS4 store i.e.. electronics, SOE information and subscription details, and additional videos from developers.


    Rob aka Graf

    P.S. Any chance for a 6 month or 1 year subscription model for PS Now?

  • Hey Sony, is PlayStation Home going to come to ps4? And I hope there are going to be more games for the camera.

  • Hard to believe that CES is here already.

  • when will the stream start? its 8pm est, 5pst.

  • I Love Sony but, after I went Apple all the way can’t go back, are they still making Vaio?

  • No Drop this week? I guess they discontinued The Drop for good. Oh well, we’ll find out what’s new tomorrow as long as they haven’t stopped updating the Playstation Store as well.

  • Hoping for some vita love…

  • @12 Haha, I forgot about Sony Vaio too, but I just watched The Equalizer last night on PvP, and Denzel Washington was using one, so it must still be a thing. Amazing movie btw!!

  • cool stuff, well Kaz has a new nick name, Kaz “and” Hirai lol.

  • Big damn deal you need to rent space for this all you talk about is renting games on the 4 we will never get ps1/2 emulation or dnla if it don’t make Sony money they won’t do it

  • @15 Old man’s gotta be the old man, fish has gotta be the fish.

  • Pleaseee Give Spiderman Back to Marvel

  • ***USB video file support on PS4 please (like the older PS3 had)***

    ***USB video file support on PS4 please (like the older PS3 had)***

    ***USB video file support on PS4 please (like the older PS3 had)***

    ***USB video file support on PS4 please (like the older PS3 had)***

    ***USB video file support on PS4 please (like the older PS3 had)***

    ***USB video file support on PS4 please (like the older PS3 had)***

  • @18 Yeah, that was a cool scene. I actually never read Moby Dick, so it was kinda cool that Denzel explained it so well. I kinda want to read it now!

  • so you talk a little about playstation and the rest is just advertisement about your other over priced crap

  • 4K Handycam HYPE! I really need that in my life. CES 2015 has been great so far.

  • New Tony Hawk game coming out for PS4. That is interesting.

  • is that it? “WOW” that was disappointed

  • That flagship 4k Bravia is so sick can I have one?

  • Ah nice didn’t see the livestream, only the end, but I saw some interesting tidbits at least.

    Always liked Sony electronics and Sony technology. Always a great combination between sleek, industrial design and function. Always admired it.

    As a college student I don’t have much of a disposable income though. But I’m keeping an eye on the Xperia Z3 Compact, seems like it is pretty inexpensive for its high-end specs.

    Please continue with the vision of ‘one Sony’ and have the different divisions complement and strengthen each other with a clear direction. Xperia Z3 Remote Play is a great example of a cross-over of PlayStation and Xperia.

  • Hey, Sid, I was out running errands and I have to say the CES folk must be using the upgraded equipment because this is the first time anything from Sony has streamed flawlessly for me over my iPad on 4G lte. As I was driving on the fwy! Thanks for having this on the blog. CES is for electronics, not gaming so much, so in other words, the rest of the Sony product line.

    My Bravia HX929 is 3 years old and is amazing. I’m not sure I need 4K.

  • @SedilesAstaroth I replied to you earlier, but my post is awaiting moderation for using the title of the book. I thought Denzel was talking about Moby D, but i guess it’s some other whale book i haven’t read either lol. Either way, that was a really good scene, and I loved the movie. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in years.

  • @Sid, How long long will it take to guys to publish the LIVE Stream we just watched of the SONY CES 2015 Press Event on YouTube? The Stream was cutting out to much for me on UStream. Not sure why you guys don’t LIVE Stream on YouTube. More devices support YouTube.

    Also why don’t you guys use the Sony Live Event Viewer more for Live Press events like this? I could of watched this on my PlayStation 4. Or on YouTube on my PS4. I believe Live Stream works on PlayStation. Going to go test this out now.

    Plus I believe YouTube has better video compression if I understand the technology correctly.

    Either way I’m excited for the new Tony Hawk game coming out on PlayStation 4 :D

  • I just got a Playstation TV really cheap, so I am hoping for some Vita/PSTV news. Any other news or announcements will quench my thirst though.

  • so no more damn drops what a nother damn holiday coming up

  • Sony make a remote for PS4. I don’t like the dual shock 4 for Netflix.

  • When is the ps4 going to play cds

  • The sheer size of that setup tells another story. I really hope they reintroduce DLNA playback on the ps4.

  • Hey Sid, the live event viewer needs some work, I missed the first 20 minutes last night. then it stopped working after 15 mins. Is the a price on Vue at all? Should make a highlight on PS stuff from the press conference on here. I think most of us only concern ourselves with the PS news. Just a suggestion. Everything I got to watch was really interesting. From the car tech to the camera’s.

    @deyvaughn38 – No, the same people that developed ps home though are developing another similar world. It’s called neotopia. I heard ps home is also discontinuing in march. I don’t know how true that is.

    @robert0489110 – they want you to invest in music unlimited. I doubt they ever will.

    – Everyone else about back play. What do you think PS Now is for? There’s your back play.

    Happy new year!

  • @ lisatsunami,

    Unless you sit at less than 5′ from your 50′ TV set, you don’t need 4K.

    And to all of those who think 4K is the next big thing, I too, can drool over higher screen resolutions like any other geek out there. But there comes a point where something “amazing” from a technical standpoint doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be useful in the real world.

    4K is awesome technology. But I still don’t get it. I mean, I don’t get WHY I should care about it for my big living room TV. I’ve seen 4k sets. AND I’m kind of an A/V guy who is crazier than the average Joe about image quality. And I still don’t get it. Putting more pixels on a screen doesn’t mean a better image. Only a sharper one (if the source is 4K). Better images are achieved with better color reproduction, better contrast (not dynamic contrast), speedier panels, etc…

    I’m a lot more excited about OLED TVs than 4K ones. I’d take a 1080p OLED TV over a LED 4K one anyday.

    I can understand 4K PC monitors, though. Especially for those working in digital imagery on very large monitors. But for a living room TV set? Hardly. Unless it brings OTHER things to the table than only being a 4K panel.

  • Let me guess. You guys continued to completely ignore the Vita?

  • It should be noted, you can also watch the Live Keynote from PSN’s ‘Live Events Viewer’ on PS3/PS4.
    Just download the app and then register for the event. That’s what I did.

  • Ignore my post above. Didn’t notice someone already mentioned it. Should read the whole thread next time. :)

  • I’m hoping we are allowed to play PS1 and PS2 games and media share/stream on our PS4. The addition of storing and playing our own music files would nice as well.

  • WHAHWHAHWHAH I WANT THIS I WANT THAT WHAHWHAH. Save the flying unicorns and get out of my ear with that kaythxbye :)

  • I hope for some PS TV news

  • Nothing on the PSTV :”(

  • Sony, Please bring VR to the world this year :))

  • It Was Good, Please Make More Bleach And Miku Games On PS4/Vita :)

  • I know sony will show us the morpheus with the one of the first exclusives for it…….. Which will be sword art online :p

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