Happy Holidays from Volition

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Happy Holidays from Volition

Happy Holidays from Champaign, Illinois!

Volition Holiday Post 2014

Thanks for the overwhelming support we’ve received this year from our loyal community and PlayStation fans around the world. We’ve had a helluva (terrible joke #1) time this year! Ever since we first revealed Saints Row: Gat out of Hell at PAX Prime, we’ve been humbled by the reception and feedback that it’s received at events around the country and world.

The team here at Volition brings a passion full of hellfire (#2) to everything we touch, and we hope that you folks love the humor and gameplay as much as we’ve loved creating it.

Saints Row @ PAX Prime 2014

Counting down to 2015, our teams are hard at work putting the final polish on Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. This marks the 9th year of the Saints Row franchise and the first time that we’re bringing any of the Third Street Saints to PS4. I wouldn’t be doing my saintly duty (#3), if I didn’t tell you to mark your calendars for when you can pick can pick up Saints Row IV: Re-Elected and Gat out of Hell on January 20th, 2015.

This New Year, don your best purple and get ready to shoot, sing, stab, and nut-kick your way through Hell!

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  • I just finished saints row IV, and it was an incredible game. I eagerly await diving into Hell.

  • with Interplay continuing to implode, can we please get a definitive version of Freespace on PlayStation platforms? The open source versions have some great improvements that could be folded in like John Carmack/I’d did with Wolf3d and Doom ports. I heard that the HD version of Homeworld is predictably being screwed up by Gearbox, so there’s a great opportunity to fill a gap here. /cc Gio

  • Hope to see Saint Row on Vita this year!?! Make it happen :|

  • that mtu fix worked when Signing in to the ps4 but the ps4 must have a major bug to need to do something like that but it still dont work that good i still get errors like NW-31448-0

  • Can’t wait to pick up a copy of Saints Row IV for my PS4

  • Can’t wait for this game. Please keep this series going!

    And if at all possible, could you guys buy back the rights to Red Faction? RF Guerrilla was so amazing and I’d love to see a sequel to that game on PS4. Or maybe some other new IP where you can bash down entire buildings with a sledgehammer.

  • I would love to see another Red Faction FPS. One of my favorite games from the PS2. If you guys sold the property or it was someone else who made it forgive me. Happy Holidays Volition!

  • I’m definitely looking forward to this release.

    And while I’m here, I have to say that I would love to see a return of the Summoner games. Releases of the originals, or even a new one; those were fantastic games!

  • I’m confused…is Gat out of Hell a DLC?…and is the Re-Elected version coming to PS3 as well?….cuz I’ve been waiting to get Saints 4 but I want it on PS3 since its a PS3 game.

    Happy Holidays to y’all at Volition…love your games since PS2.And Saints 3 is one of the best and probably the most fun open-world game I’ve ever seen.Better than certain overrated game series….well eager to play Saints 4.

  • @ 7 TeamGreen615 – It was Volition who made the game but yes the rights of RF were sold and its now owned by Nordic games if I’m not wrong.

    @ 6 T3DV0L70L1N4 – Damn I’m with you there buddy….RF Guerrilla was one of the greatest fun I had in open-world games…would really love to see another one like Guerrilla.

  • @#10 Welmosca, thanks I thought that something had happened to it just couldn’t remember what it was. Sounds like I need to try Red Faction Guerrilla. Never got around to playing it.

  • @ 9 Welmosca — Nope, Gat out of Hell is a separate game, a lot like inFAMOUS Festival of Blood. It will also be available on PS3 disc on Jan 20th. Also, there’s already a PS3 version of Saints Row IV with all DLC, called the National Treasure Edition. Re-Elected is just that updated for the PS4. :)

    I already played Saints Row IV on PS3, but can’t wait to play it again on PS4. So looking forward to Re-Elected & Gat out of Hell. :D

  • For real ? These guys actually care about family and positive social gatherings ? Happy Holidays .

  • I’d echo the sentiment posted above concerning the potential for revitalizing the FreeSpace IP. Hopefully the Freespace Tactics Kickstarter project goes well enough to bring the setting to the tabletop, and to help re-ignite official interest towards the FreeSpace franchise in the process.

    (And if any PlayStation platforms were up for consideration, I’d hope the Vita would not be overlooked…)

  • ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

    The game SAINTS ROW 2

    Don’t have any trophies !?

    I ♡ the game !!


  • When is on the ps store for preorder I cnat wait play as Kizen she’s the best saint rows charter ever

  • How long intill we can preorder on ps store

  • I caint wait o play saintrows 4 on ps and record yotube videos

  • Dose any one in this want to do a saint rows gat out of hell lets play series with me I’ll play as kizie nu cna play as jhonny

  • Oh I can’t wait for this I cnat wait hey deep siver new trailer please a real one this time

  • Hey eveyone I know why they chagen the data it s comes out becuase gtav it comes out on jan 27 2015 on PC

  • Skipped Saints Row IV, glad I did now I can pick up both the DLC and the game on the PS4.

  • I purchased Saint’s Row IV on day one, played the Hell out of it (terrible joke #23), and even got the season pass. Usually I skip remasters I have already played, or wait for a price drop, but I plan on getting the PS4 version with Gat Out of Hell right away. That’s how much fun this series is to me. I’m looking forward to Saint’s Row 5.

  • Kansha Arigatou :)

  • First i want to wish a Happy New Year to the whole Volition Staff. Second I want to THANK YOU for all your hard work and imagination. 3rd I would just like to ASK if you guys can PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD give this game a MULTIPLAYER MODE. This game NEEDS IT. Please and Thank you in advanced. Keep up the fantastic work. You have my full support.

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