Tips and Tricks for Your New PS Vita

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Tips and Tricks for Your New PS Vita

Christmas may be over, but the gaming fun has just begun. For those of you who got a PS Vita from Santa, or as a gift to yourself — congrats! I’ve collected some handy tips and tricks for you to get the most out of your new Vita.

Longtime PS Vita owners, feel free to chime in and let us know your favorite tips & tricks in the comments section.

PS Vita

Remote Play with PS4

Remote Play is one of my favorite features of PS Vita. This feature lets you steam your PS4 games from your PS4 system over Wi-Fi to your PS Vita. So if the living room TV is tied up, just use Remote Play to send your PS4 game to your Vita and continue playing. For instructions on how to link your PS4 to your PS Vita for Remote Play, click here.

PlayStation Now

Our game streaming service that uses cloud-based technology, PS Now, launched in open beta on PS Vita just a few months ago. Through PS Now, you can play hit PS3 games like God of War: Ascension and inFAMOUS on a portable system — how cool is that? To get started, download the PlayStation Now Open Beta App from PlayStation Store.

Quick Settings Menu

PS Vita’s Quick Settings menu lets you easily change settings for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, music, brightness, chat audio and microphone, even while you’re in the middle of your gameplay. Just hold the PS home for a few seconds and the quick setting menu will pop up.

Personalize Your PS Vita Background

Customize your PS Vita with themes from PlayStation Store, or upload photos taken from PS Vita’s camera in the Themes & Background menu under Settings. Some cool themes currently available free on PlayStation Store include Uncharted Golden Abyss and PlayStation’s 20th Anniversary theme.

Take a Screenshot

Just like PS4, you can snap a screenshot of your game on PS Vita. To take a screenshot, press the PS button and the START button at the same time. You can view the captured screenshots in (Photos), and attach them to tweets using Vita’s LiveTweet application.

Organize Your Apps with Folders

Got a lot of apps on your home screen? You can quickly create folders to organize your games and apps. Just hold down on the icon, select Create Folder, name it, and start dragging other similar apps/games to the folder you’ve just created.

Calendar App

Use the calendar application to set up gaming events with your friends. You can also sync your Google calendar to have all your events with you on your PS Vita. The app also makes it easy to share your favorite events by using the Messages and Email applications.

PlayStation Plus

Get access to a rotating list of free games from the Instant Game Collection, 1GB of cloud storage for game saves, deep discounts off select content, and more with PS Plus.

For December, Final Horizon and Titan Attacks! are currently free for PS Plus members via the Instant Game Collection. Also, one PS Plus membership works across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

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  • Now if only Playstation network was actually working this holiday season!

    Actually I did learn a few nice tricks for my Vita that I wasn’t aware of. Thanks.

  • Other tips and tricks:
    -Buy PS Plus, this will make up for incredibly high memory card prices.

    -Some of PS1 Classics(Crash,Spyro,Metal Gear Solid) can only be played on Vita via PS3 transferring, this is because they’re not licensed for Vita, and be sure they will NOT be licensed ever.

    -Buy a Grip.

    -Buy a bigger memory card, I know prices on those cards are ridicilous, 50% of games are digital only, and OS of PS Vita reserves some of memory from that card.

    -Screenshot tool on Vita takes horrible screenshots.

    – Make sure you set right psn account, because if you have multiple psn accounts you CANNOT switch them on PS Vita without formatting the memory card.

    -If you expected 1st party AAA games as Killzone Mercenaries, Gravity Rush, Uncharted Golden Abyss to release more that once in year, you bought wrong handheld console.

  • Oh and if you using Remote Play – you CANNOT use Dualshock 3 or Dualshock 4, if you want to use Dualshock for Remote Play – only way is to use it with Xperia phones and tablets, because these are clearly dedicated gaming devices and supposed to be compatible with DS4, and PS Vita isn’t.

  • There are a decent amount of AAA titles on Vita, but not what early PS Vita owners expected.

    I don’t play the game currently, but Minecraft is on the Vita (as well as PS# and PS4) and from most player accounts and reviews it plays great on the handheld and would be a great purchase for new owners, young and older.

