Tips and Tricks for Your New PS Vita

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Tips and Tricks for Your New PS Vita

Christmas may be over, but the gaming fun has just begun. For those of you who got a PS Vita from Santa, or as a gift to yourself — congrats! I’ve collected some handy tips and tricks for you to get the most out of your new Vita.

Longtime PS Vita owners, feel free to chime in and let us know your favorite tips & tricks in the comments section.

PS Vita

Remote Play with PS4

Remote Play is one of my favorite features of PS Vita. This feature lets you steam your PS4 games from your PS4 system over Wi-Fi to your PS Vita. So if the living room TV is tied up, just use Remote Play to send your PS4 game to your Vita and continue playing. For instructions on how to link your PS4 to your PS Vita for Remote Play, click here.

PlayStation Now

Our game streaming service that uses cloud-based technology, PS Now, launched in open beta on PS Vita just a few months ago. Through PS Now, you can play hit PS3 games like God of War: Ascension and inFAMOUS on a portable system — how cool is that? To get started, download the PlayStation Now Open Beta App from PlayStation Store.

Quick Settings Menu

PS Vita’s Quick Settings menu lets you easily change settings for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, music, brightness, chat audio and microphone, even while you’re in the middle of your gameplay. Just hold the PS home for a few seconds and the quick setting menu will pop up.

Personalize Your PS Vita Background

Customize your PS Vita with themes from PlayStation Store, or upload photos taken from PS Vita’s camera in the Themes & Background menu under Settings. Some cool themes currently available free on PlayStation Store include Uncharted Golden Abyss and PlayStation’s 20th Anniversary theme.

Take a Screenshot

Just like PS4, you can snap a screenshot of your game on PS Vita. To take a screenshot, press the PS button and the START button at the same time. You can view the captured screenshots in (Photos), and attach them to tweets using Vita’s LiveTweet application.

Organize Your Apps with Folders

Got a lot of apps on your home screen? You can quickly create folders to organize your games and apps. Just hold down on the icon, select Create Folder, name it, and start dragging other similar apps/games to the folder you’ve just created.

Calendar App

Use the calendar application to set up gaming events with your friends. You can also sync your Google calendar to have all your events with you on your PS Vita. The app also makes it easy to share your favorite events by using the Messages and Email applications.

PlayStation Plus

Get access to a rotating list of free games from the Instant Game Collection, 1GB of cloud storage for game saves, deep discounts off select content, and more with PS Plus.

For December, Final Horizon and Titan Attacks! are currently free for PS Plus members via the Instant Game Collection. Also, one PS Plus membership works across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

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