    I’ve always held the belief that if Minecraft were on the Vita in 2012 or 13 that the Vita would have then sold like hotcakes and the effect would be that we would have had a much larger number of bigger game publishers creating new games and also porting games to the Vita because of all the sales Minecraft alone would have brought the Vita.
    But from what I know Microsoft xbox had an exclusive contract with the Minecraft company and I’m sure that Sony was not thrilled at that because they needed popular mainstream titles to help sell the Vita.

    The great amount of Indie games are also a great attraction for owners of the Vita because of its easy pick up play on wherever you’re at and then pause in a pinch, because a lot of the indies play great in that environment.

  • In addition, I personally think that the Vita is a great handheld and still holds its own against newer handheld devices and the amount of games available to play is very good. There is also a newer Playstation device called Playstation TV that supports many of Vita’s games and lets you use a PS3 or PS4 controller to play your Vita games on your Hi-Def TV.

    I think the two, PS TV and the Vita are a solid pairing. Hopefully people look into the devices and decide to get both as they match up well and can pair with a PS4 for remote play on either the Vita’s screen, or with the PS TV device allow you to play not only your Vita games on a tv but any TV that isn’t the main one hooked up to your PS4.

  • I really wish Sony would stop advertising this thing as a glorified PS4 controller. It’s an awesome system by itself. We just need more exclusives for it. Besides, if I wanna play PS4 games, I’ll play them on my PS4.

  • @3

    You can use a Dualshock 3/4 to Remote Play with a PSTV.

  • Tips for new Vita owners:
    -Dragon’s Crown
    -Persona 4 Golden
    -Gravity Rush
    -Killzone Mercenary
    -Muramasa Rebirth (+ the Genroku Legends DLC)
    -Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants
    -Olli Olli
    -any of the PS2 remaster collections (Sly, GoW, R&C, FFX), but not the Jak & Daxter one. It’s kind of awful.
    -Hotline Miami
    -Tales of Hearts R
    -Rogue Legacy
    -Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed
    -Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    -Dead Nation
    -Rayman Origins (it’s better than Legends, I promise)
    -Velocity 2X

  • Oh and WipEout 2048 is really good. There’s a lot of really good stuff, in fact.

    You’ll have a great time.

  • This are not Tips and Tricks just bloody features of Vita.

  • make PSN work

  • well a great make good for Tuesday for the psn outage would be a steam insanely low price level sale for some psn content in the 60% to 90% off zone on 6 titles between the ps vita and ps4 that haven’t been on ps plus or going to be in Jan. since the last flash sale opportunity got ruined after Tuesday this week.

    hopefully those that got 1yr of plus and a ps4, vita, or ps3 this Christmas or the other December holidays happening after it can get the December ps plus free games content.

  • Where are tips and trick

  • Comments from IIL0YDII and Remmy8199 have only truths.

  • Find it a little disingenuous to post about features of the system when the network is down for so many of us. This is not Sony’s fault, of course, but come on. Priorities.

  • Anyone looking for a 32 GB memory card, Gamestops ( at least in Jacksonville, FL) have them for 49.99 until 12/30, just a heads up.

    Tips and other info:
    – Use the Party application for (cross-game?) voice chat.

    – See what’s eating up the memory on your memory card with the Content Manager app —> Manage Content on Memory Card.

    -(Not sure if this is a default setting by now, but…) You can operate vita’s home screen with the physical buttons by going to theSettings app —-> System —-> and check “Control with Buttons on This System”.

    -Remember that if you delete any of your games, your saved data goes with it. You can copy the games (with the saved data) to an external source if you’re going to want to play them again at a later date. Also, if you’re a PS+ member, you can upload just the saves to the cloud by clicking on the game and then the Plus icon (I still feel like this should be extended to non-Plus subscribers as well….)

    -You can quickly scroll through ANYTHING by quickly dragging your finger (as you would a regular scroll), and then stopping and keeping your finger held down.

  • LOW THE PRINCE OF THE MEMORY CARDS !! Make a PS VITA with a 50 gigabytes !!

  • I love my vita. It actually works without PSN

  • You can download an app on your PC called Content Manager Assistant. If you have a Vita T.V./Playstation T.V. you can download all your games to that, using wired internet and then transfer them over your LAN to your PC and have your whole collection backed up AND accessible without having to worry about PSN outages/hackers/etc. Great for Laptops you have tons of extra storage space on.

    Make sure to tap the + icon to upload your saves to the cloud before transferring or deleting a game because the game save is deleted when the game goes away.

    Turn on Automatic uploading on most of your games.

  • please allow us to use multiple PSN IDs already. what’s the point of being a region freed device but cannot download DLCs from JP store?

  • @3 I did Final Fantasy XIV remotely with a Dualshock 3. I guess maybe that was Final Fantasy XIV only?

  • @20 you can have 2 dedicated memory cards.

    1 JP use, and 1 US use. Use 2 separate accounts.

    Importing games and wanting to use DLC is a bit too niche’. The 3DS doesn’t have multiple accounts either, nor the DS, nor the Vita. Handhelds are kinda considered 1 person 1 device. Personal devices. Consoles are considered multi-user devices. It even took a while for multi-user to become a thing on Android and iPhone, and the support might not even be as well baked as people want it to be.

    Then there’s licensing issues, and everything just becomes insanely complicated for a handheld, and before you know it, you are playing a game and you lose internet, and the game force quits because it can’t verify ownership or something on DLC, and then you’re now even more upset because of said issues.

  • @17 one of the reasons the PS Vita has high memory card prices is because it gives retailers a reason to stock the Vita. Because people can’t go strictly digital without buying a memory card.

    Nintendo doesn’t have this issue on the 3DS because Nintendo doesn’t seem to offer a digital discount. Sony allows companies to give a 10% digital discount (not everyone does that) or cross-buy offerings, and retailers don’t want you to buy the system and then never come back because digital is cheaper. It undercuts them as a retailer.

    All that being said I wish they would release a Vita with 32GB built in, so I can do a 64GB memory card, but then again I’m using my Playstation T.V. to copy all of my games to my PC, which I can then use my PC as a repository for all my games. I also bought 2 Memory Cards on clearance $4 for 4GB that I’m going to use for specific purposes. Like maybe Final Fantasy 1, or put a 4GB RPG on one for just focusing on it till I beat it.

  • @18 I have no issues on PS3 and PS4 without the PSN. What issues are you having?

  • So when are we getting Pulse Headset support on the PlayStation TV. Dumb to shill the PS Vita line of devices as having remote play features, but completely neglect the one feature that matters most for online titles like Destiny.

  • @25 I generally don’t recommend playing shooters on remote play. It does work, but on FFXIV the combined latencies can be enough to really mess things up. With practice you can compensate, but you’ll always be at a slight disadvantage. I view Remote Play as like a great compromise for things like Disgaea 5, and Peggle, but unreliable at times for fast paced gaming depending on your setup.

    Caveat Emptor if remote play is the only selling point you care about.

  • Tip 1: Buy Persona 4 Golden
    Tip 2: Buy Ys Memories of Celceta
    Tip 3: Buy the Atelier Plus games for Vita.

    If you follow these three tips you’ll enjoy your Vita much more.

  • Gotta agree with these guys, the Vita is a great system and has plenty of great merits on it’s own but when it comes to remote play don’t expect an always solid connection while playing even in the same house as the system and especially when accessing the system over wifi. The remote play works and is pretty neat sometimes but it should by no means be pushed on to consumers as much as it is without being stabilized more, I feel like I see that connection dropping little picture pop up most of the time after playing for about 10 minutes or something.

  • This is bull**** sony. I have ****ing clan wars today! You take 3 days just to tell us what’s going on. All of you that are say sony isn’t at fault should open your eyes and see the minimal amount of money and effort they put into protecting our services. I about ready to switch back to Microsoft if this continues.

  • Hey Sony how about ps2 classics playable on the Vita? Sure this would sell a few more systems and memory cards

  • best tips for vita owners:
    buy Luftrausers!
    avoid black ops declassified
    minecraft is sweet
    also freedom wars is fun
    make sure you have ps+ i think i have about 8 PS+ games on mine now and have gone through about double that.
    KZ mercenary is fun but get the botzone upgrade its worth it.
    get the biggest memory card you can

    and zen pinball 2 is amazing on every system it touches.

  • Hey guys just want to wish u all a Happy new year. Those of you got a PSVita this Christmas, I say congrats and welcome to the family.

    The vita is my best device now. I play games and I am not a fan of home consoles because I travel a lot,so the vita is perfect for me. I just love to crash on my bed and have my vita to enjoy some awesome games

  • Now my personal tips to enjoy your new shiny Vita:
    1. Buy a screen guard (just in case, so u don’t scratch that gorgeous OLED display, or LCD if you have the slim vita)
    2. Buy a 32GB Memory Card, this is a very smart investment as the vita has no internal storage (slim version has 1Gb). That way you can get all your digital games and have space for some songs and movies.
    3. I strongly suggest you get digital copies of games as they have nice sales and also consider subscribing to PSplus, you will be surprised as this year we got nice games like Velocity 2x, Dragons crown and Binding of Issac to name the few

  • @30… We got lucky to get luftrausers from PS+

  • OK now as far as games go I would sugest the following:
    1. Soul Sacrifice Delta
    2. Minecraft
    3. Velocity 2x

  • I hope to see more PS3 quality games coming to the vita but with crippled sales am scared we won’t see any AAA titles any time soon

  • I’m giving sony less than 24 hrs and I’m returning these 2 ps4 bought for the holidays and buying a Microsoft Xbox one. This is ridiculous. What are the customers paying for ??

  • My vita tip would be to bring the vita you got for xmas back to the store and get a 3ds.

  • I’m pretty happy with my Vita. I got the BL2 Bundle that game with a memory card…I just wish I knew how to see how much space I have left on my console. I haven’t even been able to download any games yet thanks to Lizard Squad….

  • @Jack_Tombstone (#38) You can see how much space you have left by going to Content manager —> manage content on memory card. Or by going to Settings —> System —> System information.

  • Sony needs to drastically lower the price of memory cards, maybe Vita sales would have been better if they didn’t price gouge themselves out of the market.

  • @40

    So true, and they need 128GB cards too. And Sony US needs to give the Vita some good digital sales like all the good ones EU has had recently.

  • 1. Import a 64gb memory card right away.

    2. Don’t hold your breath for good sales.

    Vita sales and PS+ freebies used to be out of this world, but the past 6 months or so have been terrible. As for games:

    – Dragon’s Crown
    – Disgaea 3 and 4
    – Muramasa Rebirth
    – Persona 4 Golden
    – Wipeout 2048
    – Soul Sacrifice
    – Velocity 2X, The Unfinished Swan, Don’t Starve, Hotline Miami, Fez, Rogue Legacy, and other indies are great too.

    I haven’t played Gravity Rush yet, can’t say, and I really want to play Danganronpa 1 and 2 but haven’t gotten around to them yet (been waiting for a SALE for forever–no, 30$ is not a sale) so I can’t say either. Avoid Unit 13 (it pains me to say that, a lot, but after the first few hours it gets really unenjoyable), Uncharted (it’s pretty meh; get it if it’s really cheap, I guess), Killzone (I didn’t like the gameplay at all); also The Walking Dead runs awful on Vita–really awful.

  • Pro tip: Ignore all the naysayers and don’t neglect the indies. Just because it doesn’t have a AAA budget and a massive team working on it doesn’t mean it’s not a good game. Some of the best games on this are indies.

  • Pushing Remote Play as the key feature of Vita is not really going to appeal to anybody. The majority of the PS4 crowd wouldn’t want to play their PS4 games on a small screen and the Vita crowd would rather have their own games instead of having to leech off the PS4.

    Remote Play is an awesome feature, but it really needs to take a backseat to unique and original content. Sure, I encourage you to tell people it’s a thing you can do. But don’t give consumers the idea that it’s the only reason to own a Vita, since it’s a fantastic machine with a lot of great games. Let it stand on it’s own merits and actually put some support behind it instead of trying to pass it off as something you use when you don’t want to play PS4 games on your TV for whatever reason.

  • Ps vita is great

  • *Play Suikoden II anywhere

  • Well since you guys are posting vita info these holidays i can only assumed that the system sold relatively well or well, if thats the case i would advise the following things:
    1.Lower the prices on memory cards and bring the 64gb one to the west.
    2. Make ps3 psn games available on the vita
    3. More SCE AAA franchises like God of War,Motorstorm,InFAMOUS,Sly,Ratchet,Knack and more.
    4.Advertise the system for once.

  • Psn is up and running on my PS3 but not on the ps4 . Hope it get fix soon it fare for these guys or kids attack psn there attack is on on all of us.and not just Sony.we pay for play station plus n it’s just taken from us we pay for a year or what ever n don’t even get our money worth for that year cause of a hole like them .

  • Tip 1:
    Ask for the gift receipt.
    TIP 2:
    Get refund.

    This thing is long past dead in the water.

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